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Stories for Wonderful Children

Host Dan Wendelin imagines a new bedtime story for his children every night. Join him and his daughters for the best of those stories, now shared with you and your family. Tales told for the young and young at heart. Adventure, fairies, magic, and daring abound, but nothing too scary or mature for young ears. New stories are added every Sunday and Wednesday. Come listen in as we tell Stories for Wonderful Children.


  • Fall of Elysium (1/5)

    Apr 14 2021

     Deep in Antarctica lies the mystical Cat Elysium, a magical paradise for Flibbertygibit's feline subjects. Flip-Flop, the prankster of the royal cat family passes idyllic days there as caretaker. But when trouble comes to the Elysium, will Flip-Flop's joking ways be able to rise to the challenge?(Listening note: If you haven't listened to Episode 37: Where's Flibbertygibit, you may find it helpful to do so before listening to the Elysium stories.)

  • Flibbertygibit's Question

    Apr 11 2021

     Flibbertygibit summons Winella to his palace to help him discover the answer to a very important question. Their search for the answer will take them to Kandie Land and beyond, meeting some of the most surprising characters yet!

  • Dog Finds His Place

    Apr 07 2021

     A story about a brown dog finding his place in life (with extensive commentary by the children).

  • I Know a Girl

    Apr 04 2021

     Vera's birthday takes a turn for trouble when her beloved Mr. Monkey goes missing. Will even the infamous Marmalade Jones be able to help? If not, perhaps she knows a girl who can. . . 

  • Moo!

    Mar 31 2021

     MooOOOooo! Some silliness just in time for April Fool's day.

  • Red Fred Goes for a Drive

    Mar 28 2021

     Fred knows he isn't old enough to drive yet, but what seems like an emergency arises. He discovers the gentlest possible consequences of driving before you're old enough.(Parent listening note: The story makes clear that driving before you're old enough is a bad idea, but it does involve underage driving.)

  • Rhonda's Balloon

    Mar 24 2021

     Rhonda is a porcupine who loves balloons. But it's hard to play with a balloon when you're covered in sharp quills. How will she ever solve this problem?

  • Rose and the Bedtime Drink

    Mar 21 2021

     In the Blue Castle by the sea, Rose wants just one drink before she goes to sleep. But if this princess wants water, she's going to have to go on an adventure to find it.

  • Sequestra and the Papaya Quest

    Mar 17 2021

     Princess Sequestra is turning five, and all she really wants for her birthday is to try papaya ice cream. But no papayas grow in the kingdom. Thus, with the birthday clock ticking, begins the great papaya quest.

  • Scent the Ant

    Mar 14 2021

     During a tremendous thunderstorm, a worker ant must flee rising water. But a sudden bolt of lightning will change her life forever.

  • Rufus the Red Giant

    Mar 10 2021

     In the far-off land of Brobbinobbi, Rufus the red giant doesn't fit in with his hungry fellow giants. All he wants is to nibble on a tasty tree now and then. But when he's caught munching on the king's forest, the king punishes him with an impossible task. Will Rufus rise to the challenge?

  • Rest No More

    Mar 07 2021

     Winella and Ti spend the night in the center of the Bass Forest, searching for the lost rests. Even if found, though, can the rests be redeemed?

  • Winella in Search of Rests

    Mar 03 2021

     A mysterious singing message arrives from Ti, begging Winella to return to Treble. The trouble centers around the rests, but when Winella arrives to help, she's in for a real surprise.

  • Why Winella's Fan is Purple

    Feb 28 2021

     If you've ever wondered why Winella's ceiling fan is purple, this is the story for you.

  • A Time to Sow

    Feb 24 2021

     Winella has discovered the proper place to plant the seed. She puts her plan into motion, but even with the help of her friends, will she be able to outwit Jack Frost?

  • Akuro and the 1000th Crane (Kids Listen Activity Podcast)

    Feb 23 2021

     Akuro is a boy who longs for friends, but struggles with shyness. When he learns of the Japanese legend of 1,000  origami cranes, he believes that he has found a way to fulfill that wish. This episode is a co-production with the Kids Listen Activity Podcast. Activity guide can be found here: Origami instructional videos can be found on the Stories for Wonderful Children YouTube channel:

  • A Place to Plant

    Feb 21 2021

     Finally feeling that the seed is safe for the moment, Winella heads to consult with  Flibbertygibit about a plan. But is even the castle of the king of the cats free from spying eyes?

