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Mini Magic : A Witchcraft Podcast for Kids

A witchy podcast for kids hosted by Andrea Stein, author of C is for Coven and Brina: A Pagan Picture Book.


  • 19: Celebrating Lughnasadh

    Jul 29 2021

    A sabbat episode of Mini Magic chatting about the August 1st celebration of Lughnasadh (or Lammas). We going to go over the history and mythology, starting in Ancient Ireland with the god Lugh throwing honorary funeral games in celebration of his mother, and then give some suggestions for things kids can do with family or friends to make their Lughnasadh special.  We finish up with a listener question about Wicca. Remember you can always submit a question to be answered on the podcast by g...more

  • 18: Questions & Answers

    Jun 30 2021

    Our very first all Q&A episode. This episode is exactly what it sounds like. You asked, I answer. We go through questions from listeners about a huge range of topics, like--Why don't we ever see boy witches? Are there pets that are considered witchy? Can witches fix things like in Harry Potter? Can humans understand animals? Join us for real life questions from real life kids, answered by a real life witch.  Remember you can always submit a question to be answered on the podcast by goin...more

  • 17: Celebrating Litha

    Jun 16 2021

    Mini Magic is back after a brief hiatus! On this special sabbat episode, we explore the summer solstice celebration of Litha, also sometimes called Midsummer. We chat about the origins of summer solstice celebrations, dating all the way back to the Stone Age with the construction of Stonehenge. Correspondences for plants, colors, and crystals are all covered before giving practical ideas for how kids can celebrate the solstice this year.  We finish with a listener question: Can witches and ...more

  • 16: Kitchen Witchcraft with Madge

    May 05 2021

    What is a kitchen witch? What do they really do? In this interview episode, Andi talks with Madge LaRue to break down what kitchen magic actually is and ways kids can start practicing it. Then we finish up with a listener question: Why are plants magic?  Hosted by Andrea Stein, author of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book and C is for Coven. The latest Moon Dust Press book, Sunday The Sea Witch, can be found at Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress...more

  • 15: Celebrating Beltane

    Apr 28 2021

    A holiday episode of Mini Magic all about Beltane, the cross quarter fire festival. We go from origins of Beltane in Ireland and Scotland to correspondences like colors, herbs, and crystals. Then we move into modern celebrations of Beltane and suggestions for how kids can mark this day, like making a mini indoor maypole, crowning themselves the May Queen or King, and leaving an offering for the fairies.  We finish with a listener question: What is Luna's favorite Goddess Girls book, and ar...more

  • 14: Exploring The Zodiac

    Apr 14 2021

    You've heard that big word before--astrology. But what does it really mean? Can the planets and stars really have an effect on who we are as people?  In episode 14, Andi guides listeners through simplifying the dictionary definition of astrology to make it more kid friendly and then exploring the 12 signs of the Tropical Zodiac. Beginning with Aries and working all the way through to Pisces, we talk about the elements associated with each sign, some of their stronger traits, and areas they ...more

  • 13: Meditation with Vira

    Mar 31 2021

    On the 13th episode of Mini Magic, Andi interviews yoga, tarot, and meditation teacher Vira to learn all about meditation. Vira explains what meditation is, the benefits, how it relates to magic, and then leads us through a relaxing guided meditation meant to get listeners back in touch with the inner workings of their minds and bodies. We also chat briefly about the fantastic and fun children’s book Vira illustrated, The Search for Syrup. You can find Vira online at this link: https://www.insta...more

  • 12: Palmistry with Paula

    Mar 24 2021

    In the first ever Mini Magic interview episode, we're chatting with Paula Victoria of P is for Palmistry. Paula tells listeners how she began reading palms as a child and explains some of the most important takeaways she finds when looking at someone's hand, in addition to covering palm reading basics and origins. She also gives advice to aspiring kid readers before we end with a listener question:  How does magic relate to science? Hosted by Andrea Stein, author of Brina: A Pagan Picture B...more

  • 11: Celebrating Ostara Pt. 2

    Mar 19 2021

    How do witches celebrate the spring equinox, also called Ostara? In part two of this holiday episode, we cover practical ways to celebrate Ostara at home, building an Ostara altar, color and crystal correspondences, and more. Then we answer two listener questions: Do you have to be born a witch? And can boys be witches? Hosted by Andrea Stein, author of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book and C is for Coven.  Find us online at  On Instagram

