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Little Kids, Big Hearts

Little Kids, Big Hearts helps kids and their grown-ups grow social and emotional skills, a.k.a. Big Hearts, with a little help from the show's host, Todd Loyd, a longtime early childhood educator. It’s a space where kids LEAD the discussion and explore big ideas in SEL — from feelings to friendship to helping others — together. If you like using your imagination, hanging out with puppets, going on mindfulness journeys to magical worlds, and eating gummy bears that grow on trees, then you're in t...more


  • Feeling Angry!

    Mar 03 2023

    In this episode, three kids (Lauren, Esther, and Sam) join Todd to explore the feeling of anger — what it is, how it makes us feel, and what we can do about it! They share their experiences with anger and go on a journey to the Land of Qook-a-lackas where they advise a Qook-a-leekie, Kainaz, who is feeling very ... ANGRY.The roles of Kainaz is played by Marjan Neshat, an Iranian-born, American actress, who's well known for her roles on stage, and in film & TV. (Please also listen to our...more

  • Let's Talk Siblings

    Feb 03 2023

    There’s a good chance that a sibling relationship will last longer than most other relationships in life. Many times, siblings can help children to define what they value and look for in other relationships. Siblings can also help each other to develop self-regulation and emotional understanding as they grow up together. All relationships will have some conflict, and this can promote growth ... but it can be tough, especially when you live together, or even share a bunk bed!In this episode, Todd...more

  • Bonus: Interview About Transforming Anger Into Advocacy with Marjan Neshat

    Jan 16 2023

    This weekend, Little Kids, Big Hearts recorded a new episode about one feeling that ALL of us have — anger! The guest Qook-a-leekie in our episode was played by a friend, Marjan Neshat, an amazing actress who has recently been channeling her own anger by amplifying the voices of people in her home country of  Iran. After recording the episode, Marjan stayed on for a one-on-one conversation about her recent experiences and advocacy related to what’s happening in Iran. We wanted to release it toda...more

  • Cultivating Sweet Kindness

    Jan 13 2023

    In this special fictional episode we learn how one small act of kindness can spread through a whole community. The story is the origin story of gummy bears in the Land of Qook-a-Lackas. But it is also about community and inclusiveness! Every single person in a community plays an important role and has the power to help others.In this episode, LKBH Host, Todd Loyd, reads the parts of Kenley (a parent Qook-a-Lacka) and Qwintin (a neighbor Qook-a-Lacka). We were excited to be joined by real-life fr...more

  • Trying New Things

    Nov 04 2022

    When was the last time you tried something new? Was it hard? Was it scary? Was it fun? Trying new things can take us outside of our comfort zones and into places of uncertainty, which can be a bit scary ... for kids AND grown-ups. Trying new things requires a certain level of confidence that most people are not born with — we have to work at it! In this episode of Little Kids, Big Hearts, Todd talks with River, Taylor, and Leo about trying new things. They go on an imaginary journey to the Land ...more

  • Dreams & Nightmares

    Oct 07 2022

    We all have dreams and nightmares, but they remain mysterious to most of us: Where do they come from? Why do we have them? How do they make us feel? How do we cope with the bad ones? In this episode, three of our friends — Isla, James, and Riya — share their dreams and nightmares, and then we meet up to go on an adventure to the Land of Qook-a-Lackas to visit DreamFest (a special Qook-a-Lacka dream ritual) to learn more about dreams. Two special guests join us in this episode, and we are so grat...more

  • Seeking Little Kids With Big Hearts

    Aug 07 2022

    As we put together season two of the Little Kids, Big Hearts podcast, we're looking for kids who have big questions and big ideas about the topics we KNOW are on little kids’ minds. If you have a child — aged 4 to 10 — who has a lot to say about trying new things, sibling relationships, family traditions, or experiencing loss, we’d LOVE to connect! Please email us: to get the ball rolling! And if your family loves the Little Kids, Big Hearts podcast, please subscrib...more

  • Bonus Episode: The Dragon Among Us

    Jul 22 2022

    The team at Little Kids, Big Hearts wrote this special fictional story, The Dragon Among Us, for our friends at Stories Podcast. They initially published it on their podcast feed, and we're sharing it here on our feed with their permission. In The Dragon Among Us, we visit the Land of Qook-a-Lackas and meet some of the magical creatures who live there. We'll follow along as Crayton (a dragon) and Kaze (a Qook-a-Leekie) learn important lessons about being kind to friends and family and ...more

