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Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we'll be sharing a Free Story from one of our Original Story Series!



    Jul 19 2018

      David, the chief story spinner of Sparkle Stories has written and is one of the tellers for a new adult podcast called "Horsemen".  It has the same depth of characters and satisfying narrative arc of Sparkle Stories but is crafted just for the Grown Ups.  You can find out more by going to www.horsemenpodcast.com or searching "Horsemen" on iTunes.

  • The Crystal Gnome

    Jul 18 2018

    The crystal gnome is happy in his tiny underground workshop. But he is also curious about the soft muffled sounds he hears from above: car motors, dogs barking, and the most interesting sound of all — children singing. When his curiosity is satisfied through a series of accidents, the delicate gnome is unexpectedly overwhelmed by the bright lights and loud sounds of the world aboveground. With the help of his own crystal and some other experienced gnomes, he learns how to make a home among the ...more

  • Benno and the Water Nymph

    Jul 11 2018

    A poor farm family sails across the sea to seek a new life of possibility. When they finally arrive, they see that the land is parched and there is no water in sight. But Benno, the farm boy, smells something familiar — it is the smell of the hillside spring near their old home. What he doesn't know is that the water nymph from that spring has followed them ... and is ready to help.   This story is a part of the So Many Fairies series.   For many many many more stories like this one, visit ...more

  • Avis the Watchful Yellow Jacket

    Jul 05 2018

    Yellow jackets love people. They build their houses as close to people as they can. The older yellow jackets have learned from their fairy friends not to get too close to people, but Avis, a young wasp, can't understand why. When a kind air fairy takes him on a journey of discovery, Avis learns how to get close to people without getting too close.   This story is a part of the So Many Fairies series.   For many many many more stories like this one, visit the Sparkle website: www.sparklestor...more

  • The Star Formation

    Jun 28 2018

    The Junkyard animals nominate Spiro the fun-loving skunk to be the mudball team captain — but Spiro is more worried about disappointing his friends than about enjoying the tournament.  This story focuses on the challenges that come with comparisons and expectations.   This story is a part of the Junkyard Tales: The Great Mudball Tournament collection.   For many many many more stories like this one, visit the Sparkle website: www.sparklestories.com   Questions? Ideas? Requests? Email us!...more

  • Burger Night and the No No Bug

    Jun 20 2018

    Martin and Sylvia's family is excited about a new offering by a local farm: Burger Night!  They'll have hamburgers and veggie burgers and mushroom burgers, and music. The only problem is that Sylvia doesn't want to go.  She doesn't like burgers, she won't know anyone, and she doesn't like the kind of music they will be playing!  Daddy asks her if she has ever heard of a No No Bug.  Daddy tells her the secret of the No No Bug and then the biggest secret of all - No No Bug's favorite food ... is ...more