  • Trouble Comes to Kandie Land

    Feb 17 2021

     Winella thought she had hidden the magical seed safely away in Kandie Land. But when she receives a strange message from the Chocolate Bat, she begins to fear that the seed is not as well-protected as she had hoped.

  • Winella, Guardian of the Seed

    Feb 14 2021

     Winella's morning is interrupted by a fairy seeking aid. Fearing pursuit, the fairy bestows Winella with a great trust, the guardianship of a magical seed. Will our heroine rise to this new challenge?

  • Froggy's Wild Vacation

    Feb 10 2021

     Froggy decides to go see the ocean for the first time, but his trip will take him much farther than he ever imagined. Also, he discovers schnitzel.

  • Linda and the Magical Birthday Gift

    Feb 07 2021

     On the day of Linda's birth, a fairy delivers a magical gift to be opened on her 7th birthday. But all those years of waiting could never prepare Linda for the very unusual present and the adventure that it brings.

  • Winella Beneath the Waves

    Feb 03 2021

     What would you do if you had a submarine of your very own? Winella does what she always does: heads out to sea in search of adventure.

  • Matilda and Mystery

    Jan 31 2021

     Matilda lives in a shelter with her mother and brother. One particular day she sees something very mysterious.(Parent listening note: This story's setting touches on the reality of homelessness, although it's really a fairy tale. It's an opportunity for discussion with your children, as some kids may find the setting anxiety-provoking.)

  • Tilly, the Very Quiet Wumpus

    Jan 27 2021

     Wumpuses love nothing more than a good ruckus. Tilly, though, would rather speak quietly and enjoy a good book. Her parents are concerned. What can be done about such a quiet wumpus?

  • The Quest for Karlie's Duck

    Jan 24 2021

     Sarah May Figment tells the tale of how she became a wish dragon by aiding a girl named Karlie who had lost her duck.

  • Rikki Tikki the Soccer Mouse

    Jan 20 2021

     Rikki loves soccer more than anything else. All he wants is a chance to play. But who would give a mouse a chance to play soccer?

  • 50th Episode Story Extravaganza: Love of Life

    Jan 17 2021

     Why have just one story to celebrate 50 episodes when you can have three? The beautiful fae Brunhilda seeks another human to add to her collection of pets. But a girl names Lilly has much to teach Brunhilda about what's really important. Parent listening note: This story has a bit older target audience. Some young ones may find Brunhilda and the idea of an unkind fairy a bit creepy.

  • 50th Episode Story Extravaganza: June Gets Lonely

    Jan 17 2021

     Why have just one story to celebrate 50 episodes when you can have three? In this story, a girl names June searches for a solution to her night-time loneliness.

  • 50th Episode Story Extravaganza: A Giant Problem

    Jan 17 2021

     Why have just one story to celebrate 50 episodes when you can have three? In this story, King Ibrahim and his wise Queen Salome must solve a giant problem.

  • Aubrin's Tale: The Dragonsearch

    Jan 13 2021

     Aubrin concludes her tale of her time in the Dragonlands by recounting how she helped a dragonsearch for a young dragon who had gone missing.

  • Aubrin's Tale: Dragon Church

    Jan 10 2021

     Aubrin continues to recount her tale of her year in the Dragonlands with her observations about the dragons' religious customs.

  • Aubrin's Tale: A Disaster Averted

    Jan 06 2021

     Aubrin wakes for her first full day studying the dragons. In the course of her observations, she stumbles across evidence that New Camelot is not as secure as it appears. Will she be in time to avert a disaster?

  • Aubrin's Tale: Arrival

    Jan 03 2021

     Winella's Aunt Aubrin tells the tale of arriving in the Dragonlands for her year of study.

  • Aubrin's Tale: A Visitor Arrives

    Dec 30 2020

     Winella's Aunt Aubrin arrives back from a year away, just in time to prevent some mischief.

  • Ted Goes Househunting

    Dec 27 2020

     Ted has solved his bed problem. Now he has a new, much better problem: where will he find a house worthy of two such comfortable beds?

  • Ted and the Lumpy Bed

    Dec 23 2020

    Poor Ted, his bed is so lumpy that he has trouble sleeping at night. He just can't stand it anymore, but what can he do?

