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Ear Snacks

Ear Snacks is a musical podcast for kids about the world. Andrew & Polly and their friends consider music, science, art and culture in a fun-filled podcast that parents enjoy and younger kids eat right up.


  • Little Bitta Joy

    Mar 20 2020

    You know what we did at our house this week? We had a dance party. We turned on some of our favorite music and we jumped around our house, all together. And we smiled. So this week on Ear Snacks we want to play some moments and music from the show that might bring a smile to your face. Today is different than yesterday. And tomorrow is going to be different than today. But we wanted to let you know that we're here today, and we know you are too.

  • The Notorious RBG

    Mar 15 2020

    Dissenters everywhere! Join us in wishing Ruth Bader Ginsburg a very happy 87th birthday! Andrew & Polly find some exceptionally aware kids to go on at length about the Supreme Court and it’s most Notorious justice, along with a new single from the Joanie Leeds joint All the Ladies entitled (you guessed it) “RBG” Thanks to Darius, Lucy, and young podcast mogul Nate (who also made an episode about the supreme court with NPR’s Nina Totenberg) for joining the celebration and sharing what they kno...more

  • Pi + Pie with America's Test Kitchen Kids

    Mar 13 2020

    WHAT IS PIE? What about pi? Can I have 3.1415 pieces, please? Andrew & Polly get granular and investigate the ingredients in both with Palmer, Sadie, William, Izzy, and Molly Birnbaum from America’s Test Kitchen Kids! Molly does all kinds of fascinating kitchen experiments and games on her new kids podcast, Mystery Recipe. Pre-heat your International Pi Day festivities right here! We hope your family will check out the Mystery Recipe podcast for more food science deliciousness! ATK Kids has lots...more

  • The U.S. Census (it's a party, and you're invited!)

    Feb 28 2020

    What's a census? Andrew & Polly dig in with special guests Vicki Glazer from the U.S. Census Bureau and Emily McMillan with the Statistics in Schools program that's hitting classrooms across America next week. Next month, everyone will get a postcard in the mail -- it's your invitation to the party that is the next decade of America...RSVP so they bring enough forks! To help your school support this important civic work, you can find out more at and here's some handy materials from th...more

  • Episode 26: Tempo!

    Feb 06 2020

    Come in, come in! We’re playing around with the speed of music! In the fourth episode about clocks, we give our metronomes a workout — this episode is designed for kids to experiment with the playback speed function on most podcast players, inviting them to adjust the speed of the our music & conversation from 1x to 2x to 1/2x. We introduce the basics of musical tempo, figure out how to tap along to Parry Gripp’s pleasantly danceable 136 bpm tune Pancake Robot, and wonder why super-slow-moving t...more

  • Episode 25: How Time Feels with Story Pirates & The Pop Ups

    Jan 30 2020

    Do you want 5 more minutes? In our third episode about clocks, Andrew & Polly ask kids how rushing and waiting feel different, challenge Jason Rabinowitz of The Pop Ups to a clock scavenger hunt around Brooklyn, and spin some yarns with Story Pirates co-founder Lee Overtree about how time feels when you're in a story. Thanks to Gimlet Media & The Story Pirates for sharing some time with us. You can find their podcast, Cement Dude and other ridiculous tunes on their album Backstroke Raptor, and y...more

  • Alphabet Rockers (Best Kids Music from the 62nd Grammy Awards)

    Jan 18 2020

    Kaitlin, Tommy, and an incredible team of young artist/activists invite us to a live session in New York City to relate how the Alphabet Rockers make music to make change, as is crystal clear in their second Grammy-nominated album “The Love” Thanks to Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Soulati Shepherd, Kali de Jesus,Lillian Ellis, Maya Fleming, Tommy T3Po Shepherd, and Malik a.k.a. Mahawam for joining us and sharing their music and ideas with your family. If you’re in the LA area for Grammy weekend, check o...more

  • Ear Snacks for Parents: Music Therapy with Jon Samson (Best Kids Music from The 62nd GRAMMY Awards)

    Jan 16 2020

    In this special episode designed for parents (though PG for kids), Andrew & Polly discuss Jon Samson’s music therapy practice, the therapeutic benefits of musical improvisation, and how we as parents can approach creating a supportive mental health environment for our kids. Thanks to Jon for sharing his intricately crafted and emotive music with us. You can find more about his music therapy practice and more of his music at or on his YouTube channel - share music, support mus...more

  • The Okee Dokee Brothers (Best Kids Music from The 62nd GRAMMY Awards)

    Jan 16 2020

    The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Brrrr! Andrew & Polly brave the frigid Santa Monica winter to hear from Joe Mallander of family folk duo The OKee Dokee Brothers about the art of coziness and their fourth Grammy-nominated album “Winterland” Thanks to Joe and Justin for sharing their heart-warming music with your family. You can find more abou...more

  • Daniel Tashian (Best Kids Music from The 62nd GRAMMY Awards)

    Jan 14 2020

    The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Andrew & Polly spend a rainy day getting to know Tigerlily, Tilda, Tinkerbell, and Nashville-based singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Daniel Tashian. Daniel and his daughters wax poetic about pistachio ice cream, how recording with his family compares to working with Kacey Musgraves, and share some lovely...more

  • Caspar Babypants (Best Kids Music from The 62nd GRAMMY Awards)

    Jan 13 2020

    The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Andrew & Polly attend a deliciously eclectic picnic hosted by prolific, artistic, Seattle-based kindie rock maestro Caspar Babypants! Caspar feeds us millions of peaches, introduces us to some bodacious bugs, and plays some rad tunes off his Grammy-nominated album “Flying High!” Thanks to Chris Ballew for takin...more

  • Episode 24: The Clockmakers of London

    Jan 08 2020

    Why do some clocks tick and tock? Why doesn’t Polly’s watch sound like Maria’s watch? In our second Clocks episode, three intrepid Ear Snacks foreign correspondents invite us on a journey to jolly old England to find out what makes clocks tick! We learn the story of the word “clock”, how pendulums and other parts move inside a clock, and how the invention of clocks that work on boats changed the world. Our pal Eilis Cahill has tea and steps INTO a clock in John Kendall’s Number Four clock repair...more