  • 10: Celebrating Ostara Pt. 1

    Mar 10 2021

    The first half of the Mini Magic Ostara episode. Andi and Luna talk about why witches celebrate Ostara, equinoxes as astrological events, links to the goddess of the same name, and mythology surrounding the springtime holiday. Stories include the tale of Ostara and the Hara and the myth of the Goddess Persephone's descent into the underworld.  Hosted by Andrea Stein, author of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book and C is for Coven.  Find us online at  On Instagram...more

  • 09: Divination Breakdown

    Mar 03 2021

    What is divination, and how do witches use it? On the ninth episode of Mini Magic, it's a full kid friendly breakdown of what divination is, how modern witches practice it, and the different methods used for seeking information from magical sources. Systems covered include tarot, oracle, Norse runes, tasseography or tea leaf reading, palmistry, and bibliomancy.  Hosted by Andrea Stein, author of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book and C is for Coven.  Find us online at On Instagram @m...more

  • 08: Celebrating Imbolc

    Jan 28 2021

    A Mini Magic holiday. This week, Andi and Luna discuss the sabbat celebration of Imbolc, the Gaelic fire festival. We cover the history of the day (which goes back nearly 5,000 years!), the association with goddess Brigid, and common crafts and celebrations. Then we answer the listener question-- Are witches really good or evil? Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress. On Facebook at

  • 07: Moon Magic

    Jan 13 2021

    How does the moon influence us? This week, Andi is joined by a very special (and very small) co-host as we explore the magic of the moon phases and how to use them in spells, rituals, and everyday life. We move through the cycle of the moon from the new moon to the full moon and back again, and then answer the listener question: Do spells work on animals? Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress. On Facebook at

  • 06: C is for Coven

    Jan 06 2021

    What is a coven? Do you need to be in one to be a witch? In the sixth episode of Mini Magic, we start with a read aloud of the newest Moon Dust Press book, C is for Coven. Then we talk about what covens are, how to find or make one, and choosing to be a solitary witch. Of course, we follow up with some listener questions like: Are there real magic wands? Where do witches get their magic books? Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress. On Facebook at

  • 05: Celebrating Yule

    Dec 16 2020

    Mini Magic, Winter Solstice style.  On this very special holiday episode of Mini Magic, we discuss the celebration of Yule, also known as the Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. We cover the origin of the holiday, where the word solstice comes from and what it really means about the movement of the sun, history and mythology associated with Yule like Sol Invictus and the Wild Hunt, and then share how we celebrate the solstice in our house with rituals and crafts. Then we head ...more

  • 04: The Wheel of the Year

    Dec 09 2020

    Do witches celebrate holidays? On the fourth episode of Mini Magic, we explore the Wheel of the Year and the different holidays celebrated by witches. We cover the 8 sabbat days including the solstices and equinoxes as well as going over some basic ways to mark the passing of the year. Then we finish off with a listener question and answer- What is a familiar and how do you pick one? Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress. On Facebook at

  • 03: All About Altars

    Dec 03 2020

    How do you make an altar, and what would you even use one for? On the third episode of Mini Magic, we chat about what an altar is, some common things that tend to get placed on one, how they might change seasonally, and how to create your own. Then we jump into listener questions and answer-- Do all witches need crystals? Why can't everybody do magic? How can we do a protection spell and what would we need? Find us online at On Instagram @moondustpress. On Facebook at facebo...more

  • 02: The Magic of Color

    Nov 25 2020

    What is color magic? How can kids use it in spells and everyday life? We chat about why colors are used in magic, the history of using colors and light for healing,  basic magical correspondences, and how to infuse color magic into our day in small ways. Then we head back into listener questions and answer-- What is Mini Magic all about? Could we make a potion to take away all fears? Why can't you see the magic when you do a spell? Find us online at On Instagram @moondu...more

  • 01: Witchy Welcome + Storytime

    Nov 18 2020

    A welcome to the world of Mini Magic.  In the first full length episode, we chat about what to expect on the show, get to know the host, and do a read-aloud of Brina: A Pagan Picture Book. Then we dive into the first batch of listener questions and answer-- Will we learn to make potions?  Why do witches fly on brooms?  Could someone make a spell to get rid of coronavirus?  Find us online at  On Instagram @moondustpress.  On Facebook at

  • Introducing Mini Magic

    Nov 11 2020

    A short trailer introduction to Mini Magic.