  • What Matters Most

    Dec 20 2020

     Winella returns for last day of wand school, but discovers that something has gone awry. Before she can learn to fly, she has to decide what matters most to her: flying or friendship.

  • Wand School is Briefly Boring

    Dec 16 2020

     Winella heads back to wand school for her lesson on granting wishes. When she arrives, she discovers that sometimes even learning to use a magic wand takes some old-fashioned hard work. But her boredom doesn't last long when the wishes start flying!

  • Winella's First Day at Wand School

    Dec 13 2020

      Winella heads to wand school to learn how to use her magic wand. The first day at a new school is always tough, but what if they won't even let you in until you pass a test?

  • The Best Birthday Present

    Dec 12 2020

     It's Winella's birthday! She's going to receive two fabulous gifts. Which one do you like best?Listening note: This short story is prologue to the next series of stories, so is presented as a little Saturday bonus before the main story arc.

  • The Terrible, Terrible Day

    Dec 09 2020

     Winella's day goes from bad, to worse, to simply terrible. Will she be able to turn it around, or are some days too terrible even for clever little girls?

  • Where's Flibbertygibit?

    Dec 06 2020

     Winella takes the Cat's Paw Highway to visit Flibbertygibit. At first the palace seems normal, but she soon discovers a stranger on the throne! Where is Flibbertygibit?Warning: this story contains silly dad jokes and uncontrolled giggling.

  • Foosha's Pet

    Dec 02 2020

     Life is hard when you're a very young giant. You have to learn to use the giant potty. You have to convince your parents to let you have a giant pet. Foosha is determined, but will determination be enough?

  • Pistl and the Pirate Problem

    Nov 29 2020

     Winella ventures down the secret tunnel in her closet again, this time with her friend Traci in tow. When they arrive in the closet of Pistl the pirate princess, though, they discover that she has a perilous pirate problem.

  • Winella and the Secret Tunnel

    Nov 25 2020

     Winella returns from a week away camping to discover some changes to her room. As she unpacks, she discovers a secret tunnel in her closet. Where will it lead?

  • Winella Finds a Way to Play on a Rainy Day

    Nov 22 2020

    What do you do when you're stuck inside on a very rainy day? If you live in a very special house like Winella does, the possibilities are endless!

  • Winella Searches for Officer Cod

    Nov 18 2020

     Winella wants to thank Officer Cod for her bravery. Making him a medal is easy. Finding him in order to give it to him may prove a bit tricker.----Previous episodes now also available on Youtube:

  • Winella Makes an Emergency Call

    Nov 15 2020

     An emergency arises while Winella is home alone. She knows what to do, but could never have expected who will answer her call.

  • Bottomus the Hippopotamus

    Nov 11 2020

     Bottomus the Hippopotamus likes to wander away from the rest of his family. But a young hippopotamus on his own has keep his eyes open.----Old episodes now also available on YouTube.

  • Winella Receives a Gift

    Nov 08 2020

     Winella receives an unexpected package in the mail. What could it be and who sent it?----Previous episodes now also available for download on YouTube:

  • The Sky Princess

    Nov 04 2020

     It's big day for the Sky Princess. She's finally old enough to help her parents put one of their stormy creations into action.

  • Winella and the Mythical Zoo

    Nov 01 2020

     Everyone loves a trip to the zoo. If you're Winella, though, you can visit the zoo where all the mythical animals are kept.

  • Alice and the Halloween Nightmare

    Oct 31 2020

     Alice wakes up Halloween night from a bad dream. Can her mom make it better, or is it just going to be a scary kind of night?(Parent listening note: This is not really a scary story, but it is a little tenser than typical. You may wish to preview it before sharing with very young or sensitive listeners.)

  • Winella Helps Flibbertygibit Prepare for the Royal Portrait

    Oct 28 2020

      Flibbertygibit is preparing for a great milestone in the reign of any ruler of the cats: the painting of his royal portrait. When disaster strikes, will Winella be able to help him be ready in time?

  • The Hat that Loved Bacon - Bonus Episode

    Oct 27 2020

     Daniel and his family head to the zoo to see the new red panda exhibit. But the zoo holds more surprises than he could have ever imagined.