  • Episode 23: Clocks

    Dec 12 2019

    What is a clock? How long is a minute? Are all clocks and all minutes the same? In the first episode of our epic exploration of timekeeping, Andrew & Polly examine Reggio Emilia-educator Maria/Julita’s oddly shaped Salvador Dali-designed watch. Why are most clocks round? Why would someone make a watch that is not round? Thanks to Matteo, Malcolm, Cadence, Adelyn, Keira, and Izzy (and their parents!) for taking the time to tell us what they know about time, the insides of clocks, ways to tell tim...more

  • Episode 22: Pajamas with Mindy Thomas! Dreams, Rest, Sleepovers and The Incredible Edible Bread Bed (TM)

    Nov 01 2019

    Our special coverage of Pajamas continues! We ask our friends Gavin, Zoey, Luke, Lucy, Alexander, Sara Chana, Temima, Miriam, and Yitzy Zev about getting good rest for your mind and body, bedtime routines and we sing a song about our favorite pajamas. Special guest Mindy Thomas from NPR's "Wow in the World" and SiriusXM Kids Place Live shares about sleepovers, her invention "The Incredible Edible Bread Bed," and how important it is to share your dreams.

  • Happy Halloween! Disguises [Encore]

    Oct 18 2019

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Andrew & Polly receive an urgent voice message from their friends Kevin & Louise. We learned A LOT about disguises from marine biologist Rebecca Johnson from the California Academy of Sciences and voice actor and composer Greg Chun. Thanks to our pals Sadie A, Sadie E, Grey, Georgia, Zoey, Gavin, Gavin, Devorah, Elliot, Ainsley, Tanner, Luke & Ace for making Ear Snacks so delicious!

  • A New Album of Our Music: Go for the Moon

    Sep 27 2019

    It’s today!!! Our brand new album, “Go for the Moon” is here!!! Hear it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, our shop & CDBaby - all the places! You can even listen to some of it in a special episode of Ear Snacks, hosted by some not-so-random giraffes. We’re super excited about these songs  and we hope you are too. We’re so excited, in fact, that we are giving away some Moon Swag like a geographically accurate Moon Beach Ball and a lovely little Moon Night Light to a few randomly selected friends ...more

  • Episode 21: Pajamas Part One - Lullabies Musicians Sing

    Sep 14 2019

    This month on Ear Snacks, we're talking about Pajamas and everything that comes with them. Rest, snuggles and coziness - and lullabies! Our awesome music pals Lucy Kalantari, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Christopher Tin, Tatiana DeMaria, Kaitlin McGaw share the sweet, soft and special songs they sing to their loved ones - and yours! This is a great episode for helping little ones in calming their bodies down and getting ready for rest.

  • More (More!) Roadtrip Mixtape Summer 2019

    Jul 24 2019

    There is just too much good music out there right now! We're back with a second installment of this summer's Ear Snacks Roadtrip Mixtape. Featuring: Little Bitta You by Andrew & Polly Una Gran Familia by Lucy Kalantari Little Bit Tough by Vered Where Do the Children Play by Renee & Friends feat. Ziggy Marley Why Why Why by Ants Ants Ants Coquinas by Alina Celeste Paletero Man by Lucky Diaz featuring Andrew & Polly Together by Dan Sacks of Noodleloaf Esta Lucesita by Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Pa...more

  • Road Trip Mixtape 2019!

    Jul 18 2019

    It's summer! We're super happy to share some of our family's favorite music this summer in an all-new road-trip mixtape. And stay tuned for more tunes - there was just too much music to share in this episode, so a second installment is coming your way next week. So turn it up for these great summer tunes by some amazing artists (and a few - NEW SONGS - from yours trulies): "The Wishing Well" - Walter Martin "A Fact is a Gift that you Give Your Brain" - Steven Steven "Time" - The Pop Ups "Halo-Ha...more

  • Episode 20: Decoding Bugs

    Mar 21 2019

    Fungus farming ants, digital bees, composting worms, metamorphic caterpillars -- how can these all be bugs? In this episode, Andrew & Polly dive deeper into the world of the squiggly and the wriggly, parsing out the differences between insects and other things that crawl around a garden.   Avery talks to us about bugs in computer code and how she built a pollination video game with a Raspberry Pi. Izaiah updates us about the worms in the compost pile on his farm. And our friends at Valle de Niño...more

  • March 14 is International Pi Day!

    Mar 14 2019

    Happy International Pi Day! We talk Pi, Pie & Mud Pies with our pals. So get out there and get cooking!

  • Episode 19: Bug(g)s!

    Mar 06 2019

    What’s a bug? Who are The Buggs? Can I be a Bugg? These are the hard-hitting questions Andrew & Polly ask in this exposé on all things buggy. Thanks to entomologist (Entimen-ologist?) Dr. Chris Wheeler for teaching us about moth pheromones and photographer & vegan cookie fan Peter Bugg for introducing us to his awesome extended family: Christopher Bugg, Peggy Bugg, Colin Bugg, Emily Bugg, Ellen Thorderson, Cordelia Bugg, and Juniper Bugg. And thanks to Alex, Zoe, Luke, Nathan, and Harrison for y...more

  • President's Day, Hamilton & More, with our pal Lucy!

    Feb 19 2019

    Happy President's Day! School's out and our friend Lucy came by the studio to talk about stuff she knows - mostly Hamilton.

  • Best Kids Music from the 61st GRAMMY Awards!

    Jan 31 2019

    It's a New Year, ready for some NEW MUSIC? For the third year in a row, Andrew & Polly are thrilled to be joined by all five fabulously friendly family music artists nominated for Best Children's Album in the 61st GRAMMY Awards. Teleport your earballs into these totally tantalizing tunes: "The Peace Song" from All the Sounds by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats "Synthesizer" from Giants of Science by The Pop Ups "Tararum Pumpum" from Falu's Bazaar by Falu "I Blew My Kazoo at the Zoo" from T...more

  • Episode 18: Taking Care of Teeth!

    Nov 19 2018

    It's important to keep your teeth healthy! Andrew & Polly learn what to expect when visiting the dentist and get some official teeth info from one of the friendliest pediatric dentists around, Dr. Jessie Schwarz. Plus, a song about a Saw & Zipper (who both have teeth).

  • Episode 17: Human Teeth

    Nov 15 2018

    How many teeth do you have? Will you always have that number of teeth? Andrew & Polly ask Izzy, Ainsley, Desmond, Frankie, Jad & Kai about the teeth in their mouths and Frankie shares a song she wrote about her loose tooth.

