Dream Big Podcast for Kids

The Dream Big Podcast is a family-friendly kids podcast inspiring kids (and adults!) to pursue their passions in life and take action to make their dreams a reality. Your hosts Eva Karpman (currently 13-years-old in the 8th grade), Sophia Karpman (currently 7-years-old in 2nd grade) and mom Olga Karpman interview world-class performers who do what they love and live their dreams each and every day. Eva and Sophia also do solo episodes where they answers questions from our audience and discusse...more


  • DB 357: Rethinking Plastic: Creating a Brighter Future for All

    May 29 2023

    Big Dreamers! Can you imagine a world without plastic? 🌊🐢 A world where our beautiful oceans are free of plastic waste and our wildlife thrives without this man-made menace? In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast https://dreambigpodcast.com/357 we are envisioning a cleaner, greener world. 🎧 With Sophia's delightful poetry, we're unraveling the impact of plastic on our beautiful planet, and brainstorming fun and practical ways to make a BIG difference. 🌺📝 And trust us, it's an adventure yo...more

  • DB 356: 💡Think Outside the Box 📦: Unusual Hobbies That Break Stereotypes 🔨🎭

    May 22 2023

    🧩 In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, hosts Sophia and Olga Karpman invite you to think outside the box and explore the world of unusual hobbies that break stereotypes.   https://dreambigpodcast.com/356 👾Through inspiring stories of kids who have defied expectations, this episode showcases the power of embracing unique interests 🔭and pursuing passions 🎭 that go against societal norms.   From knitting for a cause to designing innovative solutions 💻, these young dreamers prove that brea...more

  • DB 355: From Upset to Uplifted: Turning Tears into Triumphs and Embracing Flaws

    May 15 2023

    🎉Ready for a fun-filled, heartfelt adventure? Welcome to Dream Big Podcast episode 355, a magical journey through the captivating town of Flaw-Free in Kind-Heart Land! 🏰🌳 With our cheerful host Sophia 🙋‍♀️ and her irresistibly cute bulldog toy, Cici 🐶, we'll uncover life lessons about acceptance, self-love, and confidence that resonate with kids and parents alike. 🧡 https://dreambigpodcast.com/355 This isn't just any kids' podcast; it's a family bonding experience. This episode speaks to a...more

  • DB 354: 💤 Rest, Reboot, Repeat: The Magic 🧚🏼‍♀of Taking a Break 💫

    May 08 2023

     In today's busy world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget to take a break. 😴💭💤 https://dreambigpodcast.com/354 But did you know that taking breaks is crucial to achieving success and reaching your dreams? 🌟💪🏽🌈 In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, Sophia and Olga Karpman team up with the Koko Sleep podcast to explore "The Magic of Taking a Break." 🌳🖌️🧘‍♀️🛌 Join Sophia and Olga as they discuss why taking breaks is important, how it benefits us, and share four simp...more

  • DB 353: Pancake Power: The Secret Recipe for Life-Changing Habits Revealed!

    May 01 2023

    🌟Big Dreamers, in this episode (https://dreambigpodcast.com/353), we're serving up a scrumptious stack of habit-building goodness 📚 that'll help you succeed in school, sports, and anything else you want to achieve.  In this delightfully inspiring episode of the Dream Big Podcast for kids and adults alike, your hosts, Sophia and Olga Karpman, share the incredible power of "pancake stacking" 🥞 your habits. They will share how it can help you develop a growth mindset and reach your goals faster ...more

  • DB 352: 🎶🌟The Power of Music with GRAMMY® Winner Luke McEndarfer! By Eva Karpman.

    Apr 24 2023

    In this fun episode of the Dream Big Podcast, a must-listen for kids and families, host Eva Karpman interviews the GRAMMY® Award-winning conductor Luke McEndarfer. https://dreambigpodcast.com/352 As one of the most influential figures in the choral world, Luke's career is marked by groundbreaking innovation, artistic creativity, and musical excellence. Currently, he serves as the Artistic Director, President, and CEO of the National Children's Chorus, one of the fastest-growing and most successf...more

  • DB 351: 🐶🐱 Pawsitive Pals: How Pets Help Us Dream Big and Grow! 💫

    Apr 17 2023

    Hey there, Big Dreamers! Get ready for a tail-waggin' good time with the latest episode of the Dream Big Podcast, hosted by Sophia Karpman and Olga Karpman! In "Pawsitive Pals: How Pets Help Us Dream Big and Grow!", we'll unleash our inner animal lovers and explore the amazing bond between humans and pets. 🐾🎉 https://dreambigpodcast.com/351 Whether you're on a road trip with the family or snuggling up at home, this kids podcast is the perfect way to dive into the fascinating world of our furry...more

  • DB 350: The Power of Persistence: Sophia’s Journey to 50 Episodes and Beyond

    Apr 10 2023

    Big Dreamers, get ready to celebrate a big milestone in this 350th episode of the Dream Big Podcast! Join our witty and talented host, Sophia Karpman, and her Mom Olga as they reflect on the journey of the past year. Sophia has recorded an impressive 50 episodes, and in this milestone episode, she shares some of the most valuable lessons she's learned in the past year of podcasting. With her signature humor and practical advice, Sophia offers insights that would be invaluable to young entreprene...more

  • DB 349: Money Matters: 💸 How Kids Can Earn Their Own Cash. Part 2

    Apr 03 2023

    In today's episode of the Dream Big Podcast, Sophia and Olga continued their 💸 Money Matters  series with part 2 where they discussed how kids can make their own money and come up with their own business ideas.  The episode includes tips and strategies on how kids can approach creating their unique business idea while gaining confidence in their abilities. It is a unique blend of their personal entrepreneurial experiences and knowledge that they gained from interviews with famous guests on the ...more

  • DB 348: Life Is Not Fair - But Here Is How to Make It Better

    Mar 27 2023

    Big Dreamers, have you ever been feeling down? 😒 Have you been dealt a tough hand in life and struggling to find a way to move forward? If so, then this week's episode of the Dream Big podcast is a must-listen for you! 🤩 Show notes for episode 348: https://dreambigpodcast.com/348 In this episode, Sophia and Olga share some valuable tips and tricks for making the best of life's unfair moments. Life is full of ups and downs, and we often encounter situations that seem unfair or disappointing. Ho...more

  • DB 347: Luck Vs Hard Work: Debunking 3 Myths of Luck

    Mar 20 2023

    In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, hosts Sophia Karpman and Olga Karpman explore the topic of luck vs hard work and debunk common myths about luck. They show how hard work can make a big difference in achieving your dreams, not just pure luck.  Sophia shares some fun jokes and stories, including a magical story about a leprechaun and a joke about a lucky duck. They discuss how luck is not the only factor that determines our success or happiness, but working hard and making smart choices c...more

  • DB 346: Are We There Yet? Navigating the Path to Success

    Mar 13 2023

    Big dreamers, have you ever heard the phrase "Are we there yet?" on your family road trips? Now, we know that feeling. You're in the car, and you're excited to get to your destination - maybe it's a fun theme park or a beautiful beach. But sometimes, the journey to get there can feel like it's taking FOREVER, right? Well, in this week’s episode of the Dream Big Podcast, https://dreambigpodcast.com/346 Sophia and Olga Karpman took that analogy to a whole new level and uncovered how your ordinary ...more

  • DB 345: Breaking Barriers: Women Who Refused to Be Held Back.

    Mar 06 2023

    In honor of Women's History Month, Sophia and Olga Karpman share the inspiring stories of three remarkable women who refused to be held back by barriers. From Ruby Bridges, the first African American student to attend an all-white school in the American South, to Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who inspired millions with her diary during the Holocaust, and Malala Yousafzai, the brave advocate for girls' education who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban.  In today’s episode you wil...more

  • DB 344: AI and You: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Our Big Dreams

    Feb 27 2023

    In this week's episode Olga and Sophia Karpman adventure into the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short! Buckle up, Big Dreamers, because we're diving headfirst into a world of self-driving cars, robots that can perform surgery, and even delivery drones that can bring your favorite snack right to your doorstep. But let's not forget, with great power comes great responsibility, and we'll be talking about the potential dangers of AI and the importance of ethics. Don't worry, w...more

  • DB 343: The Billionaire Who's Building a Better World: Naveen Jain on Leaving a Legacy and Changing the Future

    Feb 20 2023

    In today’s rebroadcast episode, Eva and Olga welcome billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, BlueDot, Viome, Intelius, Talent Wise and InfoSpace.     Over his career, Naveen has been awarded countless honors for his entrepreneurial successes and leadership skills including the Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon India's "Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur," and the "Albert Einstein Technology...more

  • DB 342: The Love Lab: The Science of Falling in Love

    Feb 13 2023

    Big Dreamers, do you know that from the moment we meet someone special, our brains start to work in overdrive and our hearts start to flutter? Have you ever wondered why this happens? What's going on in our bodies when we fall in love? We all know how amazing it feels to be loved and to love someone else, but have you ever wondered how love works? Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we're so excited to celebrate love and friendship with all of you!  Today, Sophia and Olga will talk abo...more

  • DB 341: Heart to Heart: The Story of Valentine’s Day

    Feb 06 2023

    ​​Nicholas Sparks once said, "Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it." https://dreambigpodcast.com/341 In today’s episode, Sophia and Olga will talk about the history of the love-filled holiday, Valentine’s Day. Valentine's Day is a special day that people celebrate all around the world on February 14th. It's a day to show love and affection to the people who are special to us, like our family, friends, and loved ones. But did you know that Valentine's Day has a long and int...more

  • DB 340: Kindness Unleashed: How Small Actions Can Create a Big Impact

    Jan 30 2023

    Being kind means being nice and helpful to others. https://dreambigpodcast.com/340 It's like giving a hug without using our arms. It's a way to make other people feel good and happy. Kindness is important, and it's something that everyone can do! In today’s episode, Sophia and Olga talk about how we can be kind and make a difference to others. This week, Sophia shares how when you are kind to someone, it makes them want to be kind to someone else, and it keeps going around like a chain reaction ...more

  • DB 339: Saying Goodbye: Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Jan 23 2023

    In today’s episode, Sophia and Olga talk about something that can be very sad and difficult to understand: the death of our pets. https://dreambigpodcast.com/339 Pets are such a special and important part of our lives, and it's completely normal to feel sad and miss them when they're gone. They're our best friends, our companions, and our family. They make us laugh, they comfort us, and they love us unconditionally. Some of you might have had a pet that you love very much and you might be feelin...more

  • DB 338: Money Matters: Changing Limiting Beliefs About Money Part 1

    Jan 16 2023

    "Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream, and that's pretty close." https://dreambigpodcast.com/338 Welcome to the first episode of our new series, "Money Matters." Today, Sophia and Olga will  be teaching you big dreamers all about money and how to use it wisely. In this first episode, they are going to be talking about the concept of money, limiting beliefs about money and how we can use money to make our big dreams come true and to help others as well. We know that learning abou...more

  • DB 337: New Year's Resolutions: How to Make and Keep Them

    Jan 09 2023

    Happy New Year Big Dreamers! How has your year been so far? https://dreambigpodcast.com/337 Today’s episode is inspired by the quote, "A new year is like a blank canvas, and it's up to you to paint the picture you want for your life." This week, Sophia and Olga are excited to talk about New Year's resolutions. They will teach you why it is important, how to create a plan for choosing what you want to focus on this year, and some strategies for overcoming obstacles, which may be helpful especiall...more

  • DB 336: Loving Yourself Just the Way You Are: Tips and Strategies for Building Self-Acceptance

    Jan 02 2023

    Happy 2023 Big Dreamers! In today’s special episode, Sophia and Olga talk about the importance of loving and accepting ourselves just the way we are. https://dreambigpodcast.com/336 We think this is the best topic to start the new year with because self-acceptance and self-love are essential for building confidence, living a happy and fulfilling life, and being able to truly embrace and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.  This week, Sophia shares a heartwarming poem about Snowy the sn...more