  • Winella Visits the Queen of the Water

    Oct 25 2020

     Weeks have passed since the Queen of the Water invited Winella to visit her Palace. Winella decides it's time to accept the invitation, but discovers that getting there will be trickier than she expected.

  • Terry Makes a Ssstrange New Friend

    Oct 21 2020

     Terry is an ordinary boy in all ways but one. When he discovers his unique talent, it will allow him to make a friend that's far from ordinary.

  • Winella and Traci Have a Sleepover, part 3

    Oct 18 2020

     It can be a little scary sleeping over for the first time in a strange new house, and Winella's house is stranger than most. If she summons her courage, though, Traci will discover what awaits them with the dawn.

  • Winella and Traci Have a Sleepover, part 2

    Oct 14 2020

     A first sleepover deserves a unique dinner, and Winella's mother has a delicious idea.

  • Winella and Traci Have a Sleepover, part 1

    Oct 11 2020

     Winella wants to have a friend sleep over for the first time. Will their parents give them permission? What adventures will Winella and Traci have when they have all night to explore Winella's very special house?

  • Peggy the Ant

    Oct 07 2020

     The yard is full of surprises and dangers when you're a worker ant.

  • Winella in Treble, part 7: Ti

    Oct 04 2020

     Winella confronts the Misconductor and his Silence. Will she be able to find the music within herself?(Parent listening note: Christian music).

  • Go Fish - Bonus Episode

    Oct 02 2020

      Evie and her sister decide to go night fishing once the rest of the family is asleep. Who knows what they'll catch? 

  • Winella in Treble, part 6: Sol

    Sep 30 2020

     Winella wakes determined to make this the last day that the world must endure the Misconductor's Silence. But what should she pack as she prepares? If she chooses well, she may find help from unexpected sources.----(Parent listening note: very mild brief fantasy violence).

  • Winella in Treble, part 5: Fa

    Sep 27 2020

    The Miscondutor and his Rests are laying in wait for Winella to try to rescue Fa. They think they have her at last, but this is one clever girl they're never going to see coming.

  • Winella in Treble, part 4: Mi

    Sep 23 2020

    A trip down the Brook of Dreams brings Winella a vision of the forces at work in Treble. It's only if she frees Mi, though, that she will truly discover what's lying in wait for her.

  • A Longing for Long Bread - Bonus Episode

    Sep 23 2020

    Ninjas? Check. Italian food? Check. Dinosaurs? Maybe--you'll just have to listen and find out.

  • Winella in Treble, part 3: Re

    Sep 20 2020

    Winella's success in bringing music back to the world has attracted unwanted attention. A midnight messenger from Flibbertygibit warns her of a new danger. But will Joey's help be enough to save the day?

  • Winella in Treble, part 2: Do

    Sep 16 2020

    La tasks Winella with finding and freeing her sister Do. Finding Do's location is difficult enough, but how will Winella convince the fairy to reveal herself?

  • Winella in Treble, part 1: La

    Sep 13 2020

    Winella awakes to discover the world changed by a great and terrible Silence. She must summon her courage as she sets forth to a new world in an attempt to set things right.

  • Winella Negotiates a Peace

    Sep 09 2020

    Winella lends a hand when Flibbertygibit needs help resolving a tricky disagreement with another monarch.

  • Ruchira and the Birthday Project - Bonus episode

    Sep 08 2020

    Ruchira spends the whole day working on his secret project, but will it be enough to save the day when the M&Ms hit the fan?

  • Winella fixes a mistake

    Sep 06 2020

    Winella's father has made a mistake, and now she must race to help out. Will she arrive in time?

  • Winella meets Flibbertygibit

    Sep 02 2020

    Winella and her friends have countless adventures in my stories. This story, where she meets Flibbertygibit for the first time, is an excellent place to begin.

  • The Nightmare Job Hunt

    Aug 30 2020

    Having messed with the wrong dream fairy, the Nightmare finds himself in need of work. Join us as we follow his search for a second career.

  • The Dreaming Fish

    Aug 26 2020

    Do fish dream? Listen to this story to find out what might happen if they do.

  • Hocus Pocus, the very special sheep

    Aug 23 2020

    A story about a sheep whose unique name is only the second most special thing about him.

  • An Unusual Bear

    Aug 23 2020

    A story about a bear who desperately wants something bears don't usually get: a name of his own.