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A dinosaur podcast for kids, by a kid! Listen monthly to the hilarious and informative adventures of Riley the Kidosaurus.


  • Kidosaurus Episode 8- Joke-a-saurus-palooza

    Mar 23 2020

    Since we are all home during the coronavirus stuff we wanted to bring some dino-sunshine to your day! With special guest Bradensaurus, we put ALL of the jokes from all seven previous Kidosaurus episodes into this one episode. We hope you enjoy and we're excited to put together some new episodes for you in 2020 too.

  • Kidosaurus Episode 7- Back from Extinction

    Feb 19 2019

    Hey Kidosaurus Nation!First grade is kind of a big deal. Once the school year started, doing Kidosaurus was a lot harder than summertime or even Kindergarten. We love doing this project but since it takes many many hours to make each episode, we decided to take a break until we were ready to roar back to life.Well, that time has come, my friends. Kidosaurus is back from extinction with an episode about…you guessed, it, extinction!

  • Episode 6- Dino Camping Trip Kick Off!

    Jul 31 2018

    Join Riley the Kidosaurus as we sing and camp our way through some of the best dinosaur sites in America!

  • Episode 5- Dads & Dinos

    Jun 02 2018

    The Kidosaurus and his dad had a lot of fun in today's episode. Instead of going to far off places in search of dinosaurs, we used our brains and our imaginations to connect everyday things around us to what we've been learning about dinosaurs. We also have a milestone to celebrate and some amazing adventures coming up soon!

  • Episode 4- Ancient Flyers

    May 13 2018

    We're taking to the skies this month and learning more about flying dinosaurs called pterosaurs and other flying reptiles that people often mistake for dinosaurs. Since it's Mother's Day, there's also a shout out to all you Mommysauruses out there!

  • Episode 3- Ultimate Dinosaurs & Mary Anning

    Mar 30 2018

    Notes from the Field at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, more knee-slapping Dad Dino Jokes, an interview with Dino Expert Nick, and another Dino Drawing of the Month! Learn about dinos from the southern hemisphere and one of the greatest fossil hunters of all time. 

  • Episode 2- Jurassic Quest

    Feb 28 2018

    Riley's Notes from the Field at Jurassic Quest, more knee-slapping Dad Dino Jokes, an interview with Dino Expert Nick, and another Dino Drawing of the Month! Learn about spinosaurus, ceratosaurus, velociraptor, stegosaurus, and Kidosaurus on the news!

  • Episode 1- Raptors & Dino Dan

    Jan 29 2018

    Intro, Notes from the Field, Dad Dino Jokes, interview with Dino Dan, monthly Dino Drawing, Closing