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Jack To The Future

From the future of science, technology and inventions, to global issues affecting our planet. A monthly podcast for children and grownups by Jack, age 9. Jack talks about what’s changing in the world, what the future could be like and how we can help.


  • Episode 12: The Future of AI

    Feb 28 2023

    A change to the scheduled episode, 9-year-old Jack brings you a mini episode all about AI. Specifically, he explores an AI computer programme called ChatGPT, which he's sure many of you will be familiar with.  Not a paid partnership or any brand affiliation, Jack is just in awe of some very clever technology and wanted to so show off its capabilities, particularly in relation to his podcast. Enjoy! ChatGPT --- Send in a voice message:

  • Episode 11- The Future of Evolution

    Jan 30 2023

    Jack, aged 9 interviews Julien Delpierre, cell and developmental biologist from the Marion Zerial group of the Max Planck Institute in Dresden.  The pair discuss how hairy humans might be in the future, whether our brains will be smaller, can our eyes really be cameras ,  the future of gene modification and much,  much more! An episode suitable for adults and children alike. Mentions Julien's Twitter Marion Zerial group at the Max Planck Institute The How will h...more

  • Episode 10- The future of photography

    Nov 30 2022

    The monthly future podcast is back with host, 9-year-old Jack. This month, he welcomes Graeme Robertson, photographer for The Guardian newspaper to talk to him about the future of photography.  They talk about Graeme's job, what he likes to photograph most and current photography trends. As well as the possibilities of future technology, the pair also  talk about the impact of current technology on the industry.  Mentions COOPH- 10 predictions for the future of photography #NewEp...more

  • Breaking news - an update from Jack

    Nov 15 2022

    🎶Despite our out of tune singing (sorry in advance 🤣), Jack was adamant he wanted to share some less good news with you in an original way. We certainly had fun making the video! Hope it makes you smile 😊 9 year old Jack is back once a month with his inquisitive mind asking questions of adults about all things future. Listen on all major platforms for previous episodes and keep your 👀 and 👂out for details of his next episode, out at the end of November! A podcast for adults and children ...more

  • Jack's review of Telmi_Kids

    Oct 20 2022

    Jack has been a beta tester for a new podcasting app for kids and he'd love to tell you all about it! Telmi --- Send in a voice message:

  • Episode 9: The future of forests (part II)

    Oct 14 2022

    Jack spoke back in  Season 1, episode 8 about the future of forests and this episode offers part two, but with a twist. The future of forests by measuring the world's forest biomass. Jack talks to Vicki Lonnon, the quality assurance manager from Airbus who is working on a new European Space Agency (ESA) satellite mission, that will monitor forests from space using a special P-band radar that's never been used before.  The data collected will look at how much carbon is being stored by forests acr...more

  • Episode 8: The future of rail travel

    Sep 26 2022

    Continuing his Stem To The Future series after a break, Jack chats to Darren Fitzgerald, an engineer who works for the RSSB about  the future of rail travel. The pair discuss Darren's role; how trains may develop in the future; possible fuel sources,  as well as debating the wacky and wonderful in the world of train travel and engineering.  A really interesting episode! Jack proudly designed the cover art for this episode himself.  Mentions/links The RSSB Radical Railways: 15 Technologies that C...more

  • 🚨Bonus episode🚨 Newsy Pooloozi To The Future

    Aug 29 2022

    Podswap alert! We're still on summer holidays here at the Jack To The Future HQ, but are excited to bring you a very special bonus episode until we get back to our normal schedule in September. Introducing our podcast pals, Newsy Pooloozi for a podswap and this time they're taking the steering wheel, into the future! Mother and daughter duo, Lyndee and Leela from New Delhi, India talk about a really clever piece of technology developed by engineers at Northwestern University called the microflie...more

  • Episode 7: The Future of Renewable Energy

    Aug 13 2022

    Jack talks to two engineers-the first about fossil fuels and how they are made and also a former innovation engineer at a company called Drax, who was involved with cutting edge research into renewable energy sources. They talk about what biomass is; the advantages and disadvantages and possibilities in the future; carbon capture, as well as other types of renewable energy sources. Links/mentions Drax Video about biomass and forests BECCS and carbon capture video Hydroelectric power Tarmac susta...more

