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  • KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Brian Biggs

    Oct 09 2019

    Listen up as Rocco and Brian Biggs, creator of Tinyville Town, chat about the eighth book in that series, AT THE FIREHOUSE, on this podcast episode of StoryMakers. Brian tells us how, when writing the book, he toured a real firehouse. Listen to find out what goes on behind the scenes when firefighters aren’t battling blazes!Watch Brian’s STORYMAKERS!ABOUT the Book IN TINYVILLE TOWN: AT THE FIREHOUSE, join Dexter and Firefighter Charlie on a guided tour of the Tinyville Town firehouse. See where ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: GAME CHANGERS Read Out Loud

    Oct 06 2019

    Listen up as award-winning author, Lesa Cline-Ransome reads GAME CHANGERS: THE STORY OF VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud. Lesa tells the greatest story in tennis — the story of two sisters from humble beginnings who devoted their lives to changing the sport forever and becoming the best players the game has ever seen — together.Watch Lesa’s READ OUT LOUD! ABOUT THE BOOKGAME CHANGERS: THE STORY OF VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS by Lesa Cline-Ransome, illus...more

  • KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Duncan Tonatiuh

    Sep 09 2019

    On this KidLit RADIO podcast, Rocco & award-winning author/illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh chat about Duncan’s unique illustration style which is inspired by Pre-Columbian art and about how his stories honor the past, but are relevant to children now, like his new book SOLDIER FOR EQUALITY: JOSÉ DE LA LUZ SÁENZ AND THE GREAT WAR.Watch Duncan on StoryMakers! ABOUT THE BOOKSSOLDIER FOR EQUALITY: JOSÉ DE LA LUZ SÁENZ AND THE GREAT WAR José de la Luz Sáenz (1888–1953)—or Luz—believed in fighting for...more

  • KidLit RADIO: Read Out Loud THE CRAYON MAN

    Sep 08 2019

    Before the invention of Crayola crayons, most children could only draw in black or white! In this episode of Read Out Loud on KidLit RADIO, author Natascha Biebow reads the colorful, true story of inventor Edwin Binney, THE CRAYON MAN!Watch Natascha’s READ OUT LOUD! ABOUT the BookCelebrating the inventor of the Crayola crayon! This gloriously illustrated picture book biography tells the inspiring story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of one of the world’s most beloved toys. A perfect fit among fav...more


    Aug 26 2019

    KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: CLIMATE CHANGE: Here’s Some EvidenceClimate change is in the air, the sea, and the minds of scientists. What is it really about? How urgent is the problem? Can it be stabilized? Read more and find out!Climate Change: The Facts and the Consequences by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentHopping Ahead of Climate Change by Sneed B. Collard, IIIThe Earth’s Emergency Heat Valve: The Hurricane by Vicki CobbCopyright ©2019, iNK Think Tan...more

  • KidLit RADIO: What Becomes a Classic? CORDUROY

    Aug 22 2019

    Leonard Marcus is back with a new podcast episode of What Becomes a Classic? This time he’s heading to the Museum of the City of New York to meet with Morgen Stevens-Garmon, curator of A City for Corduroy: Don Freeman’s New York. The exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of CORDUROY! Morgen shows us some of Don Freeman’s amazing artwork and offers insight into the way his time in New York City forever shaped his work and storytelling.Watch this episode of What Becomes a Classic? About the ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: BEE CALM Read Out Loud

    Aug 18 2019

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, author Frank Sileo reads from BEE CALM!Brain buzzing? Too busy to bee still? Join Dr. Frank Sileo for Read Out Loud as he shares BEE CALM, an introduction to yoga for kids. So, “Find a quiet place. Do a pose. Take a deep breath and see how it goes!”Watch Frank read BEE CALM! ABOUT the Book by Dr. Frank Sileo, illustrated by Clair Keay In this companion book to Bee Still: An Invitation to Meditation, Bentley Bee loves to fly around and visit his friends i...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NOAH NOASAURUS Read Out Loud

    Aug 11 2019

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, author Elaine Kiely Kearns reads from her debut book, NOAH NOASAURUS!Watch Elaine’s READ OUT LOUD! About the Book Noah Noasaurus woke up feeling very No. No to brushing his teeth. No to eating breakfast. And definitely No to playing with his little brother. Things only get worse when Noah goes for a walk and relentlessly cheerful Toby Rex, Brian Brontosaurus, and Ava Ceratops follow him. Together, the group starts a bona fide dino parade that even Noah c...more

  • KIDLIT RADIO: Frank Sileo StoryMakers

    Jul 29 2019

    Breathe calm into your family’s life. Learn about meditation and yogic breathing with Dr. Frank Sileo, child psychologist and author of BEE CALM: THE BUZZ ON YOGA, on this episode of KidLit RADIO!Watch Dr. Frank on STORYMAKERS!  ABOUT the Book by Dr. Frank Sileo, illustrated by Clair Keay In this companion book to Bee Still: An Invitation to Meditation, Bentley Bee loves to fly around and visit his friends in the garden. One day, he notices all of them in unusual poses. What could it bee? B...more


    May 29 2019

    KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: STEM and the SKYLuke Skywatcher by Alexandra Siy How Did Building Bikes Help the Wright Brothers Invent the Airplane by Mary Kay Carson Flying Into the Eye of a Storm by Vicki CobbCopyright ©2019, iNK Think Tank, Inc.CONNECT WITH iNK Think Tank NONFICTION MINUTE Facebook | Newsletter | Pinterest | Twitter  | Website CONNECT WITH KidLit TV Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Instagram | Newsletter | Pinterest | Twitter |...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NONFICTION MINUTE Building Great Things!

    May 08 2019

    KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: Building Great ThingsJan Adkins, iNK’s Explainer General introduces: How to Interview a Historic Building by Andrea Warren The Artist who Hated Straight Lines by Roxie Munro Proof Positive: Ballyhoo Confirms the Safety of the Brooklyn Bridge by Jan AdkinsCopyright ©2019, iNK Think Tank, Inc.CONNECT WITH iNK Think Tank NONFICTION MINUTE Facebook | Newsletter | Pinterest | Twitter  | Website CONNECT WITH KidLit TV Face...more

  • KIDLIT RADIO: Alane Adams StoryMakers

    Apr 24 2019

    Watch Alane on STORYMAKERS! Author of THE LEGENDS OF ORKNEY series and the new picture book, THE CIRCUS THEIF, Alane Adams brings the wonderful and fantastic to this podcast episode of StoryMakers! Join Alane and Rocco as they talk magic, Norse mythology, witch folklore, and 1920’s circus culture! Alane also shares her insight into the habits that make great writers. Young wordsmiths take note!Watch Alane’s READ OUT LOUD ABOUT AlaneI grew up in an old Quaker town called Whittier in ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: THE CIRCUS THIEF Read Out Loud

    Apr 22 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up for a podcast episode of Read Out Loud! Prepare to be transported on an adventure of Big Top proportions! Join Alane Adams for THE CIRCUS THIEF a story of thrills and chills — but most importantly a story where kindness saves the day.Watch Alane’s READ OUT LOUD Watch Alane on STORYMAKERS!   ABOUT AlaneI grew up in an old Quaker town called Whittier in Southern California. For college, I attended the University of Southern California where I wa...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NONFICTION MINUTE Celebrating Women’s History Month

    Mar 26 2019

    KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: Celebrating Women’s History MonthJan Adkins, iNK’s Explainer General introduces: Susanna Reich—History Happens Everywhere Amy Nathan—Caterpillars to the Rescue Vicki Cobb—Marie Curie: An Elite Player in the Science Game Roxie Munro—Mary KingsleyCopyright ©2019, iNK Think Tank, Inc.CONNECT WITH iNK Think Tank NONFICTION MINUTE Facebook | Newsletter | Pinterest | Twitter  | Website CONNECT WITH KidLit TV Facebook Group...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NONFICTION MINUTE Food You Might Not Want to Eat!

