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  • Crossing Guardasaurus

    Jan 30 2023

    BREAKING NEWS! This just in from WTIN Studios, The Imagine Neighborhood’s top radio station: Reports indicate that many kinds of animals are having difficulty safely crossing the busy road in front of Princess Donnasaurus’s castle! Her Royal Highness is personally taking action to assist them, but it seems she hasn't made sure that they all want her help.Is an act of kindness still kind, even if it's unwelcome? Let’s join lead anchor Cardboard Scotty with Count Vacula live at Donnasaurus Castle ...more

  • Rerun: Raising the Steaks

    Jan 23 2023

    Hey there, my little hardcore headbangers!Doctor Apocalypso here, welcoming you back for Part Two of our slammin’ story about fighting discrimination.So, last week, you heard how our new Big Bot Burger restaurant wouldn’t serve Wastelanders like me—and how me and Scotty led a peaceful protest to let them know unfairness is not welcome in our Neighborhood.And for a while, our protest worked! After finding out that Big Bot discriminates, people refused to eat there, so our Big Bot location closed ...more

  • Rerun: Doctor Apocalypso Has a Beef

    Jan 16 2023

    Hey there, rockers! It's me, Doctor Apocalypso! Strap on your skull boots and crank up the volume because today, we're going to re-listen to Part One of a story that's really important to me. It's all about fairness and fighting back against discrimination. Discrimination is a word for when someone says that you can’t do something or have something just because of your identity! That’s about as unfair as you can get.Maybe you remember that a couple of years ago, a new restaurant called Big Bot B...more

  • Rerun: Hastabee Proud

    Jan 09 2023

    Well hello there, you little throw rugs. It’s me! Your very favorite supervillain, Queen Hastabee!  You remember me, right? Of course you do. I’m the one who tried to teach Scotty and his rusty robot pal a lesson about the way a pillow fort HAStabee, but they escaped and instead I just got buried in fluffy blankets! Then I tried to make those two cornflakes understand the way a bowl of cereal hastabee, and they still got away from me!So today, we are listening to this episode again, because it i...more

  • Rerun: The Trials of Vacstradamus

    Jan 03 2023

    Hello, listeners. It is I, Count Vacula's Great-uncle Vacstradamus. But because existence is a delicate gift whose every fleeting if meaningless second we must cherish and not squander on unnecessary verbosity, you may call me Gruncle Vaxie.I hope you all enjoyed your winter holiday celebrations. The season of mirth is now past. Now is the time for learning all about the inexorable march of time. And laundry. Today we will be re-listening to the episode "The Trials Of Vacstradamus." It is about ...more

  • Rerun: Cardboard Boxing Day 2

    Dec 26 2022

    Yes! Cardboard Boxing Day is finally here!The day the Neighborhood waits for all the year!But we want our friends to enjoy their holiday fun,So today, we’re sharing a CBDay re-run!Do you remember the story of CBDay Two?When Scotty was tense and had too much to do?He tried to make sure all his friends were okayAnd he forgot to take time to enjoy the day! And though the holidays sometimes can make folks feel stressedFrom working so very hard to deliver their best—What makes a day great isn’t becau...more

  • Cardboard Boxing Day 3

    Dec 19 2022

    ‘Tis holiday season across the land,And the best celebration of all is at hand!Cardboard Boxing Day’s here, so we get to play—Building cardboard creations all through the day!But not everyone’s ready for when this day ends . . .Macho wants to keep making creations for friends!He’s constructing a whole Cardboard NeighborhoodAnd he’s taking a lot more time than he should.He won’t stop pasting and painting and priming!He won’t stop drawing and cutting and rhyming!He won’t listen when friends say th...more

  • No Filter with Ray Porter

    Dec 12 2022

    Hi, everybody, I’m back! It’s me, your pal Count Vacula, with a brand-new No Filter with Count Vacula!I think you’ll have a lot of fun meeting today’s guest! His name is Ray Porter, and he’s an actor and voice artist who’s performed in all kinds of cool things! Ray has been in TV shows and movies your grown-up might have seen, like Frasier, and Argo, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League—and he’s been in some that you might have seen, like Curious George, and The Little Engine That Could, and The Sui...more

  • A Very Macho Q and A

    Dec 05 2022

    Hi, everybody!I’m really excited about today’s show, because Macho is here with me and we get to snack on his delicious “Macho Nachos” while we answer more of the cool questions listeners like you sent in this season!I can’t tell you enough how much all of us in the Neighborhood love hearing from you. Whether it’s a suggestion for us, or artwork you made, or sharing something that you wanted us to know about, we’re always delighted to get your letters. And we’re extra happy when we get to post y...more

  • Gruncle Vaxie's Grown-up Corner

    Nov 27 2022

    Greetings, listeners. It is I, Count Vacula's Great-uncle Vacstradamus. Also known as Gruncle Vaxie. Isn't that amusing?You know what else is amusing?No, I am asking you. Please tell me.Today, my young friends, I welcome you to “Gruncle Vaxie’s Grown-Up Corner.” Do not worry. This is not an episode for grown-ups. This is an episode about grown-ups.Poor grown-ups. Poor, poor grown-ups. Their lives are very hard. They work boring jobs. They never get to play tag. And they have hardly any stickers....more

  • Reckless Ricardo

    Nov 21 2022

    Has anyone ever dared you to do something? Maybe it was something silly, like hopping on one leg all day, or only talking Pig Latin at lunchtime. Or maybe it was something that felt dangerous, like petting a strange dog, or jumping off the swings. But no matter what it was—what if you just didn’t want to do it?When someone dares us to do something—is it okay to say “no”? What if we already said yes, but then we change our minds? These are some of the questions Cap’n Marion is asking in this week...more

  • Feelin' Groovy

    Nov 14 2022

    Hi, everybody!Today’s episode is all about one of my favorite things ever—music!I love all kinds of music. I love hip-hop and classical and mariachi and punk and jazz and reggae and folk and blues and . . . well, you get the point. One of the coolest things about music is that it can make different people feel different ways—even if they’re listening to the very same song! A piece of music that fills me with energy might make someone else feel relaxed. Or a song that makes someone else smile mig...more

  • November Q&A

    Nov 07 2022

    Hi there, Listeners!  Oh, um, I mean . . .LisTINers? Listenersesessess? . . . Hmmm...Anyway, friends—this week on The Imagine Neighborhood™ we’re doing a Q&A episode, which is where we answer (As!) questions (Qs!) sent in this season by YOU, our awesome Neighbors!  Or, eh . . . Should we call you "Neighborinos". . . or maybe "Neighborlings"?Well, we'll get back to that . . .As I was saying, today Vac and I got to go through all the mail we’ve received this season and decided to read your mes...more

  • No Filter: Weird Al - Bigger, Longer & Clean-cut

    Nov 04 2022

    Hey everybody, it’s your pal Count Vacula! I’m super excited because today I get to share a very special BONUS episode of No Filter with you, featuring my good friend, “Weird Al” Yankovic!He and I met last season, but we had such a terrific time getting to know each other that we talked and talked and talked and talked for so long that not all of it could be in the original show. But Al has a really awesome movie coming out today called WEIRD:The Al Yankovic Story, so I thought it would be a gre...more

  • Sorry Not Sorry

    Oct 31 2022

    Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay. What’s important is what we do after the mistake to help make things right! One of the very first things someone can do to help make things right is to apologize. But what if the person apologizing doesn’t really mean it? Is it enough to just say the words, “I’m sorry”? And do you have to accept an apology even if it isn’t sincere?Evil Billionaire Hamster Tantrumus Maximus sure thinks so! In this week’s episode, Tantrumus is feeling very frustrated. He t...more

  • Re-run: Alakazambra's Halloween Party

    Oct 24 2022

    It’s the season for tricks and treats, and here in the Neighborhood, we love to celebrate Halloween with scary decorations and all kinds of spooky fun! But what makes something scary? Is everybody scared by the same things? Scotty and Vac thought so, until they invited Alakazambra over to see the cool haunted house they made last year. It had monsters, and alien eggs, and bowls of eyeballs . . . and Alakazambra wasn’t frightened at all! It turns out that when you’ve been battling demons for thou...more

  • No Filter with Kari Byron

    Oct 17 2022

    Hey there, everybody! It’s me, Count Vacula, bringing you a brand-new No Filter with Count Vacula and a brand-new friend to meet!I’m so excited about today’s guest! Her name is Kari Byron and most people know her from the TV show MythBusters, where Kari and her friends conducted all kinds of crazy science experiments to learn the truth about things. They tested everything from whether elephants are actually scared of mice (they aren’t) to whether a person can really climb a building on a rope of...more

  • Bandersnatch Birthday Bonanza

    Oct 10 2022

    If you wanted a glass of juice, you wouldn’t ask for a glass of moose, would you?If you wanted to go to the park, you wouldn’t ask to go to the shark, would you?Using the correct name for things is important—and using the correct name for a person is even more important! Because if you call your juice a moose, no one’s feelings will get hurt. But a person’s name is a big part of their identity, and saying their name wrong can make them feel very sad . . . in fact, in this week’s episode, calling...more

  • No Filter with Dr. Marion Nestle

    Oct 03 2022

    Hi there, everybody! It’s me, your pal Count Vacula, bringing you a new No Filter with Count Vacula, and introducing you to another interesting new friend!Today’s guest is Dr. Marion Nestle, PhD! Her favorite thing (and one of my favorite things, and probably one of your favorite things, too) is food! She has spent her whole life studying food, and her main job is teaching people about the best foods to help keep your body—and even your pets’ bodies—healthy and strong. Sometimes we choose our fo...more

  • The Temple of 'Do

    Sep 25 2022

    Do you call it a see-saw, or a teeter-totter? Do you call it soda, or pop? Do you say wash, or warsh? Do you call them sneakers, or tennis shoes, or maybe kicks?  Do you “get ready” to do something, or “fix” to do it?  The way that people speak is called their “dialect,” and these are all examples of various dialects. Your dialect can reflect a lot of things about your identity—like your ethnic or cultural heritage, what part of the country you live in, and even where your neighborhood is.  Fun ...more

  • No Filter with Riley Black

    Sep 19 2022

    Oh boy oh boy! Hey, friends! It’s me—Count Vacula, starting off a brand-new season of No Filter with Count Vacula just for you!My first guest is named Riley Black, and she has maybe the most fun job in the world. She’s a paleontologist, which means she studies dinosaurs! And Riley doesn’t just study them—she’s an explorer who hunts for fossils and dinosaur bones in the desert. Riley loves to learn all about the way the world was millions of years ago, and she also loves to teach other people abo...more

  • Hastabee Proud

    Sep 11 2022

    Have you ever done something good, and it made you feel great about yourself? That happy feeling is called being proud. Maybe you felt proud of yourself for picking up your toys before someone asked you to, or when you learned something difficult like riding a bike or doing subtraction. We often feel proud when we do something special—but did you know you can also just be proud of all of the things that make you who you are? You can be proud of your family’s heritage, and where you come from. Yo...more

  • The Poll-a-Keet

    Sep 04 2022

    What are the things that make you, you? Some parts of who you are come from where you live or what culture you grew up in. Some of your identity can be physical, like how tall or short you are. Some of who you are includes the things you enjoy doing, like making art or playing sports. Your identity is full of unique and interesting things that make you the person that you are!But what happens when you tell someone who you are, and they don’t believe you?In this week’s installment of The Imagine ...more

  • Season Five Trailer

    Aug 28 2022

    Hi there, listeners!Summer’s almost over, but (buuuu-uuuuuut!) that’s good news—because it means that a brand new season of The Imagine Neighborhood is right around the corner!Everyone here is so excited to share all of our exciting new adventures, and introduce you to all of our awesome new friends!  In Season Five we'll ride roller coasters, find wizard treasure, talk to space chickens, steal tiny spoons, do feats of daring, throw birthday parties, stop a royal rout, and of course, eat lots an...more

  • Cap'n Marion's Summer Postcard 2022

    Aug 08 2022

    Avast, ye landlubbing listeners!It be I, Cap'n Marion, sendin’ ye a piratey postcard direct from the deck of the Burn Voyage! Are ye havin' a swashbucklin’ summer? I surely be! For I be spendin' me summer tellin’ me friends—and even me enemies!—"I love you!" And how does a scurvy sailor such as myself say "I love you"? Why, with compliments, o' course! Just this mornin' I told one o' the Fire Pirates that his hook glittered like a dolphin in the sun. And I told me adoptive mother that her laugh ...more

  • Princess Donnasaurus' Summer Postcard 2022

    Jul 31 2022

    Greetings, my Royal Subjects! It is I, Princess Donnasaurus, wishing you a most resplendent summer! I have been making sure that my summer is resplendent by bestowing Royal Hugs upon all of my friends. That is a very good way to say “I love you!” Of course, I only give Royal Hugs to my friends if they want them. If someone says they do not want a hug right now (even one from a Regal Personage such as myself!), another majestic way to say “I love you” is to save your hug for another time. I would...more

  • Macho Supreme Summer Postcard 2022

    Jul 24 2022

    Greetings, friends! Macho Supreme here!  How is your summer going? Is it extremely macho? Macho hopes that it is. Macho is making his summer extremely macho by doing one of the most macho things Macho can think of—saying “I love you!” Macho has decided to say “I love you!” to all of Macho’s friends by helping them! So far this summer, Macho has helped the Fire Pirates, and Nana Supreme, and Princess Donnasaurus, and Macho has even helped Count Vacula by leaving goblin glitter on the floor for hi...more

  • Alakazambra's Summer Postcard 2022

    Jul 18 2022

    Salutations! It is I, Alakazambra Tyesha Morganis, sending you greetings from Flutterbudge Lake Summer Camp where I am saying “I love you” by teaching Charms and Crafts to all the campers! This year, camp is extra special. Wanteth to know why? Because Count of Vacula is here as well! He has never been to camp before, so I thought sharing this experience with him wouldst be a terrific way to say, “I love you!”We are having a spellbinding summer, and Vac is even helping me write a love letter to m...more

  • Doc Apoc's Summer Postcard 2022

    Jul 10 2022

    Helloooo out there you radical rockers, and happy summer! It’s me, Doctor Apocalypso, coming to you live from the Doc Apocapalooza music festival where ten thousand fans are having an awesome time jamming out to my newest song “The Way I Say I Love You!”  You heard a short version of the song in the Great Breakfast Mess episode, but today we’re sharing the whole entire thing, so crank up the volume and get ready to shout I LOVE YOU!I’ll see you back at The Imagine Neighborhood in a couple weeks,...more

  • Doctor Apocalypso and the Great Breakfast Mess

    Jun 19 2022

    Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes they’re small mistakes, like forgetting our jacket or dropping a fork on the floor. Sometimes they’re bigger mistakes, like breaking a rule or being unkind to someone. But whether the mistake is big or little, we might feel embarrassed, upset, or even scared about it. What if the mistake makes someone angry? What if they yell at us? What if we can’t figure out how to make things right? . . . These are the questions that Doctor Apocalypso is asking herself in t...more

  • No Filter with Weird Al Yankovic

    Jun 12 2022

    Hi, friends—guess what? It’s almost time for summer break, so today I get to bring you this season’s very last episode of No Filter with Count Vacula!I’m so happy about all the amazing people I got to meet this year, but I’m super excited for you to meet my newest friend, “Weird Al” Yankovic! His first name is really Alfred, but everyone calls him Weird Al because he’s extremely silly, and he’s famous for writing and performing hilarious songs.  A lot of Weird Al’s music is in a style called “pa...more

  • AlakazamBraids

    Jun 05 2022

    What’s something you really like about the way you look? Is it your smile? Your funny little pinky toes? The cool T-shirt you always wear on Wednesdays? Maybe it’s your freckles or your strong legs that can run really fast. There are a lot of unique and beautiful things about the way every one of us looks!But what if someone was mean to you because of something about your appearance? What if people excluded you just for the way you wear your hair? That’s what happened to Alakazambra, and that’s ...more

  • Scared plus Mad equals Smad

    May 26 2022

    Have you ever felt scared? I sure have. It can be really hard to feel scared feelings, and it can be confusing, too. Like, I know I’m scared of falling into quicksand, and being turned into a bagel (again), and I’m definitely afraid of being chased by Australian crocodiles! But I can feel scared even when none of those things are actually happening.  Sometimes I get scared just imagining scary things. I worry about things that might happen, and then I start thinking about how unfair it would be ...more

  • No Filter with Lauren Ashley Smith

    May 22 2022

    Hey there, friends! It’s me, Count Vacula, with a fresh No Filter just for you!I’m really happy because this week you get to meet Lauren Ashley Smith. She’s a television writer and producer, and in fact, Lauren was the first-ever female African American head writer of a sketch comedy TV show! She’s smart and funny, and best of all, she’s very kind.When you’re trying to make a new friend, it’s helpful to ask them questions about themselves and then really listen to what they tell you. I asked Lau...more

  • EnvyKazambra

    May 15 2022

    Have you ever felt upset because somebody else had something you wanted? Maybe your friend got a great toy, or they won an award, or their team beat yours in a game. If you felt sad, or angry, or thought that maybe you didn’t even like that friend anymore, you might have been feeling envy.If you’ve had envy, you know it doesn’t feel very nice. And in today’s episode, Alakazambra really wants to stop feeling envious of her friend, Barbara Cadabara. It all begins when Barbara gets chosen as Wizard...more

  • It's Gonna Be May: Q&A May 2022

    May 09 2022

    Hello, listeners! This week we’re delighted to bring you—YOU!  You’ve been writing in all year with really thoughtful questions for your friends in The Imagine Neighborhood™, and today we’re going to try to track everybody down and get the answers you’re looking for!Wondering about wizard powers, or musing over why Macho needs to know if things are macho?Curious why we confronted Rick Fryer in “Doc Apoc Has a Beef”, or hoping for help on how to handle feeling bad when you make a mistake?Want to ...more

  • No Filter with Molly Birnbaum

    May 01 2022

    Hi, friends! It’s me, Count Vacula, sharing my newest No Filter—and my newest friend—with you!This week I got to meet Molly Birnbaum! If her name sounds familiar, it might be because she was in The Imagine Neighborhood™ just a few weeks ago, helping Macho and Mitsy understand each other better in “The Gourmetborhood.” But today, she and I got to just hang out and make friends!Something Molly and I have in common is that we both have podcasts! Molly hosts Mystery Recipe, where you can learn how t...more

  • Journey Into Macho

    Apr 24 2022

    Have you ever been so caught up in playing that you didn’t realize you had scraped your knee? Were you so focused on finishing a puzzle or a game that you almost missed lunch? Have you been so excited to visit a zoo or go to a movie that you forgot to take a potty break?Doing interesting things uses up a lot of our attention, and that’s okay—but it’s important to keep checking in on ourselves, because what our body is feeling can change how we feel! And if we let ourselves get too tired, or too ...more

  • No Filter with Robin Slonina

    Apr 17 2022

    Hey, hi everybody! It’s me, your good pal Count Vacula—bringing you another awesome new friend on another awesome No Filter!This week I get to introduce you to the amazing Robin Slonina! She’s a multi-disciplinary artist, which means she makes lots of different kinds of art. Robin makes sculptures, and she paints giant murals on the sides of buildings, and she even paints on people! She’s painted people to look like zebras, and puzzles, and trees, and she’s even painted people to look like paint...more

  • The Gourmetborhood

    Apr 10 2022

    Familiar things can be great! Sometimes it’s nice to know that there won’t be any surprises, and that things will turn out exactly as we expect them to. But if we never try anything different, we might miss out on discovering something awesome.This week, we’re welcoming a couple of new friends to the Neighborhood! Molly and Mitsy can usually be found in the Mystery Recipe podcast from America's Test Kitchen, but today they’re joining up with us to make a brand-new TV show all about interesting r...more

  • No Filter with Tom Toro

    Apr 03 2022

    Hello again, friends! It's me—Count Vacula, back with a brand-new episode of No Filter with Count Vacula!This week, my guest is the very friendly, talented, and fun Tom Toro, who has one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever heard of. Tom is a cartoonist, which means his job is to draw! How great is that? Your grown-ups may recognize Tom’s name because he draws a lot of cartoons for a magazine called The New Yorker, but he’s also put out two terrific books for kids. One is called How to Potty Train Your...more

  • Bozelba For Beginners

    Mar 27 2022

    Do you have a favorite game that you love to play? Did you ever teach a friend to play it, too? Or maybe someone taught you about their favorite game, or book, or some other cool thing that they really like. It's awesome when we can share the things we enjoy with other people! But it’s not so awesome when the person doing the teaching isn’t being patient or laughs when we make mistakes. It can feel hurtful and frustrating, and it definitely takes the fun out of playing together.This week, Scotty...more

  • Food Fight: Live from SXSW Edu

    Mar 20 2022

    Hi, listeners! I’m so glad you’re here, because this week we’re sharing something a little different and very cool with you!  Do you remember the episode called “Food Fight”? It’s about the time Vac and I were pirate-sitting the Burn Voyage and mean Captain Deen took over the ship. She wasn’t happy that the pirates had all brought special ethnic foods from home, and she tried to make everyone eat her asparagus dumplings instead. But the crew all stood up for each other, and—with the help of a bi...more

  • No Filter with Chris Ballew

    Mar 13 2022

    Oh hey, everybody, Count Vacula here! It’s great to see you again!I hope you’ve been having fun practicing everything we’re learning about how to meet new people—I know I sure have. And this week I got to use my friend-making skills with a very interesting and talented person named Chris Ballew!Chris does really cool drawings, but he’s mainly a musician. Your grown-up might know him from his band Presidents of the United States of America, or you and your family might have listened to one of the...more

  • Work it to Win it

    Mar 06 2022

    Whether it’s playing an instrument, riding a bike, writing out your name, or putting the ball in the net, it feels terrific to be good at something. But what do we do if we want to be great? . . . We practice!  Practice means repeating a skill over and over until we get it right, and practicing can feel frustrating, disappointing, or even boring sometimes. But even if we are naturally gifted at an activity, we will only learn how to do our best by practicing.  In this episode, Doc Apocalypso is ...more

  • No Filter with Representative Marilyn Strickland

    Feb 27 2022

    Hi, everybody! It's me—your pal, Count Vacula! It’s been a long time since I got to share a new No Filter with Count Vacula with you, and I’m super excited for us to get back to practicing meeting new people and learning how to make friends.My guest this week is the congresswoman for Washington’s 10th District—Marilyn Strickland! Congresspeople are a very important part of our government. They’re chosen by the residents of their state to work together to make lots of big decisions. It’s a tough ...more

  • The Ptwanger Part Two: Fartnado's Revenge

    Feb 20 2022

    Welcome to Part Two of our putrid parable about problem-solving, as we rejoin Scotty, Princess Donnasaurus, and Pete Twanger in the middle of dealing with myriad magical messes all over town—plus a fart tornado that’s still headed right for the Neighborhood!Last week, Pete Twanger tried to stop the fart tornado by throwing all kinds of objects at it with his “ptwanger” machine—including Princess Donnasaurus’s magical artifacts! And even though his solution didn’t work, Pete just kept on ptwangin...more

  • The Ptwanger Part One

    Feb 13 2022

    Have you ever come up with a really good solution to a problem? It feels great when we figure out how to fix something that’s bothering us. But what happens when you try your solution and it doesn’t work? Getting stuck in a problem can be super frustrating, so it’s important to know how to come up with new ideas!This week, Scotty and Princess Donnasaurus will need a LOT of new ideas, because they have a LOT of problems to solve. First, there’s a dangerous (and very stinky) fart tornado headed ri...more

  • Q&A Kobe Edition

    Dec 26 2021

    Hey, friends—it’s the last Monday of the year, so you know what THAT means, don’t you? . . . Yup! It’s Cardboard Boxing Day! Happy Cardboard Boxing Day, everybody! We hope your family is making the most of any boxes left over from the holidays, and we can’t wait to see photos of all your amazing cardboard creations!Today is also the day of our last episode for 2021, so we wanted to do something a little special—Recently our pal Kobe sent in a bunch of terrific questions for different folks in th...more

  • Cardboard Boxing Day 2: Everything’s Fine

    Dec 19 2021

    ‘Tis Cardboard Boxing Day Eve, and all through our ‘Hood,  Friends are being generous, kind, cheerful, and good. With boxes all set to become cardboard creationsTo delight and amaze neighbors, pals, and relations.From Lava Avenue to Alakazambra’s place,Everyone’s got a bright holiday smile on their face.But before morning shines down on our artistic endsCardboard Scotty will fly us to see all of our friends!We’ll hang with an ogre, and our fave dromedary,And clap as Mannrick performs the Sugar P...more

  • No Filter with Aaron Horowitz

    Dec 12 2021

    Hi, everyone! Guess what? . . . Vac’s back!Oh.  You probably already figured that out when I said “hi.”Well, anyway, I know we just had a No Filter episode last week, but I couldn’t wait for you to meet my newest friend, Aaron Horowitz!Aaron is kind, and smart, and fun, and he has the coolest job I ever heard of! Aaron makes robots! And not only robots—he makes robots who have empathy! And not only robots who have empathy—he makes robots who have empathy in order to help kids!His company is call...more

  • No Filter with Melly Victor

    Dec 05 2021

    Hey, everybody! It's me, your good pal, Count Vacula!I’m really excited because this week, I get to bring you a very cool and very unusual episode of No Filter with Count Vacula! It’s an unusual episode because my guest is Melly Victor—who is someone I already know and like a lot—and it’s a cool episode because. . . well, because Melly is super cool!One of the reasons Melly is so cool is that she’s part of the awesome creative team at The Imagine Neighborhood™, and another reason is that she has...more

  • Re-run: Friendsgiving

    Nov 29 2021

    It’s almost Friendsgiving in The Imagine Neighborhood™! Scotty and Vac have been working on their thank-you jar all year: every time they feel thankful, they put a penny into the jar. And every year on Friendsgiving, a mythical yeti collects everyone’s jars and donates the money to help the Neighborhood—unless Tantrumus Maximus gets his way . . .This year, Tantrumus Maximus is determined to ruin Friendsgiving. If nobody has anything to be thankful for, maybe everyone will pay attention to him in...more

  • The Big Wave: Shkarf Attack!

    Nov 21 2021

    Have you ever felt two things at the same time? Like, maybe you were excited for the first day of school, but also felt nervous about being in a new classroom. Or have you ever felt angry at a friend who you also really, really liked? When we have a bunch of feelings that seem to be the opposite of each other, it can be confusing—or even upsetting.Cap’n Marion sure knows how that feels. In this week’s episode, she and Scotty are sailing the Burn Voyage to her annual family reunion when she disco...more

  • The Sound Machine

    Nov 14 2021

    Is Tantrumus Maximus the most evil billionaire hamster in the whole wide world? Yes. Yes he is. Does Tantrumus Maximus concoct the most evil billionaire hamster capers conceivable? Yes. Yes he does.And does this week’s episode have THE most evil billionaire hamster heinousness we’ve ever heard of (or, rather . . . NOT heard of)?! Yes. Yes it has!This week, evil billionaire hamster Tantrumus Maximus pulls off an auditory atrocity, a musical malefaction, a phonic felony SO diabolical you’ll have t...more

  • Re-run: Macho's Shot

    Nov 07 2021

    If you think this week’s title looks familiar . . . you’re right!  “Macho’s Shot” first came out in August, but we’ve been hearing that some of our listeners are feeling worried about getting their vaccine, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring this episode back for another look.  If you’re also feeling uncertain about going to the doctor, we hope you’ll give “Macho’s Shot” a listen. It’s got spaceships, songs, and lots of surprises—but most of all, it will teach you some cool tricks to...more

  • No Filter with Tig Notaro

    Nov 01 2021

    Hey, everybody! Count Vacula here, welcoming you to my newest No Filter! This week, my guest is comedian, movie star, writer, podcaster, and cat-lover Tig Notaro! She’s best known for doing stand-up, which is a kind of comedy show where a person gets up on stage and tells stories about themselves and shares what they think about things. It’s kind of like making friends with a whole room full of people all at the same time!Trying to get better at making friends is something that Tig and I have in...more

  • Teen Force Trailer

    Nov 01 2021

    This summer, thanks to a generous grant from The Allstate Foundation, the team at The Imagine Neighborhood launched Teen Force!, a virtual summer fellowship that brought together high school students from across the country. Together with expert consultants and a team of our mentors, 15 teens with interests in storytelling, podcasting, and social-emotional learning crafted these five Teen Force! segments for listeners of The Imagine Neighborhood. These stories show that no matter how old you are...more

  • Missing Doc

    Oct 25 2021

    Having a best friend is, well . . . the best! But when our bestie suddenly can’t be around, it can feel terrible. Whether someone we care about is moving away forever, or even if they just have to miss an important day like our birthday, it can be hard not to feel hurt, or even a little angry. In this episode, we’ll talk about using kindness to help us understand the other person’s point of view, and we’ll learn ways to continue to show friendship to people even when they’re far away!This week, ...more

  • No Filter with Dr. Jennie Warmouth

    Oct 18 2021

    Hi everybody! It’s me, Count Vacula, bringing you a brand-new No Filter! I’m so excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, Dr. Jennie Warmouth! She’s a second-grade teacher, a college professor, and the co-author of a terrific book called Teacher Trade! AND she’s also a research scientist who works with animals and kids to study empathy—which is when we use our kindness, our experiences, and our imaginations to understand how others are feeling. She’s been to almost every continent on earth,...more

  • The Disappointment of Mannrick Allen

    Oct 10 2021

    Disappointment is a very big feeling, and it can affect us in a lot of different ways. Someone who is disappointed might seem sad, or they might even act angry or mean. In this episode, we’ll talk about ways to help ourselves feel better when we’re disappointed—and we’ll also learn how to use kindness to understand when other people are disappointed and help them feel better, too!This week, Macho Supreme and Count Vacula are headed to Photon Fair—the annual Nebula Trek convention. The fair was c...more

  • No Filter with Janet Varney

    Sep 27 2021

    Guess who? . . .That’s right! It’s me again—your pal, C.V.—bringing you a new No Filter! This week’s guest is the very kind and friendly J.V. (known to her acquaintances as “Janet Varney”)!  J.V. is a comedian and actor, which is something we don’t have in common . . . but something we do have in common is that we both have podcasts! You might have heard J.V. on her Nickelodeon podcast Avatar: Braving the Elements, and your grown-ups might have heard her on her other podcast The JV Club. J.V. an...more

  • No Filter with Peter Sagal

    Sep 19 2021

    Hi, everybody! It’s your good friend, Count Vacula, bringing you my newest No Filter!My guest this week is Peter Sagal, the very fun and funny host of the NPR show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Peter’s been hosting this show for more than 20 years, which is a really long time . . . even to me, and I’m 1,000 years old! His show is on the radio, and mine is a podcast, but we both use our shows to meet new people and learn about them, as well as to do some hard-hitting journalism.For this No Filter, ...more

  • The Hastabee

    Sep 12 2021

    Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, you probably know a lot of rules. Rules can help us stay safe, use good behavior, and make sure that everyone is treated fairly. But have you heard of “hastabees”?. . .In this week’s episode, Scotty and Count Vacula are having a great time playing in their pillow fort until the famous blankie castle architect Jill Koy (the very funny Carly Ciarrocchi) shows up. Jill thinks that a pillow fort “hastabee” a certain way—but when she tries to change their fort to h...more

  • Re-run: Anyone Can Play

    Sep 05 2021

    “ANYONE CAN PLAY”Earlier this year, The Imagine Neighborhood™ released the limited series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right, which empowers listeners to take pride in their own identities, celebrate diversity, and stand up against discrimination.Thanks to the generous support of The Allstate Foundation, this week, we're revisiting the Imagine Equity episode "Anyone Can Play"!When Macho Supreme and Count Vacula find a big cardboard box and decide to pla...more

  • No Filter with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

    Aug 30 2021

    Hey, everybody! It's me again, your good pal Count Vacula—bringing you a brand-new No Filter!My guest this week is the very kind and very smart Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. He’s a podcaster like me—but he’s also a professor, and a National Book Award winner, and a #1 New York Times bestselling author of really terrific books like Antiracist Baby and Stamped (For Kids)!We talked about playing basketball, and cardboard creations, and how when the people you care about are happy, it can make you feel happy ...more

  • Bonus: Dr Leslie Walker-Harding on Macho's Shot

    Aug 24 2021

    In this week's bonus episode Dr Leslie Walker-Harding joins us to discuss ways to help kids who are afraid of getting shots. Dr Walker-Harding is the chair of pediatrics at Seattle Children's hospital and she's had to give, and get, a lot of shots. We'll talk about how she helps kids and grown-ups who are nervous to get a shot, and has some great tips for dealing with those big emotions.

  • Macho's Shot

    Aug 23 2021

    Going to the doctor can be scary, even if you’re as macho as—Macho Supreme! This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty needs to get his Merman Measles shot, but Macho is so afraid something bad might happen to Scotty at the doctor’s office that he yoinks Scotty away in the Mach Billion!Will Scotty get back in time for his appointment with Dr. Alexander Camelguy, or will he . . . (apologies) . . . throw away his shot?Will Macho overcome his fears before he and the rest of the Neighborhood tur...more

  • Re-run: Blizzards and Wizards

    Aug 15 2021

     Welcome back to The Imagine Neighborhood™! Next Monday we’ll return with an all-new episode, but today, we’re revisiting “Blizzards and Wizards” from our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right, funded by The Allstate Foundation.Released earlier this year, the Imagine Equity series helps young people recognize prejudice and injustice, take pride in their own identities, celebrate diversity, and stand up against discrimination. Allstate and the team a...more

  • No Filter with Jad Abumrad

    Aug 08 2021

    Hello, friends! It’s me, your pal, Count Vacula!I’m really happy because today, I get to share a brand-new No Filter with Count Vacula! -- with you! Meeting all kinds of different people is one of my favorite things to do, and on No Filter, you can meet them too. How cool is that?!This week, you’ll meet my new friend Jad Abumrad! We have a lot in common—like, we both make podcasts, although . . . my podcast doesn’t have a Peabody Award, and Jad’s podcasts Radiolab and Dolly Parton’s America do ....more

  • Cap'n Marion Finds Her Focus

    Aug 04 2021

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty takes a pirate internSHIP (ahem) aboard the Burn Voyage, and finds out there’s a lot that a Second Mate needs to learn to do—especially the all-important ARRRt of treasure-buryin’. But Cap’n Marion keeps getting distracted, and the gold is just lying on the deck where anyone can steal it!Will Scotty be able to help Cap’n Marion focus on what’s important before it’s too late, or will she lose her doubloons, her jewels, and even her mint-condition Spl...more

  • July 2021 Q & A

    Jul 25 2021

    Hi everybody!It's no secret that we love hearing from our listeners, or that we get really excited when you send in questions about things going on in The Imagine Neighborhood™, because then we get to do a Q&A episode!So, if you’ve ever wondered how Dr. Apocalypso got her name, what species of dinosaur Princess Donnasaurus is, or how many relatives Count Vacula has (lemme tell ya, that family cookout requires a LOT of crumbs!), this week’s episode has all the answers you’re looking for!If yo...more

  • No Filter with Carly Ciarrocchi

    Jul 18 2021

    Hey, everybody . . . guess who? It's me again, your pal Count Vacula!That's right—I get to bring you a new No Filter with Count Vacula for the second week in a ROW! How amazing is THAT?And it's extra good news because my guest this week is the amazing Carly Ciarrocchi. You might know her from her Emmy-nominated work hosting The Big Fun Crafty Show and Snug's House for Universal Kids, or as host of Sprout's The Sunny Side Up Show, or from Weird But True! on Disney+, or from her terrific podcast H...more

  • No Filter with Brittany Murlas

    Jul 11 2021

    Hi again, friends! It’s me . . . your pal, Count Vacula!I’m really excited because this week I get to share with you a brand new episode of my brand new show, No Filter with Count Vacula!On No Filter I get to practice making new friends and getting to know all kinds of people. This week I got to meet a very smart and kind person named Brittany Murlas. She's a mom who started a really cool book club called Little Feminist. They find terrific stories with all different sorts of heroes in them, and...more

  • Calmulor!

    Jul 04 2021

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, our own magical maven Alakazambra Tyesha Morganis is getting ready to hold the world’s biggest wizarding festival! But planning something as amazing as the San Diego Conjure-Con isn’t easy... The bat wings are missing, the cauldrons are filthy, no one has any idea when the Port-O-Whiz delivery will happen, and the Wizards are getting restless. Alakazambra’s feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and she might even be about to throw a tantrum!What’s the greatest wiz...more

  • June 2021 Q & A

    Jun 27 2021

    This month we got some very important questions for our friends in The Imagine Neighborhood™, and it’s time to answer them with a Q&A episode!Stay tuned next week for a new episode of The Imagine Neighborhood. And keep listening the week after that for more No Filter with Count Vacula!If you have a question for us, or a suggestion for someone for Vac to interview, you can ask it in a review (and while you’re there, tell us what you think of the show)! Or you can email your questions to kind@...more

  • All Town Hand Me Down

    Jun 20 2021

    This week in the The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty and Vac can’t wait for the All-Town Hand-Me-Down! Everybody in the Neighborhood collects clothes and toys they’re not using anymore, and they send them all down a chute so that someone new can use them. It’s a really fun way to be kind—plus, everyone gets a new hand-me-down in return!But this year, something’s not right. The chute is malfunctioning, and all the toys are piling up outside Princess Donnasaurus’s castle. Princess Donnasaurus has be...more

  • No Filter with Biz Ellis

    Jun 13 2021

    Hi, listeners! It’s me again . . . your pal, Count Vacula!As you may have noticed, we’re now bringing you a new episode of The Imagine Neighborhood™ every other week. And on some of those in-between weeks, you can hear me, Count Vacula, on my very own show! It’s called No Filter with Count Vacula.On No Filter, I’ll practice making new friends and getting to know all kinds of people. This week, I’m chatting with Biz Ellis from the podcast One Bad Mother. Biz and I talk about how being “bad” can s...more

  • The Trials of Vacstradamus

    Jun 07 2021

    This week in the Neighborhood, it’s Count Vacula’s 1,000th birthday! For his big day, Vac gets a visit from his Great-Uncle Vacstradamus (or “Gruncle Vaxie”), and an official Seven-Day Trial Period. With big birthdays come big new responsibilities: Gruncle Vaxie gives Vac one week to tackle cooking eggs for breakfast, and doing the laundry.Vac is feeling overwhelmed by his new tasks, and Scotty is swimming in dirty laundry. How will Vac deal with an interdimensional portal and an eggy mess? It’s...more

  • May 2021 Q & A

    May 31 2021

    This month we got some very important questions for our friends in The Imagine Neighborhood™, and it’s time to answer them with a Q&A episode!We’ll answer questions about Vac’s digestive system and what inspires Doctor Apocalypso. Plus, we’ve got special guest Dr. Jasmine with us! She’ll talk with us about the food on her spaceship and about the best ways to stay kind to everyone, even when someone like Rick Fryer is being unkind or unjust.Stay tuned next week for a new episode of The Imagin...more

  • No Filter with Macho Supreme

    May 23 2021

    Oh, hey. Hey, listeners? It’s me! It’s your friend, Count Vacula.This season, we’re switching things up in The Imagine Neighborhood™. We’re going to keep bringing you new episodes every other week for the whole rest of the year! And on some of those in-between weeks, I’ll be filling in with a little project I like to call: No Filter with Count Vacula. No Filter features me, Count Vacula, chatting with all sorts of interesting people. And this week is our very first episode! To help me get starte...more

  • Macho Gets Bendy

    May 16 2021

    This week in the Neighborhood, Macho Supreme is off to the Space Marines’ Space-Cademy summer camp. To keep the Pixie Pandemic at bay, the camp has made a whole lot of changes—but Macho liked things better the old way! Luckily, I’m around to help him learn to “get bendy.”“Getting bendy” means using your imagination to think about something in a different way. When Macho learns about the safety changes at the Space-Cademy, he expects a disaster. But then when Macho “gets bendy,” he manages to thi...more

  • April 2021 Q & A

    Apr 26 2021

    Helloooooooo, listeners! It’s me, Doctor Apocalypso, live from the Wasteland!My buddy Scotty is busy rounding up stories for a new season of The Imagine Neighborhood™. He’ll be back with new episodes next month, so keep your ear to the feed!Some of you out there in Imagine Neighborhoodland sent in questions for me. So today, Cyclopia and I are rollin’ up to answer them in a Q&A episode! I’ll talk about how it feels to still miss Giganticus, and how to get out of bed like a rock star. And Sco...more

  • Bonus: Dr Aisha White on the Imagine Equity Series.

    Mar 30 2021

    Bonus Episode. Dr Aisha White from the University of Pittsburgh's P.R.I.D.E. program joins us to talk about different ways to discuss racial identity with kids. She mentions some great resources in the interview which can be found below. Raising Race Conscious Children Embrace Race PBS Kids: Talking About Race

  • Bonus Grown-ups Episode: Behind the Scenes of Imagine Equity

    Mar 28 2021

    We have a special episode for the grown-ups this week—it’s a little different, but a lot of fun! Have you ever wondered who comes up with a dinosaur princess, Cardboard Boxing Day, pirate food fights, or Big Bot Burgers? Well, here’s your chance to find out! We gathered the team members who helped create our latest series, Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right, for a candid conversation about what happens behind the scenes.In this episode, you’ll get a cha...more

  • Re-run: The Very Best Robot

    Mar 22 2021

    Today in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty and Vac visit a robot wrestling championship. Vac is so excited that he decides to be exactly like his new hero, the intergalactic robot wrestling champion Destructivir! It sounds like fun . . . until things get a little out of hand. Vac decides to switch his robot code to change how he acts, and he builds himself a new robot body to change how he looks. But it turns out that being just like his favorite battling robot makes Vac miserable! It takes a vi...more

  • Raising the Steaks: Doc Apoc Has a Beef Part Two

    Mar 08 2021

    This is the last episode in our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right. It picks up where the previous episode left off and addresses the big topics of discrimination, injustice, and activism. It might be a good idea for you to listen together with your child (or your grown-up).When we last left our heroes, Scotty and Doc were on a mission to stop discrimination at Big Bot Burger. But it turns out the injustice isn’t just at one location—it’s at ALL ...more

  • Doc Apoc Has a Beef

    Feb 28 2021

    This episode is the fifth in our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right. This episode starts to address the big topics of discrimination, injustice, and activism, so it might be a good idea for you to listen together with your child (or your grown-up).This week, a new restaurant called Big Bot Burger is coming to The Imagine Neighborhood™. Doc and Scotty are super excited to try it . . . until they find out that Big Bot won’t take Doc’s order. It tur...more

  • Anyone Can Play

    Feb 22 2021

    This episode is the fourth in our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right.This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Macho Supreme and Count Vacula are using their imaginations to turn a cardboard box into the spaceship from their favorite movie, Nebula Trek! But every time Vac tries to jump in and help Macho save the galaxy, Macho won’t let him play.Macho thinks that Vac can’t play as his favorite characters from Nebula Trek—because in the movie, those ...more

  • Blizzards and Wizards

    Feb 14 2021

    This episode is the third in our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right. Today, The Imagine Neighborhood™ gets a surprise visitor from Alakazambra’s past! The young wizard Preston Changeo arrives, played by our very special guest star Tom Lenk, ready to learn all of Alakazambra’s tricks and spells for battling monsters . . . and is upset to learn that Alakazambra and her old nemesis Count Vacula are now good friends. Preston doesn’t think that wizard...more

  • The Princess Quest

    Feb 07 2021

    This episode is a collaboration with the Stoopkid Stories podcast. It’s the second episode in our series Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right.Today, Princess Donnasaurus stumbles out of The Imagine Neighborhood™ and into the neighborhood of Princess Tia from the Stoopkid Stories podcast! At first, neither princess thinks the other looks the way a princess should, but Princess Tia and Princess Donnasaurus talk it out and team up. Together, they embark on a...more

  • Food Fight!

    Jan 31 2021

    This episode is the first in a series of new adventures, called Imagine Equity: Six New Stories About Race, Identity, and Making Things Right. Today in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty and Vac are pirate-sitting the Fire Pirates while Captain Marion is off at the dentist. Everything is shipshape . . . until Burn Voyage is attacked by the troublesome Captain Deen! Captain Deen takes over the ship, and immediately insults everyone’s lunches. She thinks that pirates should only eat gross asparagus...more

  • Imagine Equity Trailer

    Jan 25 2021

    The Imagine Neighborhood returns next week with six new episodes! Subscribe to our newsletter for new activities and to know when the episodes are live!

  • Cardboard Boxing Day

    Dec 13 2020

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, special guest narrator Cardboard Scotty reads the fantastical tale of the first Cardboard Boxing Day.While everyone in the Neighborhood busily prepares for different holidays, Princess Donnasaurus has a case of the end-of-year blues . . . which she decides to fix by buying up every toy she can get her claws on! But when her friends don’t come over to play with all her loot, Princess Donnasaurus learns that happiness doesn’t come from toys. The greatest joy...more

  • December Listener Questions

    Dec 06 2020

    Hey, everybody!Do you ever have questions for your friends in The Imagine Neighborhood™? This week on the show, we’ve got answers! Listeners had questions about what makes Macho Supreme so strong, how Doctor Apocalypso spends her morning, and whether we ever fly paper airplanes in the Neighborhood. One listener even had a question about sharks!If you have a question for us, you can find us on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts and put your question into a review (and while you’re there, you can let us k...more

  • Friendsgiving

    Nov 22 2020

    It’s almost Friendsgiving in The Imagine Neighborhood™! Scotty and Vac have been working on their thank-you jar all year: every time they feel thankful, they put a penny into the jar. And every year on Friendsgiving, a mythical yeti collects everyone’s jars and donates the money to help the Neighborhood—unless Tantrumus Maximus gets his way . . .This year, Tantrumus Maximus is determined to ruin Friendsgiving. If nobody has anything to be thankful for, maybe everyone will pay attention to him in...more

  • November Listener Questions

    Nov 15 2020

    Hey, everybody!Do you ever have questions for your friends in The Imagine Neighborhood™? This week on the show, we’ve got answers! I got to hang out with Macho Supreme, Princess Donnasaurus, and Count Vacula, and answer questions from listeners all over the country.If you have a question for us, you can find us on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts and put your question into a review (and while you’re there, you can let us know what you think of the show). Or you can email your questions to kind@imagine...more

  • Blurghsday 2: The Blurghsening!

    Nov 08 2020

    It’s Blurghsday AGAIN in The Imagine Neighborhood™. On any given Blurghsday, we get a new rule that changes everybody’s plans for the whole day—usually we can just “Blame it on Blurghsday.” But when too many Blurghsdays happen in a row, Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso start to feel stressed. They need to “get small to deal with it all,” which means taking a break so they’re ready to tackle the next challenge. But when a tidal wave of deli meats threatens the Neighborhood, they realize it’s time to ...more

  • Macho and The Worrycane

    Nov 01 2020

    It's Macho's time to shine at the Space Marines Annual Smelling Bee! But there's just one problem: Macho is full of worries. And when Macho's worries get out of control, they become worrywarts that get bigger and bigger! Macho needs Scotty's help to calm down, talk about his worries, and prepare for the things he's worried about—before the worrywarts turn into a worrycane that blows away his chance to win the Smelling Bee!Sometimes we worry about everything at once—even the things we can't chang...more

  • Talking to Kids About Cyberbullying

    Oct 27 2020

    Dr Kelly Mendoza from Common Sense Education, drops by to talk about what grown-ups can do about cyberbullying. We'll talk about resources and tools grown-ups can use to help keep their kids safe and kind online. For more information about Common Sense Education's amazing programs, hit the link and visit their website.

  • Macho is Cyberbullied

    Oct 25 2020

    Today in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty is inside a video game called BrineBlox. It’s a place where you can build castles, dance studios, koi ponds, or whatever you want—all out of pickles! Everyone’s having a good time . . . until a malevolent bird starts blowing up other players’ creations and leaving mean comments. That’s no way to be a friend—not in a world made out of pickles, or in any game, or in real life. Macho and Scotty decide to get to the bottom of this bullying behavior—and find...more

  • Alakazambra's Halloween Party

    Oct 18 2020

    It’s Halloween in The Imagine Neighborhood™! Scotty and Vac have built a super-spooky haunted house, and they can’t wait to scare the socks off of everyone. But when Alakazambra stops by, there’s just one problem: she doesn’t feel scared. Alakazambra invites Scotty and Vac over to her house for a truly terrifying time, where she conjures the scariest creature in the universe! But this time, Scotty and Vac aren’t scared. It turns out that different people can feel differently about the same thing...more

  • Talking to Kids About Racial Identity

    Oct 14 2020

    Bonus Episode. Dr Aisha White from the University of Pittsburgh's P.R.I.D.E. program joins us to talk about different ways to discuss racial identity with kids.She mentions some great resources in the interview which can be found below.Raising Race Conscious ChildrenEmbrace RacePBS Kids: Talking About Race 

  • The Very Best Robot

    Oct 11 2020

    Today in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty and Vac visit a robot wrestling championship. Vac is so excited that he decides to be exactly like his new hero, the intergalactic robot wrestling champion Destructivir! It sounds like fun . . . until things get a little out of hand. Vac decides to switch his robot code to change how he acts, and he builds himself a new robot body to change how he looks. But it turns out that being just like his favorite battling robot makes Vac miserable! It takes a vi...more

  • October Q and A

    Oct 04 2020

    Listeners write in with questions, we have answers! Got a question for Scotty or any one on the show? Send it in to Kind At Imagine

  • Goodbye Giganticus

    Sep 27 2020

    It’s a sad day today in The Imagine Neighborhood™. Doctor Apocalypso’s motorcycle, Giganticus, has gone kaput. He really meant a lot to her; she built him from scratch and they had so many epic adventures riding through the Wasteland together! In a lot of ways, he was her best friend.At first, Doc doesn’t know how to feel. She wants to be happy, but she really feels angry and sad. She wants to celebrate Giganticus’s life, but she is so upset that she decides to quit her band. Scotty, her family,...more

  • Alakazambra!