  • Episode 6: The Future of Deep Space Communications

    Aug 12 2022

    The Future of Deep Space Communications 📡🛰  This week, 9 year old Jack interviews Ed Chester, a systems engineer at Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station.  The pair talk about how satellites work, what deep space communication might look like in the future, whether we could live on other planets and what meeting Tim Peake was like! Satellites, the internet in space, lasers, time travel, ice moons, natural phenomenon, sols, alien life forms and beyond - they talk about it all!  Liste...more

  • Episode 5: The Future of Space

    Jul 04 2022

    In this week's episode, Jack talks to Doug Millard, Curator of the Space Exhibit at the London Science Museum.  The pair talk about Doug's job, his favourite 'out of this world' object in the collection, as well as the future of spacecraft and how they could be greener; whether we will eventually holiday in space and the wackiest of activities that have taken place on the International Space Station to date.  They talk about the International Space Station coming down and what it will ...more

  • Kids Listen Mashup Episode: Kids know Jack! Let's Pod into the Future

    Jun 30 2022

    Jack is a proud member of Kids Listen, a not for profit organisation committed to providing high quality audio for children.  He was delighted to be part of a 'mashup' episode where he and another podcaster got to collaborate. On this episode of Mashups, you will meet two podcasts that are passionate about our children's futures. Join Kids Pod's Aimee Chan and Jack To The Future's Jack as we play a game of scattegories. We start off with a highlight they each share showcasing their mash-up ...more

  • STEM To The Future: Episode 4: The Future of Cars

    Jun 30 2022

    This week’s episode is about the future of road vehicles! We're not just talking about cars- anything that drives on the road! Jack talks to Joe Hacker, an Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation Engineer who works for a company  in the green power sector, specifically Hydrogen storage, distribution and dispensing! Talk about the future of energy! They talk about the company Joe works for, Nanosun and their Hydrogen refuelling stations. The pair discuss the future of road vehicles and how ...more

  • STEM To The Future: Episode 3: The Future of Computers

    Jun 06 2022

    This week’s episode is about The Future of Computers 💻, specifically data storage 🗃 and The Cloud ☁️. Jack talks to a Cloud Architect Engineer, Dulcie Herreros who works for Microsoft about what her job involves and what The Cloud actually is. Thank you for taking part 🙏 They talk about keeping your information safe, what data storage may look like in the future and why it needs to change  and Dulcie fills us in on some very cool and different ways that it could ...more

  • STEM To The Future Ep2: The Future of Energy- Electricity

    May 23 2022

    This is Episode 2 of Jack To The Future's new season, STEM To The Future. Bringing you the first part of two episodes on The Future of Energy, 9 year old podcast host, Jack, talks with electrical engineer Gavin Rham about the problem solving skills needed in the job; how rollercoasters work; why electricity can be dangerous and the pair discuss the possibilities of electricity in the future. Any Back To The Future fans out there... Jack even manages to ask a good few questions about Doc Brown an...more

  • STEM TO THE FUTURE: What's coming up?

    May 11 2022

    For those of you not on social media, here's Jack to explain what this season has in store for you! --- Send in a voice message:

  • STEM To The Future : Episode 1 - An Introduction To Engineering

    May 02 2022

    Welcome to the 2nd season of Jack To The Future!🌍 Jack is here with another series of interesting interviews, but this time with a focus on his favourite subjects, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ....introducing  STEM To The Future! In this introductory episode, Jack talks to Andy Tate, a Chartered Engineer with HDR Inc and STEM Ambassador for the IET.  They  talk about what engineering is; what projects Andy has been involved with and together they explore the...more

  • Season 2: STEM To The Future

    Apr 26 2022

    Listen in to hear Jack talk about Season 2 of Jack To The Future : STEM To The Future! Despite it landing a little later than expected, we’ve done it! It’s nearly here ! This season we’re joined by a number of wonderful guests - from a Curator at The London Science Museum, to a Spacecraft Product Assurance Manager working for Airbus and a plethora of fantastic IET STEM Ambassadors. We want to thank everyone who has taken part so far. The first episode is really an introduction to Season 2 and ...more

  • Episode 18- The Future of Fast Food

    Apr 25 2022

    In Jack To The Future’s first episode of 2022, he looks at the future of fast food and we are delighted to be joined by Matt, founder of @Vegheads, a local vegan fast food restaurant covering Hertfordshire and Essex. Jack talks to Matt about his business; the food on the menu and the inspiration for naming his business and dishes; they talk about  veganism and how technology is influencing the fast food industry. Matt explains to Jack the challenges of fast food packaging and they discuss w...more