    Mar 18 2019

    KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: Food You Might Not Want to EatJan Adkins, iNK’s Explainer General introduces Jim Whiting’s “Hard Crackers in Hard Times,” Sara Albee’s “Something’s Rotten in Rome,” and Vicki Cobb’s, “Some Painful Truth”Copyright ©2019, iNK Think Tank, Inc.CONNECT WITH iNK Think Tank NONFICTION MINUTE Facebook | Newsletter | Pinterest | Twitter  | Website CONNECT WITH KidLit TV Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Instagram | Newsl...more

  • KidLit RADIO: CHICKS RULE! Read Out Loud

    Feb 24 2019

    Who run the world?! CHICKS! On this kid lit podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen for CHICKS RULE!, a book you might just want to chant instead of read! When one chick runs into injustice — NO CHICKS ALLOWED!! — she raises a feathered rebellion! Chicks of all colors and talents band together and march finding, in the end, the best way to to make things happen is to do it for themselves and do it together! So, whether you are a cool chick, nerdy chick, ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen StoryMakers

    Feb 20 2019

    We’re sitting down with author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen writer of CHICKS RULE! for a special episode of StoryMakers touching on the Girl Power messages in this — to borrow a phrase from Michelle Obama’s appearance at the Grammy Awards — “who run the world” book.Watch Sudipta’s StoryMakers episode HERE!  ABOUT THE BOOKAll in step with wing in wing . . . Chicks can conquer anything! Nerdy Chick has been waiting all day for the Rocket Club meeting. But when she gets there, she finds a dis...more

  • KidLit RADIO: Fighting and Singing for Social Justice

    Feb 18 2019

    Celebrate Black History month with KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: Fighting and Singing for Social Justice We’re launching another iNK Think Tank podcast to celebrate Black History Month! Jan Adkins, iNK’s Explainer General introduces: THE MOTHER OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT by Jim Whiting CAUGHT! BY Doreen Rappaport WE SHALL OVERCOME: THE POWER OF A SONG by Amy NathanWhy Is February Black History Month? Edmonia’s Statues Bessie ColemanEpisod...more

  • KidLit RADIO: February Is Black History Month!

    Feb 04 2019

    Celebrate Black History month with KidLit RADIO and iNK Think Tank’s NONFICTION MINUTE!Nonfiction Minute Podcasts: Compelling True Stories in the Author’s Own Voice iNK Think Tank launches this first podcast to celebrate the beginning of Black History Month! Jan Adkins, iNK’s Explainer General, introduces three Nonfiction Minutes by authors Janus Adams, Cheryl Harness, and Roxie Munro.Why Is February Black History Month? Edmonia’s Statues Bessie ColemanEpisode Title:  It’s the Beginning of...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NO PEACOCKS! Read Out Loud

    Jan 27 2019

    In this episode of KidLit RADIO, listen to Robin Newman read NO PEACOCKS!If sunflower seeds were all you were allowed to eat for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, you might get fed up too! On this episode of Read Out Loud join author Robin Newman as she tells the story of Phil, Jim, and Harry — three peacocks on a mission for mac ‘n cheese — in NO PEACOCKS!Watch Robin Read NO PEACOCKS! Here’s a treat for you: The NO PEACOCKS! activity guide! ABOUT THE BOOKEvery day, Phil, Jim, and Harry are fe...more


    Jan 09 2019

    Sometimes when we are really excited about something that is going to happen, we picture it in our minds beforehand — what a birthday party will be like, what might be under the Christmas tree, or even how a visit with our favourite people might go. Sometimes what ends up happening isn’t quite how we imagined it!In this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join author/illustrator Katie Yamasaki as she reads WHEN THE COUSINS CAME, a book about difference, adversity, and how we deal with ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: MAMA’S BELLY Read Out Loud

    Jan 08 2019

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, we join author, Kate Hosford, as she reads her beauty of a book, MAMA’S BELLY. Set in a safe world of fairy lights, cable knit jumpers, and woodsy wholesomeness, MAMA’S BELLY explores questions older siblings may have about what life will be like once the new baby comes. The best answer the book gives to ease the minds of young readers is that Mama always has enough love for everyone.Watch Kate’s Episode of Read Out Loud ABOUT THE BOOK ...more


    Jan 06 2019

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join author, Emily Jenkins as she introduces us to A GREYHOUND, A GROUNDHOG. As she reads, the words of the book, like the two friends, tumble and tangle into a tongue-twist of fun!Watch Emily’s Read Out Loud Episode ABOUT THE BOOK A GREYHOUND, A GROUNDHOG Written by Emily Jenkins; illustrated by Chris AppelhansWhen a greyhound meets a groundhog, wordplay and crazy antics ensue. The two animals, much like kids, work themselves into a frenzy as they...more

  • KidLit RADIO: WHERE’S PRANCER? Read Out Loud

    Dec 10 2018

    Quick! KidLit Radio listeners, one of Santa’s reindeer has gone missing. If Santa and the other seven reindeer can’t find Prancer, there may never be another Christmas! Find out where Prancer has gone on this holiday podcast episode of Read Out Loud as Rocco reads the picture book classic, WHERE’S PRANCER by Syd Hoff.Watch Rocco read WHERE’S PRANCER? ABOUT THE BOOK WHERE’S PRANCER? by Sid Hoff As Santa Claus is giving his reindeer a treat after a long night of ...more


    Dec 09 2018

    Away in a manger — was a whole lot of noise! As Joseph and Mary try to get the baby Jesus to sleep, they discover stables aren’t the quietest places! As you try to get your own little ones to sleep this holiday season, listen together to Laura Sassi reading GOODNIGHT MANGER on this kidlit podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOKGoodnight, Manger  (Zonderkidz) Written by  Laura Sassi; illustrated by Jane Champman Goodnight, Manger, written by Laura Sassi and...more


    Dec 02 2018

    On this kid lit podcast episode of Read Out Loud, T.E. McMorrow reads aloud THE NUTCRACKER IN HARLEM.ABOUT THE BOOK Written by T.E. McMorrow and illustrated by James Ransome. This jazz-inspired reinvention of The Nutcracker is a worthy tribute to the dreamlike wonder and magic of the Christmas season. In this original retelling, set in New York City during the height of the Harlem Renaissance, one little girl finds her voice as a musician thanks to her enchanting ad...more


    Nov 11 2018

    Ever wonder who came up with the idea for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons? KidLit Radio is back with a special Thanksgiving podcast edition of Read Out Loud. Join Rocco as he reads Melissa Sweet’s BALLOONS OVER BROADWAY.ABOUT THE BOOKBalloons Over Broadway By Melissa Sweet  Everyone’s a New Yorker on Thanksgiving Day when young and old rise early to see which giant new balloons will fill the skies for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Who first invented these “upside-down p...more


    Oct 29 2018

    Sunday dinner is on the table. Whatever you do — DON’T LET ANTIE MABEL BLESS THE TABLE! Find out why on this podcast episode of Ready Set Draw as Vanessa Brantley-Newton reads her tale of family, thanksgiving, and patience.Watch Vanessa’s Episode of Read Out Loud ABOUT THE BOOKAuntie Mabel and her family and friends have gathered for their big Sunday dinner and can’t wait to dig into a delicious, mouthwatering meal. Before they can begin, Auntie Mabel starts and doesnR...more


    Oct 21 2018

    It’s Monster’s birthday! None of his friends can make it to his party, though — or so they say. Will it be the worst birthday ever? Or is there a surprise waiting at the end of this story? Find out on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as author, Paul Czajak reads MONSTER NEEDS A PARTY.ABOUT THE BOOK  From Mighty Media Press That time of year is finally here: Monster’s birthday has arrived! But when none of his friends can attend his party, it’s up to boy to cheer him u...more

  • KidLit RADIO: MISS RUMPHIUS Read Out Loud

    Oct 08 2018

    On this kidlit podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocco reads MISS RUMPHIUS!Watch Rocco’s Episode of Read Out Loud  ABOUT THE BOOK MISS RUMPHIUS by Barbara Cooney Alice made a promise to make the world a more beautiful place, then a seed of an idea is planted and blossoms into a beautiful plan. This beloved classic and celebration of nature—written by a beloved Caldecott winner—is lovelier than ever! Barbara Cooney’s story of Alice Rumphius, who longed to travel the world, live in a ho...more


    Oct 08 2018

    On this kidlit podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocco reads THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD!Watch Rocco’s Episode of Read Out Loud! ABOUT THE BOOK THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD by Watty Piper, illustrated by Loren Long Everyone loves The Little Engine That Could, that classic tale of the determined little engine that, despite its size, triumphantly pulls a train full of toys to the waiting children on the other side of a mountain. Now the great Loren Long (OTIS; OF THEE I SING) has brilliantly re-i...more

  • KidLit RADIO: ONCE A MOUSE Read Out Loud

    Oct 08 2018

    On this kidlit podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocco reads ONCE A MOUSE!Watch Rocco’s Episode of Read Out Loud  ABOUT THE BOOK ONCE A MOUSE by Marcia Brown ONCE A MOUSE is a magical Indian fable that tells the story of a small mouse and a hermit that knows how to change animals into something else. One day the hermit is sitting under a tree when suddenly he sees a little, helpless mouse that is going to be eaten by a cat. The hermit decides to change the mouse into a cat. Later the old ma...more


    Oct 04 2018

    Join author Robin Newman for a truly magical podcast episode of Read Out Loud! Hildie Bitterpickles is a little witch with a big problem. Her neighbours are keeping her awake at all hours! What does a witch have to do to get some sleep? Listen to HILDIE BITTERPICKLES NEEDS HER SLEEP to find out.ABOUT THE BOOKHildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep Written by Robin Newman, illustrated by Chris Ewald Published by Creston BooksHildie Bitterpickles is a witch who needs her sleep. Her quiet neighborhood...more