  • The Lion's Whisker from Circle Round

    Oct 24 2018

    We are delighted to share an episode of WBUR's Circle Round called "The Lion's Whisker" about overcoming frustration and impatience with courage, understanding, and a little magic. Andrew & Polly and Cory the Crocodile encounter some frustration of their own. Blackish stars Marsai Martin, Miles Brown, and NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton voice this enchanting tale narrated by Rebecca Scheer produced by our Kids Listen colleague Jessica Alpert.  You can find out more at including a...more

  • Episode 16: Animal Teeth

    Oct 17 2018

    Which animal has a tooth that comes out of its forehead and what does thinking like a beaver mean? Andrew & Polly call on podcast pals Chompers & Cool Facts About Animals as well as film pal Sarah Koenigsberg to learn about animal teeth.

  • Episode 15: Steps with John Baldessari

    Sep 28 2018

    In which Andrew & Polly interview four kids, an alien, and art legend John Baldessari about the steps involved in making art, sandwiches, and paper airplanes.   Many thanks to Malcolm, Jonas, Milena, Sady, Ella, and to Patrick Pardo for arranging our interview with Mr. Baldessari.  You can learn more about John Baldessari at or at most modern art museums. Or via this epic 6-minute biography narrated by Tom Waits:   All music in this epi...more

  • What's a Muppet?

    Sep 24 2018

    Happy Birthday, Jim Henson! Our pals Zoey, Luke, Gavin & Izzy talk to us about the muppets. Why? Just because we like 'em.

  • How to Talk Like a Pirate!

    Sep 19 2018

    Learnnnnn ye how to talk like a pirate from arrrrrrr friends! Thanks to Heidi, Kieran, Lilah, Frankie, Liliana, Bodhin, Izzy & Nano and their parents for this thorrrrrough bonus episode!

  • Episode 14: Steps

    Sep 13 2018

    What's that word for when you put one foot in front of your other foot? And then you put the first foot back in front of the next foot and do it over and over and over? Andrew & Polly and their friends think about STEPS - the kinds you take with your feet, like when you go on a walk with mom, or when you get up and dance! Special guest Sarah Reich shares her favorite kind of steps - tap dancing. We investigate the sounds her taps can make and talk about the Tap Music Project and her awesome new ...more

  • Gabes at McCabe's & "Hold Tight, Shine Bright"

    Sep 07 2018

    Welcome back! OMG, how was your summer?  We're back at the grind getting the second half of Season 2 ready for you, but we *do* have some music news you can use in the meantime:   If you're in LA this Sunday, come see Andrew & Polly & The Gabes at 10:30a at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica!  Each Gabe (including one Gabe named "Mark") will be rocking a phenomenal instrument, we'll be playing some new tunes, and we might even record a little bit for an upcoming Ear Snacks episode -- we hope w...more

  • Roadtrip Mixtape

    Jun 27 2018

    01 Trail of Hearts by Underbirds 02 Lighten Your Load by The Okee Dokee Brothers 03 Sunshine Family by Mista Cookie Jar and Aaron Nigel Smith 04 Camp Songs by KB Whirly 05 Mr. Spaceman by Randy Kaplan 06 Paletero Man by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band (and us!) 07 In Your Biz by Mike Phirman 08 City of Hills by Frances England 09 Hey, Hat by Andrew & Polly   Find out more at

  • Episode 13: Seeds (II)

    Jun 08 2018

    What does a seed need to grow? A kid? An idea?  Andrew & Polly ask many different people about growing many different things.    How does bird poop bring the world together? With peppers, of course! Uncle Fred tells us about germination, the first World's Hottest Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), and... BIRD POOP. If you aren't a dragon and like spicy stuff, you can check out the Sparkling River Pepper Company's smoke dried peppers, sauces and spice blends at   Our neighbor Miriam take...more

  • All the Powers! (Bonus)

    Jun 08 2018

    Summer's heating up, and so is Ear Snacks!  We're cooking up a bunch of new episodes that pick back up this week and will take you through your summer adventures, whether they are home or away! In this bonus, we (finally) reveal Polly's superhero name (hint: it involves lasers) and share your birthday wishes! Thank you to Sady, Betula, Sammy & JJ, Riley, Ainsley, Lucy, Savannah, Adeline, Bela & Izzy. If you've sent us anything else in the last couple months, we're getting to it very soon -- than...more

  • Polly's Birthday Wish?

    Apr 04 2018's Polly's birthday!  What should her birthday wish be? She'd love to hear your ideas via voice memo or see your ideas in a drawing! Let her know at !

  • Episode 12: Seeds

    Mar 29 2018

    Tell me: what do you know about seeds?  Andrew & Polly's friends from Austria, Australia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts invite you into their homes and gardens to discover what kinds of seeds there are where they live.  We also welcome Chanel Tsang from Toronto, Canada who shares a lovely meditation from her podcast Peace Out called "Ready, Set, Grow!" inviting listeners to move their bodies and imagine what it might be like to be a seed. You can find more mindful listening at, an in...more

  • Bonus Episode: Super (Hero) Suggestions!

    Mar 21 2018

    When we last left our heroes, Super George was saving the feet fish from Lima Bean Lunch with Super Polly, ahem, Super-Hero-Waiting-for-a-Name! Thank you so much to Ainsley, Lucy, Savannah, Adeline, Bela & Izzy for their suggestions for Polly's superhero name. So... what should Polly's super-hero name be? Let us know at

  • Episode 11: More Bad Guys (Part II)

    Mar 15 2018

    Andrew & Polly's Bad Guys game continues. When they can't figure out WHY they are having fun scaring fish and serving them their least favorite foods, they call up a Bad Doctor to find out! Dr. Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas from UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center tells us about what brains have to do with Bad Guys & Superheroes. If your kid wants to share their idea for Polly's superhero name and super-powers, visit this link: Here's a great article from the ...more

  • Episode 10: Bad Guys (Part I)

    Mar 07 2018

    Andrew & Polly play an imaginary space game that evolves into a game of Bad Guys.Sadie, William, Wesley, Adalyn, Grey, Amelia, Kohler, Roland, Betula & Orion share what they know about Bad Guys and learn how to make Bad Guy voices from voice actor Morla Gorrondona. When Andrew gets a little too carried away with his Bad Andrew voice, the two try to figure out - how can they keep playing together?    