  • Season 2: STEM To The Future

    Apr 25 2022

    Listen in to hear Jack talk about Season 2 of Jack To The Future : STEM To The Future! Despite it landing a little later than expected, we’ve done it! It’s nearly here !   This season we’re joined by a number of wonderful guests - from a Curator at The London Science Museum, to a Spacecraft Product Assurance Manager working for Airbus and a plethora of fantastic IET STEM Ambassadors. We want to thank everyone who has taken part so far.   The first episode is really an introduction to S...more

  • Kids Listen Mashups Trailer by Jack To The Future

    Apr 25 2022

    🎶"Mash it up, mash it up" 🎶See Jack's 'mash it up' video on Instagram at Beginning on Sunday 20th March, Kids Listen bring you a new podcast 'Mashups'. Jack To The Future is part of the Kids Listen community and was fortunate enough to be involved in this Mashup series.  Kids Listen is a grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children.    Mashups introduces you to various different podcasts aimed at ch...more

  • Episode 23- The Future of Magic

    Apr 25 2022

    This weeks episode is about the future of magic!!!! Jack welcomes his special guest and probably the first celebrity he's spoken to, Aidan McCann who is a young magician and actor. You may recognise him from Britain or Ireland’s Got Talent as well as appearing on The Ellen Show in America and lots lots more. Very exciting!! There is clip of Aidan in the finals of BGT on Jack To The Future's social media pages. Hope you enjoy watching! Jack and Aidan talk about how Aidan got into magic in the fir...more

  • Episode 22- The Future of Comedy

    Apr 25 2022

    Jack, child podcaster, aged 8 talks to James Campbell, a children’s author and comedian. As well as talking about why some jokes are funny and some aren’t; different types of comedy; how technology may be affecting entertainment; the impact Covid has had on the industry and of course what the future may hold for comedy, Jack and James also talk about the environment; James's current project and what we could do to help. A perfect episode for any children aged 7+ and adults too of course! Get rea...more

  • Episode 24- The Future of Celebrations

    Mar 25 2022

    What is the future of celebrations? The final episode in Season 1 of Jack To The Future,  Episode 24, The Future of Celebrations marks the 1 year Anniversary of the Jack To The Future podcast and what better way to celebrate than by talking about what the future may hold when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. Jack speaks to guests, past and present and is joined by a number of his friends and podcast pals. He talks about the history of birthdays; how people celebrate in different coun...more

  • Episode 21- The Future of Robots

    Feb 21 2022

    This weeks episode is about the Future of Robots🤖 Jack interviews Dr Patrick Holthaus who is the manager of The Robot House, a research house from The University of Hertfordshire, UK. They talk about what the Robot House is and why it’s there; how people find it interacting with robots; how they’re programmed and the jobs and activities  that they can do as well of course what the future of robots may look like and how they may fit into our daily lives in the next 30 years or so. Jack asks...more

  • Episode 20- The Future of Radio

    Feb 07 2022

    In this week's episode, The Future of Radio, Jack is joined by Jono Godlee, Director of @UniteRadio 📻 Jack begins the episode giving his view on how radio stations could attract a younger audience; explains the science behind radio waves and gives his listeners a brief history of the invention and development of radio, as well as a rare clip of a song that was played on the first wireless worldwide radio broadcast in 1920. Jacks talks to Jono about Unite Radio; who they work in partnership wit...more

  • Episode 19- The Future of Clothing

    Jan 24 2022

     An episode on a complex topic, 8 year old Jack speaks honestly  with Katie Carr, owner and founder of Tommy and Lottie , which is a unisex, ethical and sustainable gift brand, based in St Albans, Herts. Jack shares some shocking statistics; they talk about her business; the difference between fast and slow fashion, sustainable materials and what people could do to make their clothes last longer instead of buying new ones all the time. As well as the possibilities of  what clothes...more

  • Episode 17- The Future of Housing

    Jan 07 2022

    This Friday brings the new episode of Jack To The Future🌍 , The Future of Housing 🏠. Jack and his special guest, Hannah Green, Founder of @GreenhillEstates talk about their dream home; the role technology plays and could play in the future to buy and sell homes; whether the Estate Agency Industry will still exist and current and future trends with regards to renting and buying. Hannah shares with Jack some unusual and eco properties she has sold in the past. Jack digests “housing market” talk ...more