  • KidLit RADIO: TOO MUCH! NOT ENOUGH! Read Out Loud

    Sep 30 2018

    Look out Bert and Ernie, there’s a new odd couple in town! Moe and Peanut are best friends — when they’re not driving each other crazy! Can they find a way to strike the right balance? Find out on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as author/illustrator Gina Perry reads TOO MUCH! NOT ENOUGH!Watch Gina read TOO MUCH! NOT ENOUGH! ABOUT THE BOOK TOO MUCH! NOT ENOUGH! by Gina Perry Move over, Bert and Ernie: there’s a new odd couple in town! Exuberant Peanut and steadfast ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: THE JUDGE Read Out Loud

    Aug 31 2018

    “The truth isn’t always the most likely scenario,” is a maxim taught in law school — and one of which the main character in this winning book should have taken more heed. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocco reads a picture book classic from his own collection. Caldecott Honor Book, THE JUDGE, is the story of a very grumpy magistrate who refuses to listen. Don’t worry, he gets his “just dues” in the end.Watch Rocco’s Episode of Read Out ...more


    Aug 28 2018

    “Some chicks like day, others like night. Some sleep in the dark, and some in the light…” As a storm blows in, two eggs fall out of their nests. The chicks hatch and we find Hoot, an adorable owlet, and Honk, a fuzzy gosling, in the wrong nests! Everything is a bit confusing for our little friends as they make their way in this mixed up world. Will they find their way home?Find out in this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, as author/illustrator, Leslie Helakoski, reads her gent...more


    Aug 26 2018

    Visionaries are often misunderstood. Seaver looks up at the night sky and finds inspiration — sparkling squares and hexagons and triangles. The problem is, Seaver is an orb spider and orb spiders only weave round webs. Will anyone see the beauty in his work? On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud join Paul Czajak as he reads SEAVER THE WEAVER.ABOUT THE BOOK From Mighty Media Press Seaver is an orb spider with a sky full of inspiration. His siblings prefer tradition and aren’t afraid to l...more

  • KidLit RADIO: WOLFIE THE BUNNY Read Out Loud

    Aug 25 2018

    A family of hipster bunnies discover a baby wolf left at their front door. Mom and Dad are smitten. Daughter, Dot, seems to be the only one who sees the issue with a rabbit family taking in a wolf, “He’s going to eat us all up!” Find out what happens of this podcast episode of Read Out Loud when Ame Dyckman reads WOLFIE THE BUNNY. From Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Families of all kinds will delight in this sweet tale of new babies, sibling rivalry, bravery, unconditional love…and veggie...more

  • KidLit RADIO: SUPERTRUCK Read Out Loud

    Aug 24 2018

    Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Take for example the Clark Kent-like garbage truck, dutifully going about his work-a-day business — UNTIL snow begins to fall. Our average joe is transformed! Meet SUPERTRUCK! Join author Stephen Savage for this SUPER podcast episode of Read Out Loud.   From Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan)  Supertruck, When the city is hit by a colossal snowstorm, only one superhero can save the day. But who is this mysterious hero, and why does he disappear o...more


    Aug 23 2018

    Ever wondered what it’s like to be a weather person? Meteorologist, Janice Dean created the “Freddy the Frogcaster” series to explain the science of weather to children. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join Janice as she reads FREDDY THE FROGCASTER AND THE HUGE HURRICANE only on KidLit Radio.ABOUT THE BOOK  Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane, Freddy the Frogcaster is tracking the weather at Frog News Network when he realizes a huge hurricane is coming C...more


    Aug 22 2018

    WARNING! Super-silliness ahead! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, song & comedy writer Alan Katz turns some old favourites into zany earworms (like Stinky, Stinky Diaper Change!). Your kids won’t be able to resist as he sings poems from TAKE ME OUT OF THE BATHTUB AND OTHER SILLY DILLY SONGS!! ABOUT THE BOOK  Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs (Illustrated by David Catrow), Remember…  “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “I’ve Been Working on the Railr...more


    Aug 21 2018

    WHERE’S WALRUS? AND PENGUIN? These are the only words in this fabulously fun picture book! Grab a copy and join author/illustrator Stephen Savage for this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as he takes us through the wordless, cat-and-mouse adventure of zoo escapees Walrus and Penguin! Will the zoo keeper find them?ABOUT THE BOOK Where’s Walrus? And Penguin?: In this sequel to the acclaimed WHERE’S WALRUS?, author Stephen Savage doubles the fun when Walrus escapes the zoo with his mischievou...more

  • KidLit RADIO: PIPER GREEN Read Out Loud

    Aug 20 2018

    If you know Piper Green, you’ll know she’s in a bit of a pickle. If you don’t know Piper Green, get ready for fun! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join award-winning voice artist, Tavia Gilbert, as she reads from PIPER GREEN AND THE FAIRY TREE: GOING PLACES, written by Ellen Potter and illustrated by Qin Leng only on KidLit Radio!Watch Tavia’s Read Out Loud Episode ABOUT THE BOOK Piper Green’s class is taking a school trip to China—well, they’re taking a “prete...more


    Aug 20 2018

    “Is there room for one more?” This the crucial question in this timely, new podcast episode of Read Out Loud. DINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE is a book about welcoming everyone with open arms and a warm heart. Whether it’s two carsick lions or seven hyenas from afar, “No matter how many. No matter how few. There’s always room at the Panda Palace for you.” Join author, Stephanie Calmenson as she reads her book DINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE! ABOUT THE BOOKDINNER AT THE PANDA PALACE written by Stephanie Ca...more


    Aug 19 2018

    MARTÍ’S SONG FOR FREEDOM is the true story of one man’s fight for social justice and the abolishment of slavery in Cuba. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, author Emma Otheguy shares the story of Cuban freedom fighter and political activist José Martí in both English and Spanish. It’s a beautiful tale about never giving up when fighting for what you believe in.ABOUT THE BOOKWritten by Emma Otheguy; Illustrated by Beatriz Vidal A bilingual biography of José Martí, who dedicated his l...more

  • KidLit RADIO: I AM PEACE Read Out Loud

    Aug 18 2018

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud Susan Verde reads I AM PEACE.ABOUT THE BOOK Written by Susan Verde; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds When the world feels chaotic, find peace within through an accessible mindfulness practice from the bestselling picture-book dream team that brought us I Am Yoga. Express emotions through direct speech. Find empathy through imagination. Connect with the earth. Wonder at the beauty of the natural world. Breathe, taste, smell, touch, and be present. &nb...more


    Aug 17 2018

    On this very special podcast edition of Read Out Loud, author Lesa Cline-Ransome reads her award-winning tribute to the amazing life of Harriet Tubman, BEFORE SHE WAS HARRIET.We know her today as Harriet Tubman, but in her lifetime she was called General, Moses, and Minty. Listen to learn more about this woman of humble origins whose courage and compassion changed the lives of those around her, and ultimately the course of history.ABOUT THE BOOKWritten by Lesa Cline-Ransome; illustrated by James...more


    Aug 16 2018

    Hear the amazing, true story behind LOST AND FOUND CAT: THE TRUE STORY OF KUNKUSH’S INCREDIBLE JOURNEY, as told by photojournalist and author, Doug Kuntz. Learn about the refugee family who would do anything to find the pet cat they carried from Iraq to Greece while fleeing the war. A moving podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOK When an Iraqi family is forced to flee their home, they can’t bear to leave their beloved cat, Kunkush, behind. So they carry him with them from Iraq to Greece...more

  • KidLit RADIO: MARLO Read Out Loud

    Aug 15 2018

    Allow author/illustrator Christopher Browne to take you away to a magical underwater world as he talks us through the gorgeous illustrations of (the nearly-wordless) MARLO on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOKA glorious, mostly wordless picture book about a dog who needs a bath—and finds much more than that—by phenomenal debut author/illustrator Christopher Browne, who was inspired by his own rescue dog. This lush picture book launches readers into a world of imagination: a glo...more


    Aug 14 2018

    “More pink, more beads, more shine!” Mary is a little bit extra in all the right ways, but as every fashionista must learn, sometimes less is more. Join Vanessa Brantley Newton on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as she reads, MARY HAD A LITTLE GLAM.ABOUT THE BOOK This little Mary has STYLE! In this fun take on Mother Goose, fashion-forward Mary helps some of childhood’s most beloved characters go glam. From the kid who lives in a shoe (and dons some fab footwear, too) to Jack, ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: TEA WITH OLIVER Read Out Loud

    Aug 13 2018

    Oliver is not like other cats. He likes cookies and tea and just wants a friend to share them with — even if the friend he finds happens to be a mouse! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join Mika Song as she reads TEA WITH OLIVER.ABOUT THE BOOK Oliver is not like other cats. He likes cookies and tea and just wants a friend to share them with. Philbert is the shy mouse who lives under Oliver’s couch. He tries to get Oliver’s attention by writing him notes, but Oliver doesn’t notice ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: STONE SOUP Read Out Loud