  • How to Be a Global Citizen, Part II

    Mar 11 2022

    Each neighborhood, family, and child is unique, but there is so much that we share — and so much that kids across the world can do together to connect across oceans and borders! In Part II of our global citizenship episode, Marcus from Japan, Gaurav from India, Ella from Australia, Nils Jr. from Norway/USA, Eva from Venezuela, Sophia from England, and Lucy and Emaline from Scotland take an imaginary adventure to the Land of Qook-a-Lackas, where they continue sharing their own experiences and per...more

  • How to be a Global Citizen, Part I

    Feb 25 2022

    Some kids eat quesadillas for breakfast, some eat iddli, and some eat cereal — but there is SO MUCH that kids around the globe share in common! Meet Marcus from Japan, Gaurav from India, Ella from Australia, Nils Jr. from Norway/USA, Eva from Venezuela, Sophia from England, and Lucy and Emaline from Scotland to explore the idea of "global citizenship" and what it means to share one, big world. This is Part I of the Little Kids, Big Hearts episode about global citizenship. 

  • How to Stand Up

    Dec 18 2021

    What would YOU do if someone was picking on a friend?  Join Todd, Cora, Riya, and Simon to explore what you can do to become an upstander in your school and community.  We all have the power to use our voices for good and to stand up for ourselves and others! 

  • How to Help

    Nov 04 2021

    "How to Help" highlights Orion, Zohaib, and Katelynn — three kids who are dong BIG things to help in their communities. Everyone, even little kids, can make a big difference. Listen to get inspired: Imagine ways YOU can be a helper in your family, school, and community. 

  • A Back to School Like No Other: Bonus Episode

    Oct 13 2021

    Kids around the world had a BIG transition back to school this year, filled with big feelings! The last school year was challenging and disrupted due to COVID-19. As we dive into a new school year, Todd chats with four big hearted kids from past episodes — before and after the first day — to discuss the return to school for the 2021-22 school year.

  • Let's Work It Out!

    Sep 14 2021

    “Let’s Work it Out” is about interpersonal problems — and how to solve them together! Todd and three kids (all big siblings with lots of problem-solving know-how) draw on their experience and problem-solving skills to help Mango and the Qook-a-Lackas to resolve interpersonal conflicts. 

  • What IS empathy?

    Aug 19 2021

    Have you ever looked for clues to find out how someone else is feeling? Todd, Roxy, and three empathetic children discuss how they notice and share others' feelings and how they show that they care.  

  • What Makes a Good Friend?

    Jul 19 2021

    Have you ever made a new friend on Zoom or tried to stay connected to a friend who moved far away? In this episode, Todd, Ringo, and four insightful children discuss the magic of friendship. They explore how to make new friends and maintain friendships — plus how to be a good friend to others. 

  • What Can You Do With Big Feelings?

    Jun 21 2021

    What do you do when you're feeling angry or sad, or when you're facing something new and scary like COVID-19? In this episode, Todd, Rainbow, and four kids discuss big feelings, where they come from, and what to do with with them.

  • What Makes YOU Special?

    May 18 2021

    Little Kids, Big Hearts is a social and emotional learning podcast that helps parents, caregivers, and educators explore "heart skills" with their children. In this episode, our host, Todd, and his four- and five-year-old guests discuss the qualities and skills that make them special and uniquely themselves!

  • What's in Your Heart?

    Apr 14 2021

    Little Kids, Big Hearts is a social and emotional learning podcast that helps parents, caregivers and educators explore "heart skills" with their children. In the first episode, Todd and four kids discuss what it means to have a "big heart" and what it feels like to be brave, sad, angry, happy, and silly. 

  • Little Kids, Big Hearts Trailer

    Mar 26 2021

    Welcome to Little Kids, Big Hearts, a new podcast that helps kids and their grown-ups explore what it means to have a BIG HEART with a little help from the show's host, Todd Loyd, a longtime early childhood educator. It’s a space where kids LEAD the discussion. If you like using your imagination, hanging out with puppets, and eating gummy bears then you’ve found the right place! Recommended for big-hearted kids ages 3-8 (and their grown-ups).