  • Jack's Q&As - The Future of Christmas

    Dec 30 2021

    What do you think the future of Christmas will look like? After reading an article by Ericcson ( about Christmas in 2050, Jack got talking about his predictions for Christmas in the future.  Jack tests your listening ear with some Christmassy tunes. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, this mini episode talks about ways that we communicate and celebrate the holiday season and celebrations with our friends and families; w...more

  • Episode 16 - The Future of English

    Dec 09 2021

    We love words here at Jack To The Future🌍  - language is fun isn’t it ! Jack begins the episode with a riddle game for you and contemplates the future of English following his research on this topic.  Will the future of the English language be a combination of languages? Will 'text' speak and acronyms  seep into the spoken word? Are  emojis words? Do you know what an emordnilap is? How about the etymology of spoonerisms or portmanteaus? Jack and  his guest speaker this ...more

  • Episode 15- The Future of Maths

    Nov 17 2021

    🧮Can maths really predict the future? 😫Do you suffer with maths anxiety? #️⃣Will we run out of numbers? 👩🏾‍🏫Will maths be taught differently in the future? Jack poses these questions and many more to his special guest, Professor Chris Budd from @The University of Bath in Episode 15- The Future of Maths 🎉 Chris chats to Jack about what an equation is and how some  can predict the future (to an extent!) Jack loves hearing about the origins of some mathematical concepts, famous mathemati...more

  • Episode 14- The Future of Entrepreneurship : A Halloween Special 🎃

    Oct 31 2021

    💡When’s the last time you thought, “I wish I’d thought of that!” ?  Well, in the second part of his Future of Work episodes, Jack shares  a spooky themed👻, jam packed   episode focusing on  The Future of Entrepreneurship, where you’ll “meet” not 1, but 3 super talented entrepreneurial guests who have made businesses out of the things they love !!!!  First up, Jack talks to Julian Hall, CEO and founder at @UltraEducation about what entrepreneurship  is; how it...more

  • Episode 13 - The Future of Work (Part I)

    Oct 08 2021

    What do you think work will look like the in future? What skills will our children need to succeed in a future job? 👷🏾‍♀👩‍🏭👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏼‍🔬   This time, Jack's talking about the future of work! Its a two-parter, with the second episode coming out at the end of October with a focus on entrepreneurship.  Jack chats to  Ascension Tejedor, founder of School In Reviews who set up an organisation offering parents impartial advice on International Schools around the world.  She  wrote an interesting ...more

  • *NEWS FLASH* - Jack To The Future blog incoming!

    Oct 07 2021

    You can now catch up with everything Jack To The Future on his blog. Listen directly to episodes; see his artwork; hyperlinks to media he has discussed in the episode; see videos posted on social media channels and  for selected episodes, you can also read a transcript to aid listening. Visit for more details 😀 --- Send in a voice message:

  • Episode 12- The Future of Mental Health

    Sep 24 2021

    What do you do to stay mindful? Maybe exercising, meditation, staring at a glitter jar, breathing techniques or practising gratitude? Or you might be thinking, I'm not really sure what that is?...  Whatever your understanding or current habits , this is the place for you! Following the easing of lockdown in the UK, this week's topic seemed like an apt choice. It's also Mental Health Awareness Day on the 10th October - perhaps this episode may give you some ideas in advance and help you to r...more

  • Episode 11 - The Future of Food

    Sep 08 2021

    After a little break over the Summer, Jack To The Future podcast is back! Talking all things food this time, Jack discusses an article he has read on and delves deeper into the possibilities of food in the future with his guest speaker, Nina Fischer from @NinaFischerNutrition, a nutritional therapist. They talk about a plant based diet- vegetarian and veganism; food waste; growing your own; regenerative farming;  shopping local; a debate about eating insects and much, much mor...more

  • Episode 10- The Future of Music

    Jul 28 2021

    In this week's episode, Jack talks about the future of music. 🎵 He thinks that maybe musical notations  will look different in the future- more like abstract symbols as per his cover art…What are your thoughts? He chats to Niamh Clune, founder of the ‘We Are The Voice’ Children’s Environmental Choir 🌍 about her project;  their upcoming events and current songs; their favourite singers; their views on whether singing will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and predictions for &nbs...more

  • Episode 9- The Future of Play

    Jul 12 2021

    Jack's been talking to two local businesses for this episode, After Alice Ltd and Master Builders based in Hertford, Hertfordshire. After Alice is an online toy and gift shop which was developed by the owner, Martine, in response to shops pigeonholing boys' and girls' toys. Jack, Martine and her daughter (aka. Big Alice) talk about their experiences of the unfair gender divide in many toy aisles. Master Builders run Lego parties and workshops in the local area and Darren, the owner, shares Jack'...more