    Aug 13 2018

    One order of stone soup, please — to go! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocco reads STONE SOUP by Marcia Brown! Download and serve it up in the car, on the beach, in the park — anywhere!Watch Rocco’s Read Out Loud Episode ABOUT THE BOOKClever soldiers outwit greedy townspeople with the creation of a special soup in this cherished classic, a Caldecott Honor book. First published in 1947, this picture book classic has remained one of Marcia Brown’s most popular a...more

  • KidLit RADIO: TAILS Read Out Loud

    Aug 12 2018

    “Tails fluffy. Tails stringy. Scaled tails strong and—clingy!” What small child can resist the allure of a swishing tail? On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud join Matthew Van Fleet as he reads his tale, TAILS.ABOUT THE BOOKTAILS — Tails are irresistible to toddlers, and in Matthew Van Fleet’s sturdy touch-and-feel board book, preschool-age pokers and prodders can finally tug to their heart’s content. Engaging, cartoonish animals from tigers to pangolins romp across the pages as the rhyming ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: PEDRO GOES BUGGY Read Out Loud

    Aug 11 2018

    Do your kids “bug” each other? Find out what happens when Pedro’s little brother releases all the creepy crawlies he has collected for a school project on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as Fran Manushkin reads her book PEDRO GOES BUGGY.ABOUT THE BOOK PEDRO GOES BUGGY–A school assignment has Pedro collecting bugs, bugs, and more bugs! But what happens when his brother Paco lets them all out?  Watch Fran’s Read Out Loud Episode!CONNECT WITH FRAN MANUSHKIN T...more

  • KidLit RADIO: BEACH DAY Read Out Loud

    Aug 10 2018

    The journey is often more important than the destination — but what if it’s really hot outside and you are desperate for a swim?! Can friends Sam, Pam, Will and Jill get their acts together and make it to the beach before the day ends?! Join Patricia Lakin as she reads her book, BEACH DAY in front of a live audience!ABOUT THE BOOK BEACH DAY! SUN! Sam, Pam, Will and Jill are hot and sweaty. It’s the perfect day for the beach. And once they’ve put on their swimsuits and packed a picnic...more


    Aug 09 2018

    The first lesson of BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS: “The world is a much happier place with bubblegum bubbles in it.” Hear, hear! Join illustrator Lori Hanson on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as she tells this modern fairy tale inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.ABOUT THE BOOKYoung lady Katy delights in blowing bubblegum bubbles, a decidedly unladylike habit. Despite opposition, she teaches the kingdom to love bubblegum bubbles as much as she does. Katy, a lively, intelligent,...more

  • KidLit RADIO: COLOR DOG Read Out Loud

    Aug 08 2018

    Twenty different puppy breeds — what do they all have in common? Mischief! See the world through their eyes as author Matthew Van Fleet reads and shares the secrets behind the making of COLOR DOG! This podcast episode of Read Out Loud was recorded in front of a live audience on Governors Island! ABOUT THE BOOKIn Matthew Van Fleet’s captivating multiconcept book, COLOR DOG, twenty breeds of capering canines demonstrate action words, opposites, synonyms, and more. Cleverly designed pull tabs...more


    Aug 07 2018

    The Animal Winter Games are swinging into gear at the South Pole, but there is one minor issue: the Penguins keep crashing into everything! It’s “snow” problem — Peg and Cat are there to save the day! Find out how as Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson read PEG + CAT: THE PENGUIN PROBLEM on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOK Peg + Cat The Penguin Problem Written by Jennifer Oxley & Billy AronsonPeg and Cat are at the South Pole preparing to watch the sk...more


    Aug 06 2018

    “June 2…I ate one of my brothers. Ok, maybe two.” You may have guessed, this isn’t just any diary. Listen to Paul Meisel’s book MY AWESOME SUMMER BY P. MANTIS on this podcast edition of Read Out Loud. You might never look at this popular, garden mini-beast the same way again!ABOUT THE BOOKABOUT THE BOOK “May 17: I was born today! It’s a beautiful, sunny spring day!” This is the diary of P. Mantis, one of 150 brothers and sisters born on a garden bush. P. Mantis is a...more


    Aug 05 2018

    History! Biography! Geography! Oh, my! Get ready for high adventure in this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as Bo Zaunders reads one story from CROCODILES, CAMELS AND DUGOUT CANOES, a collection of true stories detailing the exploits of eight daring people who refused to say no to their dreams.ABOUT THE BOOKBo Zaunders, Author;  Roxie Munro, Illustrator Exciting segments from the adventures of eight travelers who followed their dreams, regardless of setbacks and sometimes insurmountable obstacl...more

  • KidLit RADIO: HATCH! Read Out Loud

    Aug 04 2018

    Can you guess whose eggs these are? Join author/illustrator Roxie Munro as she reads her book, HATCH!, which is full of unbelievable facts about birds. Do you know which bird builds nests that can weigh as much as a car? Or which bird sleeps on the water with one eye open? Find out on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud!Watch Roxie’s Read Out Loud Episode! CONNECT WITH ROXIE MUNRO Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Pinterest | TwitterCONNECT WITH KidLit TV Facebook Group | Facebook Page | I...more

  • KidLit RADIO: R IS FOR ROCKET Read Out Loud

    Aug 03 2018

    Ah, the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Rocket and his animal pals go on a journey from A to Z while introducing listeners to art and nature. Join Tad Hills as he reads R IS FOR ROCKET.ABOUT THE BOOK R Is for Rocket: An ABC Book – Learn the ABCs with Rocket, the dog who inspires kids to read and write! This irresistible alphabet book from the creator of the New York Times bestsellers How Rocket Learned to Read and Rocket Writes a Story is sure to ap...more


    Aug 02 2018

    Life is tough when you are little in the big city. Amid the hustle and bustle, Little Elliot learns that when small creatures work together they can do great things. Listen to Mike Curato read LITTLE ELIOT, BIG CITY on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud. ABOUT THE BOOKFrom Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group Join the sweetest little elephant on his big adventures! Amid the hustle and bustle of the big city, the big crowds and bigger buildings, Little Elliot leads a quiet life. In spite of t...more


    Aug 01 2018

    Though outwardly they live very different lives, ballet is the thread that ties Emma and Julia’s stories together. Hear how as author/illustrator Barbara McClintock reads EMMA AND JULIA LOVE BALLET on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud. Don’t forget your tutu!ABOUT THE BOOK Emma and Julia Love Ballet Written and illustrated by Barbara McClintock Published by Scholastic PressEmma is little. Julia is big. They both love ballet. Emma takes ballet lessons. So does Julia. Emma is learn...more


    Aug 01 2018

    Even at the height of summer, we can’t help but think, “All seasons of the year are nice, for eating chicken soup with rice.” On this podcast edition of Read Out Loud, join our own Rocco Staino for a romp through Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book, CHICKEN SOUP WITH RICE.ABOUT THE BOOK Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak Published by HarperTrophyCollected in this charming book are twelve lilting rhymes and illustrations fo...more

  • KidLit RADIO: THE GOODBYE BOOK Read Out Loud

    Jul 16 2018

    Goodbyes can be really tough. They’re full of complex emotions that can be hard to express. If your little one is struggling, we have just the thing. Listen together to this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as author/illustrator, Todd Parr, reads THE GOODBYE BOOK. ABOUT THE BOOKThe Goodbye Book Written and illustrated by Todd Parr Published by Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersTodd Parr, author of It’s Okay to Be Different, has carved out a niche for himself as “the feelings man” of pic...more


    Jul 16 2018

    A. Wolf gets a bad wrap. He’s not so big and bag — AND he can explain about that three little pig situation — if you just give him a chance. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud Jon Scieszka reads THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. Don’t miss it or we will huff and we will puff and we will….ABOUT THE BOOK The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Written by Jon Scieszka, illustrations by Lane Smith Published by Viking Books for Young ReadersYou may think you...more


    Jul 16 2018

    With everything going on in the world, we could all use a hug. Luckily, on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, KidLit icon, Caroline Cooney reads, I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A BEAR HUG. It’s a book which offers “a gasp for air, knock over a chair hug,” which seems just about the right strength for us.ABOUT THE BOOKI’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug! Written by Caroline B. Cooney, illustrated by Tim WarnesWhether it’s a big bear, gasp for air, knock over a chair hug or a wet a...more

  • KidLit RADIO: WHAT PET SHOULD I GET? Read Out Loud

    Jul 15 2018

    “Make up your mind!” is the refrain in this Dr. Seuss Special podcast edition of Read Out Loud. But how?! There are so many wonderful creatures to choose from in WHAT PET SHOULD I GET? the decision becomes dizzying! ABOUT THE BOOK What Pet Should I Get? Written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss Published by Random House Books for Young ReadersThis previously never-before-seen picture book by Dr. Seuss about making up one’s mind is the literary equivalent of buried treasure. What happens w...more