  • Ear Snacks for Parents: Pretend Gun Play and Actual Bad Guys with Jane Lindholm

    Feb 21 2018

    We know playing “Bad Guys” is an integral part of early childhood development — but, as some older kids who are more exposed to the media know, real people can do bad things, too.  We had planned to release a “Bad Guys” episode of Ear Snacks on Valentine’s Day, but first we wanted to explain to you, the parents, how and why we are approaching such a difficult topic, especially in the wake of last week’s tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  This episode is not intended for kids. Jane Lindholm hosts Ver...more

  • Dogs & Caterpillars! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

    Feb 17 2018

    Happy Chinese New Year!  It's the Year of the Dog and Andrew's thinking about the word "metamorphosis" - what a perfect time to sing some dog songs and take a closer look at caterpillars with our friends at Valle de Ninos in San Francisco!

  • 💛 Let My Love Open the Door 💛

    Feb 14 2018

    Happy Valentine's Day! Polly plays a funny trick on Andrew in this special secret bonus episode and she shares their brand new song - a cover of Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door." We hope you like the new tune - if you do, we hope you'll share it with a pal! Get it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube & Google Play.

  • #AllKindsOfLove (a little valentine)

    Feb 08 2018

    Happy Valentine's Day! Next week, we'll be celebrating by releasing a new song - but this week you can hear some of our favorite Ear Snacks segments about all kinds of love. So... what do you love? Let us know! Connect with us at, on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter! PS - If you like the song "Please Be Mine," check out this sweet music video Polly made of animals who love each other.  This episode is a part of Kids Listen sweeps. Kids Listen is a non-prof...more

  • 2018 Kids Grammys!

    Jan 24 2018

    We were honored to have all five of this year’s Grammy-nominated kids artists drop by on this episode of Ear Snacks to goof around with us and share their awesome music with you.  NYC friends can catch all five acts live at Symphony Space this Saturday January 27th at 11am or right here on Ear Snacks! Check out more from these artists and show them a little love! Lisa Loeb | Feel What U Feel Gustafer Yellowgold | Brighter Side Ladysmith Black Mambazo | Songs of Peace and Love for Kids and Famil...more

  • Ear Snacks Bytes: Happy Holidays - and pizza - from Andrew & Polly

    Dec 22 2017

    May your days be merry and bright! Happy Holidays from Andrew & Polly - and pizza, too!

  • Ear Snacks Bytes: Holiday Glasses!

    Dec 22 2017

    Did you make an instrument out of glass? We did - and here are some songs we played with the glass instruments we made!

  • Episode 9: Musical Glass with Sara Louise Callaway (Snacktivity)

    Dec 20 2017

    Sara Louise Callaway from The Music Box, a podcast for kids about classical music from WUOL in Louisville, Kentucky, teaches Andrew & Polly how to make music with glasses & Andrew, who is legally blind, talks about his magnifying glass and how he sees differently. We love The Music Box! Check out & listen to the first two episodes of this great new podcast here. For more information about Stargardt's disease, or to support scientific research on blindness, visit the Foundation Fighting Blindness...more

  • Episode 8: Glasses (with Guy Raz & Juli Berwald)

    Dec 15 2017

    Andrew & Polly talk to Guy Raz about his glasses and something that the guests on his podcasts all have in common. Juli Berwald tells us how jellyfish sense the world and our friends help think about why we all see the world a little differently. Thanks to Blythe, Adeline, Hadley, Victor & Robbie for being on Ear Snacks for the very first time! If you'd like to be on the show, visit At some point, kids finally realize that others have their own thoughts and feelings. The path to em...more

  • Episode 7: Kintsugi as a Family & a Visit to Noah's Ark (Snacktivity)

    Dec 07 2017

    We know that things crack and break, but what can we do after that? Andrew & Polly talk to Paul, James & Allison Pulstelnik about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. Then we visit Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center and talk with Executive Director Nina Silver about Noah's Ark and why it's important for us to share stories about our problems. For more on the Pustelnik's art, visit Kintsugi Gifts. For more about Noah's Ark or to plan a visit, check out

  • Ear Snacks Bytes: Toenails!

    Nov 29 2017

    Andrew & Polly talk a little bit about Toenails. Like, do we need a reason? But here it is... we have been thinking about toenails a lot since Dr. Earthquakes (Elizabeth Cochran) shared a super-fun fact with us: the San Andreas Fault moves about 2-inches per year, which is the same rate as your nails grow. WHA!?!? For more information about Ear Snacks or to be on the show, visit  

  • Episode 6: Cracks

    Nov 22 2017

    What do you do when something cracks? Andrew & Polly talk to Everett (from South Africa), Henry & Saul, Jackson & Beanie and Ainsley about things that break. Elizabeth Cochran from the US Geological Survey, aka Doctor Earthquakes, talks about seismology and Everett (from Los Angeles) shares a special story about what happened when he cracked the bones in his arm. Some things crack by design - like eggs! But it can be really surprising for kids when something breaks, especially if that thing can'...more

  • Ear Snacks Bytes: Wild Turkeys

    Nov 20 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. And watch out for those WILD TURKEYS!!!

  • Episode 5: Dinovember! (Snacktivity)

    Nov 15 2017

    Andrew & Polly talk to Refe & Susan Tuma, authors of "What the Dinosaurs Did" picture book series about how the toy dinosaurs came to life in their house during the month of DINOVEMBER.  Bella and her dad share their song about puzzles. For more information on the "What the Dinosaurs Did" picture book series or how to pull off a Dinovember in your house, visit - and for more about Ear Snacks or how to be on the show, visit And that's a puzzles wrap!