  • DB 335: The Secret to Surviving the Holidays: How to Take Care of Yourself and Enjoy the Festivities

    Dec 26 2022

    This week's episode is inspired by a famous quote from Eleanor Brown, "Self-care is not selfish. https://dreambigpodcast.com/335 You cannot serve from an empty vessel." Today, we are exploring the power of dreaming big and the importance of taking good care of yourself especially now, during the busy holiday season! In this episode, Sophia and Olga share a story about a very busy bunny named Maya. Maya is always running around and doing things for other animals in the forest, so much so that she...more

  • DB 334: The Power of Tradition: How Holiday Customs Bring Joy and Unity to Families

    Dec 19 2022

    In the United States, December is a time like no other! As soon as Thanksgiving ends, people start preparing for the winter celebrations, the holidays and more!   In today's episode, Sophia and Olga talk about family traditions – what it is, why they are so cool and very important. They also uncover some fun facts about winter holidays. They also share why it is a good reason to celebrate almost every day of the month.   If you don’t have many family traditions just yet, stay tuned. Sophia will ...more

  • DB 333: How To Give The Most Thoughtful Gift Ever

    Dec 12 2022

    Big Dreamers, as the holiday season draws near, have you also been thinking about what to gift your family and loved ones? https://dreambigpodcast.com/333  For this festive episode, we thought it would be the greatest gift ever to all our amazing listeners to talk about how to master the art of gift giving. The key to giving great gifts cannot be found in advertising or things that we see around us; it is to know and then give a gift based on your recipient’s LOVE Language. There are 5 languages...more

  • DB 332: Dream Big & Trust The Process: Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Create Your Own Vision Board

    Dec 05 2022

    Big Dreamers, have you ever wanted something so bad that you obsessed over it? https://dreambigpodcast.com/332 You imagined yourself doing it, living it, breathing it? Have you also noticed that when you put all your energy towards it, it has a bigger chance to become a reality? In today's episode, Sophia talks about the time when her mom, Olga, taught her about vision boards and how she created one on her own! Sophia and Olga provide step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own visi...more

  • DB 331: Lewis Howes On The Power of Dreams, Public Speaking, Gratitude & More! (Rebroadcast)

    Nov 28 2022

    Today, we are rebroadcasting one of our favorite episodes of all time – our interview with Lewis Howes. He is the host of the School of Greatness podcast which has over 100 million downloads and 1000 episodes since it launched in 2013.  Lewis was one of the inspirations for Eva to launch the Dream Big Podcast.  We would often listen to Lewis Howes and another podcaster Tim Ferriss in the car, and one day Eva asked:  “Mom and Dad, why is there not a podcast where a kid interviews amazing people?”...more

  • DB 330: Gratitude Is The Thanksgiving Attitude (Special Holiday Story)

    Nov 21 2022

    Today, we are welcoming you to a special Thanksgiving episode of the Dream Big Podcast. If you live in the US, you know that this season is truly a special time of the year! It is time to get together with family, friends and loved ones; eat amazing food; and a wonderful opportunity to think of all the things in your life that you appreciate.    In today’s episode, Sophia and Olga talk about interesting unknown facts about Thanksgiving and a simple but important feeling: gratitude. Sophia tells ...more

  • DB 329: Next Time You Disagree With Your Parents Try This !

    Nov 14 2022

    Big Dreamers, I want you to think back to a time when your parents asked you to do something that you did not want to do. One when they said it was really important that you complete that task, no matter what. Do you have a memory in mind?    Well, in today’s episode, Sophia recalls a story about her older sister, Eva - who I am sure you all remember! - and how she handled such a situation. While it is always good to listen to your parents, it is also never too early to learn how to speak up and...more

  • DB 328 - How To Break Bad Habits (And Build Good Ones!)

    Nov 07 2022

    This week's episode is inspired by a famous quote from Aristotle, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit." A few weeks ago, Sophia and Olga were spending time in the playground, as they do very regularly. Sophia is a master at climbing the monkey bars, with her own unique process! On this particular day, however, Olga asked Sophia to try a new way, to mix things up! Sophia, naturally, had a hard time. So in this episode, Sophia shares what she learned from this exper...more

  • DB 327: A Spooky Halloween Episode With Treats, Jokes And More

    Oct 31 2022

    Today's episode is a very special one. It's our first ever Halloween edition! Each year on October 31st, here in the United States, we get dressed up with our spookiest costumes and go from house to house to say Trick or Treat!    But did you know that this well-loved tradition did not start in the USA? Many countries around the world like England and Mexico have their own versions too. Sophia and Olga also discover the interesting history of the classic Jack-o'-lanterns! We’ll talk about the di...more

  • DB 326: What To Do When The Parents Are Away; Five Priceless Tips

    Oct 24 2022

    This week's episode is inspired by a quote from best-selling author Dave Willis: “There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.” A few weeks ago, Sophia's parents, Olga and Alex, told her that they would go on a vacation for 12 days for their 10-year anniversary. As this is the first time that she will be away from her parents for that long, Sophia understandably got pretty upset and sad. In this episode, Sophia and Olga go...more

  • DB 325: 3 Big Lies Grownups Tell That Destroy Big Dreams!

    Oct 17 2022

    We are living in times where social media plays a key role in the current generation's development. We barely remember the time when cell phones, the internet, Amazon, YouTube and Netflix were not available!   In today's episode, Sophia and Olga talk about the three common lies that we start believing if we consume a lot of social media, and why being aware, which means being equipped with the remedy against this poison, is an absolute must.    Our challenge for you this week, big dreamers is wh...more

  • DB 324: Life Lessons From Frida And Encanto! Let’s Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

    Oct 10 2022

    Every year in the US, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. We celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of US American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. In today's episode, Sophia and Olga join the National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. They talk about the family values, festivities and diversity that we can all learn from our hispanic brothers and sisters as well as reasons why it is important to celebrate t...more

  • DB 323: Famous Failures Who Refused To Give Up

    Oct 03 2022

    Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison & Steve Jobs -- these are some of the most recognizable names and most successful people in the world. Do you know what they all have in common? They all had many many failures in life but they kept going. This week, Sophia and Olga talk about this very important subject, going in depth on what failure really means and, more importantly, why we should always decide to learn from failures.       In this episode, Sophia te...more

  • DB 322: Long Live The Queen’s Legacy. Here’s How!

    Sep 26 2022

    Queen Elizabeth II once said, “It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult." We couldn't agree more! This week, we're paying tribute to one of the most iconic women of our times, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II. On September 8th 2022, the United Kingdom lost its Head of State, and today Sophia and Olga talk about interesting facts about her and the important lessons that we can all learn from her life. They also talk about what legacy means and ...more

  • DB 321: Little Kids’ Guide to BIG Emotions

    Sep 19 2022

    This week, Sophia and Olga talk about the eight primary built-in emotions that we all feel, and how Sophia experienced and dealt with them all when she travelled for four days to Siberia a few weeks ago.  While preparing for this episode, Sophia and Olga came across a very informative book entitled Exploring Emotions by Paul Christelis. This book is the perfect way to teach the young big dreamers about dealing with different emotions, what "inner weathers" are, and the importance of acknowledgin...more

  • DB 320: Sophia’s Trail Race in Siberia. 3 Lessons Learned!

    Sep 12 2022

    Sophia recently went to Siberia to visit her grandparents, who she has not seen in a long time. Needless to say, it was a fun and exciting experience to catch up with them, and amid this adventure, Sophia had the opportunity to join a trail race. As it was something she had never done before, Sophia was very hesitant and nervous; she was scared that she will fall and get hurt. She just wanted to quit before even starting.      In this episode, Sophia shares the 3 important lessons she learned ab...more

  • DB 319: 3 Rules For a Happy Life (According to Hawaiians)

    Sep 05 2022

    As we wrap up our 3-month adventure in Hawaii, we want to share with you the 3 most important principles of a happy life that we learned and will forever treasure in our hearts from the Hawaiians -- Shaka, Ohana and Aloha. In this episode, Olga and Sophia talk about what each of these principle mean, and how they can help you live a happier life. Our challenge for you this week is to apply all these principles in your daily life, especially when you're feeling down or sad. We guarantee that thes...more

  • DB 318 : Motivational Speaker Sean Stephenson On Overcoming Obstacles & Building Confidence (Rebroadcast)

    Aug 29 2022

    This week, we once again honor one of the most inspiring people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing in the podcast, Sean Stephenson. Sean is a therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker.   He was born with a rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile.  Despite all the medical challenges he has faces over his life, Sean made the decision to lead an extraordinary life and has inspired millions worldwide, inclu...more

  • DB 317: How Our Visit To Pearl Harbor Triggered Profound Gratitude

    Aug 22 2022

    A few weeks ago, our family visited Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We learned so many things about this historic location, so much so that it will be the focus in this episode. Sophia and Olga share their thoughts on one of the most tragic days in the history of our country, and the amazing female heroes from that day including Ann Danyo Willgrube and Marguerite H. Gambo.    This week, our challenge for you Big Dreamers is to learn more about our heroes. Who is your favorite? How ...more

  • DB 316: Mel Robbins On The 5-Second Rule That Will Make Your Big Dreams A Reality (Rebroadcast)

    Aug 15 2022

    Today, we are rebroadcasting one of the most important episodes we’ve ever published. We are sharing Eva's interview with the amazing, Mel Robbins. She is a regular CNN contributor and author of the best-selling phenomenon 5-Second Rule. Mel is one of the most sought out speakers in the world right now and when you listen to the interview you’ll understand why.  She has so much energy and so much wisdom. And the 5-Second Rule that Mel shares in our interview will be the difference between you ma...more

  • DB 315: Sophia’s Secret To Making Great Friends (And Keeping Them!)

    Aug 08 2022

    Today, Sophia and Olga talk about one of the most important life skills that we all need to develop: making and keeping great friends. In this episode, the mother-daughter bestfriends discuss the difference between making friends and creating friendships, and how friendship takes time and effort. They also talk about the important qualities you have to look out for in choosing the people you surround yourself with.     This is such an important lesson to teach our kids at a young age, and a good...more

  • DB 314: Gabby Bernstein On How To Be (And Stay) Happy During Challenging Times (rebroadcast)

    Aug 01 2022

    Since we have been talking about making assumptions and avoiding negativity in the podcast recently, we have decided to share with you again Eva’s interview with Gabby Bernstein, a #1 New York Times Bestselling author (many times over), and one of the world’s leading authorities on happiness.  We have been long time admirers of Gabby’s work, and have actually created an entire solo episode about her famous “comeback rate” concept.    And now, the Big Dreamers will get the gift of hearing directl...more

  • DB 313: What You Focus On Expands! Crater Story Part 2

    Jul 25 2022

    Today’s episode is inspired by Tony Robbins’ famous quote, “You Are Not a Creature of Circumstance, You’re the Creator of Your Life!” It encourages us all to choose what we create, and essentially, the trajectory of our lives.      This week, Sophia continues to tell the story of her experience climbing the Diamond Head. In this second part, she’ll share the amazing surprise that was waiting for her when she finally reached the top of the crater.  She also shares important lessons that her mom, ...more

  • DB 312: STOP making assumptions. Here’s WHY!