    Jul 14 2018

    Something you might not know about author, Tish Rabe, is that she trained as an opera singer! She often sings for her family, and on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, we are lucky enough to have her to sing for us. Relax and listen as she brings the words of her book, LOVE YOU, HUG YOU, READ TO YOU, to life through song.ABOUT THE BOOKLove You, Hug You, Read to You! Written by Tish Rabe, illustrated by Frank Enderby Published by Random House Books for Young Readers, Board BooksThere are thre...more


    Jul 14 2018

    Everyone has “uh-oh” moments. Even grown-ups make mistakes! That’s how we learn. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, author Todd Parr reads his reassuring book IT’S OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES, which reminds us all that great things can come accidentally. ABOUT THE BOOK It’s Okay to Make Mistakes Written and illustrated by Todd Parr Published by Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersTodd Parr’s bestselling books have reminded kids to embrace differences, to be thankful, t...more


    Jul 14 2018

    As a general rule, it’s not polite to go around swallowing people. The dragon in this podcast episode of Read Out Loud most certainly DID NOT get that memo. Will he ever learn moderation? Find out as Penny Klostermann reads THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT.ABOUT THE BOOKThere Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klostermann, illustrated by Ben Mantle Published by Random HouseWe all know that there was an old lady who swallowed lots of things. Now meet the ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: MARIA HAD A LITTLE LLAMA (Bilingual) Read Out Loud

    Jul 13 2018

    In this gorgeous, bi-lingual retelling of the classic nursery rhyme, author/illustrator, Angela Dominguez, introduces us to the mountainous countryside of Peru and the people who live there. MARIA HAD A LITTLE LLAMA is a Pura Belpre Honor and a Junior Library Guild Honor book. On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join Angela as she reads MARIA HAD A LITTLE LLAMA in English and Spanish and teaches Rocco about life in a Peruvian village.ABOUT THE BOOKMaria Had A Little Llama – Everyone knows ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: SWAP! Read Out Loud

    Jul 13 2018

    Ahoy! How do two pirate friends turn a button into a new sailing ship? Find out as Steve Light reads his very clever tale, SWAP! on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOKSwap! Written and illustrated by Steve Light Published by Candlewick PressAn old ship. A sad friend. A button … An idea. Let’s SWAP! In a young scalawag’s first tale of bartering, a peg-legged youngster sets out to help his captain repair his vessel. One button for three teacups. SWAP two teacups for four coils of ...more

  • KidLit RADIO: COCK-A-DOODLE OOPS! Read Out Loud

    Jul 13 2018

    Farmer McPeeper is a very deep sleeper — so who will wake him while Rooster is on holiday at the beach? This podcast episode of Read Out Loud will have you and your little ones in fits of giggles as each of the animals on the farm have a go at ringing in the new day. Will cock-a-doodle-moo do the trick? Find out with award-winning author, Lori Degman, as she reads  COCK-A-DOODLE OOPS!ABOUT THE BOOKCock-a-Doodle Oops! –  2015 Honor Book, International Literacy Association. Illustrated by De...more


    Jul 12 2018

    Tek spends all his time in his cave glued to tech. Sitting in the dark on his own, he seems to have forgotten that a world exists beyond his screen. His only method of communication? One word: “UGH.” Sound like a cave kid you know? Well, we know just how to snap them out of it! Join author/illustrator, Patrick McDonnell, creator of “Mutts”, as he reads his picture book, TEK: THE MODERN CAVE BOY on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud!ABOUT THE BOOKTEK: The Modern Cave Boy Written an...more

  • KidLit RADIO: BEAR SNORES ON Read Out Loud

    Jul 12 2018

    As a winter storm rages outside, deep in his warm cave, Bear sleeps soundly. Little forest creatures discover the cozy cave and begin to make themselves at home, building a fire, popping corn and brewing tea. Bear seems to be able to sleep through nearly anything — but what will happen if he wakes? Find out on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud as Karma Wilson reads her book, BEAR SNORES ON.ABOUT THE BOOK Bear Snores On (Illustrated by Jane Chapman) – One by one, a whole host of differe...more


    Jul 11 2018

    If there is one thing we love as much as pizza, it’s a book that makes math digestible! Fractions can be tricky, but Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson make them easy as pie as they read PEG + CAT: THE PIZZA PROBLEM on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.ABOUT THE BOOKPeg + Cat: The Pizza Problem By Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson Published by Candlewick EntertainmentWhat do fractions have to do with pizza? The stars of the Emmy Award winning animated series “Peg + Cat” serve up a delicio...more


    Jul 11 2018

    Jacob and his father have, “lots of ways of talking…signing or lipreading or just squeezing each other’s hands.” Jacob is hearing impaired — but by no means, adventure impaired. Join Jacob and his dad as they leave the house before dawn to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Let author Patricia Lakin’s impressionistic descriptions in this gorgeous story, DAD AND ME IN THE MORNING, take you away, on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.We recorded this episode i...more

  • KidLit RADIO: LOUISE LOVES ART Read Out Loud

    Jul 11 2018

    Louise loves art — drawing, creating, and displaying. Art is everything to her. Art is also her little brother. Art loves Louise and everything she does. Art loves Louise so much he decides to make his own art just for her. Unfortunately, Art’s art is made out of Louise’s masterpiece! A playful ode to the limitless curiosity and creativity of children and the boundless love siblings share. Join author/illustrator Kelly Light and Rocco Staino for this podcast episode of Read Out...more


    Jul 11 2018

    When Ame Dyckman and Zachariah O’Hora get involved, you know you are in for a giggle. Join this brilliant author/illustrator duo as they perform their madcap tale of lemmings and literacy, READ THE BOOK LEMMINGS! on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud. PSST…If you haven’t watched the video version of this episode of Read Out Loud, you are missing out! Ame and Zach act out the story in costume. Note: no lemmings were harmed in the filming of this story.ABOUT THE BOOKAboard the...more

  • KidLit RADIO: NO KIMCHI FOR ME! Read Out Loud

    Jul 10 2018

    NO KIMCHI FOR ME! tells the story of Yoomi, who can not stand the strong smell and spicy flavour of kimchi, the condiment served with Korean meals. Can she learn to eat kimchi like the big kids? Her grandma has a plan. Join author Aram Kim as she reads NO KIMCHI FOR ME! on this podcast episode of Read Out Loud.We recorded this episode of Read Out Loud in front of a live audience of picture book lovers during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Island.ABOUT THE BOOK NO KIMCHI FOR M...more

  • KidLit RADIO: HAPPY IN OUR SKIN Read Out Loud

    Jul 10 2018

    There is nothing more beautiful than being yourself. That’s the message of this wonderfully inclusive story. In this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, join author Fran Manushkin as she reads HAPPY IN OUR SKIN.We recorded this episode of Read Out Loud in front of a live audience of picture book lovers during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Island.ABOUT THE BOOK Is there anything more splendid than a baby’s skin? For families of all stripes comes a sweet celebration of what make...more

  • KidLit RADIO: MUDDY MUD, BUD Read Out Loud

    Jul 09 2018

    On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, author Patricia Lakin reads MUDDY MUD, BUD, her book about a little car that prefers rolling in the mud to scrubbing on the suds!We recorded this episode of Read Out Loud in front of a live audience of picture book lovers during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Island.ABOUT THE BOOK  Bud the car loves to be muddy. It makes him look and feel so good! But when he thinks a car wash will help him get muddier, he’s in for a big surprise...more


    Jul 09 2018

    Tension, drama, intrigue! On this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, Selene Castrovilla reads REVOLUTIONARY ROGUES. For slightly older listeners, this true story tells the action-packed account of Major General Benedict Arnold’s betrayal of American Revolutionary forces by colluding with British spy, Major John André. A fascinating page out of American history and an unmissable episode for budding history lovers.We recorded this episode of Read Out Loud in front of a live audience of pictur...more


    Jul 09 2018

    Join KidLit TV’s own, Rocco Staino, for this podcast episode of Read Out Loud, as he reads the picture book classic, THE LITTLE RED LIGHTHOUSE. It’s based on the story of a real little red lighthouse that guards the shoreline of New York City. The story is a beautiful reminder that big or small, we all have special talents to share.We recorded this episode of Read Out Loud in front of a live audience of picture book lovers during the KidLit TV Children’s Book Weekend on Governors Isl...more


    Dec 20 2017

    Let’s read together with our friends at Storynory and draw the Lion from ANDROCLES AND THE LION onStorynory Art with Lori!This classic story by Hans Christian Andersen reveals the the one and only test whether or not a girl is a true princess. Does she have what it takes?Proofread by Claire Deakin. Read by Natasha. Duration just 4.30 There was, once upon a time, a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but she must be a true princess. So he travelled through the whole world to find one, but ther...more


