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PJ Library Presents: Afternoons With Mimi

Snuggle up and have a little snack, with the best storyteller around, Mimi! Once a month join Kiddo and his grandmother, Mimi, for stories, snacks, and snuggles, in this new series from PJ Library.


  • Kiddo Lights the Hanukkah Candles

    Nov 22 2022

    Hanukkah is here and it's time for the whole family to get together. Kiddo isn't sure how to light the candles or where each one goes in the menorah. Miraculous Mimi to the rescue!

  • The Hanukkah Story Featuring Bomba the Elephant

    Nov 08 2022

    Surprise! It's a special bonus episode. While Kiddo and Mimi are off on an adventure this week, join Bomba the (kind of brave) elephant as he recounts the Hanukkah story. 

  • Kiddo Goes to Scouts

    Oct 25 2022

    Kiddo has joined the illustrious Magenta Scouts! But he's nervous about his first meeting – what if he has a hard time making friends? Mimi has the perfect story to put his mind at ease, and a good snack doesn't hurt either. ‘Gam zu l’tovah. Even this is for the good.’– Nachum Ish Gamzu, Talmud Masechet Taanit, 21a

  • Kiddo Bakes a Challah

    Oct 12 2022

    It's a special day -- Kiddo's family is coming over to Mimi's house for Shabbat dinner! While Kiddo and Mimi bake, Kiddo asks Mimi all about the history of challah. Listen in - and visit to find our favorite challah recipes. 

  • Kiddo Wants Some Peace and Quiet

    Sep 28 2022

    Sukkot is here and Kiddo's house is BUSY! There are so many guests -- maybe too many guests. Noise, commotion, rising stress … what's a Kiddo to do? Mimi always knows.

  • Kiddo Learns About Forgiveness

    Sep 13 2022

    Oh no! Baby Z has damaged big brother Kiddo's beloved stuffie, Owly. Fortunately Mimi is ready with a story to help frustrated Kiddo find forgiveness. Listeners will love Mimi’s retelling of the salty story of Jonah, a Yom Kippur tradition.

  • Kiddo Rescues Mankaroo

    Jun 06 2022

    Kiddo is all worked up because his parents want to get rid of his beloved blanket, Mankaroo. Despite being tattered and falling to pieces, Kiddo is not quite ready to part with the old blanket just yet. Luckily, Mimi's neighbor, Miss Jenn, has some magic up her sleeve. With Miss Jenn's help, and a wonderful story, Benjy's Blanket, Kiddo's beloved Mankaroo gets turned into something new and wonderful. Benjy's Blanket is written by Miguel Gouveia, illustrated by Raquel Catalina, and published by ...more

  • Kiddo Learns About Shavuot

    May 15 2022

    Why is Mimi making cheesecake? Does Kiddo even like cheesecake? And what's all this about a holiday featuring arts, crafts, ice cream, and staying up late? Learn all about Shavuot with Mimi and Kiddo! Find Shavuot stories, recipes, and activity guides at

  • Preview: Humpty Dumpty and the Passover Feast

    Apr 13 2022

    Kiddo and Mimi will be back next month with a new story. Enjoy a clip from Beyond the Bookcase's new Passover adventure, featuring Humpty Dumpty! For a full playlist of Passover stories, songs, and blessings, visit

  • Kiddo Learns About Purim

    Mar 07 2022

    It's time for the annual Purim carnival! But Kiddo doesn't have his costume ready? Oh no! Luckily Mimi is an expert at putting together fun and fabulous dress-up outfits. While Kiddo gets ready, Mimi answers his big questions about Purim traditions. Learn more (and find your own last minute costume tutorials) at

  • Kiddo Learns About Weddings

    Feb 20 2022

    Poor Kiddo - he's been soooo busy preparing for his uncle's wedding. What does Mimi know about weddings? A story, a snack, and a quick dance lesson have Kiddo ready for the big day. 

  • Kiddo Learns to Plant a Garden

    Jan 10 2022

    What do you need to plant a garden? Today Kiddo and Mimi transform recycled containers into a pretty driveway garden. And Mimi shares a special PJ Library story, The Carob Tree.  The education of children is given high priority in Judaism. The values and practices of Judaism can be seen as seeds planted in the heart and mind. Like Mimi, parents, teachers, and community members sow these seeds in the hope that children like Kiddo will bloom and grow to become the loving "gardeners" of the next g...more

  • Kiddo Learns About Tzedakah

    Dec 06 2021

    Today Kiddo and Mimi are on a special walk through the neighborhood -- and Kiddo is learning all about tzedakah! What is it? How does one do it? Does Mimi have any good stories about doing tzedakah? Learn more at 

  • Kiddo Learns About Hanukkah

    Nov 01 2021

    The first night of Hanukkah is almost here and Mimi has a mountain of sufganiyot (jelly donuts) to share with Kiddo and the answers to all of his Hanukkah questions: why does Mimi make stir fry and latkes during Hanukkah? What's the story of Hanukkah? What was the miracle of Hanukkah?  Learn along with Kiddo -- and find your own candle-lighting guide, Hanukkah blessings, recipes and activities at

  • Kiddo Learns About Being Brave

    Oct 04 2021

    Welcome to Afternoons With Mimi! Today Kiddo has a lot on his mind: a scary German Shepherd, a lost kitten named Sal, and Mimi's Shabbat dinner of spiced fish. Listen in to find out what all of these things have in common as Mimi reads The Sabbath Lion: A Folktale From Algeria, written by  Barbara Rush and Howard Schwartz and published by PJ Publishing.

  • Introducing Afternoons With Mimi

    Sep 29 2021

    Settle in with Mimi, the world's greatest storyteller. New episodes are available every month from PJ Library.