    Jul 18 2022

    Have you ever heard of the phrase, Ask questions; don't make assumptions?  In this episode, Sophia tells the story of her experience going to the Diamond Head on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and how her experience made her realize that assumptions can be helpful, but also can be proven unproductive— even damaging.      This week, our challenge for you big dreamers is that if you hear someone make assumptions about a situation, ask them to rethink their thoughts. Who knows, Maybe they don’t even ...more

  • DB 311: How I Led My Family Through the World’s Largest Maze

    Jul 11 2022

    This week's episode is inspired by the famous quote from Jack Welch, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”      In this episode, Sophia tells the story of how she led her family through the Dole Plantation's giant Pineapple Garden Maze, the world’s largest maze. She shares the strategies and the things she learned from being an effective leader. Sophia and Olga also talk about why leadership is one of the ...more

  • DB 310: How My Worst Enemy Became My Best Friend

    Jul 04 2022

    Have you ever heard of the saying that Your Worst Enemy Could Be Your Best Friend? This is the central question for today's podcast and something that has confused and bothered Sophia for a while. I'm sure most of our Big Dreamers can relate to that too!    In this episode, Sophia will share the story of riding the biggest rollercoaster she has ever seen in her life: the fear she felt leading up to the ride and the four strategies she used to overcome her worries, all of which ultimately allowed...more

  • DB 309: 3 Great Lessons Walt Disney Wanted Every Big Dreamer To Learn

    Jun 27 2022

    How many rejections are you willing to take before giving up on your dream? In today's episode, Sophia and Olga talk about the visionary who created the happiest and the most magical place in the world, Walt Disney. He is proof that even if you get more NOs than YES, about 300 to be precise, if you have the vision, will and determination, you will make your dream a reality. Sophia also shares the most memorable moment from her recent Disneyland trip, and the 3 important lessons we can all learn ...more

  • DB 308: Simon Sinek On The Importance Of Starting With Why! (rebroadcast)

    Jun 20 2022

    We are on vacation this month, so decided to rebroadcast some of our favorite interviews from the past.  Fortunately with over 300 original episodes, there are many amazing interviews to choose from.  This week we are sharing with you Eva’s interview with Simon Sinek, best-selling author of “Start With Why” -- which we consider a must-read and offer our highest recommendation.  Simon believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare i...more

  • DB 307: Kechi Okwuchi, America’s Got Talent Finalist, On Why Big Dreamers Must Know Thyself (Rebroadcast)

    Jun 13 2022

    Kechi Okwuchi is a singer and motivational speaker. She was one of the two survivors in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash on December 10, 2005 that claimed 107 lives, 60 of which were her schoolmates.  Kechi spent the next seven months in the hospital with a majority of that time in intensive care and has endured more than 100 surgeries. She credits her faith, family, friends, and singing for keeping her going. She eventually moved to America in 2007 for reconstructive surgery and later en...more

  • DB 306: The Power Of Compliments. And We Can Prove It!

    May 30 2022

    This weekend, we went to an art, yoga and music festival called Lightning It A Bottle (LIB) at Buena Vista Lake, just outside of Bakersfield, California. It was our first time camping at a festival like this with tens of thousands of people, and needless to say, our family saw people wearing outfits and expressing themselves in ways that you don’t typically see at your local CVS. Sophia loves to give compliments and so as we were walking through the festival, she would constantly be stopping peo...more

  • DB 305: What Dancing In The Rain Can Teach Us About Life

    May 23 2022

    During a recent visit to grandparents house, Sophia pointed out a quote that adorns a piece of artwork in their bedroom.  It says: “​​Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  At a family dinner one night, we started talking about the meaning of this beautiful quote and looked for stories from our own life that were consistent with its meaning.  Olga and Sophia recalled the perfect sequence of events from our recent time in Hawaii.  We thou...more

  • DB 304: My Sister's BIG Day Is Here. 10 Ways I'm Inspired!

    May 16 2022

    This coming weekend, Eva will be celebrating her bat mitzvah.This is an important day in the Jewish tradition as it symbolizes Eva coming of age -- i.e when a child becomes an adult.  At the ceremony, Sophia will be giving a speech on the 10 ways that Eva inspires her.  We thought it would be nice to have Sophia share what she’ll be telling our family at the ceremony with our extended family here at the Dream Big Podcast!  Congrats to Eva on this wonderful milestone.  We are so proud of you!  Fo...more

  • DB 303: We Saved A Goat (Seriously!) And Learned 3 Life Lessons

    May 09 2022

    We met a sad, lonely goat in Hawaii. It was tied to a small leash all day long.  Even its bleat (the sound goats make) sounded sad.  You’ll hear the full story when you tune into this week’s episode.  Rather than just let the goat be sad, Sophia, Eva and Olga sprung into action and found the goat a new home.  And now the goat is happy.   Not only did we help the goat, but the goat helped us by teaching us 3 important life lessons that Sophia and Olga share in this episode.   For our show notes, ...more

  • DB 302: 5 Life Lessons Sophia Learned From Surfing (And Wiping Out)!

    May 02 2022

    We spent the month in April in Hawaii.  Practically every day we were in the water and watched in amazement the surfers catching and riding waves.  We knew the trip would not be complete without surf lessons!  So we found an amazing instructor not too far from where we were staying and thankfully he agreed to also train Sophia, who is a good swimmer but only six years old right now!  In this episode, Sophia and Olga share our family’s experience surfing for the very first time, as well as import...more

  • DB 301 - Meet Eva's sister Sophia and mom Olga. 5 Fun Facts!

    Apr 25 2022

    Today's episode is a huge one, and we are very excited about it! As you all know, Eva started Dream Big when she was just  seven years old back in 2016.  Eva’s little sister Sophia was born in 2015, and literally grew up listening to Eva podcasting and dreaming big that one day she would be a podcaster too.  That day has arrived!  Sophia will be turning seven in June, so this is right about the same age as when Eva started podcasting. You already know and love Sophia from our Silly Sophia segmen...more

  • DB 300: Celebrating 300 Episodes & The Miracle Of Grace.

    Apr 18 2022

    Wow!  We are at 300 episodes of the Dream Big Podcast.  Thank you all for being part of this incredible journey.  Eva launched the podcast when she was 7 years old and we are excited to start introducing Eva’s sister Sophia (who will be turning 7 in June) to all you Big Dreamers.  Yes, Sophia has been making us all laugh with Silly Sophia jokes for many years now, but she plans to get even more involved in coming episodes so stay tuned!  Sophia is a bundle of energy and joy (and as you already k...more

  • DB 299: Every Single Human Has THIS In Common

    Apr 11 2022

    One of Eva’s core beliefs is that every human has a unique gift to share with the world.  Yet, there is one reality that we all undeniably have in common.  For each and every one of us, there are 24 hours in a day.  The people who realize their potential and make their dreams come true understand that those hours are precious, and refuse to squander the majority of their free time on distractions.  Eva shares how she has been spending her free time recently (hint: it’s not been binge watching sh...more

  • DB 298: Dreaming Big in Las Vegas

    Apr 04 2022

    We’ve spent the majority of our time in the past few months in Big Bear Lake, a mountain village a few hours outside of Los Angeles.  The beauty is in nature -- the snow capped mountains, the majestic trees, and of course the stunning lake.  The town itself is charming, but as you can imagine there are no tall buildings and just a small selection of restaurants and shops in the charming village.  That’s probably why it came as a complete shock to our system when we decided to visit Las Vegas thi...more

  • DB 297: Life Lessons From The Ski Slopes

    Mar 28 2022

    We spent a ton of time skiing this winter.  We always had wanted to give our girls the gift of learning how to ski before their adult years.  We had taken them for snow days here and there in prior years, but this season we decided to go all out. We bought season passes, purchased equipment, and made sure to make the most of the investment!  I'm estimating our kids got at least 25 days on the slopes in February and March!  Both Eva and Sophia learned so much from the experience, and Eva thought ...more

  • DB 296: A Glass Of Water Can Teach You This...

    Mar 21 2022

    Eva shares an important lesson about what we can learn from a glass of water, and it’s not about how drinking lots of water is healthy (which it is!).  Instead, it is an inspirational story about the weight of water.  If you hold a glass of water for a few minutes, you probably won’t notice the weight.  But what if you held that glass of water with your arm outstretched for 10 minutes, or 10 hours.   That glass would start to feel very, very heavy.  At some point, you wouldn’t be able to hold it...more

  • DB 295: THIS Is What Makes Humans So Unique!

    Mar 14 2022

    Today, Eva shares a uniquely human trait, which also has the potential to be an incredible gift (if we choose to make it a gift).   And that is the ability to choose, to decide, how we interpret the events and circumstances in our lives.  Of course, with choice comes the ability to make both good and bad decisions.  So today, Eva recounts a recent story from her own life about not making the right decision and compares that to inspirational stories of prior guests on the Dream Big Podcast.  With...more

  • DB 294: This Gesture Is More Powerful Than Any Compliment!

    Mar 07 2022

    We absolutely love it when we discover that scientific studies back up something that we intuitively knew to be true.  In the case of this episode, Eva talks about the “High Five.”  Everyone loves receiving a High Five -- but just how powerful is it…  Well in this episode, Eva shares a study that she heard the great Mel Robbins talking about in a recent interview.  The study demonstrated that the High Five is far more powerful than verbal praise.  Eva shares the details of the study, explains wh...more

  • DB 293: My Secret To Add Hours To Your Day!

    Feb 28 2022

    This episode is likely to be one of the most controversial Eva has ever published, at least among the younger big dreamers who would love nothing more than to spend hours of time each day watching TV, perusing TikTok or playing video games.  But this is the DREAM BIG podcast, and the truth is that too many people are destroying their big dreams by spending all their “free” time every day on anything but working towards their big dreams.  Studies show that the average American spends more than 6 ...more

  • DB 292: You Can ALWAYS Find A Problem!

    Feb 21 2022

    We all have problems.  Every human on earth can find something to complain about.  Some stress.  Some aggravation.  Something that is going wrong in their life.  Yet while we can look for what’s wrong, we can also look for what’s right!  And that is Eva’s message in this episode.  Even better, Eva shares how we as a family train our brain every evening at dinner to look for what’s going right in our lives.  It’s amazing how 5-10 minutes of gratitude practiced every day can change the way you vie...more

  • DB 291: Saying NO Can Be The Right Decision

    Feb 14 2022

    At a family dinner a few weeks ago, the word NO became a subject of discussion and we were surprised to learn that our kids thought of NO as a “bad word.”   I guess that shouldn’t be a huge surprise because kids are taught from a young age not to say no to their parents or their teachers.  And of course the word YES often has a positive connotation since we are encouraging our kids to say yes to their dreams, to pushing outside of their comfort zone, to taking on new challenges, etc.  We explain...more

  • DB 290: The Meaning Of UNCONDITIONAL Love

    Feb 07 2022

    Love is not an easy emotion to describe.  It’s a feeling that you experience when you are giving or receiving love -- but certainly not easy to explain to a kid or even an adult.  Unconditional love is an even more challenging concept -- this idea that you can love someone without conditions, even if that person is misbehaving or treating you unfairly.  That's why Eva decided when she came across an example of unconditional love in her own life, that she would tell the story.  Because there’s no...more

  • DB 289: What NOT To Do When You First Wake Up!

    Jan 31 2022

    Today’s episode is rare in that Eva is telling the Big Dreamers something that they should NOT do!  This is something that many parents (us included) have been guilty of far too often.  But it is a really bad habit, and one that becomes harder to break as the years go by.  Specifically, Eva discusses the habit of waking up and immediately opening your phone to either check email or to otherwise consume other people’s content (we are leaving out motivational content for purposes of this episode)....more

  • DB 288: You Don’t Need A Reason To Be Happy!

    Jan 24 2022

    Have you ever met someone who has far less than you in terms of material wealth but is way, way happier?  These people are living proof that you don’t need money to buy happiness.  In fact, as Eva explains in today’s episode, you don’t need any reason to be happy.  You can just decide to be happy.  Eva shares two examples of people who have far “less” than our family -- yet are making the decision to be happy.  These people have inspired us to proactively work in 2022 on making the decision to b...more

  • DB 287: The Best Gratitude Exercise Of All Time!