    Nov 17 2017

     Let’s read together with our friends at Storynory and draw the Lion from ANDROCLES AND THE LION onStorynory Art with Lori!  The tale of ANDROCLES AND THE LION written by Aesop teaches the lesson that “Gratitude is the sign of a noble soul!” A story perfect for your next story time!Read by Natasha. Duration 6 minutes 5 seconds Proofread by Claire Deakin.It happened in ancient times that a slave named Androcles escaped from his master and fled into the forest, and he wandered ther...more

  • Storynory: THE GOLDEN GOOSE

    Nov 03 2017

    Let’s read together with our friends at Storynory and draw the Golden Goose onStorynory Art with Lori! What if your parents called you a “dummy” all your life? What would you do? The Golden Goose is a tale of a young boy who can’t be that much of a dummy, because he found a golden goose and made the most significant people of the local town look like fools. His secret? He had a kind heart.Let’s read together on this episode of KidLit Podcast with our friends at Storynory! ...more


    Oct 19 2017

    Let’s read together with our friends at Storynory and draw the rose from Beauty and the BeastStorynory Art with Lori!The story of The Golden Goose Beauty and the Beast Adapted by Bertie Read by Emma Proofread & Sound Edited by Jana ElizabethKidLit TV is teaming up with Storynory, a story podcast for kids that has hundreds of free audio stories! From classic tales to Aesop’s Fables and holiday stories, kids will love listening to this amazing collection, at home, in school and on the go...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Javaka Steptoe

    Jul 06 2017

    Caldecott Award winner and author and illustrator of RADIANT CHILD, Javaka Steptoe, is on KidLit RADIO! Art from the heart describes Javaka’s work as he expresses the beauty of diversity, art and history in his work. What better place to meet up with him than the Texas Library Association Conference — one of the biggest librarians conferences in the world, where librarians come together to celebrate the book!ABOUT THE BOOK  Somewhere in Brooklyn, a little boy dreams of being a famous a...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Chris Haughton

    Mar 12 2017

    Podcast Ep 40 | Chris HaughtonJoin Rocco and illustrator/author Chris Haughton on this creative and charming episode of KidLit Podcast. Learn about his books, including the newest: GOODNIGHT EVERYONE. What’s it about? A little bear who isn’t sleepy enough to say, “Goodnight!” Chris points us to the direction of the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations  — two bears! — in the northern sky. He even describes the beautiful and fun collages he used to create all the animals in the forest an...more


    Mar 09 2017

    The classic story Goldilocks and the Three Bears is great to read aloud during your next storytime! Let’s read it together.Based on the Charming version by the Victorian writer Andrew Lang. Read by Natasha.Once upon a time there were three bears, who lived together in a house of their own in a wood. One of them was a little, small wee bear; one was a middle-sized bear, and the other was a great, huge bear.One day, after they had made porridge for their breakfast, they walked out into the w...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Peg + Cat The Penguin Problem

    Feb 18 2017

    Podcast Ep 42 | Peg + Cat The Penguin ProblemOn this episode of KidLit Podcast join Rocco, Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson as they help Peg and Cat solve a problem at the Animal Winter Games. The skiing penguins in the race keep crashing into things! And to make matters worse they don’t even know the terms “over,” “under,” and “in between!” Find out how Peg and Cat help solve the problem in this episode of KidLit Podcast!ABOUT THE BOOKSPeg + Cat The Penguin Problem Written by Jennifer Oxl...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Andrea Davis Pinkney

    Jan 26 2017

    Podcast Ep 41 | Andrea Davis PinkneyJoin Rocco and Andrea Davis Pinkney as they chat about her picture book biography: A POEM FOR PETER, on this episode of KidLit Podcast. Learn the history of Ezra Jack Keats and celebrate his 100th birthday. Andrea even discusses the Red Mitten Project with First Book, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving books to children in need.WATCH ANDREA’S STORYMAKERS EPISODE HERE! ABOUT THE BOOKSA Poem for Peter Written by Andrea Davis Pinkney; illustrated...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Richard Michelson

    Jan 23 2017

    Podcast Ep 43 | Richard MichelsonCalling all Star Trek fans! On this episode of KidLit Podcast Richard Michelson tells us the story about Leonard Nimoy’s life and his love for the performing arts. Leonard’s parents, who were immigrants, felt out of place in America and did not understand his dream of becoming an actor. Find out how he made his dream come true and bigger than he could have ever imagined!WATCH RICHARD’S STORYMAKERS EPISODE HERE! ABOUT THE BOOKFASCINATING – The Li...more


    Jan 12 2017

      It’s story time with Storynory! Join us this time with a grasshopper who loves to play music, while the ants work, work, work in THE GRASSHOPPER AND THE ANTS.Read by Natasha Adapted by Bertie Picture by Milo WinterI’m an artist, and as everyone knows, artists are usually rather poor. Normally, I don’t mind about that. When the sun is shining, I sit on my favourite blade of grass and play music for everyone to listen to. I have lots of friends, and together we’ve formed an orchestra.Everyo...more

  • Storynory: THE FOX AND THE CROW

    Jan 03 2017

    It’s story time with Storynory! Did you know that foxes love cheese? Read THE FOX AND THE CROW from Aesop’s Fables together with us!(spoken text is a little shorter than this)I bet you can’t guess what I like to eat best of all? Yes, I knew that you would say that foxes like to eat hens best, and stolen ones at that. I don’t mind admitting that I wouldn’t ever say no to a nice fat chicken wing once in a while. But not many people know that what foxes appreciate even more than chicken...more

  • KidLit Podcast: KidLit TV Holiday Special

    Dec 12 2016

    Podcast Ep 39 | KidLit TV Holiday SpecialHappy Holidays from KidLit TV! On this episode of KidLit Podcast, Rocco and three special guests review books perfect for stocking stuffers. These books are great for family story time by the fireplace, or a Christmas bedtime story. Reading these books will cause visions of sugar–plums to dance in your heads even after Christmas. Also stay tuned for a special shout out to Kathy Bates for her performance in The Great Gilly Hopkins!In this episode you...more

  • KidLit Podcast: School Library Journal Best of 2016

    Nov 16 2016

    Podcast Ep 38 | School Library Journal Best of 2016On this episode of KidLit Podcast Rocco Staino chats with School Library Journal editors about the Best of 2016 list from books, to apps, to even DVDs and audiobooks!Kiera Parrott, Luann Toth, Della Farrell, Mahnaz Dar, and Kent Turner reveal their picks for 2016’s picture books, middle grade and YA. You can discover the entire list here: http://www.slj.com/bestbooksSLJ Review Editors: Kiera Parrott Luann Toth Della Farrell Mahnaz Dar Kent...more

  • KidLit Podcast: The Great Gilly Hopkins

    Oct 24 2016

    Podcast Ep 37 | The Great Gilly Hopkins Are you a fan of Katherine Paterson’s books? Have you ever read The Great Gilly Hopkins? StoryMakers host Rocco Staino catches up with Katherine Paterson and her son David Paterson at the New York Public Library to chat about their latest film: The Great Gilly Hopkins!Katherine hopes this film will help inspire others to make a difference in a child’s life around the world.WATCH THE GREAT GILLY HOPKINS STORYMAKERS ON LOCATION EPISODE HERE!  ABOU...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Aram Kim

    Oct 20 2016

    Podcast Ep 36 | Aram KimLove cats? How about adventure? StoryMakers host Rocco Staino interviews author and illustrator Aram Kim, the creator of Cat On The Bus! Young readers will have fun looking for clues in this picture book!Aram started creating art at a young age; she loved drawing princesses and horses, and coloring! However, once she entered high school, she stopped focusing on art to study math and science.When she returned to America, she picked up her old talent and created art over an...more

  • KidLit Podcast: New York City Comic Con

    Oct 20 2016

    Podcast Ep 35 | New York Comic Con!Did you miss the 2016 New York Comic Con? KidLit TV’s Rocco Staino joins the cosplay, manga, comic and book fun at the East Coast’s largest pop-culture convention. Every year, New York Comic Con showcases the latest and greatest in comics, novels, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies and television shows. Panels, booths and autograph sessions give fans a chance to meet their favorite media stars and see their latest creations!During his...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Patrick McDonnell

    Oct 08 2016

    Podcast Ep 34 | Patrick McDonnellDo you ever feel like you want to disconnect from your devices, and explore the outside world? Patrick McDonnell’s new book Tek: The Modern Cave Boy, encourages kids to put down their phones, tablets and video games and go on a real life adventure! Tek, a young cave boy who is glued to technology! You won’t see this young boy without his cell phone or video games! Can anyone in the village convince Tek to unplug and come outside into the big, beautiful worl...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Jane Zalben