  • Episode 4: The Great Puzzle Exchange with Danny Weinkauf and Surprise Guests (Snacktivity)

    Nov 08 2017

    Andrew & Polly pretend to be a paleontologist with Danny Weinkauf from They Might Be Giants and pull off a great caper - a puzzle exchange! Danny has to guess who has the other half of his puzzle (spoiler alert, it's Kenny Curtis & Tori Kerr from SiriusXM Kids Place Live) and what is even on that puzzle?!? It's a specially awesome dinosaur! If you'd like to participate in the Ear Snacks Puzzle Exchange, visit to find out how to get on the list. To hear more of Danny's music visit d...more

  • Episode 3: Puzzles

    Nov 02 2017

    Will Shortz eat your heart out! Andrew & Polly talk to some real puzzlemasters - Devin, Westley, Bela, Lane & Lucy - about what it feels like to be puzzled. Matthew Inabinett, paleontologist-in-training at the Beneski Museum of Natural History, helps us piece together how dinosaurs, birds and continental drift are all part of the same puzzle.  Plus, a new song about when you don't the word for that thing.  You know, the thing. Kids can go bananas when there's not enough for them to do but they m...more

  • Episode 2: Hand-Clapping Games with Jazzy Ash (Snacktivity)

    Oct 25 2017

    Lilah gives us a lesson in how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Jazzy Ash visits Andrew & Polly in the studio to share some hand-clapping games and songs from her new record, Swing Set. E-mail pics of your funny review to to win that dope hand puppet craft. For more information about Ear Snacks, visit For more information about Jazzy Ash and her music, visit

  • Episode 1: Hands

    Oct 18 2017

    What can hands do? What shouldn't hands do? Andrew & Polly ask Frankie, Ellie, Matteo and Palmer all about those wriggly things at the end of their arms and talk to a professional stunt woman about what it feels like when you get hurt. Kids are physical.  Whether they are bouncing off the walls, roughhousing or even hitting, children use their bodies to connect to the world around them.  This episodes asks kids what to do when you hurt someone or someone hurts you.  Also, fun games for hands to ...more

  • Season 2 Starts October 18!

    Oct 11 2017

    People keep asking us, what is Ear Snacks?  If you don't already know, this should help.  Season 2 starts back up October 18!  Get excited!   Thanks to Lucy & her mom, Frankie & her dad and Alex & his dad for reminding us why we do what we do.  Thanks to all the Ear Snacks kids and guests who have participated so far...  If you want to be on the show, visit to find out how.   Ear Snacks is a radical podcast for kids making car rides more awesome one episode at a time.

  • Ear Snacks For Parents: How Does This Get Made

    Oct 11 2017

    Eliza Gregory interviews Andrew & Polly about how and why they make Ear Snacks, a radical podcast for kids.  We discuss media from our childhood, how our parenting style plays a role in the design of the show and our plans for season 2. Get excited for the new season of Ear Snacks starting next Wednesday, October 18.  For more information or to find out how to be on the show, visit If you're interested in finding new podcast for kids, here's the link to the Kids Listen app that And...more

  • Extra: Eclipse! (Part II - Time Capsule)

    Sep 26 2017

    Herein lies an audio time capsule! Andrew & Polly asked their friends to collect audio of their expectations for, experience of, and reflections on The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. If you listen to Ear Snacks, please take our quick survey: We heard from three kids who were in the Path of Totality (Morgan in Oregon, Anika in Wyoming, and Elion in Nebraska) as well as kids in Southern California (Alex, Izzy, Lilah, Griffin and Gertie)who saw about 62% and Virg...more

  • Ear Snacks... Feedback?

    Sep 18 2017

    Hey! What do you think of Ear Snacks? We need to know! We're gearing up for Season 2 and want to make our episodes even better. Let us know - how are you listening? Why are you listening? When are you listening? Where are you listening? How many grapes have you eaten today? If you have a few minutes to answer some questions for us, we would GRAPELY appreciate it. The survey is here: Thank you! Andrew & Polly

  • Extra: Eclipse! (Part I)

    Aug 05 2017

    Are you ready? Are you excited? Because we TOTALLY ARE. The Great American Eclipse is almost here, and we’ve been thinking about it for a whole year…but some people have known about it MUCH LONGER. Mat Kaplan from the Planetary Society told us about it last year, Molly Bloom from Brains On tells us about total eclipse science, and Mick Sullivan from The Past & The Curious talks total eclipse history through the ages. Oh, and our friend Kimmy? She tells us about her eclipse viewing plans. That sh...more

  • Extra: Ice Cream & Paletas!

    Jul 22 2017

    Oye my friends! Can you hear the sound of the weekend? Andrew & Polly discuss ice cream, paletas, and "Paletero Man" - a song they wrote with Lucky Diaz featured on his new record, "Made in L.A." Billboard magazine says "Lucky Diaz's Bilingual Summer Song 'Paletero Man' Is an Immigrant Anthem For Kids" so, that's cool! Lyric video here:

  • Extra: Roadtrip Soundtrack! (Vol. 2)

    Jul 12 2017

    Music for staring out windows. Andrew & Polly have spent the past two years writing original underscores for their interviews with scientists, artists, and kids. We thought removing the interviews and just leaving the instrumentals would leave a lot to the imagination. We find the window panes of planes, trains, and automobiles to merit their own soundtrack, so here it is.

  • Extra: Road Trip Soundtrack! (Vol. 1)

    Jul 06 2017

    Hit the Road! An awesome playlist of songs (from our friends!) about traveling around town, around the world, or around the solar system in your imagination. Buckle up, tune in, rock and roll! "Trail of Hearts" by Underbirds (Gustafer Yellowgold & Todd McHatton) ; "Lighten Your Load" by The Okee Dokee Brothers ; "Sunshine Family" by Mista Cookie Jar & Aaron Nigel Smith ; "Camp Songs" by KB Whirly ; "Mr. Spaceman" by Randy Kaplan ; "City of Hills" by Frances England ; and "Hey Hat" by us, Andrew ...more

  • Extra: The 4th of July! (This Land)

    Jul 04 2017

    This Land Is Your Land - by Woody Guthrie This land is your land, this land is my land From California to the New York Island From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and me. As I was walking that ribbon of highway I saw above me that endless skyway I saw below me that golden valley This land was made for you and me. I roamed and I rambled and I followed my footsteps To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts While all around me a voice was sounding This la...more

  • Extra: Appreciate Aquariums!

    Jun 30 2017

    June is Aquarium Appreciation Month! Do YOU appreciate aquariums? We do! Andrew & Polly talk biodiversity with 7-year-old Nate from The Show About Science, marine camouflage with nudibranch aficionado Rebecca Johnson from Cal Academy, and seahorses with Jenn (who just likes them a lot.) We appreciate The Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Shedd, Aquarium of the Bay and The California Academy of Science, and so many more. Plus aquarium joke.