    Jan 17 2022

    🥰Gratitude is a recurring topic of discussion on the Dream Big Podcast.  Over the years, Eva has shared a ton of ideas on how to practice gratitude, from visualization exercises to gratitude diaries to our family’s daily practice of expressing gratitude at the dinner table. Today however, Eva wanted to share her favorite idea for expressing gratitude, courtesy of Tony and Sage Robbins who recently shared how they create an annual slideshow of all their favorite memories from the year.  Not only...more

  • DB 286: You Gotta Be Hungry (NOT For Food!)

    Jan 10 2022

    You Gotta Be HUNGRY! http://dreambigpodcast.com/286 This is perhaps personal development legend Les Brown’s most celebrated quote. When we first shared the quote with Eva, who was then probably 7 years old, she was a little confused. My parents are telling me that I have to be hungry? But when we shared a clip of Les explaining that the phrase does not refer to a hunger for food -- but rather a hunger to achieve your big dreams -- Eva understood the symbolism of the word hunger. Here, Eva shares...more

  • DB 285: The 3 Kinds Of Goals I'm Setting For 2022

    Jan 03 2022

    Big Dreamers, young and old, often get overwhelmed with goal setting, especially at the start of the New Year. http://dreambigpodcast.com/285  Too many of us just create one long list of all the goals we want to accomplish.  A lengthy single-level list can lead to anxiety, which is the last thing you want when you are setting your goals.  So in today's episode, Eva shares how she categorizes her goals into 3 main buckets: (1) Skills; (2) Health; and (3) Relationships.  When you organize your goa...more

  • DB 284: You MUST do THIS before December 31!

    Dec 27 2021

    As Big Dreamers, we are so focused on the future.  What are we going to do next? http://dreambigpodcast.com/284  What are our goals for the new year?  And how are we going to accomplish them? As a result, many of us don’t spend nearly enough time reflecting on the past year, and celebrating what we have accomplished.  In this episode, Eva shares the importance of capturing the wins from the past year on paper and feeling gratitude for all the amazing things that happened to you.  This exercise w...more

  • DB 283: 🎁 The BEST Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season

    Dec 20 2021

    🎁🤔👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️ Looking for the perfect holiday gift? 🎄🎁💝 Get creative and design an unforgettable experience that will bring joy and create lasting memories for years to come! 💭🎉 In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, Eva Karpman shares how she came up with incredible gift ideas for her family using this fun thought experiment. A great way to teach kids about the joy of giving without breaking the bank! 💰💸 Tune in to this special holiday edition and learn how to create the perfect g...more

  • DB 282: Tis The Season To Be...

    Dec 13 2021

    Tis The Season To Be…. KIND.   And guess what, when you are kind, you will also be JOLLY. In this episode, Eva shares a sweet story of a random act of kindness that her sister Sophia recently performed.  It is important to note that  Sophia’s action required no real effort on her part.  She didn’t have to pay for it.  All she did was be thoughtful in a situation where she didn’t have to be, and that made all the difference.  Listen to the episode to learn more about this little, sweet act of kin...more

  • DB 281: Happy Doesn't Happen To You

    Dec 06 2021

    We talk a lot about Big Dreams in our family.  But we talk even more about happiness.  Why?  http://dreambigpodcast.com/281 Because we want our kids to know that achievement alone will not guarantee you happiness.  Look at all the ultra rich people in this world who are very unhappy.   With the holiday season here, there are many who believe that the holiday season will bring you happiness.  You’ll hear the greeting Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, but we all know that there are plenty who wil...more

  • DB 280: Small Habits, BIG Results!

    Nov 29 2021

    Today, Eva discusses the power of small habits. http://dreambigpodcast.com/280  Given that Eva’s podcast is titled Dream Big, it should not be a surprise that Eva talks mostly about BIG dreams, BIG goals, and BIG action. But it is important to remember that small habits each and every day can lead to very big results over a period of time.  Eva shares some great examples in this episode.  For instance, did you know that if you read just 20 pages per day, you could read 30 books in 2022 (assuming...more

  • DB 279: How To Get Along With Your Siblings (Works for Anyone!)

    Nov 22 2021

    We noticed recently that there have been way too many comparisons being made within our family.  Sophia, our six year old, is constantly comparing (and complaining about) what her older sister Eva is allowed to do.  Why can Eva stay up later?  Why can Eva have sleepovers?  By comparison, Eva gets frustrated that we are not nearly as strict with Sophia and require more contributions from her in the house.  For instance, Sophia sets the table for dinner (which takes only a few minutes), and Eva cl...more

  • DB 278: My #1 Productivity Secret: N.E.T. Time!

    Nov 15 2021

    Eva often gets asked how she is able to get so much done -- from being a full-time student to hosting the Dream BIg Podcast, not to mention all the extracurricular activities she’s involved in.  And now, Eva is about to launch a second podcast which she will be producing entirely on her own.  So how does Eva find the time to do well in school while still pursuing her Big Dreams.  Today, Eva shares her #1 Productivity secret:  N.E.T. time.  Have you heard of this acronym before?  We first heard i...more

  • DB 277: How To Be Memorable! (A Lesson From My Trip To Florida)

    Nov 08 2021

    This past weekend, we enjoyed an extended weekend getaway in Miami, Florida.  It is November and that means it is getting cold in most of the northern hemisphere.  But in Miami, the sun was out, the ocean was warm, and everyone was so friendly.  We also had the opportunity to catch up with lots of friends and family who live in Miami and the surrounding areas.  Eva had a particularly strong connection with our friends Gregory and Iryna, who welcomed us into their home for a wonderful afternoon. ...more

  • DB 276: You Choose Your Destiny. Don't Leave It To Chance.

    Nov 01 2021

    Exciting news alert: Eva is going to be launching a new podcast soon! First off, let us reassure you that the Dream Big Podcast is not going anywhere. This will be a 2nd podcast that Eva is launching to focus on a passion that she discovered the past year, specifically farming and sustainability.  What is different about this new podcast is that Eva will be producing it on her own.  This means identifying guests, inviting them, preparing for interviews, writing show notes and publishing episodes...more

  • DB 275: My #1 Secret To Getting Good Grades At School

    Oct 25 2021

    At the beginning of the school year, we had a conversation with Eva about her classes.  Our advice was simple: Take the easy wins!  So many kids struggle at school academically because they fail to turn their homework in on time, they have missing assignments, they don’t take advantage of extra credit assignments when offered.   We explained to Eva that her classmates who don’t take the easy wins are facing an uphill battle to get good grades.  Eva has followed our advice, and she has seen first...more

  • DB 274: Why We (Almost) Always Fail The First Time

    Oct 18 2021

    Rachel Hollis is the best selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing and host of the Rachel Hollis Podcast.  In a recent interview, Rachel explained how early in her career before she had written her 1st book, she believed that she just had to finish a book and then it would get published.  But when she finished it, no publisher was interested.  Michael Jordan, widely considered the best basketball player of all time, was famously cut from his high school basketball team. ...more

  • DB 273: Life Lessons Learned From Bows & Arrows!

    Oct 11 2021

    This summer Eva was fortunate enough to go to a sleepaway camp for a few weeks.  When she sent us letters in the mail, she would sometimes include a playing card that she had shot with an arrow during Archery, which turned out to be her favorite activity at camp!  In fact, Eva loved archery so much that her #1 request for the upcoming Holiday season is her own set of bow and arrows.  In discussing with Eva why she loves archery so much, we realized that there are many important life lessons that...more

  • DB 272: How To Find Happiness!

    Oct 04 2021

    You may not know the name but Bobby Hall, but if you have followed the music scene for the past decade you likely know of the multi-platinum recording artist known as Logic. Logic is Bobby Hall (or I guess Bobby Hall is Logic depending on how you look at it!). Logic has a new book out called the Bright Future which is a memoir of his journey from a horrifically abusive childhood to becoming one of the most accomplished and respected musical artists of his generation.  Logic has been out promotin...more

  • DB 271: "Want to" Goals Versus "Have to" Goals? (the difference is HUGE!)

    Sep 27 2021

    Dr. Susan David, the bestselling author of Emotional Agility, has identified a powerful difference between “Have to” Goals and “Want to” Goals.   Eva shares that difference in this episode, and offers some examples of “Want to” and “Have to” Goals in her own life.  This includes the recent experience of hatching baby quail from an incubator (definitely a “Want to” goal).  But more importantly, Eva shares how she was able to apply Dr. Susan’s advice to convert studying for math, which she always ...more

  • DB 270: Never, Ever Give Up On Your Big Dream!

    Sep 20 2021

    Michaela DePrince was born in the midst of a horrific civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her father was killed by rebels, and shortly after her father’s death, her mother died of fever and starvation.  As if life was not already difficult enough, Michaela has a skin condition which causes patches of her skin to lose its color.  In her village, this was considered the curse of the devil and she was abandoned by her uncle and lived in an orphanage where she was the least favorite child out of...more

  • DB 269: Don't Be Patient (With Your Big Dreams!)

    Sep 13 2021

    We’ve told our kids on numerous occasions to “Be Patient. Things Take Time.” or even the good ol’ phrase “Patience is a Virtue.”   But we recently stumbled across a quote from the great Tom Bilyeu that challenged our views on patience, especially when it comes to teaching our kids about how to accomplish their Big Dreams.  Tom shared: “Stop being patient and start asking yourself, how do I accomplish my 10 year plan in 6 months?  You’ll probably fail but you’ll be a lot further along than the pe...more

  • DB 268: What Matters Most In Life (Hint: You Can't Buy It!)

    Sep 06 2021

    What really matters most in life?  The shoes that you wear?  The latest video game that you own?  The care that you drive?  Material items might bring us temporary joy but when you really think about the things that matter most in your life, what comes to the top of your mind?  Sergey Young has achieved great success in life. He founded the Longevity Vision Fund to accelerate life extension through technological and scientific breakthroughs.  He raised 100 million dollars for this fund, which is...more

  • DB 267: How To Turn Hate Into Love

    Aug 30 2021

    Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare syndrome that makes it impossible for her to gain weight.   As a result, even though Lizzie is an adult, she has never weighed more than 65 pounds.  A number of years ago, a terrible cyber bully posted a video on Youtube titled “World’s Ugliest Woman” and the video was about Lizzie.  Not only was this a horrible, horrible thing to do, but unfortunately the video went viral so millions of people saw Lizzie in the “World’s Ugliest Woman” video and the comments...more

  • DB 266: Medals & Trophies Do Not Guarantee Happiness

    Aug 23 2021

    A few years ago, a UCLA gymnast named Katelyn Ohashi captivated the world with a viral floor routine that has amassed over 190M views on Youtube.  If you are one of the few who has not seen Katelyn’s performance, we are including a link to the video in the Resources section of our show notes.  You will literally feel Katelyn’s positive energy and fun-loving attitude come through your device when you watch her routine.  Katelyn’s performance, which earned a Perfect 10, showcased that rare combina...more

  • DB 265: When You Are Ready To Give Up, Do THIS!

    Aug 16 2021

    Novak Djokovic is one of the greatest tennis players of all time and currently ranked No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).  As of this publication, he has won 20 Grand Slam men's singles titles (a record shared with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal) and based on his play in recent years most tennis fans believe he will own that record before the end of his career.  In a recent interview, Novak shared a story about a very low point in his career when mentally he felt like giving ...more

  • DB 264: The Girl With The Golden Legs (and Mindset)!

    Aug 09 2021

    On October 3, 2012 at the age of 24, Lauren Wasser's life changed forever.  As a result of a medical condition called toxic shock syndrome, Wasser was placed in a medically-induced coma. Doctors pumped her with 80 pounds of fluids to get the toxins out of her body and conducted several blood transfusions.  Lauren miraculously survived but doctors were not able to save her right leg, which had to be amputated. Overnight, Lauren had lost her identity.  As a professional model, she had developed an...more

  • DB 263: A Genius Trick To Build Great Habits!

