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Little News Ears

Little News Ears is a podcast for parents, teachers, and anybody who wants to learn about the news in a simple and different way. With 10 different shows and counting, it is made for kids to improve their critical thinking skills and ultimately increase their understanding of democracy. Kids are free to make any type of news as long as it is based on the truth! All episodes are curated (and occasionally written) by Dan Buck, a school leader at an independent school in Texas with 20 years of exp...more


  • News for Kids at - Precious Presents Directing!

    Sep 26 2022

    It's September 26, 2022. Precious is back to teach kids about directing. Precious covers 3 types of directors: film, TV, and theater. She explains the job and gives some examples of day-to-day tasks. Stay tuned for a round of trivia! And she updates the audience on the latest breaking news.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Episode 14 - When the Captain Underwear Creator Seemed Racist

    Sep 26 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon continues. It's April 27, 2021. Cherry, Bird, Cow teach us about the life and death of Bernie Madoff, accusations of racism in a Captain Underpants book, how poverty affects babies' brains; UFO sightings increasing during the pandemic, and Raul Castro stepping down.

  • News for Kids at - Spontaneous Works of Earth - Electric Cars Part 1

    Sep 20 2022

    Spontaneous Works of Earth is back with Anika. It's September 20, 2022. Today we are learning about all the benefits of electric cars!

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - When Amazon Admitted Drivers Had to Pee in Bottles

    Sep 18 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow marathon continues. It's April 13, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about Dyngus Day, Major League Baseball pulling out of Georgia because of their changes in laws for voting, the life and death of Beverly Cleary, astronauts' shrinking hearts, divorces that involve frozen embryos, and Amazon admitting its drivers have to pee in bottles

  • News for Kids at - Dragon Ranger Owl - S2E1 - What is Peecycling?

    Sep 15 2022

    It's September 15, 2022. America's favorite rhino/tiger-rabbit dad, half vampire girl are back with some news for kids! Jasper, Jarvis, and Clementine learn about the popularity and dangers of pickle ball, people who recycle their urine, an engineer at Amazon who wants people to bring dead people's voices to Alexa, studies on whether one's sense of smell helps you choose friends, and a study about music lessening pain.  

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 12 - When We Screamed to Test for Covid

    Sep 12 2022

    The Cherry, Bird, Cow marathon continues. It's March 30, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about World Bipolar Day, a Dutch inventor who has created a place to scream in order to test for Covid-19, a South Carolina scientist who wants us to eat sea beans, the winners of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, the life and death of Lou Ottens, and a new map that aims to help us see a less distorted map of our world.

  • News for Kids at Little News Ears - Spontaneous Works of Earth

    Sep 10 2022

    Anika is back with tips for kids to take better care of the earth! 

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 11 - When Women in the Army Have Rules about Their Hair

    Sep 08 2022

    It's March 17, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about a robotic dog used by the police called Digidog, a Norwegian artist who makes and plays instruments made of ice, new rules for women soldiers in the US army about their hair, a Chinese divorce court making a man pay his ex for housework, and batteries being used in Salt Lake City for a better environment

  • News for Kids at - Precious Presents Ballet!

    Sep 07 2022

    In this episode, Precious covers the breaking news, history of ballet, a tutorial of the first 5 basic positions, some interesting facts about ballet, and an interview with a ballerina.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 10 - When People Got Mad at Ted Cruz

    Sep 07 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues. It's March 2, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about Ted Cruz and why people are angry, the new Mars rover, a woman who walked 6 miles to get a vaccine, opera singers helping people with Covid-19 breathe, and the unusual instruments created by Joaquín Orellana.

  • News for Kids at - Asian American News for Kids

    Sep 05 2022

    It's September 5, 2022. Glow is back with News for Kids through an Asian American lens. The Montagnard generation is spreading awareness of their culture through social media; Ron Howard's '13 Lives' shows nuances of Thai culture; Gang Chen, an MIT professor accused of spying, makes a major discovery; Asia Pacific markets are down; and Shark Tank's Baby Toon is big!

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 9 - When Christopher Plummer Passed Away

    Sep 04 2022

    It's February 16, 2021. In this very special episode of Cherry, Bird, Cow, Winston learns something about his mothers that he will never forget. Felix and Enzo teach us about Napoleon's brother settling down in New Jersey, the death of Christopher Plummer, how scientists are using discarded Covid masks to make roads in Australia, how live music in the Ozarks may be dying, and how one café owner in Chicago is helping the homeless. The newest episode are at

  • News for Kids at BoxerBlu and Bram - S4E1 - The Johnny Appleseed of Sugar Kelp?