  • Extra: Dad Day!

    Jun 16 2017

    We have dads. And they know some stuff. So we asked them about it! Andrew & Polly celebrate Father's Day by asking their dads to dadsplain two of their favorite topics: hats and The Galapagos. (Plus why it's an extra special Father's Day for Andrew!)

  • Extra: Facts! (Steven Drozd)

    May 10 2017

    Fact: Steve Burns (Blues Clues) and Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips) formed a kids band called STEVENSTEVEN. Fact: Andrew & Polly interviewed Steven Drozd. About facts. Opinion: It was awesome. Discussion topics include: his socks, Brian Eno, the six wives of Henry VIII, naming bands, other Stevens, infinite beats, the speed of light, and snacks. For more about Ear Snacks:

  • Extra: Tree Family (Happy Earth Day!)

    Apr 18 2017

    To celebrate Earth Day, we're talking about TREES with a TREE FAMILY!!! Thanks to Betula, Phoebe, Jacob & Grandpa John for being part of this Ear Snacks Extra. This episode is part of the Kids Listen Family Tree Sweeps! For more information about Kids Listen and the other great kids podcasts out there check out -- Sparkle Stories, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, The Past and The Curious, Book Club for Kids, Book Power for Kids, Tumble and Brains On all did Family Tree episod...more

  • Extra: Pi(e)!

    Mar 14 2017

    How much pie can YOU eat? 3.14159 slices?

  • Extra: Who are The Beatles?

    Feb 25 2017

    Are they a football team? No, they're a SONG TEAM! (Happy Birthday, George Harrison!) Thanks to Ainsley, Ella, Westley, Devin, Grey, Georgia, Emi and Izzy (and their parents) for explaining who The Beatles are (Andrew & Polly have no idea) and wishing George a Happy Birthday!

  • Extra : A Little Valentine

    Feb 13 2017

    <3 Featuring our tune Little Bitta You, a few of our young friends talking about their very special friends, and Please Be Mine (which works best if you imagine it sung by the Magnetic Fields.) Both songs are on our 2015 album Odds & Ends. Love, A&P

  • Extra: Love Your Robot Day!

    Feb 07 2017

    It's National Love Your Robot Day! What's YOUR favorite robot? Ever built a robot? Ever seen a robot make toast? Ever heard a robot SING? ROBOTS! Andrew & Polly ask their friends Beebop and Jonathan from The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian ( and Kurt from the Thacher School ( what they love about robots, as well as revisiting robots from Ear Snacks past (Disguises, Beeps, Boxes) and we threw in a computer-MC-ed Fur Elise just for kicks. Beep boop!

  • Extra: 2017 Kids Grammys!

    Feb 05 2017

    In this Ear Snacks Extra: Brady, Frances, Joe, Jack, and Skidoo share some of their Grammy-nominated tunes with our listeners. We are so so so excited that all of the Grammy-nominated Children's Music Albums this year are by independent artists. If you dig the tunes you hear in this episode, please support their work and spread the word! (And if you're looking for more information about our music or how to be on the show, visit “Chain Reaction” from PRESS PLAY by Brady Rymer ...more

  • Extra: Roosters & Caterpillars!

    Feb 01 2017

    Gung Hay Fat Choy! Andrew & Polly kick off the Year of the Rooster by learning all about caterpillars. Go figure! Last fall, we got to sing at a lovely school in San Francisco called Valle de Niños, and our friends Ainsley, Dominic, Ada and Teacher Zoe gave us a private tour of their temporary pet caterpillars! We also learned some songs in Spanish, and our friends Aoife and Sajan wish us Happy New Year in Mandarin and Cantonese.

  • Extra: Nate on Ellen!

    Jan 23 2017

    DNA, RNA! Tune in to The Ellen Show this Tuesday to see our pal Nate from The Show About Science! In honor of Nate's big news, we're re-broadcasting our interview with him about the Periodic Table of Elements from Letters! (Part II)

  • Episode 13: Moves! (Part II - Season Finale)

    Jan 12 2017

    Andrew & Polly make a top five list of their favorite moves and wonder - what's it like to move your home to a new place? They ask Ruby, Lilana and Gavin about their experiences moving and talk about zip lines in Costa Rica with their director pal, Kat. Maria shares about her favorite movements - capoeira, sign language and political protests. Thanks also to Mista Cookie Jar ( dropping hot sriracha knowledge in our song, "Dancing Pants." And that's it from us for a while......more

  • Extra: Happy New Year! / Other Days

    Dec 31 2016

    Happy 2017! We share a song about jumping into the New Year after sniffly Andrew mentions some other fantastic Kids Listen podcasts about "Moves!"

  • Extra: Happy Holidays from Andrew & Polly

    Dec 23 2016

    Andrew & Polly share a holiday message and finally print a retraction regarding patatas bravas. Thanks to Betula for announcing the show! If you like the music you heard in this Ear Snacks Extra, you can find "A Mapmaker's Song" on our holiday EP - Other Days. Check it out here:

  • Episode 13: Moves! (Part I)

    Dec 16 2016

    Andrew & Polly talk to their friends about moves! Andrew shows off his tap-dancing moves, Polly explains stereophonic sound, and Ramona, Bela, Colon John Wagner, Desmond, Hank, Willa & Charlie tell Andrew & Polly about things that move and how they do it. Plus, Bruce Perelman tells us about his amusement park rides and driving a big rig all around the country. Honk honk! We give a special shout out to Winona & the Conner family for supporting Ear Snacks and a hello to Al, who is making his Ear S...more

  • Episode 12: Letters (Part III)

    Nov 15 2016

    Andrew & Polly receive letters from their friends and find out what they have to say about letters. Andrew's dad, John, talks about Post Office Bay in the Galapagos Islands. Plus, we write a letter to our listeners. Dear You, Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing: we are glad to know you. We feel lucky and thankful to know you. You are special. You’re special to us and everyone who knows you. We love to hear what you’re thinking about! Whether you’re thinking about where you are, what you’re e...more

  • Episode 12: Letters (Part II)

    Nov 04 2016

    Andrew & Polly decide to write letters to their friends and enlist some help from Nate, host of a great podcast called The Show About Science, kindie music pal Mike Phirman and Amy Kuhn, Deputy Director of Correspondence at Hillary for America. The Show About Science - Mike Phirman - If your child wants to write to Hillary Clinton, you can find information at

  • Ear Snacks Special Episode: Halloween Spook-tacular!