    Aug 02 2021

    Like most content creators, Joey Schweitzer started making Youtube videos just for fun not really thinking it would become a full-time career.  But his videos, which are mostly about self-improvement, were so well made and he is such a talented storyteller, that his channel quickly amassed a huge following and as of this writing, over 1.3 million subscribers enjoy his videos that inspire you to live your best life.  This particular episode focuses on an amazing idea that Joey shared in a video e...more

  • DB 262: Why You Need To Learn To Stand Up For Yourself

    Jul 26 2021

    Have you ever wanted to speak up for yourself and for whatever reason stayed quiet?  Eva used to be so shy that she didn't even want to place her own order at a restaurant.  Today Eva shares why it is so important to be willing to raise your hand, to ask for help, and to stand up for yourself.  This episode was inspired by Maria Menounos. Maria has been a primetime TV personality for many years, serving as host of Extra and E! News, co-host of Eurovision song contest , and TV correspondent for T...more

  • DB 261: The secret to building confidence (not what you want it to be!)

    Jul 19 2021

    There are so many experts out there claiming to be able to teach you a shortcut to building confidence.  These “hacks'' might temporarily help you pump yourself up and act confident, even if you really may not be.  Recently we heard Chris Bosh, former NBA all-star, champion and Olympic Gold medalist, describe how he developed his confidence on the basketball court.  It may not be the most popular method, but we think it is the most honest way to truly build confidence.  In this episode, Eva shar...more

  • DB 260: The hard truth about pursuing your Big Dreams

    Jul 12 2021

    When we stumbled across a video on Matt D'Avella Youtube channel entitled “The truth about chasing your dreams,” we took the bait and had to watch.  After all, this is the DREAM BIG Podcast and Eva’s mission is to encourage young Big Dreamers to believe in their dreams and take massive action in pursuit of those dreams.  In the video, Matt shared his “ 3-year rule” which is that in order to find success in any field you need to dedicate at least three years before you can expect to see significa...more

  • DB 259: How To Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

    Jul 05 2021

    This week Eva shares lessons she learned from Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ Ted Talk entitled “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.”  Luvvie is a bestselling author and world renowned speaker, but for many years she refused to publicly admit she was a writer.  She had grown up dreaming of being a doctor, and feared that as a writer she would not be able to make ends meet.  When she was turning thirty, Luvvie decided to embrace the idea of stepping outside of her comfort zone, and in her Ted Talk, she...more

  • DB 258: Rebecca Zamolo, Youtuber Extraordinaire, On Why Awkward Moments Make Her Happy!

    Jun 28 2021

    We were thrilled when Rebecca Zamolo’s publicist reached out to see if Eva was interested in interviewing Rebecca, who is promoting her new book “The Game Master: Summer Schooled.”  Rebecca is one of the most innovative content creators in the world, with multiple award winning Youtube channels with over 30 million subscribers.  She also has had a fascinating life story, as Eva discovered while preparing for the interview. Rebecca was a competitive gymnast growing up, which is where she develope...more

  • DB 257: Let The Paint Dry! (especially when you are overwhelmed)

    Jun 21 2021

    Daniel J. Watts is a legendary Broadway performer, appearing in nine Broadway shows including Hamilton, In The Hnines and Memphis.  So it should be no surprise that Daniel used performance art when he delivered his recent TedX talk.  He literally painted with his feet while masterfully sharing his life experience leading up to and during the pandemic.  Daniel uses the metaphor of paint, sharing that in life sometimes we need to let the paint dry.  We need to take a break, assess the situation, a...more

  • DB 256: What Did You Fail At This Week? GREAT Question!

    Jun 14 2021

    Sara Blakely is an inventor and entrepreneur who created the clothing line Spanx.  For the younger Big Dreamers who may not be familiar with Spanx, ask your mom because chances are she knows and can explain better than Eva can! Joking aside, with the incredible success of Spanx under Sara’s leadership, in 2012 Sara became the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire.  In today’s episode, Eva focuses on an amazing story that Sara shared about her father in an interview with the great Tony Ro...more

  • DB 255: Pity Party? No thank you!

    Jun 07 2021

    Candace Parker is one of the most decorated female basketball players to ever put on a uniform. Candace was the first overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft,  A WNBA Champion, WNBA Finals MVP, 2x WNBA MVP, 2x Gold Medalist, and WNBA Rookie of the Year. But that incedibe legacy was definitely not guaranteed, and in fact could have easily been cut short by a devastating ACL tear during high school that required surgery to repair.  In a recent interview, Candace was asked about what it took to develop...more

  • DB 254: Push (A Tad Bit) Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

    May 31 2021

    We were listening to Lewis Howes interview Rich Roll, a man who transformed his life from being an alcoholic and drug addict to one of the fittest men in the world.  Lewis was asking Rich about how to achieve your big dreams.  Rather than just giving the stereotypical answer like “you have to go for it, be bold, take massive action,” Rich gave a much more practical answer that Eva thought was super helpful and wanted to share with all the Big Dreamers.  Specifically, Rich shared that when you pu...more

  • DB 253: A LITTLE Thing That Makes A BIG Difference

    May 24 2021

    This week’s episode is inspired by Amberley Snyder, who as a young girl developed a love of horses and was on her way to becoming one of the world’s best in rodeo.  In 2009, she won the National Little Britches Rodeo Association All-Around Cowgirl World Championship.  Amberley's life changed forever on January 10, 2010.   She was driving her truck and sadly not wearing a seatbelt.  She took her eyes off the road for a brief moment and the next thing she knew her car was rolling and she was eject...more

  • DB 252: Take Pride In Your CHOICES, Not Your GIFTS!

    May 17 2021

    Jeff Bezos was once asked what makes someone successful.  Jeff is uniquely qualified to answer this question, considering he founded ecommerce giant Amazon.com and is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. In this episode, Eva shares Jeff’s response which to paraphrase was that successful people have a combination of gifts (e.g. natural-born talent) and a strong work ethic (e.g. the grit to develop those talents). Jeff further explained that we can celebrate our gifts, but we should not be ...more

  • DB 251: Be The Author Of Your Own Story

    May 10 2021

    This week’s episode is inspired by Amy Purdy.  Amy’s childhood and teen years were filled with fun and adventure. She was an incredible athlete and especially loved snowboarding.  At the age of 19, Amy had a medical emergency caused by a bacterial infection.  The doctors gave her a 2% chance to live, and had to remove her spleen and amputate both her legs below the knees. Her father also had to donate a kidney to give her a chance to survive.  Needless to say, it was a very scary time for the Pu...more

  • DB 250: Give Yourself The Gift Of Forgiveness

    May 03 2021

    This week’s episode is inspired by Dr. Edith Eger. In 1944, when Edith was a teenager, she experienced the unimaginable horror of the Holocaust.  As a Jew living in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, she and her family were sent to Auschwitz, the heinous concentration camp.  Her parents and fiance were killed by the Nazis, and she witnessed horrific crimes against humanity as a prisoner at Auschwitz. Despite this unimaginable trauma and suffering, Dr. Eger was able to lead a remarkable life after the...more

  • DB 249: You Can Learn Anything. Here’s Proof!

    Apr 26 2021

    This week’s episode is inspired by Lisa Bilyeu, and specifically her journey from being a traditional housewife to the cofounder of a billion dollar company.  For over 8 years, Lisa played the role of a traditional stay-at-home wife to her husband Tom.   This was actually a one-year plan at the start, as she was supporting Tom’s effort to build a film business.  But eventually Tom pivoted and launched Quest Nutrition, and asked Lisa if she would help fulfill orders of the company’s protein bars ...more

  • DB 248: How Amanda Gorman Turned Her Speech Impediment Into her Superpower!

    Apr 19 2021

    This episode of the Dream Big Podcast is inspired by Amanda Gorman, the nation’s first Youth Poet Laureate. Most of the world first witnessed the greatness of Amanda Gorman at the Presidential Inauguration, when she delivered her masterpiece of a poem The Hills We Climb.  Amanda was so poised, so confident, so riveting in her delivery that I’m sure you would have never guessed that she spent most of her life struggling with a speech impediment.  Into her teen years, Amanda had great difficulty p...more

  • DB 247: When Something Goes Terribly Wrong, Do THIS!

    Apr 12 2021

    This episode of the Dream Big Podcast is inspired by Dean Graziozi, a multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. Dean has started or played a major role in over 14 successful companies that have changed lives all around the world – including the new Mastermind.com platform with Tony Robbins. Dean posted a video to his Youtube channel on how successful people react when they encounter an obstacle or even suffer a setback.   We were so inspired by Dean’s message that ...more

  • DB 246: Olympic Legend Greg Louganis On Hard Work And Never Giving Up

    Apr 05 2021

    It is not every day you get the opportunity to interview someone considered to be a GOAT -- the greatest of all time. It was such a thrill for Eva to chat with Greg Louganis, four-time Olympic diving champion and the greatest diver of all time. Greg took part in his first Olympic Games, the 1976 Montreal Games, aged just 16 and claimed silver in the 10m platform. Four years later, he was firmly established as the world’s best diver, but the United States’ boycott of the 1980 Moscow Games meant t...more

  • DB 245 - Change THIS To Change Your Life

    Mar 29 2021

    This episode is inspired by three of Eva’s mentors. (1) Tony Robbins who often teaches that in order to change your life, you need to raise your standards; (2) Jesse Itzler who recently shared in a speech that he sets Olympic standards for himself in the 3 main buckest of his life: Business, Mindset, and Wellness; and (3) Greg Louganis who we are thrilled to announce will be Eva’s guest on next week’s episode of the Dream Big Podcast. Eva asked Greg about his training regimen when he was in purs...more

  • DB 244: How To Deal With Rejection (Mentor Magic: Jamie Kern Lima)

    Mar 22 2021

    Jamie Kern Lima is a self-made entrepreneur, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker and co-founder of IT Cosmetics.  Jamie is on a book tour right now for Believe It - How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable.  We’ve watched many of her interviews, and were so inspired by Jamie’s story that Eva decided to create an episode about her remarkable journey from a Denny’s waitress to the CEO of a billion dollar makeup brand, IT Cosmetics. Of course, when you hear a rags-to-riches story...more

  • DB 243: The Magic of TRASH CANS (at Disney World)

    Mar 15 2021

    Matthew Hussey is an internationally acclaimed speaker, New York Times Bestselling author, and relationship expert.   In a recent interview, we heard Matthew share how the trash cans at Disney World had such a profound impact on his life.  We were so moved by the story and its lesson that Eva wanted to share it with all the Big Dreamers.  There’s an old saying “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  Disney World trash cans perfectly encapsulate this quote.  Most cities have a local the...more

  • DB 242: How Tiny 1% Improvements Led To Olympic Gold

    Mar 08 2021

    James Clear is one of the world’s leading experts in habit formation and performance improvement.  In his New York Times best selling book Atomic Habits, which has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, James shares the remarkable turnaround of Great Britain Cycling which in under a decade went from being a laughing stock to the most dominant cycling team in modern history.  But what is even more remarkable is the strategy that was responsible for these then unthinkable results.   In this ep...more

  • DB 241: The Secret Is… You Are Like A Thermostat!

    Mar 01 2021

    Ed Mylett is one of the top business leaders, peak performance experts, and keynote speakers in the world today.  There is a good reason why millions of people are interested in what Ed has to say.   He has walked the walk, and achieved great success in all aspects of his life from health, business, and relationships.   One of Ed’s favorite analogies is how your identity is like the thermostat on the wall of your life.  Eva loved the analogy, and thought Ed had captured the perfect way to explai...more

  • DB 240: Here’s Why You Should Never Compare Yourself To Others

    Feb 22 2021

    There is an old saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words” and that’s exactly how we felt when we stumbled across a photo of a young and unknown Jeff Bezos working at an old wooden desk in a run-down office.  Jeff was working on his Big Dream, Amazon.com, which has since become one of the biggest companies in the world and revolutionized e-commerce.  But the headline of the photo is what really gave us the chills:  “Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.”  We stumbled ...more

  • DB 239: With Struggle Comes Strength. Just ask a Butterfly!