    Sep 03 2022

    It's September 3rd, 2022. BoxerBlu and Bram are back. We learn that Bram will seek a behaviorist for a compulsion that he has and about the family's summer. Then we learn news for kids about Elvis's likeness being banned from Las Vegas chapels; mental health clinics being verboten in schools in Killingly, CT; an artist named Shuvinai Shoona who makes art in the Arctic Circle, a very successful rectal cancer trial of an experimental drug; and the Johnny Appleseed of sugar kelp farm...more

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 8 - That Guy Who Forgot His Bitcoin Password (and Lost $20 Million)

    Sep 02 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's February 2, 2021. Winston is lost on a mushroom-gathering mission! Enzo and Felix explain why Joe Biden can't open the White House door, how a millionaire has only two chances to unlock his Bitcoin account, how maybe platypuses may be genetically superior to humans, the oldest cave paintings being discovered in India, and a wristband that tells your boss if his employees are unhappy. The newest episode are at

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 7 - When Joe Biden Won

    Aug 28 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's January 20, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about Joe Biden's inauguration, Donald Trump's second impeachment, the popularity of chess during the pandemic, Let's Learn NYC, a Canadian website meant to help small businesses over Amazon, how swordfish are impaling sharks.

  • News for Kids at - Talkin' with Ziga - Colorado Avalanche Wins! Special Olympics in Calgary

    Aug 22 2022

    It's July 7, 2022. The Colorado Avalanche defeats the Tampa Bay Lightning, winning the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The City of Calgary is planning to host the 2024 Special Olympics Winter Games.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 6 - When High Schoolers 1st Amendment Rights are at Stake

    Aug 17 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow marathon continues. It's January 5, 2021. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us about a high schooler who was expelled for saying vulgar things on social media, the death of Noah Chreshevsky, puppy scams during the Covid-19 pandemic, a piece of the Great Pyramid found in Scotland, and police drones in Chula Vista, CA.

  • News for Kids at - The Scarlett Show - Episode 1 - London Pride

    Aug 14 2022

    Brand New Show!  It's July 15, 2022. The Scarlett Show premieres today! Scarlett is a UK teen and in this debut show she teaches us about London Pride and some vocabulary related to the LGBTQ community.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 5 - Men Who Sew

    Aug 11 2022

    Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Continued - It's December 22nd, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about the death of Frank Carney, the death of Chuck Yeager, how sewing is getting popular with men, how a 2nd Grade science experiment went into space, and how Bob Dylan sold his entire music catalog for $300 million dollars.

  • News for Kids at - Disability Positivity with Kai: 5 Disabled Disney Characters

    Aug 10 2022

    Brand New Show!  In the first ever episode of Disability Positivity with Kai, we talk about Disney characters with disabilities and what their stories say about representation in the media.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 4 - When a Woman Saved a Swan....

    Aug 08 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Continues - It's December 8, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about how accurate artificial photos of people are becoming, the resurgence of jazz in NYC, opera by mail, saving a swan in NYC, and the death of Maradona.

  • ICYMI: We Teamed Up with Andrew & Polly!

    Aug 06 2022

    In honor of our collaboration with Andrew & Polly and their show, 'Ear Snacks,' a lot of kids at Little News Ears made a bunch of recordings about ears! Haven't heard the collaboration? Please check it out at Kids Listen:

  • New Show on the Way: Disability Positivity with Kai

    Aug 05 2022

    When people talk about disability in the media, it's too often presented in a negative light. That's why Disability Positivity with Kai exists! Every episode, Kai will share empowering news and information - including inspirational news stories, disabled role models, and disability advocacy history - that shows just how awesome people with disabilities can be.  Stay tuned! 

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 3 - When RBG Left Us..

    Aug 03 2022

    The CBC Marathon continues! In this episode of Little News Ears from September 28, 2020, Cherry, Bird, and Cow learn all about the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and that there may have been life on Venus. They also learn about attacking orcas and a new book that claims that maybe the mystery of Roanoke never happened. They also learn about the return of stolen rare books in Romania. 

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon: Episode 2 - When Alex Trebek Moved On...