    Oct 04 2016

    Podcast Ep. 33 | Jane ZalbenAre your kids or students budding artists? Do they have a knack for creativity? Join Rocco on this episode of KidLit Podcast as he interviews the children’s literature author and illustrator Jane Breskin Zalben! Jane is the author of over forty books that encourage creativity and artistic development. Young artists will love diving into Jane’s books full of creative illustrations and inspiring ideas!In Mousterpiece follow Jansen the mouse living in an art museum, as s...more

  • KidLit Podcast with Peter H. Reynolds

    Sep 26 2016

    Podcast Ep. 32 | Peter H. ReynoldsInternational Dot Day can be celebrated every day, anywhere in the world. Over 7 million people participated in 2016’s International Dot Day and the numbers are still growing strong! On today’s KidLit Podcast episode StoryMakers host Rocco Staino talks with Peter H. Reynolds, whose book The Dot was the inspiration behind International Dot Day. You’ll also meet the fun and creative characters in his “Creatrilogy” that includes The Dot, Ish, and ...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Aaron Becker

    Aug 18 2016

    Podcast Ep 31 | Aaron BeckerHere at KidLit TV we love exploring the kid lit world and going on all kinds of bookish journeys with you. What better way to go on a bookish journey than with award-winning and bestselling author/illustrator Aaron Becker? Aaron is the creator of the Journey trilogy, the last book Return wrapping up the adventure of brilliant wordless picture books.Rocco Staino and Aaron go on an incredible journey on this episode of KidLit Podcast, as they explore the Journey trilogy...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Wendy Mass

    Aug 05 2016

    Podcast Ep 30 | Wendy MassWendy Mass knows all about teamwork and exploration. There’s proof in all of her books. On this episode of KidLit Podcast, StoryMakers host Rocco Staino interviews Wendy about her new addition to The Candymakers, series The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase. If your middle grade readers have a sweet tooth for adventure, they will love following along with Logan, Daisy, Miles, and Philip while solving a few mysteries.Another book featured in this episode is...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Barbara McClintock

    Jul 14 2016

    Podcast Ep 29 | Barbara McClintockOn today’s episode of KidLit Podcast, Barbara McClintock tells StoryMakers host Rocco Staino all about her childhood inspirations, illustrations, and latest books. Barbara’s book Emma and Julia Love Ballet is all about Emma, a young girl dreaming to do ballet, and Julia, a professional ballet dancer. And to celebrate the book, Barbara even teaches Rocco some beginner ballet moves!Barbara McClintock also tells us she’s adding a new book to the L...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Tish Rabe

    Jun 02 2016

    Podcast Ep 28 | Tish RabeKidLit TV is proud to present a special StoryMakers episode with author Tish Rabe, the creative mind behind the latest Dr. Seuss books. These spin-off books based on the PBS Kids series, “The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That!” makes learning about subjects including space, health, and biology seem beyond fun! So jump into this kid lit adventure with us (and the Cat) only found on KidLit TV.PBS Kids’ The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That website is the plac...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Jennifer Oxley & Billy Aronson

    Jun 02 2016

    Podcast Ep 27 | Jennifer Oxley & Billy AronsonThe PBS Kids series “Peg + Cat” has parents, teachers and kids of all ages learning about the wonderful world of mathematics. Peg and her best friend Cat get into all kinds of problematic and fun adventures that will have you adding, subtracting and realizing that math is cool and can be used in any situation.“We’re trying to make math cool … It’s for everybody and it’s everywhere. It’s a part of your life.” — Billy Aronso...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Susan Verde and Emily Arrow

    May 13 2016

    Podcast Ep 26 | Susan Verde and Emily ArrowKids can enjoy Yoga too! This is a motto Susan Verde, author of I Am Yoga has taught kids in schools and events when teaching them how to do yoga. On this episode of KidLit Podcast you’ll discover a whole new world of yoga as Susan Verde teaches StoryMakers host Rocco Staino how to do a yoga routine. Special guest, Emily Arrow, creator of KidLit Tunes guest stars in this episode as she sings the I Am Yoga theme song and tells us all about her Stor...more

  • KidLit Podcast: The Mother’s Day Special

    May 08 2016

    Podcast Ep 25 | The Mother’s Day SpecialGet ready for culinary chaos with StoryMakers Rocco Staino, author Josh Funk and dad blogger Jason Greene as they take on the kitchen to make Mother’s Day breakfast for mom! On this episode of KidLit Podcast learn all about Josh Funk’s Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, Jason Greene’s amazing adventures with his kids, and how this tasty episode will have you cooking along with these dads and joining in on their culinary catastroph...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Earl Wiman from the NEA

    May 06 2016

    Podcast Ep 24 | Earl Wiman from the NEAEvery week, day and hour should celebrate Teachers Appreciation Week. Teachers should be appreciated for their hard work, compassion and dedication to making children life-long learners. And who better to celebrate with than Earl Wiman from the National Education Association Executive Committee! Earl has been one of the many dedicated committee members who has helped shape NEA’s signature initiative around “Leading the Professions”.On this episode of KidLit...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Todd Parr

    Apr 21 2016

    Podcast Ep 23 | Todd Parr In this episode of KidLit Podcast you’ll venture into the world of New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Todd Parr and all about his new book Teachers Rock! There are so many reasons why teachers rock. One reason is because they teach you new and amazing things, help you when the going gets tough, and make you laugh and smile. Teachers make a huge impact on a child’s education. If you’re a teacher, then you will love this episode and Teache...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Nick Bruel

    Apr 14 2016

    Podcast Ep 22 | Nick BruelGather up your friends, family and pets and get ready to jump into this kid lit adventure! Author/illustrator Nick Bruel and special guest Bad Kitty are on StoryMakers! What kind of mischief will Bad Kitty get into this time? Be sure to tune into this episode of KidLit Podcast to find out!You can also learn more about Nick Bruel and Bad Kitty on our show Field Trip! at the  Princeton Book Festival and Carle Honors! And you can watch KidLit TV’s Bad Kitty short, here.ABO...more

  • KidLit Podcast: The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems

    Apr 07 2016

    Podcast Ep 21 | The Art and Whimsy of Mo WillemsTune into this week’s episode of KidLit Podcast to learn all about The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems!StoryMakers host Rocco Staino caught up with Mo Willems at the preview for The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems, a retrospective of Willems’ work at the New-York Historical Society. The Art and Whimsy of Mo Willems exhibit contains many pieces that show Willems’ process as he created some of kid lit’s most memorable characters. He hopes children cr...more

  • KidLit Podcast: David Walliams

    Mar 25 2016

    Podcast Ep 20 | David WalliamsOn this episode of KidLit Podcast learn about David Walliams, the bestselling author of Demon Dentist and several other middle grade books. Also, Walliams is a comedian who is best known to adults as the star of the popular English comedy, Little Britain. StoryMakers host Rocco Staino interviewed Walliams on location at New York City’s Path1 Studio.ABOUT DEMON DENTISTDemon Dentist Written by David Walliams; illustrated by Tony Ross (Harper Collins Children’s Books)S...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Stephen Mooser and Lin Oliver

    Mar 19 2016

    Podcast Ep 19 | Stephen Mooser and Lin OliverStephen Mooser and Lin Oliver were two writers tasked with creating educational books for children. Writing books for children was new to them, so they wanted to find out more about the genre. When they couldn’t find a conference specific to this field they created one of their own. Initially they wrote letters to 10 major children’s literature authors, asking if they would be interested in attending the first conference. Lin and Stephen  received res...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Julie Chibbaro & JM Superville Sovak

    Mar 17 2016

    Podcast Ep 18 | Julie Chibbaro & JM Superville SovakAuthor Julie Chibbaro and illustrator JM Superville Sovak’s collaboration, Into the Dangerous World, is a coming of age tale set on the gritty streets of 1980s New York City. Loss, personal and artistic struggles, and exploring unknown terrain guides budding artist Ror’s life.BOOKS Via IndieBound.org Into the Dangerous World (Illustrated by JM Superville Sovak), When her father torches the commune and himself Ror’s life changes. She, her mo...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Susannah Richards at Bank Street

    Mar 04 2016

    Podcast Ep 17 | Irma Black Award and Cook Prize Ceremony with Susannah RichardsIt’s throw back Thursday on this new episode of KidLit RADIO as we remember when the KidLit TV team live streamed the Irma Black Award and Cook Prize ceremony, and professor and intrepid reporter Susannah Richards, PhD interviewed several of the accomplished kid lit creators in attendance. Find out which past Irma Black Award winner’s next book will focus on demystifying fractals, how Mac Barnett makes a ghost a...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Soman Chainani

