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ShieldStar Knights Podcast

ShieldStar Knights is a thrilling space-fantasy adventure for kids 8 and up. When the Free Worlds are threatened by dark and sinister forces, a team of courageous ShieldStar cadets, each with an extraordinary master power, is called upon to enter a shadowy world on a daring and dangerous mission. This exciting podcast features the talents of well-known voice actress, Tracey Moore (Sailor Moon, Share Bear, Princess Toadstool), and One-Man Star Wars creator, Charles Ross. PARENTS: Produc...more


  • S1 - Episode 2: DECISION TIME

    Dec 10 2020

      Bold Wing of the Quill, a cadet from ShieldStar Academy, is called before the Council of Keepers…and must make a difficult decision.

  • S1 - Episode 1: THE MISSION

    Dec 10 2020

      A team of ShieldStar Knights, led by the legendary knight, Falcon Heart, must carry out a secret mission...but grave danger awaits them.