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Petit Punk Rock Podcast

Petit Punk Rock is an original family musical and story time for curious kids and parents who like to think and rock!


  • Future

    Jul 31 2019

    The Future! In this episode’s musical, The Nervous Butterfly imagines what her future will be, we join our Tumble Science Podcast friends on a visit to The Natural History Museum to hang out with a butterfly scientist and we sing some new songs about our future!

  • Friends

    Feb 04 2019

    Friends! What is a friend? Why do we need friends? What is friendship? On this episode we explore new songs about friends, JB the Scientist talks to us about interspecies friendship and we present Best Friends Don’t Eat Each Other, a mini-play starring Vulture and Squirrel! *Visit for more fun stuff and please subscribe and review! To be part of the show, send a message to We love hearing from you!

  • Feelings

    Nov 29 2018

    Feelings! We all have them but what are they? Let’s make a game show called Name That Feeling and join musician Dana & The Petit Punks for a musical as we explore four unique feelings in four songs. Mischievous, Envy, Inspired and Nostalgia! Feel those feelings and let’s have a family singalong! * VISIT * SUBSCRIBE on iTunes, Google Play and others * JOIN the Petit Punk Rock family! What is your favorite feeling and why? Send a message to, we love hear...more

  • Episode 1 = Fun!

    Oct 04 2018

    Let's explore the word FUN. What is fun? What do you do for fun? What songs are fun? What does fun sound like? What does fun feel like? Join the Petit Punk Rock family on a fun filled adventure with music, a pair of roller coaster riding spiders and a scientist as we figure out how we can all have some fun. * Visit for more fun stuff, subscribe and review! To be part of the show, send a message to We love hearing from you!