    Feb 15 2021

    This episode is inspired by the the world’s #1 brain coach Jim Kwik, who was Eva’s guest in episode 69 of the Dream Big Podcast.  In a recent interview, Jim shared an analogy about the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.  Specifically, Jim pointed out that the caterpillar goes through a period of intense struggle inside a cocoon before emerging as a beautiful butterfly.   In this episode, Eva utilizes Jim’s analogy to help answer a question emailed to Eva by Jenny Bernstein from Au...more

  • DB 238: A Tiny Decision To Make Every Morning To Make It A GREAT Day!

    Feb 08 2021

    This episode is inspired by the great Mel Robbins, who was Eva’s guest way back in episode 47 of the Dream Big Podcast.  We have been closely following Mel’s work ever since, particularly her Youtube and Instagram channels, which are chock-full of amazing content.  Mel recently posted a video on her Instagram entitled “This Split Second Decision Will Change Your Life” --- an intriguing headline so of course we clicked and watched.  Mel explains in the video how we can decide who we want to be, e...more

  • DB 237: Time Is NOT Made of Days, Months or Years. It is Made Of This!

    Feb 01 2021

    We just had one of the most incredible weekends visiting our cousins in the San Bernardino mountains during a winter snowstorm.  It was a short trip.  We left our house Saturday morning and were back home before dark on Sunday.  But when we pulled up to our driveway Eva said: “We were only gone for a day?!  It felt like we were gone for a week!!”   It was the same number of hours that we had the weekend prior, but we did 10X more!   As an added bonus, we enjoyed many first-time experiences thank...more

  • DB 236: You Turn Author Ashley Stahl On Discovering Your Core Nature And Dream Career

    Jan 25 2021

    This week, Eva welcomes Ashley Stahl, a career coach, keynote speaker, podcast host (You Turn Podcast) and soon-to-be bestselling author of You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career.  Ashley has had one of the most interesting career paths of any Dream Big Podcast guest, starting her career as a counterterrorism professional at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  Ashley shares with Eva her fascinating journey from counterterrorism to career coaching and entreprene...more

  • DB 235: How We Are Just Like Ships, And Why We Must Leave The Harbor!

    Jan 18 2021

    One of our favorite mentors is Brendon Burchard -- and long-time listeners of the Dream Big Podcast are well aware of our admiration for Brendon given that Eva has shared many of his concepts in prior episodes.  And today, we wanted to share an amazing quote that we heard when Brendon was interviewing another influential thought leader, Dave Hollis.  Specifically, in talking about the need to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow, Dave shared the following quote: “A ship in harbor is sa...more

  • DB 234: My New Passion Project for 2021. I'm so EXCITED!

    Jan 11 2021

    It’s the start of New Year - a great time to develop new passions and new skills.   About a month ago, Eva came to us filled with excitement as she explained her plans to plant a garden in 2021.  When Eva sets her mind on something with this level of intention and focus, we know that nothing is going to stop her and so we are thrilled to support her new passion project.  In this episode, Eva shares why she is so passionate about planting a garden, what she learned from our family’s failed attemp...more

  • DB 233: Top 5 Lessons From 2020. Apply To 2021 For Your Best Year Ever!

    Jan 04 2021

    2020 is now officially history, and we can’t be more excited for a New Year.   2021 here we come!  That said, with the many challenges of 2020 also came many important life lessons.  The final week of every year, our family discusses what we learned from the past twelve months and how our success and missteps can inform our next trip around the sun.  So in the 1st episode of 2021, we thought it would be appropriate for Eva to share the top 5 lessons we learned in 2020 and how we can all apply th...more

  • DB 232: When You Fail (And You Will!), Fall Forward

    Dec 28 2020

    Eva talks a lot about success on the Dream Big Podcast, and she has interviewed many of the most successful people on the planet from Mark Cuban to General Stanely McCrystal and Mel Robbins.  But one common pattern that Eva has noticed from all of her incredible guests is that they readily admit to countless failures along their journey to achieving their big dreams.  We stumbled across a commencement address that Denzel Washington delivered at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, where he el...more

  • DB 231: Professor Errol Gerson On Gratitude, Success & 50 Years of Teaching

    Dec 21 2020

    We are so thrilled to introduce Errol Gerson to all you Big Dreamers.   Errol is the grandfather of Eva’s best friend Gianna, and a dear family friend.  He also has just reached the remarkable milestone of teaching for 50 years at the ArtCenter College of Design.   From his career as an entrepreneur, businessman and professor, Errol is uniquely qualified to share with our Big Dreamers the patterns of success over his incredible life.  Errol was born in South Africa during Apartheid and shares wi...more

  • DB 230: How You Will Remember 2020 Comes Down To This One Word.

    Dec 14 2020

    We are just a few weeks away from closing out 2020.   In January of this year, none of us could have ever imagined how 2020 would unfold.  In-person schools, camps, sporting events, concerts, extracurricular activities… all CANCELLED.   And even worse, millions of people contracting COVID and the impacts the shutdowns have had on the economy.   With everything we just mentioned, it is easy to see how many will remember 2020 as the worst year ever.  But in this episode, Eva shares how we can look...more

  • DB 229: My 1st Time Jet Skiing. What Happened And What I Learned!

    Dec 07 2020

    A few months ago, the family of Eva’s best friends Sienna and Cayenne got jet skis.  Sienna and Cayenne have been telling Eva about their weekends at the lake, and how much fun the entire family has been having with their new toys.  In turn, we’ve been hearing non-stop from Eva about how much she wants to jet ski.  We had the opportunity over Thanksgiving weekend to rent a jet ski and needless to say, Eva jumped on the opportunity :) In this week’s episode, Eva shares the story of her experience...more

  • DB 228: Here's the Key To A Joyful LIfe (And We Have Evidence Thanks To Dr. Brene Brown!)

    Nov 30 2020

    Since we just celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving here in the United States, we thought this would be the perfect episode to talk about the central theme of Thanksgiving.  Giving Thanks!  In other words, Gratitude.  This is a subject that legendary researcher Dr. Brene Brown has conducted a ton of research on -- and in this episode, Eva shares a life-changing finding from one of Dr. Brown’s studies which spanned 12 years with over 11,000 pieces of data.  Specifically, Dr. Brown did not interv...more

  • DB 227: Why Monks Are Happy And Billionaires Are Often Not

    Nov 23 2020

    Last week, Sophia was overtired and started to have a temper tantrum.  She told us that the only thing that can make her stop crying and cure her sadness was a new toy.  In fact, she said that if we got her this new toy she would never be sad again.  Of course, we all know that getting Sophia a toy would not lead to her everlasting happiness, but in this episode Eva really dives into WHY money and the material possessions it can buy can never guarantee your happiness.  Eva borrows some great les...more

  • DB 226: How Kamala Harris turned IMPOSSIBLE into I’M POSSIBLE

    Nov 16 2020

    As parents, we have worked very hard to eliminate phrases like “That’s impossible” and “I can’t do it” from our kids’ vocabulary.    Turns out with the word IMPOSSIBLE -- you can just add a space and an apostrophe, and IMPOSSIBLE becomes I’M POSSIBLE.   This idea certainly hit home with the US election earlier this month, in which Kamala Harris became the first woman and person of color to be elected Vice President.     Let’s not forget…. it was just one hundred years ago -- in August 1920 -- th...more

  • DB 225: Erik Weihenmayer On How To Avoid Unnecessary Panic

    Nov 09 2020

    One of the world’s most inspiring humans, Erik Weihenmayer, is back on the Dream Big Podcast.  Erik lost his vision by the age of 13, but he resisted the idea that blindness would sweep him to the sidelines of life.  He’s the first blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest peak.   He also kayaked the entire 277-miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon -- among many other feats.  We’ve heard from a lot of Big Dreamers in our audience who continue to struggle...more

  • DB 224: How To Catch More "Greenlights" On The Road To Your Big Dreams

    Nov 02 2020

    Have you ever been in the car in a rush to get to your destination, and hit a red light at practically every intersection along the way.   And on other days, you might take the same route and enjoy green lights all the way without having to stop once.   Matthew McConaughey talks about how to catch more greenlights in life in his new memoir, which is one of the most celebrated books of 2020 and appropriately titled “Greenlights.”  We’ve listened to Matthew brilliantly discuss the concept of Green...more

  • DB 223: Dream Big is 4 Years Old! My Secret To Never Missing A Single Week

    Oct 26 2020

    It is hard to believe we are celebrating 4 years of the Dream Big Podcast this month.   Eva started Dream Big when she was just 7 years old, and we can safely say that helping Eva launch the podcast was the best parenting decision we ever made.  We are obviously blown away by all the incredible guests she has interviewed.  Truth be told, it is surreal to sit next to your daughter as she has thoughtful one-on-one conversations with Mark Cuban, Dr. Shefali, General Stanley McCrystal, Bethany Hamil...more

  • DB 222: James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, On Your Most Underrated Superpower!

    Oct 19 2020

    The Iron Cowboy is back on the Dream Big Podcast!   James Lawrence earned his nickname by completing 50 Ironman distance triathlons, in 50 days, in each of the 50 United States.  A single Ironman alone is an incredible accomplishment -- as it consists of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break.   To do 50 Ironman races in 50 days across 50 days seemed unthinkable, until James did just that in...more

  • DB 221: Believe In The End Of The Story!

    Oct 12 2020

    This episode is inspired by Jesse Itzler.  Our family is part of his Build Your Life Resume Calendar Club, so as part of that club, we have been blessed to enjoy a ton of his content.  What we love about Jesse is how he breaks down really complicated concepts into simple-to-remember catch phrases.   In this episode, Eva shares a 6 word phrase that Jesse coined that will make all the difference as to whether you turn your big dreams into a reality.  That 6 word phrase is… “Believe In The End Of T...more

  • DB 220: Bethany Hamilton, Legendary Surfer, On How To Be Unstoppable

    Oct 05 2020

    Eva’s #1 mission for the Dream Big Podcast is to inspire her listeners to believe in their potential to achieve their biggest dreams in life, even when life is fraught with obstacles and challenges.  In this regard, we can think of no better guest to inspire the young Big Dreamers than Bethany Hamilton.  At the age of 13 as a rising surf star, Bethany lost her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark, which seemed to end her dream career. However, one month after the attack, Bethany returned to surfing...more

  • DB 219: Humble The Poet On How Expectations Can Be An Enemy To Happiness

    Sep 28 2020

    Humble The Poet (Eva’s guest in Episode 146) has an amazing book out called Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life.  In that book, Humble writes that “Unhappiness is simply when the picture in your head does not match the picture in front of you.”  And that “expectations are a bigger enemy to our happiness than our circumstances.”   Eva really loved both those quotes, and wanted to ask Humble to expand on those concepts.  So she filmed a quick video question for Humble, who was kind enough...more

  • DB 218: Dr. Shefali Tsabary On How To Be Superpowered

    Sep 21 2020

    We are over-the-moon thrilled to welcome Dr. Shefali Tsabary to the Dream Big Podcast.  We have been following Dr. Shefali’s groundbreaking work on conscious parenting for years now.  It was such a thrill when we learned that Dr. Shefali had a new book coming out for kids and teens, and was interested in being a guest on the Dream Big Podcast.   Dr. Shefali was kind enough to send Eva an advanced copy of Superpowered, so we had a chance to read the book before Eva’s chat with Dr. Shefali to prep...more

  • DB 217: Siri Lindley, World Champion Triathlete, With The Most Beautiful Description Of Gratitude That You Will Ever Hear!