    Aug 01 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon continues! It's November 25, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow are back and are teaching us all about Alex Trebek's passing, Fungie the Dolphin being missing, time cells in our brains, the importance of lullabies, and the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

  • News for Kids at Little News Ears - World Kidlines with Paxton - Israel's Laser Weapon, The NZ Stoat

    Jul 30 2022

    It's June 27, 2022. Paxton 'kidifies' world headlines about Senegal's first post-pandemic Biennale, authorities arresting Iranian filmmakers, Turkey's new official name of Türkiye, Israel's laser weapon, and New Zealand's problem with stoats.

  • Cherry Bird Cow Marathon: Episode 1 - When Steve Bannon was Arrested....

    Jul 29 2022

    The Cherry Bird Cow Marathon Begins!  In this episode of Little News Ears from August 31, 2020, Cherry, Bird, and Cow learn all about Steve Bannon getting arrested from the 'We Build the Wall Scheme,' about fire tornadoes in California, transparent toilets in Tokyo, Giant Panda Mei Xiang having a baby at the National Zoo, and how kids can earn money by playing Roblox.  Voiced by David Beach

  • Kids Listen Mashups - Ep10 - Little ears snacky ears put em on your listening ears

    Jul 28 2022

    This season finale has a few games for you to play along with, and they are all about ears. That’s because our Kids Listen friends are none other than Ear Snack’s Andrew & Polly mashed up with Little News Ears’ Dan Buck, Genesis and little Addie. Ears - a perfectly sound season finale topic with lots of fun gunk to explore. We start off with a highlight they each share showcasing their mash-up partner’s pod, and end with a personal contribution created just for your listening ears.  Mashups ...more

  • News for Kids at - Precious Presents Dr. Lizbeth Finestack of RADLD

    Jul 22 2022

    It's July 22, 2022. Precious interviews Dr. Lizbeth Finestack of RADLD to teach kids, parents, and teachers about developmental learning disorder, also known as DLD.

  • News for Kids at Little News Ears - Talkin' with Ziga - Britney Spears Marries! Scare at Canada's Parliament

    Jul 21 2022

    It's June 18, 2022. Ziga is back with news about Britney Spears and a scare at Canada's Parliament Hill.

  • News for Kids at - Weird and Gross News - September 2021 - Bicycle Powered by Swamp Gas...

    Jul 14 2022

    Summer Rerun! It's September 25, 2021. Queen Zina 'kidifies' weird and gross news for kids. Queen Zina teaches kids about a man who found a bunch of bowling balls in his house, an engineering student who powers a bicycle with swamp gas, American troops invading a sunflower oil factory by accident, a man who tried to walk on water in Florida, and a Tiktok star with the world's biggest mouth.

  • News for Kids at - Interview with Greg Howard - Teenage Talk with Andrew - The Visitors

    Jul 14 2022

    Summer Rerun!  It's January 23, 2022. Andrew from Teenage Talk with Andrew interviews Greg Howard about his upcoming book, The Visitors.

  • News for Kids at Little News Ears - AJ News - Interview with Stephanie Ryan

    Jul 14 2022

    Rerun: It's April 5, 2022. Annabella and John are back with AJ News! Check them out interviewing scientist and educator Stephanie Ryan!

  • for Kids - Facts and Folklore - S1E2 - Canada! Truth & Reconciliation Week, The Sky People

    Jul 14 2022

    Rerun!  It's October 27, 2021. Alia teaches us about Truth and Reconciliation Week in Canada, 'The Three Sisters,' and folklore about the Sky People.

  • Little News Ears - Teenage Talk with Andrew - Interview with Toby Price

    Jul 14 2022

    It's the final episode of Teenage Talk with Andrew of the season! Today Andrew interviews a very special guest: Toby Price, an Assistant Principal in Mississippi who was fired for reading the book, "I Need a New Butt.' Toby Price talks about what happened, his future, and about his new book, The Almost True Adventures of Tytus the Monkey

  • News for Kids at - Chooki & Pleep's First Summer Spectacular

    Jul 08 2022

    How'd you like ALL the science and sports kidlines from the 2021-2022 school year in one show?  50 headlines! 

  • News for Kids at - World Kidlines with Paxton - Tattoo Artists in South Korea Rebel

    Jul 05 2022

    It's June 12, 2022. Paxton is back to 'kidify' world headlines about Google Translate offering Quecha as an option, a heat wave in India hurting the mango, how one dentist brought ambulances to Somalia, how tattoo artists are rebelling in South Korea, how cameras are becoming normal in South Korean hospitals, and how Haitians had to pay reparations to enslavers (not those who were enslaved)