    Oct 26 2016

    MOO! A cow ghost.

  • Episode 12: Letters! (Part I)

    Oct 13 2016

    H-E-L-L-O! What's a letter? How old is the invention of type? How does a ballpoint pen work? Andrew & Polly investigate... Ana Gomez-Bernaus explains the art of typography and designing your own letters, and The Pen Addict's Brad Dowdy muses on drawing miniature cities and writing letters to baseball players to get their autographs. Parts of this episode were recorded live at the Strathmore Performing Arts Center in North Bethesda, MD. For more information, check out: Ana Gomez-Bernaus's letteri...more

  • Ear Snacks Special Episode: Album Release Party on Kids Place Live

    Sep 30 2016

    Did we just make the first soundtrack album for a podcast? Um, maybe? "Ear Snacks: Songs from the Podcast" drops TODAY! To celebrate, we threw an album release party on SIRIUS XM Kids Place Live, and we're re-broadcasting that for you right here. Andrew & Polly run late to their release party and call in some special guests to kick things off. They finally arrive at the studio and sing thank you to all 100 people (kids & grownups) who helped with Ear Snacks: Season 1. Thank you for your support!...more

  • Extra: Streaming Concert Announcement

    Sep 22 2016

    Andrew & Polly are excited to announce a streaming concert! Tune in on October 1 at 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST as they perform songs from their new record, talk to some special guests, and even give away some t-shirts. You can find us on Facebook:

  • Extra: Expo Line

    Sep 12 2016

    Andrew & Polly make an exciting announcement from the side of a road somewhere in Arkansas... Their new album, Ear Snacks: Songs from the Podcast, releases on September 30th! We hope you'll check it out - or even pre-order it! (On iTunes - - or from our website But until then, you can listen to our new song - "Expo Line" - right here, right now.

  • Episode 11: Strings (Part V)

    Sep 04 2016

    The dramatic conclusion of the five part series all about Strings! Andrew & Polly talk to Banjo Man Eddie, about Polly's trip to fiddle camp and her new fiddle pal Katy. Plus take a sneak peak inside one of their new songs, "Expo Line..." We've strung it out long enough! To hear Eddie's music, visit, to learn more about Katy Buckbee visit and check out her band at For more about Ear Snacks, visit

  • Episode 11: Strings (Part IV)

    Aug 29 2016

    When will it end!?!?!? Not this week! Andrew & Polly investigate non-musical strings. We make a tin-can phone, talk to Pops, Ainsley & Darby and then call up Nigel, Mista Cookie Jar's friend in Thailand, who has a particular stringed thing... but you'll have to guess what it is. Ainsley & her parents go tide-pooling to see if there are any stringy things in the ocean. And shout-out to Bela, who loves Ear Snacks! For more information about Ear Snacks, please visit:

  • Episode 11: Strings (Part III)

    Aug 13 2016

    Andrew & Polly talk about OLD strings with Polly's dad, Pops, and Marshall Escamilla from Tumble, a great science podcast for kids ( Please subscribe & review Ear Snacks in iTunes!!!

  • Episode 11: Strings (Part II)

    Aug 03 2016

    Andrew & Polly try to learn about more than just guitars and feelings on the second installment of Ear Snacks: Strings. Thanks to Lucky Diaz from Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band ( for talking about his Gretsch electric guitar, Archer Buckbee and his mom, Katy, in Boulder for telling us about fiddling, and to our favorite upright bass player, Gabe Davis ( Thanks also to our past Strings experts, Frances England, Quentin & Mista Cookie Jar.

  • Episode 11: Strings (Part I)

    Jul 27 2016

    In the first episode of a multi-part series all about Strings, Andrew & Polly talk to awesome friends of theirs who all play strings - strings on GUITARS! Frances England (, Quentin & Mista Cookie Jar ( all tell us why it is they like their strings. For more information about Ear Snacks, visit

  • Ear Snacks Extra: Dancing Pants & Next Episode Announcement

    Jul 20 2016

    We know, it's been a while. But have you heard our new summer song? Get it here: We'll have an all-new, star-studded episode for you very soon. In the meantime, check out the archives and let us know your favorite episode from this season! For more about Ear Snacks, visit

  • Ear Snacks Extra: Space Shadows with Mat Kaplan

    Jun 09 2016

    Ad Astra: To the Stars! If you love thinking about space, you'll love this extended interview with Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan. Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity - what do all those things have in common? They're all hanging out on Mars... with the MARSDIALS! But first - we need your help! We've teamed up with some great other kids podcasts to form Kids Listen. Our first project is a survey for parents of kids who listen to podcasts - please, please, please check it out! Head over to kidslisten...more

  • Episode 10: Shadows!

    May 31 2016

    Did you know a tiny dinosaur can have a FIERCE SHADOW? Andrew & Polly investigate these sneaky silhouettes. We discuss space shadows with Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan and think about interactive light sculptures with artist Johannes Girardoni.

  • Episode 9: Rain!

    Apr 21 2016

    How do you know if it's going to rain? Does anybody know? Andrew & Polly talk gumboots and galoshes with their friends. Thanks to Kerry Falwell from the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa Forida and our friend Jesse, a real-life water expert! Thanks also to our special panel of Rain Experts: William, Marea, Capella, Alex, Gavin, Ellis, Lane, Johnny, Penny, Kalinga, Chloe, Zoey, Luke, Charlie, Leigh, Lindsay, Kalinga, Izzy, Logan & Arlo (PHEW!). Subscribe to Ear Snacks here:

  • Episode 8: Beeps!

    Mar 12 2016

    A series of dots and dashes! Andrew & Polly dive deep (via SUBMARINE) into the world of BEEPS! Topics include Morse code, robot toast, traffic feelings, the Pony Express, submarines, and some nonsense about beets. Experts include Polly's dad, Pops and Eric Morrill, PhD in visual studies. Thanks to Grey and Georgia the Greats, Ace the Ace, Darby the Delightful, Phenomenal Palmer, Cool Cool Collin, Darlin' Devon, and the incomparable Izzy Robbins. Special thanks to Steven C. Phillips who created t...more

  • Extra: Trio of Pairs!