    Sep 14 2020

    A few months ago, we asked Eva which former guests she would want to have on the Dream Big Podcast.   She immediately thought of Siri Lindley,  the former World Champion triathlete who dominated the world rankings for years as the #1 triathlete in the world.  During the interview, Siri and Eva bonded over their mutual love of horses, and Siri has an amazing non-profit  Believe Ranch and Rescue which rescues horses and finds them loving homes.  When we checked out Siri’s instagram to see what she...more

  • DB 216: Gabby Bernstein On How To Be (And Stay) Happy During Challenging Times

    Sep 07 2020

    Today, Eva welcomes Gabby Bernstein, a #1 New York Times Bestselling author (many times over),  and one of the world’s leading authorities on happiness.  We are longtime admirers of Gabby’s work, and actually did an entire solo episode last month (Episode 208) about her famous “comeback rate” concept.  And now, the Big Dreamers get the gift of hearing directly from Gabby about why the “comeback rate” is so important and so many other practical tips on how to be and stay happy -- especially durin...more

  • DB 215: Your Best Friend Should Be….. YOU!

    Aug 31 2020

    A few weeks ago, we did an episode on how to be a great friend to others.  In this episode, Eva shifts gears and shares why it is so important to be a best friend to yourself!  This week’s episode was inspired by one of Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations.  There, Deepak made the point that if you look at the qualities of a best friend -- someone who would lift you up when you are down, make encouraging statements, treat you well, etc -- those are the same qualities and behavior  that you should ...more

  • DB 214: Space Gal Emily Calandrelli On STEM, Roller Coasters & DYI Science Experiments

    Aug 24 2020

    When schools closed in the spring due to the pandemic, Eva’s grandparents suggested that we check out Xploration Outer Space streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  That show, which became a household favorite, is hosted by the wonderful and brilliant Emily Calandrelli -- who is Eva’s guest this week on the Dream Big Podcast!    Emily has also been featured as a correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World and is the author of the science children's book series, the Ada Lace Adventure.  Emily also has a ...more

  • DB 213: Kechi Okwuchi's (Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!) Expert Advice On How To Deal with Bullies

    Aug 17 2020

    This week’s episode may just be one of the most important episodes we’ve ever published.  We are so honored to have Kechi Okwuchi on the Dream Big Podcast.  You may recognize her name because Kechi was Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer on America’ Got Talent and she has been Eva’s guest before.   If you know Kechi’s story, you know that she survived a horrific plane crash as a teenager and suffered burns all over her body.  While Kechi has not let the injuries that she suffered in this tragic inciden...more

  • DB 212: The 3 Cs Of Being A Great Friend

    Aug 10 2020

    Since this is the Dream Big Podcast, Eva spends a lot of time talking about themes like setting goals, working hard, and being confident.   But we understand that achieving big dreams alone is not nearly as satisfying or fulfilling as sharing the journey with those you love -- both your family and close friends.   At a family dinner a few weeks ago, Eva mentioned that we should talk more about how to make and keep great friends.  And then just a few days later we heard Jesse Itzler, founder of B...more

  • DB 211: How These Powerful Words (Not Our Legs!) Helped Us Finish A Grueling Hike

    Aug 03 2020

    A phrase that kids often hear from their parents is: “Words Are Powerful!”  Usually when this is said it is when your kiddo has stepped over the line and used language in a hurtful or otherwise negative way.   In our house, we also constantly discourage negative phrases like “I can’t do that” or “That’s impossible.”    Recently, we had the opportunity to test the power of the spoken word on a grueling hike in Mammoth.  Truth be told - we didn't’ see many kids on this trail - certainly not Sophia...more

  • DB 210: Is 2020 A Curse or A Blessing?

    Jul 27 2020

    Eva has long shared the importance of being an optimist -- the kind of person who sees a glass half full - rather than a pessimist -- who sees the glass as half empty.   There are so many reasons you can easily take a “glass half empty” outlook to 2020.   Dean Graziozi, bestselling author and entrepreneur, recently poised the following question to his audience:  Is 2020 a curse or can it be a blessing?   Well as Eva shares in this episode, the answer to that question is entirely up to you!    Of...more

  • DB 209: Lewis Howes On The Power of Dreams, Public Speaking, Gratitude & More!

    Jul 20 2020

    Today’s guest is Lewis Howes, the host of the School of Greatness podcast which has over 100 million downloads and 1000 episodes since it launched in 2013.  Lewis was one of the inspirations for Eva to launch the Dream Big Podcast.  We would often listen to Lewis Howes and another podcaster Tim Ferriss in the car, and one day Eva asked:  “Mom and Dad, why is there not a podcast where a kid interviews amazing people?”  And of course, the rest is history.  Lewis is more than a podcaster.  He is a ...more

  • DB 208: What’s Your Comeback Rate? The Answer Is Your Key To A Happy Life!

    Jul 13 2020

    Eva often gets asked by her friends and fans of the podcast:  “Eva, are you always feeling positive emotions?  Do you ever get upset?  Or angry?  Or disappointed?”  Eva's answer is always along the lines of:  “Of course, I’m not always happy.  I’m not always in a great mood.  But… and this makes all the difference in the world, I have trained my brain to not get stuck in a negative state.  So when I do feel negative emotions, I can identify those feelings and take action to put myself back in a ...more

  • DB 207: A Super Healthy "Cookie Jar" With Unlimited Supply

    Jul 06 2020

    In today’s episode, Eva talks about a cookie jar.  But this is no ordinary cookie jar.   Instead, this cookie jar is super healthy and has unlimited supply.  Indeed, parents would LOVE for their kids to grab cookies from this cookie jar all the time.  This concept was invented by the great David Goggins, who Eva has mentioned on a number of prior episodes (links in Resources Section in the show notes).  David is widely considered to be the toughest man on the planet.  He is the only member of th...more

  • DB 206: How To Build The Ultimate Resume... A "Life Resume" (Credit: Jesse Itzler)

    Jun 29 2020

    In today’s episode, Eva shares a concept that our family learned from an incredible man by the name of Jesse Itzler.   If you follow Jesse on social media, you know that he is always smiling, always laughing, and always having epic experiences.   This is no accident -- Jesse is committed to building what he calls a “Life Resume.”  Not the traditional resume that most people think about that lists your work experience when you are applying for a job, but a resume that reflects all the amazing and...more

  • DB 205: Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, on transforming 1 BILLION lives by 2038

    Jun 22 2020

    If you are interested in Personal Growth content, then this weeks’ guest is an absolute rockstar.  Vishen Lakhiani famously quit his prestigious engineering internship at Microsoft after 11 short weeks, which forced him to set out on his own personal growth journey and ultimately led to the founding of MindValley.  Now the #1 platform in the world for Personal Growth, MindValley brings together the worlds best practitioners to teach personal growth principles with the mission to transform 1 Bill...more

  • DB 204: People Will Never Forget THIS About You...

    Jun 15 2020

    This episode we take a pause from the “Dream Big” theme to share a timeless quote from Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said.  People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”   Eva talks so much about setting big goals and taking action on the podcast -- but what we have been really focused on as a family is how we make each other feel.  Are we kind to one another?  Are we there to support one another?  Eva shares how we have started to put a huge...more

  • DB 203: Mark Cuban, Mavericks Owner & “Shark”, On Confidence, Teamwork and Happiness

    Jun 08 2020

    This week’s guest is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and someone who many predict will one day be the President of the United States.  He’s also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark” from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.  And I’m sure by now you know that Eva’s guest is none other than Mark Cuban. Mark is undoubtedly one of the busiest people on the planet, and the fact that he took 20 minutes out of his schedule to have a one-on-one discussion with Eva is a true honor.  ...more

  • DB 202: The Captain Of The Thoughts In Your Mind (Rhyme Time)

    Jun 01 2020

    First, we can’t contain our excitement!  In our next episode, you will be hearing Eva’s interview with Mark Cuban.   Yes, that Mark Cuban!   Not to downplay today’s episode, which is amazing too!   We are sharing a special poem that we wrote on how the pandemic can be compared to turbulence on an airplane.  Eva first shared this analogy in Episode 191 -- and the feedback was so great that we decided to make it into a poem too.   We even had our illustrator add fun artwork -- you can check out th...more

  • DB 201: The Hidden Meaning Of Row Row Row Your Boat

    May 25 2020

    We all know the classic kids song “Row Row Row Your Boat”.  Just a simple, catchy song for toddlers, right?  Well, that’s what we thought until we learned the hidden meaning and now we’ll never never think of the song the same way again.  Thank you Prince EA for cracking the code of Row, Row, Row Your Boat -- and for being such an inspiring storyteller in general.   We are including his original video in the resources section of the show notes, and we encourage you to check it out.   Show notes ...more

  • DB 200: The #1 Secret I've Learned in 200 Episodes (Rhyme Time)

    May 18 2020

    Eva launched the Dream Big Podcast in October 2016 at the age of 7. This week we are celebrating Eva’s birthday (she turns 11) and her 200th episode! In discussing what we should do for this special episode, Eva decided she wanted to share the #1 secret she has learned from recording and publishing 200 episodes. In addition, we created a special poem to commemorate this milestone. Be sure to follow us on social media (links in the show notes) as we are actually posting videos of Eva reciting the...more

  • DB 199: My Big Birthday Plans Are Cancelled. Here’s Why I am Not Angry.

    May 11 2020

    Like millions of other kids with March, April and May birthdays, Eva’s big birthday plans have been cancelled.  Her elementary school graduation -- at least the big celebration that has been planned - is also not happening.   We feel for all the high school and college seniors who are missing out on the festivities associated with traditional commencements.  In this episode, Eva explains that while she was initially bummed out about having to cancel her big birthday plans, she’s not angry about ...more

  • DB 198: How Forgetting The National Anthem In Front Of 20,000 People Can Be “Perfect.”

    May 04 2020

    Eva wanted to take a break from the Pandemic-related content for the week, and share an incredibly touching story that has recently resurfaced.  It’s the story of Natalie Gilbert, who in 1993 at the age of 13, forgot the lyrics of the National Anthem in front of 20,000 fans at a NBA playoff game.  The biggest moment of Natalie’s life quickly became the most terrifying.  The whole stadium went silent -- yet one man, Maurice Cheeks, came to Natalie’s rescue and exhibited an act of kindness that fo...more

  • DB 197: Here’s Where I’ve Found The Most Joy During This Crisis

    Apr 27 2020

    We have definitely noticed that Eva’s happiest moments during this crisis have been out in nature.  Whether that’s been on bike rides or walks in the neighborhood (practicing social distancing of course), or sitting on the low climbing tree in our yard, or escaping with the family to an off-the-beaten-path hiking trail -- these times in nature have been pure magic for our family.  In this episode, Eva shares the scientifically proven health benefits of nature, and how being outside has been so t...more

  • DB 196: Rhyme Time: Practice Makes Progress

    Apr 23 2020

    Today’s episode is the first in a series of episodes we plan to call Rhyme Time.   When you see “Rhyme Time” in the title of the episode, you know it is going to have a poem that our family wrote and a short discussion of the meaning of that poem.  This week’s poem is called Practice Makes Progress. We want to thank Eva’s recent guest IN-Q - one of the world’s greatest living poets - for reminding us how much we love poetry and inspiring us to write our own poems.   Be sure to follow us on socia...more

  • DB 195: Your Mind Is Like A Garden. Stop Weeds with TLC.

    Apr 20 2020

    The other day, as we went for a quick walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air, we came across a house that was completely overrun with weeds.   This neighbor clearly had surrendered to mother nature -- and had not made any effort to mow the lawn or otherwise care for the property in what looked like years.  Seeing this house reminded us of a great analogy from the classic personal growth book As A Man Thinketh, published in 1903. The author James Allen compares our mind to a garden.  ...more

  • DB 194: If Your Family Is Getting On Your Nerves, Listen To This!