  • Episode 8- The Future of Forests

    Jun 28 2021

    Learn about the threats facing forests in the UK and what we can do to help as Jack has an informative chat with Henry Bexley, Operations Manager at National Trust's Hatfield Forest in Essex. They talk about some of the rare and interesting species of plants and animals that can be found here; why it is a site of Specific Scientific Interest; some forest management techniques used, spanning back to Norman times and how these help prolong the life of the trees as well as discussing climate change...more

  • Jack's Q&As - The Future of Robotics

    Jun 14 2021

    Jack starts the beginning of a new feature to his podcast, where he responds to call-ins and questions from listeners. In his debut Q&A session, Jack responds to Brother Timothy Clark, a fellow podcaster,  about his views on the development of robotics in the context of art,  music and accessibility. Would you like to be featured on Jack's Q&A session in future or have a question about any of the content of his podcast or ideas? Drop an email to, DM us on...more

  • Episode 7- The Future of Schools

    Jun 14 2021

    This time, Jack talks to Mrs Massey,  an Executive Headteacher from Howe Dell Primary School and Daycare  in Hatfield,  Hertfordshire about her eco-friendly school-  from the building design and recycled materials used in the build and furnishings, through to the eco- curriculum that compliments the statutory requirements for childrens’ learning in the UK. Jack asks a plethora of interesting questions and they consider the possibilities for greener schools in the future. A th...more

  • Episode 6- The Future of Art

    May 30 2021

    An informative, reflective episode not to be missed for any child/ adult art lovers out there!🎨🖌🖼 Jack talks to @Cherry_Pie_Makes about her business; his visit to the @Brothership Studio in Hertford; their predictions for art themes in the future and how science and technology interacts with art both now and in the future. They also discuss some wacky ideas about how art materials may fuel future transport and colour the world ! 🚀🌍 He talks to some other children about their predictions a...more

  • Episode 5- The Future of Theatre

    May 09 2021

    An exciting, jam-packed episode not to be missed for any child/ adult theatre lovers out there! Jack talks to Ben Cannell, FOH Manager and Rebecca Butcher, Marketing & Digital Content Lead at @Hertford Theatre about their shared love of theatre; what the theatre has to offer and what will change through their Growth and Legacy Project ; the impact of Covid on the theatre industry; the future of theatre and and much more... Jack shares some predictions from The Blackpool Grand Theatre about p...more

  • Episode 4- The future of reading 📚

    Apr 22 2021

    Jack talks to Dave Rudd, Manager at Hertford Library about their shared love of reading; what the library has to offer; the future of books, inventions and much more.... He shares some predictions from Google patents about how technology may interact with books in the future; he reviews an interactive children's e-book by a talented local business, Tapocketa and he reads you a poem about reading that he wrote with his mum. Also, don't miss the jingle for his invention idea  for 'Lit Shades'...more

  • Episode 3- The future of animals

    Apr 07 2021

    This week, Jack talks about the future of animals.  He speaks at length with 'Ranger Stu' from Cedars Nature Centre in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire about all things nature;  his ideas about how animals may assist humans in the future and what we can do to help endangered animals. They share lots of wacky ideas about the future of animals and discuss the silly and serious! Jack plays an animal drawing game 'live' on his podcast and creates a futuristic animal, which he names 'Arffe...more

  • Episode 2- The future of waste

    Mar 31 2021

    Jack talks about recycling and reusing your waste. He gets some advice from local business owner, Emma Riddle who owns the Replenish_Refill shop in Hertford, Hertfordshire. Jack shares some tips from a book called 1001 Ways To Save The Planet by Joanna Yarrow, offers some useful resources and tests your knowledge on an environmentally friendly quiz.  Links: Replenish Refill  Giki Earth WWF Too Good To Go --- Send in a voice message: htt...more

  • Episode 1- What does the future hold?

    Mar 25 2021

    Jack's debut episode talks about predictions for the future, in terms of science, technology, innovation and the environment. He asks some friends for their input and recommends a children's magazine in-keeping with the theme. SCOOP magazine -  BBC Archives -Children's predictions for the year 2000 --- Send in a voice message:

  • Trailer Jack to the future

    Mar 24 2021

    --- Send in a voice message: