Sparkle Stories Podcast

Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we'll be sharing a Free Story from one of our Original Story Series!


  • Maple Perfect

    Mar 14 2018

    Three warm days in a row! Martin and Sylvia see only dirty, melting snow — but Daddy has ideas. He suggests they try tapping one of the maple trees to see if the sap is running. When they hear the steady drip-drip-drip of maple sap, they know "sugaring" season has begun! It's time to make maple syrup!   This story is a part of the At Home with Martin and Sylvia collection.   For many many many more stories like this one, visit the Sparkle website: www.sparklestories.com   Questions? Ideas...more

  • Dry Gable: Marta Bauer - Baker and Peacemaker

    Mar 07 2018

    When conflict comes to Dry Gables — when there are arguments, disagreements or blocks in the road to peace — the people of Dry Gables go one place: Marta Bauer's bakery. Somehow she always knows what to make, what to say and how to listen — and conflicts simply... dissolve. This is truly tested one day when a family of Chinese immigrants arrives in Dry Gables and the town is divided about next steps. Some want to honor the restrictive law of the land and others wish to welcome them with open ar...more

  • The Dirty Dusty Gnome

    Feb 28 2018

    Buddy has a Dirty Room. His room is so dirty and dusty that he has trouble finding his clothes, his toys, and his games. And a dirty, dusty, cluttered room is the perfect spot for a Dusty Dirty Gnome to take up residence! After Buddy loses his favorite stuffed animal, Moosie, he has a dream about the Dusty Dirty Gnome, who gives him a hint about where Moosie might be hiding. He wakes with a burning question, "What would things be like if everything in my room had its own place?" This story is a ...more

  • FIFTY: Connecticut "My Daughter Can"

    Feb 21 2018

    In 1777, two years after Paul Revere made his historic evening ride to Concord, Massachusetts, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington had a similar experience — though hers was twice as long, took all night, and was during a terrible storm. Her ride was to alert patriot farmers to gather at her father’s home where they would set off the following morning to defend Danbury Connecticut from the British army. Note: Though this is historical fiction and the characters have been developed to accommodate a story...more

  • Puppies and Problems

    Feb 14 2018

    Part One: Puppies and Problems   Sergeant needs some help. Winnie has broken Rule Number Two again and Sergeant is wondering if he will ever be able to successfully train her. He goes to Georgia Bean wondering if she can help - and it turns out … she can! She has had experiences just like this, and she offers to tell him a very important story.   This story is a part one of three of the For the Love of Spice: Georgia Bean's Method for Minding Mice series.   For many many many more stories...more