The Show About Science

Hosted by second grader Nate Butkus, The Show About Science is an awesome adventure into the wondrous world of scientific research and discovery! Each episode is filled with fascinating information from scientists and educators around the globe. Together, Nate and his guests explore everything from chemistry to climate change, evolution to extraterrestrials, and human brains to bat biology. If you’re a curious kid, then this is the show for you! For more episodes of The Show About Science, tr...more


  • 065: Parasites and Viruses with Shannon Bennett

    Dec 05 2018

    Shannon Bennett is the Chief of Science and the Harry W. and Diana V. Hind Dean of Science and Research Collections at the California Academy of Sciences. When Shannon Bennett traveled to Liberia in college, she never guessed the experience would launch her lifelong fascination with microbiology. She shares that story with Nate on the first ever live episode of The Show About Science. This episode was recorded at the Apple Store in San Francisco on September 12th, 2018 as part of Coal+Ice, ...more

  • 064: Space Junk with John Crassidis

    Nov 21 2018

    After graduating with his PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, John Crassidis went to work at the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center. Now he's a professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he builds satellites and researches the massive amount of man-made space junk. He joins Nate on this episode to talk about the trash orbiting the earth, and what might be done to clean it up.

  • 063: Be Straw Free with Milo Cress

    Nov 07 2018

    Milo Cress was 9 when he started the Be Straw Free project. Now 17, Milo's research and activism have convinced organizations like Starbucks and the Shedd Aquarium to stop offering customers plastic straws. Milo joins Nate on this episode of The Show About Science to talk about his interests in the environment and conservation, and explains how kids can act to change the world.