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Nik Lettuce Clubhouse

Welcome to the club for kids only! Join Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow for a kidscast every month providing lots of fun, laughter and entertainment for your ears!


  • Weekly worms of Joy: 29/03/20

    Mar 29 2020

    Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow are back with weekly fun and happy stories!

  • The Mike Mason episode + Flo has a rumbly tummy

    Oct 20 2018

    This month we were going to record a really interesting documentary about fluff, but Flo was so hungry it was ruining the podcast! Instead Flo opens a can of worms and our guest Mike Mason teaches us all about Kindie music! Thank you to our special guest Mike Mason from the Good Stuff Kids Podcast ( or @goodstuffpod). Remember to subscribe and drop us a message on @niklettucech or!

  • A Summer Holiday Special

    Sep 19 2018

    We went on a superb adventure for our latest episode, all the way to the beach! Join Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow, as we learn about the Park run from cub sprout Charlie as well what in sprout's name is beachcombing with Janet Unitt (hint: it doesn't involve any combs!). Thank you to Janet and Charlie for agreeing to be on the show and to Twinmusicom for our theme music. You can find all previous episodes on    This show was produced by Nik de Garis.

  • The Dave Pickering episode & Flo writes a story

    Aug 19 2018

    We are back with our latest episode where Flo and Nik talked to the professional storyteller, Dave Pickering! Also in the clubhouse, Flo struggles to write a story for the show and Nik tries to help her with some...not so helpful ideas. Thank you to Dave Pickering for being a guest in the clubhouse. Make sure to subscribe to the show, and follow us on our social media @niklettucech on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • The Sophy Henn Episode & Grandma Crow visits

    Jun 19 2018

    It was a very big day in the Nik Lettuce Clubhouse this month. Just when we thought we had a great show planned chatting to writer and illustrator Sophy Henn about her new book, Bad Nana (out in all bookshops now!), Flo's Grandma came to visit. Flo was quite worried but we think it went alright in the end... Please subscribe to the show on Radio Public, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen to the show. Please also leave us a review on itunes if that's where you listen and let...more

  • Flo becomes a knight!

    May 19 2018

    It's more adventures in the Nik Lettuce Clubhouse with Nik & Flo the Crow! On this episode, Nik has to fend off worms, welcomes the first ever bug cub sprout to the club and Flo has a surprise in store. PLUS Nik & Flo speak to some jingly-jangly dancers, pearly royalty and Flo trains to become a knight! If you liked what you heard you can review the show on Apple Podcasts or send us your thoughts on @niklettucech on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Thank you to Kirsti from the Gallant Gigglers, t...more

  • The Jonathan Messinger episode

    Apr 19 2018

    For our FIRST EVER episode of the Nik Lettuce Clubhouse, Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow we were incredibly lucky to speak to the creator of The Alien adventures of Finn Caspian and Pants on Fire, Johnathan Messinger! Also in the episode, the club notices are read (I think they were mostly aimed at Flo) and Nik and Flo have a think what their own version of Star Wars might sound like!     If you liked what you heard you can review the show on Apple Podcasts or send us your thoughts on @niklettucech...more

  • Nik Lettuce Clubhouse trailer

    Mar 24 2018

    It's coming soon! Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow give you to low down on what you can expect from the Nik Lettuce Podcast, a kidscast for everyone! The first episode will be out on 19th April 2018 and will feature Jonathan Messinger from the amazing kids podcast, The Space Adventures of Finn Caspian! Whilst waiting for the next show, check out the website or find us on social media: Instagram: @niklettucech