    Mar 12 2016

    More pairs! A trio of families from North Carolina, Australia, and New Zealand tell us about their special someones & YOU have a pair?

  • Extra: Back & Forth

    Mar 02 2016

    Andrew & Polly talk in pairs of words. If you or your family wants to be on Ear Snacks - or support it - visit

  • Extra: Dragons, Harbor Seals, and Bears - Oh My!

    Feb 19 2016

    Dragons, Harbor Seals, and Bears - Oh My! A pair of kids describe some very special friends named Akshagah, Violet, and Rosie.

  • Extra: Please Be Mine

    Feb 14 2016

    A little ditty we wrote for Valentine's Day last year - hope you like it, and the ADORABLE video-mashup Polly made on Youtube!:

  • Extra: Sea Horses (Extended Interview)

    Feb 14 2016

    Our friend Jenn (who LOVES sea horses) just got engaged! Here's a little Valentine's Day extra, her extended interview with even more fun facts about the amazing underwater world of sea horses.

  • Episode 7: Pairs!

    Feb 11 2016

    As it turns out, there are many different kinds of pairs. In this episode, Jenn Salcido drops some seahorse knowledge, Kevin & Louise return to Ear Snacks to share what they know about each other. Thanks to Palmer, Sadie A, Sadie D, Capella, Marea, Tanner, Hunter, Ruslan, Manny, Kalinga, Westley, Devon, Gavin & Lane (and their parents) for participating in this delicious episode of Ear Snacks! Subscribe to Ear Snacks here: // If you or your family wants to be on Ear Snack...more

  • Episode 6: Boxes!

    Dec 22 2015

    Andrew & Polly talk about BOXES in a special interview with Antoinette Portis, author of Not a Box. This episode also highlights The Box Project with Eliza Gregory - and, of course, thanks to our kid experts: Ruslan, Gavin, Manny, Charlie, Penny, Ainsley, Liliana, Lane, Guy, Grey, Sadie & William. Subscribe to Ear Snacks here: // To support Ear Snacks, visit

  • Extra: Ponderosa Pine

    Dec 04 2015

    "Ponderosa Pine", a story about critters and homes by our friend percussionist Cory Hills!

  • Episode 5: Critters!

    Nov 24 2015

    What IS a CRITTER? Andrew & Polly ask some friends around the world about the different critters that live in their neighborhoods.

  • Extra: Dem Bones

    Oct 28 2015

    Happy Halloween! Andrew & Polly get very specific about skeletons. Subscribe to Ear Snacks here:

  • Episode 4: Disguises!

    Oct 24 2015

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Andrew & Polly receive an urgent voice message from their friends Kevin & Louise. Get this episode for free: We learned A LOT about disguises from marine biologist Rebecca Johnson from the California Academy of Sciences and voice actor and composer Greg Chun. Thanks to our pals Sadie A, Sadie E, Grey, Georgia, Zoey, Gavin, Gavin, Devorah, Elliot, Ainsley, Tanner, Luke & Ace for making Ear Snacks so delicious!

  • Extra: Bouncity Bounce

    Sep 23 2015

    If a ball had a song, what would it sound like?

  • Extra: Ballphabet Karaoke!

    Sep 18 2015

    Check out this music video for Ballphabet and then try it out yourself in Ballphabet Karaoke! Can you remember all the words? And Andrew tries to remember an important announcement...

  • Extra: My Very Elegant Mother (and TENNIS)

    Sep 15 2015

    A little ditty about the balls in our solar system...and Polly challenges Andrew to a duel...

  • Episode 3: Balls!

    Sep 10 2015

    Balls - a journey, with Andrew & Polly. Get this episode for free: Thank you to Ace, Birdie (a.k.a. Ryan), Rosie, Elsa, Betula, Henry, Lil' J, Sadie, Liliana, Addie, Ella, Grant, Gussy, and grown-ups Sound Man Gus & Astronomer Kate for telling us all about BALLS!!! Check out the music video for "Ballphabet" here:

  • Extra: Hat Jokes!

    Sep 07 2015

    It's time for the voicemail bag! Andrew & Polly make a couple of announcements and Lil' J calls in from Burlingame with some hilarious hat jokes.

  • Extra: I Want My Hat Back

    Sep 02 2015

    Know any books about #HATS? We do! And we made a little soundtrack for one of our favorites, "I Want My Hat Back" by Jon Klassen. Read along, and let us know your favorite books about hats!

  • Extra: Famous Hats!

    Aug 27 2015

    Wherein Amos ("Pops") ponders the most famous hats.

  • Extra: Hickory Dickory...Dat?

    Aug 19 2015

    Hickory Dickory...Dat? In this week's Ear Snacks Extra, Andrew invents some #limericks about #hats!

  • Extra: The FINAL Word on Mulberries

    Aug 10 2015

    In this roundtable with Addie, Ella, Grant & Izzy - Andrew & Polly give mulberries ONE MORE TRY.

  • Episode 2: Hats!

    Aug 10 2015

    What is a hat!?!? Andrew & Polly are determined to find out. Get this episode for free:

  • Extra: In Defense of Mulberries

    Jul 21 2015

    Andrew & Polly take listener calls in defense of mulberries. Polly considers reversing her position on mulberries.

  • Extra: Fruit Facts

    Jul 15 2015

    We dug up some fun facts for this week's Ear Snacks Extra! How many seeds do you think are in a pomegranate? SPOILER ALERT: We'll tell you.

  • Ear Snacks for Parents: Fruit

    Jul 08 2015

    Our first episode of Ear Snacks for Parents! Check it out to get to know us a little bit, hear why we started Ear Snacks, get some ideas of Fruit Activities you can do with your kids.

  • Extra: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Jul 08 2015

    Here's an Ear Snacks Extra - grab your copy of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and read along to our original music.

  • Episode 1: Fruit!

    May 06 2015

    Let's talk about... Fruit! We'll cover the ABC's of fruit, take a trip to the farmer's market and ask some fruit experts some fruit questions. Big thanks to our friends who helped us with this episode - Jasmin, Sadie, Oden, Gavin, Chloe, Ainsley, Betula, Palmer and their parents. Also a shoutout to Farmer Mike and Grandma Joan! Stay tuned for Ear Snacks Extra's throughout July - and a brand new episode on August 1!