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Sweet Potato Music

Sweet Potato Music is a musical podcast for children ages 4-10 that’s funny, imaginative and loaded with educational content. Episodes will explore theoretical concepts, instruments, musical traditions and the power music has to make us feel and bring us together.


  • Episode 5 - RESTS!

    Nov 08 2021

    This episode is all about resting! No, not naptime, musical rests, or silences in melody and rhythm within a piece of music. We listen to the Sweet Potato theme song WITH and WITHOUT rests to begin the episode. You can really hear the roll rests play, giving space, groove and breathing room within a song. Some of our listener friends attempt to sing popular songs with no rests and find it's quite difficult! The U-Tubers - Cory Carrot, Olivia Onion, Sweet Potato, Benny Beat and Tori Turnip, break...more

  • Episode 4 - The Violin

    Aug 13 2021

    In this episode we learn about the violin and explore how it's played around the world, it's origins and what it takes to learn this incredible member of the string family! We speak with some young violinists and get their thoughts on what's fun, hard and exciting about taking violin lessons, and get to hear the Sweet Potato Theme song played on violin by Mazz Swift! Elena Moon Park shares her journey on becoming a professional violinist and we hear some of her incredible music that she makes by...more

  • Episode 3: Music & Feelings

    Jul 09 2021

    Join Leah, Jordan, Tim and the rest of the gang exploring how music helps us feel our feelings, change our mood and work through hard moments. Some of our listeners share their favorite songs and they make them feeling. The U-Tubers work through a hard moment at band practice but end up working it out musically. We learn a new song and get deep with Reggie Watts at the end as he jams out on HIS feelings. Be sure to support Sweet Potato Music at There are lots o...more

  • Episode 2: Exploring Major & Minor

    Jun 23 2021

    In this episode Leah, Jordan & Tim learn about major and minor tonalities in music, what they sound like and how they're created. We observe how we all make "associations" with major and minor sounds and Tim takes us on a crazy day trip that gets a little out of hand. We go underground with the U-Tubers to get technical -- learning HOW we make a scale sound major or minor and then come back up to go for a drive and practice our minor sounds in a brand new song! We check-in with Reggie Watts and ...more

  • Episode 1 Dynamics! Exploring forte & piano.

    Jun 09 2021

    In this pilot episode, Leah, Jordan & Tim learn about musical dynamics! Using forte & piano (loud and soft) makes music more interesting and fun to listen to.  The U-Tubers (a curious rock band of root vegetables) join us on a musical adventure to help teach us HOW to use dynamics, we check in with some of our friends on some of their favorite loud & soft sounds and Reggie Watts gives us a taste of "crescends."  Filled with music, comedy, learning and stories this first episode will leave you wa...more