    Feb 26 2016

    Podcast Ep 16 | Soman Chainani KidLit TV had a “happily ever after” at Symphony Space’s Thalia Book Club Camp, where we met and interviewed Soman Chainani, author of The School for Good and Evil. The Thalia Book Club Camp is a four-week creative program for young readers and writers aged 9–13. Enthusiastic campers are able to interact with their favorite children’s book authors and illustrators, take part in literary discussions, and go on book-related field trips around New York City.Watch Soma...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Kelly Light

    Feb 18 2016

    Podcast Ep 15 | Kelly LightIs it possible for big sisters to get along with their little brothers? If your children are anything like author and illustrator Kelly Light’s Louise and Art there is a distinct possibility they’ll get along swimmingly. Besides a fondness for each other, Louise and Art love drawing … unfortunately, the creative and eager Art likes to use his sister’s work as his own canvas. Uh oh! What happens next will melt any reader’s heart and give them more of an appreciation for...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Janice Dean

    Feb 11 2016

    Podcast Ep 14: Janice DeanThe forecast for this week’s episode of KidLit RADIO is sunny with a chance of Janice Dean, the Weather Machine. The Fox News senior meteorologist and kid lit author introduced us to her patronus, Freddy. Freddy is a spunky little frog who loves forecasting the weather. Janice says, “Freddy has been forecasting the weather since he was a little tadpole. His first word was rain, and he was correct.”After years of being asked to recommend books for children, about the wea...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Hervé Tullet

    Feb 04 2016

    Podcast Ep 13: Hervé Tullet“I’ve got a very simple vocabulary. My vocabulary is about dots, circles, scribbles, and lines.” — Hervé TulletHervé Tullet’s children’s books follow a path of simple lines, raw and energetic, that take the reader on an expedition.Hervé delights us with a reading of The Trail Game and an excerpt from Mix it UP! Learn how he discovers ideas for books that create a playful dialog with young readers. His sense of fun is contagious!“I think you could find your own way to c...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Joyce Wan and Kathleen DeCosmo

    Jan 29 2016

    Podcast Ep 12: Joyce Wan and Kathleen DeCosmoMulticultural and diverse children’s books are an important part of a child’s life because they get to learn about different cultures, lifestyles and families. As supporters and sponsors of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, we have a special cooking episode of KidLit Podcast. You’ll learn about author and illustrator Joyce Wan who teamed up with social media influencer and entrepreneur Kathleen DeCosmo. There’s nothing half ba...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Steve Light

    Jan 22 2016

    Podcast Ep 11: Steve LightHave you seen my monster? If you haven’t we know author Steve Light has!Steve’s Have You Seen My Dragon? and Have You Seen My Monster? are perfect books for preschoolers learning numbers and shapes. Zephyr Takes Flight is a fanciful look at the adventures of an inquisitive little girl whose imagination lifts her to new heights. Like all good teachers, Steve makes school seem more like fun than work.“Librarians are amazing people.” – Steve LightSteve credits his el...more

  • KidLit Podcast: BookPeople Modern First Library

    Jan 14 2016

    Podcast Ep 10: BookPeople Modern First LibraryBookPeople, the leading independent bookstore in Texas since 1970, is proud to announce the BookPeople Modern First Library initiative. This initiative is all about pairing beloved picture books that will never go out of style along with other favorites that reflect the diverse, global society of the 21st century.Author Phil Bildner interviewed award-winning author Chris Barton and BookPeople’s head buyer, Meghan Goel about the Modern First Library —...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Tim Federle After Hours

    Jan 08 2016

    Podcast Ep 9: Tim Federle Hickory Daiquiri Dock  Cocktails with a Nursery Rhyme TwistKidLit TV has a special podcast episode of StoryMakers in store for you with special guest author Tim Federle. This is our first “after hours” StoryMakers episode, just for grown-ups! Tim tells us about the inspiration behind writing his series of literary cocktail books and how one complimentary tweet nearly knocked him off his seat!“Tim is the author of the literary cocktail recipe book Tequila Mockingbi...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Paul Czajak

    Jan 01 2016

    Podcast Ep7: Paul Czajak KidLit TV presents a special interview with picture book author Paul Czajak at NY Public Library in Battery Park City! Enjoy this podcast and learn about Paul’s amazing books that will make your kid’s shout, “Read it again!” About Monster Needs a Party! A Monster & Me™ book: That time of year is finally here: Monster’s birthday has arrived! But when none of his friends can attend his party, it’s up to boy to cheer him up. With pirates, prizes,...more

  • KidLit Podcast: 2015 Holiday Children’s Book Special

    Dec 17 2015

    Podcast Ep8: The 2015 Holiday Children’s Book SpecialCuddle up by the fireplace, grab a cup of hot cocoa and listen to KidLit TV’s 2015 Holiday Children’s Book Special. Former librarian and StoryMakers host Rocco Staino called on several children’s literature experts to share their top holiday and winter picks. Maria Russo (New York Times Book Review), John Schumacher AKA Mr. Schu (Scholastic), and John A. Sellers (Publishers Weekly) read hundreds of picture books every year, s...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Kat Yeh

    Dec 12 2015

    Podcast Ep5: StoryMakers with Kat YehOn this episode of KidLit RADIO discover the sweet tale of two sisters who enter the national cooking contest with a million dollar prize on the line. Not only is this tale sweet, but so is this episode of StoryMakers, as Kat Yeh talks about the bond between sisters, her love of retro recipes, and the story that brings both together.This year we were thrilled that Kat Yeh attended KidLit TV’s First Birthday Party and celebrated the joys of kid lit with ...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Tad Hills

    Nov 26 2015

    Podcast Ep6: StoryMakers with Tad HillsGrowing up in a family of artists, engineers, and teachers has its benefits. As a child, New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Tad Hills was constantly encouraged to revel in his creativity. He wrote his first book at the age of eight as a gift for his parents. Besides writing, he’s always had a fondness for building things  — namely detailed Halloween costumes for his children — and uses this passion as a way to visually demonstrate storytellin...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Tara Lazar

    Nov 20 2015

    Podcast Ep3: StoryMakers with Tara LazarAuthor Tara Lazar was one of our first StoryMakers guests! She has been extremely busy this month, especially because Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) takes place in November.Join Rocco Staino as he talks about Tara’s debut picture book, The Monstore from Aladdin/Simon & Schuster, the art of writing picture books, and much more!At the back of Frankensweet’s Candy Shoppe, under the last box of sour gumballs, there’s a trapdoor. Knock five times ...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Rick Riordan

    Nov 13 2015

    Podcast Ep4: StoryMakers On Location with Rick RiordanWelcome to KidLit Radio Episode with Rick Riordan! KidLit TV’s Rocco Staino interviews author Rick Riordan at Symphony Space in NYC. In this podcast you’ll hear why Rick Riordan chose Boston as the location for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer, what the names of his top three Norse gods are and how he was a reluctant reader when he was growing up! Listen to this episode of KidLit Radio to find out the answer to these q...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Tim Federle

    Nov 13 2015

    Podcast Ep3: Tim FederleKidLit TV’s Rocco Staino interviews author Tim Federle. In this podcast Tim talks about his kid lit mentors, the joy of hearing from his readers, and talks about his book Better Nate Than Ever. Stay tuned at the end because there’s a tap dancing surprise!Better Nate Than Ever  A “New York Times” Notable Book of the Year, a “Publishers’ Weekly” Best Book of the Year, and a “Slate” Favorite Book of the Year. A small-town boy hops a bus to New York City to crash an aud...more

  • KidLit Podcast: Princeton Children’s Book Festival

    Nov 05 2015

    Podcast Ep1: StoryMakers On Location at the Princeton Children’s Book FestivalKidLit TV’s Rocco Staino interviews authors, illustrators and other children’s literacy experts at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival 2015. In this podcast you’ll hear interviews with kid lit luminaries such as:The creator of Max and Ruby, Rosemary Wells, who talks about the importance of Mother Goose.Herman Parish, who introduces the new Amelia Bedelia chapter books.Gail Carson Levine, the author of Newbery ...more

  • Featured Member – Cat Michaels

    Jul 07 2015

    This month’s Featured Member is author Cat Michaels, who has been a helping hand in the literacy world and the KidLit TV community. Cat has been writing stories since she was in elemetary school and has never stopped. She earned an M.S. degree in special education from the University of Kansas, and has spent over two decades helping students from kindergarten to college and even serving at a community college as a writing coach to support students with Asperger’s syndrome and learning disa...more

  • App Review: “Press Here” based on Hervé Tullet’s book for kids

    Apr 30 2015

    By Kristin AmmermanHervé Tullet’s popular book, “Press Here”, has inspired an app for children ages 3-5 years old. I downloaded it for $.99 for my 6-year old. While he played with the app his brothers (8 & 10) were looking over his shoulder encouraging him to try different things. I wasn’t sure what to expect because of the wide range of reviews on iTunes, but I was pleasantly surprised how my kids reacted to the app’s interactive elements. In this article you’l...more