    Sep 20 2020

    This week, in the The Imagine Neighborhood™, a powerful wizard comes searching for Count Vacula. It’s Alakazambra the Demon-Hunter! To complete her magic spell, she needs the teeth of an angry vampire. But . . . Vac’s not angry. In fact, he’s usually hungry and a little bit nervous.Alakazambra needs some help figuring out how other people are feeling. This skill can come in handy, whether you’re making a new friend, trying to figure out what someone else needs or wants, or finding angry vampire ...more

  • The Nose Stealers!

    Sep 13 2020

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty needs a little help learning to use his assertive voice with the dreaded Nose Stealers. Have you ever had someone play a game of “got-your-nose,” but you really didn’t want to play? Or did someone tickle you or pinch your cheek when you’d rather not be tickled or pinched?When you don’t want to play anymore or don’t want to be touched, that’s totally okay. You can strike a confident rock star pose and say, “No, thank you,” or “I’m done playing,” or “...more

  • Bonus: Listener Questions from the Postcard Hotline!

    Sep 06 2020

    Next week we're back with a brand new episode, but this week we wanted to answer questions from our listeners. If you have a question you'd like answered, have your grown up go to, or ask them to call 206-438-6528 (206.4.FUN.LAVA). You can leave us a message there!

  • Shake Your Monkeys

    Aug 30 2020

    It’s Take Your Scotty to Work Day at Princess Donnasaurus’s castle! Princess Donnasaurus has a productive workday planned . . . until the messenger monkeys show up. They all have messages that need her attention right away! How can Princess Donnasaurus choose just one monkey to focus on when the rest are wreaking havoc?! Fortunately, Scotty’s got an idea for a way to help her pick one and get it done.In this episode, we learn about focusing attention. Life is full of fun ideas, and it can be har...more

  • Macho and the Toucan't

    Aug 23 2020

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood™, Scotty and Macho Supreme are taking on a dangerous creature: the Toucan’t! I’m sure you’ve heard of toucans before, but what about the dastardly Toucan’t?Have you ever had a voice in your head telling you that you’re no good at something? Maybe you’re trying something new or doing something really hard? A Toucan’t is that voice in your head telling you that you’ll never get it. But never fear! Macho and Scotty find a great way to shut that Toucan’t down—an...more

  • Talking to Kids About Back to School 2020

    Aug 17 2020

    In this episode of The Imagine Neighborhood, our friendly emotion scientist, Dr. Sherri, P!H!D! drops by to discuss some back-to-school questions and concerns. With school districts still making decisions about the safest possible plan for students and teachers, there are a lot of unknowns. What can you do to help prepare your kids for more remote school this fall, and/or for going back to the classroom only a couple days a week? And how can you help your kids handle big emotions if everything s...more

  • Blame it On Blurghsday

    Aug 16 2020

     Welcome to The Imagine Neighborhood! We’re back after a nice summer break to talk about how it feels when things don’t go according to plan. Every once in a while in The Imagine Neighborhood, we get thrown an extra day in the middle of a normal week when everything is topsy-turvy: that’s Blurghsday! There’s no right way to prepare for it, so you’ve just gotta roll with the punches. Scotty and Cap’n Marion both have a lot of adjusting to do and flexibility to practice when this week’s Blurghsday...more

  • Re-run: The Pixie Pandemic with Audio Postcard responses!

    Aug 09 2020

    As many people are getting ready for back to school, we know that school might look very different than we're used to. Maybe you'll be in a smaller classroom, or maybe you'll be doing online school again. We're bringing back our Pixie Pandemic episode right before our next season starts.Plus, this episode has special shoutouts to some of our amazing listeners who called our audio postcard hotline. If you have a question about the show, you can ask your grown up about calling 206.4.FUN.LAVA and l...more

  • Summer Slow Breaths

    Jul 27 2020

    In our final summer short episode we hear from the entire Imagine Neighborhood gang about how they take slow breaths. Special Guest Host, Dr Sherri P! H! D! If you want to share how you take a slow breath, call our audio postcard hotline at 206.4.FUN.LAVA

  • Doctor Apocalypso's Summer Postcard

    Jul 19 2020

    Doc Apoc saved up enough in her summer job to get an awesome new instrument. Hear how it sounds in this week's Summer Audio postcard! If you'd like to send us a postcard, have your grown up go to, or ask them to call 206-438-6528. You can leave us a message there!

  • Princess Donnasaurus' Summer Postcard

    Jul 12 2020

    This week, Vac is SUPER excited to get a postcard from Princess Donnasaurus. She tells us what he's been up to this summer, and it sounds like a lot of hard work.If you'd like to send us a postcard, have your grown up go to, or ask them to call 206-438-6528. You can leave us a message there!

  • Summer Postcard From Macho Supreme

    Jul 05 2020

    Everyone in the Imagine Neighborhood is on summer vacation. Count Vacula likes to stay in touch by getting audio postcards from his friends. This week, Macho Supreme tells us what he's been up to this summer. Generally he's been having a good time, until that interrupting cockatiel shows up. If you'd like to send us a postcard, have your grown up go to HowWereYouKind.Today!

  • Imagine Neighborhood: Assemble!

    Jun 14 2020

    Scotty’s feeling a little sad today – and his friends are determined to change that! Vac sounds the alarm, bringing the whole gang to the rescue with exercise, music, and royal decrees. But sometimes when you’re sad, you need time to feel your feelings, to talk it out… and to remember that your friends have your back.Educational Goals: In this episode, Scotty’s friends try several strategies to help Scotty feel less sad: exercising, playing music, and asking what Scotty’s sad about. If you or yo...more

  • Bonus: How to Start the Conversation about Racism

    Jun 10 2020

    Hey, everybody. So, we have a little bit of a different kind of episode ready for you. We’re going to talk to an expert named Dr. Jasmine, PhD. And we're going to learn about how kids, and their grown-ups, can have some important conversations about what’s going on in the world right now.Which can be hard, and maybe a little scary. But if we’re going to make our neighborhoods more like the Imagine Neighborhood, and make things right... we have to start having these conversations now. And keep ha...more

  • Tantrumus Maximus!

    Jun 06 2020

    In this episode of The Imagine Neighborhood, we’re wrapping up our first season by talking about all the skills we’ve practiced and discussed over the last few weeks. Scotty and Count Vacula are going to need their wits about them when they encounter Tantrumus Maximus, an evil hamster who’s determined to cause as many tantrums as possible. Even though he throws every possible frustration, disappointment, and confusion their way, Scotty and Vac’s problem-solving skills prevail!In this episode, we...more

  • Bonus: Mr Music Man Lindsay Jones Brings It All Together

    Jun 06 2020

    Mister Music Man, Lindsay Jones, is back for another Music Day! This week, Scotty and Mister Music Man talk about how to put lots of ideas together to create something new.

  • Macho Needs an Oven

    May 30 2020

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty and Macho Supreme need to find a solution to their problem: Macho needs an extra oven to bake a humongous batch of cookies for Nana Supreme’s birthday. But Scotty needs this oven to stay in his house because... well, because it's his oven! But when Macho comes over and rips the oven out of the wall, he and Scotty will need to talk about different ways to ask for the things you want and what happens when you don’t get them. Macho finds a great way to ...more

  • Bonus: Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones Musical Conversations

    May 30 2020

    Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back on Wednesday to explore both music and social-emotional learning! He and Scotty have a great conversation and jam session to learn all about how to ask for what you want – through music! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners! Each week on Music Man Jones, we put a question out to our listeners and read through some of the responses. Tune in to hear how your idea can be featured on the show!

  • Bonus: Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones Makes Things Right

    May 23 2020

    we’re back with Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones to explore how music and social-emotional learning fit together. Music can be a great way to communicate things that are sometimes hard to say. We’ll find out how musicians communicate with each other—sometimes without saying a single word! We’ll also get to hear some great ideas from our listeners. Each week with Mr. Music Man, we ask our listeners a question and read some responses on the show. Tune in to hear how your idea could be featured on The I...more

  • Doc Apoc on Making Things Right

    May 23 2020

    This episode is about how to make amends when you’ve made a mistake. In it, an imaginary monster “smashes” an imaginary village. It was written many months before the recent acts of violence and related protests. It is in no way intended to be a commentary on those events. This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty starts out having a pretty rough day. When Doc Apocalypso swings by to tell him there’s a giant monster on the loose who’s smooshing villages, the day gets even rougher! Scotty and...more

  • If You Steal Socks, THEN Sock Goblins!

    May 16 2020

    This week in The Imagine Neighborhood, Scotty and Princess Donnasaurus have a big problem to solve: Sock goblins have stolen all of the socks in the neighborhood, right before the Sock Puppet Festival! To save the festival and return everyone’s socks, Scotty and Princess Donnasaurus need to track down those tricky sock goblins and find a way to recover their missing socks—without any sock goblins biting their toes. They explore a few different ideas and those ideas’ consequences before finally s...more

  • Bonus: Mr Music Man Lindsay Jones Tries Out Ideas

    May 16 2020

    Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones is back on Wednesday to talk about the link between social-emotional learning and music. This week, we’re talking about how important it is to try out different ideas until you find the one that’s right. This is true in problem-solving and in writing music! Sometimes you just need to try lots of different things and see what works. Each week on Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, we put a question out to our listeners and read some responses on the show. This week, you can w...more

  • Switcheroo!

    May 09 2020

    This week, Scotty and Count Vacula get backstage passes to see Doctor Apocalypso’s band, the Dreadnaughts! Doc loves being onstage, hearing her fans cheer and seeing their flamethrowers. But to Count Vacula, this world is big, loud, and scary. When a bolt of lightning strikes the stage, these two switch bodies and can finally understand how the other person sees the world.In this episode, we talk about perspective-taking: looking at the world through another person’s eyes. Sometimes it can be ha...more

  • Bonus: Mr Music Man Lindsay Jones Empathy Music

    May 09 2020

    Mister Music Man, Lindsay Jones, is back for another Music Day episode! This week, Mister Music Man chats with Scotty about how music can help you take someone else’s point of view. And he’s brought some songs along to help! Plus, Lindsay and Scotty have a new challenge for the listeners.

  • Bonus: Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones Calming Music

    May 03 2020

    Wednesdays are for exploring feelings with music! In every episode of the Imagine Neighborhood, we use music to help us talk about how we’re feeling. Once a week, we’ll be joined by a special guest, Mr. Music Man Lindsay Jones, a Broadway sound designer and composer. He’s created music for movies, plays, TV shows, and documentaries. Sometimes his music is very soft and quiet; other times it’s loud and excited! Together, Scotty and Lindsay will take a deeper dive into music and learn more about h...more

  • Solving Problems with the Fire Pirates

    May 02 2020

    Captain Marion and her band of merry Fire Pirates have a big problem: their eternal feud with Fieryous George the Lava Monster is keeping them from reaching their greatest treasure, cheeseburgers. With a little help from Scotty, the Fire Pirates and Fieryous George learn to stop fighting, calm down, name the problem, listen to each other, and find a solution that works for everyone.In this episode, we talk about conflicts. Sometimes it feels like the same argument comes up again and again, and t...more

  • Princess Donnasaurus Waits For Her Birthday

    Apr 26 2020

    Princess Donnasaurus’s birthday is coming up soon, but not soon enough! She wants her birthday party NOW! In fact, she wants one every day, forever. When Scotty runs out of cake ingredients and Vac runs out of battery, Princess Donnasaurus learns that waiting is difficult… but sometimes necessary. She and Scotty discuss how to make waiting easier – and maybe even fun.In this episode, Princess Donnasaurus learns that it’s difficult to wait, but that there’s just no way around it. She learns about...more

  • Macho's New Spaceship

    Apr 19 2020

    Macho Supreme takes Scotty along on an intergalactic bird-delivery mission! Scotty’s a little nervous, and Macho’s distracted by the chattering cargo. Fortunately, Scotty remembers the self-talk technique. Thanks to self-talk, Scotty calms himself down, Macho finds the blastoff button, and the grumpy cockatiel doesn’t crash-land.In this episode, Macho and Scotty use self-talk to help them focus, and calm down when they’re nervous. Whether you’re at home, at school, or on a spaceship, anyone can ...more

  • Crossing Lava Avenue

    Apr 12 2020

    To get to the library, Scotty has to cross the most dangerous street in the neighborhood… Lava Avenue. Luckily, he runs into Princess Donnasaurus along the way. Together, they brave rolling boulders, hot lava, and singing Fire Pirates – and learn to cross the street safely. In this episode, we talk about crossing the street safely. Scotty shows us how to avoid obstacles by using “SPEW” (stop, pay attention, use your ears, and wait) before crossing the street. And Princess Donnasaurus shows us ho...more

  • How to Talk About Quarantine Frustrations

    Apr 07 2020

    Frustration and disappointment are powerful feelings, and Scotty needs a little help talking about them while he’s stuck indoors. In this bonus episode, we call up Dr. Sherri for some tips on how grown-ups and kids can talk about frustration and disappointment, and how to tell the two feelings apart.It’s important for grown-ups and kids who are stuck at home to talk about how they’re feeling… and it’s a great time to find new ways to show the people you love that you care about them! You might w...more

  • The Pixie Pandemic: Macho Has To Stay Inside

    Apr 05 2020

    It’s pixie season in the Neighborhood. Everybody has to stay inside – even Macho Supreme. Macho was really looking forward to the Glamour Flex contest, and now he can’t go! Scotty and Macho discuss feeling frustrated, why we sometimes need to stay in to help everybody out, and tons of stuff you can do while you’re stuck inside.In this week's episode, Scotty and Macho discuss how it feels to be frustrated, and why it’s disappointing when you can’t do the things you were looking forward to. Feelin...more

  • The Phone Gremlin

    Mar 29 2020

    What happens when it’s time to finish up screen time and switch to something new? Does it ever turn you into a scaly little monster? Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso are about to find out! When Doc’s dad turns into a naughty gremlin, it takes a lot of weird ideas (and some awesome tunes!) to get him to take a deep breath and put down the phone. This week, Doctor Apocalypso’s dad has so much trouble putting his phone down that he turns into a gremlin! Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso explore coming up wi...more

  • Macho Supreme Has an Accident

    Mar 22 2020

    Macho Supreme, the toughest space marine in the galaxy, is at Scotty’s door – and he can’t get out! Can he make it through the doorway and boldly go inside for a playdate? With a little help from Scotty, Macho learns that accidents happen to everyone, and that it is totally macho to ask for help. In this episode, we talk about accidents. Sometimes things happen even if you didn’t mean them to – like Macho Supreme getting wedged into a doorway. Scotty helps Macho Supreme learn that accidents (lik...more

  • Talking to Kids About Corona Virus Fears

    Mar 17 2020

    In this special bonus episode of The Imagine Neighborhood, we meet Dr Sherri PhD. She's a developmental psychologist, and gives us some tools to help parents talk to kids about feeling anxious about the news. With a lot of kids home from school due to Corona Virus concerns, we hope this episode helps you talk to your smaller persons about changes in their schedule, or fears about the world at large.For more information, head over to

  • The Clouds are Made of Cake

    Mar 15 2020

    Getting excited can feel great! And cake is SUPER exciting. But how excited is TOO excited? This week, the neighborhood’s grown-ups make a cake mistake so exciting that they run wild! Only Scotty’s pal Doctor Apocalypso can save the grown-ups from themselves (and the dump) by helping them calm down.In this episode, we talk about feeling excited and calming down. Scotty and Doctor Apocalypso discuss what it feels like to be super-duper excited, and why it’s important to learn to calm down so that...more

  • Count Vacula Feels Afraid.

    Mar 13 2020

    How does your body feel when you’re frightened? Does your heart pound? Does your tummy get tight? Today, Count Vacula is having some separation anxiety because the babysitter is coming over. But with some help from Scotty, Vac shares his worries, and learns that talking about scared feelings can help you feel better.  Get more social emotional learning tools from us at

  • Episode Zero: The Imagine Neighborhood

    Feb 28 2020

    Has your child ever been so angry that they wanted to smoosh something? Have they ever been scared of the babysitter? Have they ever had a hard time putting the phone away? The Imagine Neighborhood is the show for you, and your kids. Each episode tells a story that’s amazing, fantastical, and maybe a little bananas, while it tackles the big feelings that come with growing up. And the Imagine Neighborhood gives you and your kids fun activities to do at home, in the car, or anywhere you talk to ea...more