    Apr 17 2020

    Currently with much of the world still under stay-at-home orders, we are not seeing our friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins -- at least not in-person.  But I can tell you who we are seeing PLENTY OF -- and that’s our immediate family. In our case, that’s Olga (mom), Alex (dad), Eva (you all know her!),and Sophia (sister).  When you spend that much time with the same people day-after-day, week-after-week, everyone is bound to get on each other's nerves at times. So in this episode E...more

  • DB 193: Adopt The Role Model Mindset. Thank you Brendon Burchard For The Tip!

    Apr 15 2020

    One of our family’s favorite teachers is Brendon Burchard.   Ever since this pandemic started, Brendon has been sharing amazing ideas on how to train your brain and actually use this time as an opportunity to grow.   In this episode, Eva share’s Brendon’s concept of adopting a role model mindset. Specifically, for our younger Big Dreamers, Eva explains what it means to be a role model, and why COVID-19 presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for kids to be a role model to their friends and fam...more

  • DB 192 : Why NOW Is The Perfect Opportunity To Learn New Skills + Eva’s Challenge

    Apr 13 2020

    We believe that kids (and adults) can always find time to learn new skills BUT obviously your time is much more limited when you are at school from 8am-3pm and have after-school activities too!  Those excuses don’t really work when you are stuck at home, right? And while many schools are still offering online classes -- if we are being honest there are now many hours per day that have freed up as a result of the pandemic.   Eva’s challenge to the Big Dreamers is to come out of this pandemic and ...more

  • DB 191: This Pandemic Is Just Like Flying Through Turbulence

    Apr 10 2020

    Mel Robbins was Eva’s guest in Episode 47 of the Dream Big Podcast.   We are great admirers of her work, and not surprisingly, Mel has really stepped up for her community during the pandemic.  In one recent Instagram post, she described how what we are experiencing right now feels like going through rough turbulence on an airplane.  And how the calm demeanor of the pilot and stewards has such a powerful impact on the emotions of the passengers. In this episode, Eva shares the analogy (which Mel ...more

  • DB 190: What You’ll Remember Most From This Pandemic

    Apr 08 2020

    These are chaotic times.  For the past 3 weeks, we haven’t seen our friends or relatives in person.  We haven’t really even left the house, other than a few times per day to go on walks or bike rides around the neighborhood.   We don’t know if this will be our reality for a few more weeks or a number of months - but ultimately our communities will re-open, kids will be back at school, and we’ll be able to hug our friends and family once again.  When we look back at this unique time in our lives ...more

  • DB 189: How You Can Still Find Beauty In This Very Ugly Virus

    Apr 06 2020

    If you turn on the 24-7 news machine, 99.9% of stories are about the terrible illness, death and havoc that the Corona Pandemic is unleashing on the world.  We do stay informed, especially with regards to health guidelines, but we are purposefully avoiding most news stories and we certainly don’t let our kids watch it.   Why? Because, as we learned in Episode 188, we must stand guard at the door of our mind. While we don’t let the negative headlines constantly infiltrate our minds, we do activel...more

  • DB 188: Why You Must Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

    Apr 03 2020

    There’s a powerful phrase by one of the original legends in personal development, Jim Rohn, who would often say that “Stand Guard At the Door of Your Mind.”  When our kids hear the words “Stand Guard,” they likely think about the Queen's Guard that is charged with guarding the official royal residences in the United Kingdom.  Last year before we entered this new CoronaVirus no-travel reality, Eva and I went to London and had the chance to see the Queen’s guards at Buckingham palace. You know, th...more

  • DB 187: In-Q On Why We Must “Inquire Within” & Storytelling Through Poetry

    Apr 01 2020

    It was a great honor to have IN-Q as a guest on the Dream Big Podcast.   IN-Q is based in Los Angeles, so we were even fortunate enough to meet IN-Q and do the interview face-to-face, just a few weeks before the Stay At Home orders took effect.  If you are not familiar with IN-Q’s work, you should be! IN-Q is one of today’s greatest living poets. He’s a National Poetry Slam champion and multi-platinum songwriter. His groundbreaking achievements include being named to Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list o...more

  • DB 186: Play This Game & Make April Your Best Month Ever. Join The Score 4 Challenge

    Mar 30 2020

    In our last episode, we revealed how after a very chaotic Week 1 of this new stay-at-home reality, we made huge strides by coming up with a daily planning system for our family.  This past week we made another huge improvement by literally gamifying our day. The game is called Score 4, and the goal of the game is to see if you can score 4 points. To do so, you need to score 1 point in each of the following 4 categories: (1) Body; (2) Brain; (3) Best Friends & Family; and (4) Big Dreams.  We’ve b...more

  • DB 185: How I Schedule My Day & Make It A Game!

    Mar 27 2020

    The first week of having the kiddos home from school was definitely a challenge.  We continue to work full-time with important calls scheduled throughout the day, and Eva and Sophia also have online Zoom classes to join.   We know from chatting with our friends that Week 1 was chaotic for everyone. It became quickly apparent that we needed to get our family on the same page, and make adjustments to meet the challenges of this new reality.   We are happy to report that Week 2 is going so much bet...more

  • DB 184: How This Pandemic Is Like Riding A Bike (Up A Steep Hill)

    Mar 25 2020

    Ever since Eva launched the podcast in October 2016, we have published a new episode every monday.  We have not missed a single Monday since we launched because it is our commitment to all you Big Dreamers to create content that will train your brain to be strong and optimistic no matter the circumstances.   Given these challenging times and the fact that Eva is home from school, we are going to double down on our efforts and produce more content than ever before. We’re not sure exactly what tha...more

  • DB 183: When You Are Upset or Stressed, Answer These 3 Questions.

    Mar 23 2020

    It’s been a challenging week for the entire world.  The stock market is crashing. “Stay At Home” orders have been issued.  Kids are home from school. And outside our immediate family, we can’t interact in-person with our closest family and friends.  Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that people are stressed, angry, and scared. But we can’t let those negative emotions consume our lives, and that is especially the case for our young kids.   In this Episode 183, Eva shares the 3 Question...more

  • DB 182: Corona Virus: We Are Here To Help (2 Free Resources)

    Mar 19 2020

    We know that these are very scary, uncertain times.   That stress is further magnified as millions of kids (including ours) are home from school, and even worse, are isolated from friends and relatives.  Now, more than ever, our kids need to train their brain to stay upbeat and positive as we navigate this challenging period in human history. We feel we are in a unique position to help given Eva’s podcast.  We have over 180 episodes filled with personal growth content and interviews with world-c...more

  • DB 181: The Power of EPIC Experiences

    Mar 16 2020

    Last week, Eva went on a week-long outdoor education trip with her entire 5th grade class.    When we picked her up from school after the experience, she had tears streaming down her face as she exited the bus.  Initially we were concerned, but within a few seconds she shared that she had so much fun that she didn’t want the trip to end.   And that’s why she was crying! Eva had enjoyed an EPIC experience with her friends. At our family dinner that evening, we were amazed when Eva observed that i...more

  • DB 180: My GrandMentor Myron Golden On Sales, Marketing & Storytelling

    Mar 09 2020

    Our guest in Episode 180 is Myron Golden.   In episode 176, Eva had her mentor Russell Brunson on the show.  Russell is considered one of the world’s leading marketers and Myron is the person that Russell commonly refers to as his mentor.   That’s why the title of this episode refers to Myron as Eva’s GrandMentor :) We are big believers that it is never too early to start dreaming big and taking action.  But we’re also big believers in the power of mentorship, and after you hear Eva’s interview ...more

  • DB 179: 2 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From My Chickens!

    Mar 02 2020

    A few months ago, Eva finally convinced us to let her get chickens. Up until last week, the entire experience has been smooth sailing. Eva and Sophia feed the chickens, clean the coop, and our dog Annie actually gets along with them. The kids prefer to be outside with the chickens and Annie than inside on their devices, and we started getting fresh eggs last month. So the chickens have been fun and nutritious. But then last week, Eva came to us very concerned because one of her hens named Velvet...more

  • DB 178 - School Success Blueprint - How To Get Good Grades & Have A Blast At School!

    Feb 24 2020

    It took us over 3 years -- but Eva has finally launched her first product, the School Success Blueprint at SchoolSuccessBlueprint.com.  We could not be more proud of this professionally illustrated video workshop series. The Dream Big Podcast podcast (178 episodes now) has and will continue to be free -- but we have heard from so many of you who wanted Eva to go deep on a particular subject.   In surveys to our listeners, we noticed a common pattern. Parents are struggling to get their kids to f...more

  • DB 177: Marketing Legend Russell Brunson On Creating Irresistible Offers + My Very First Funnel!

    Feb 17 2020

     If you are a long-time listener of the Dream Big Podcast, you know that Russell Brunson has had a major influence on my life.  I’ve already done 4 solo episodes sharing with you Big Dreamers the life-changing strategies I have learned directly from his teachings.  So I could not be more excited to share that Russell is this week’s guest on the Dream Big Podcast. Russell is probably most famous for popularizing the concept of sales funnels and launching ClickFunnels, a software that enables anyo...more

  • DB 176: If You Want To Be Perfect, Listen To This!

    Feb 10 2020

    Last weekend, Eva performed as Annie from the class musical Annie!  In this episode, Eva shares how it went (spoiler alert: it went great!) but also some important lessons she learned from her experience.   Specifically, she talks about the things that went “wrong” during the show, and how she stayed focused and kept on performing to the best of her ability.  We could not be more proud of Eva for her performance, but more importantly how she handled herself when things did not according to plan....more

  • DB 175: My thoughts On Kobe Bryant's Passing & How We Can Honor His Legacy

    Feb 03 2020

    Eva shares her thoughts on the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and the 7 other innocent souls who perished in last week’s helicopter crash.  The whole world mourns the loss of a global icon like Kobe, but it is particularly difficult for the city of Los Angeles where Kobe played for 20 years on the Lakers.  We live in Los Angeles, Eva’s dad grew up a huge Lakers fan and interned for the team during college, and Eva had the honor of interviewing Kobe on the Dream Big Podcast.  W...more

  • DB 174: 3 Secrets For Dealing With Stressful Situations

    Jan 27 2020

    Eva has been in a handful of musical productions, but next weekend is the first time she will be  performing in a starring role -- as Annie from the classic musical Annie! Eva has been super excited about the show, especially as the big date approaches, and so she thought she would share her top 3 secrets for dealing with stressful situations.   Whether you have a big school project or presentation coming up, or you are going to be in a recital or performance like Eva, or you are playing in an i...more

  • DB 173: The Most Important Gift You Will Ever Receive

    Jan 20 2020

    Our family is always on the lookout for powerful stories that we can share with our Big Dreamers.  With the seemingly infinite amount of content online, stumbling across a truly amazing storyteller often feels like finding a needle in a haystack.   Recently, we were introduced to the incredible Jay Shetty - who creates short videos typically centered around a story and then draws out lessons and key takeaways from that story.  He recently released a video entitled “Ungrateful son teaches us all ...more

  • DB 172: $200 in 2 Hours Selling Hot Chocolate!! Here’s the SECRET to how Eva did it

    Jan 13 2020

    Eva had been asking for some time now if we could find an afternoon to set-up a hot cocoa stand in front of our house.   Last Saturday, we finally had a day with no major plans on the calendar so we made it happen First, I’ll tell you what we did NOT do.  We did NOT sell hot cocoa for 25 cents, 50 cents, or even a dollar. We did NOT set up just a table with a basic cardboard sign. Let’s just say this was NOT your typical hot cocoa stand.  We had our youngest daughter Sophia singing and waving to...more

  • DB 171: How My Family Turned A Terrible Day Into One Of Our Best Days Ever!

    Jan 06 2020

    In this first episode of 2020, Eva shares our most recent family adventure.  We had been hoping to spend some time in the snow this holiday season, and finally got what we thought was the perfect opportunity when a storm had passed through California dumping snow on the nearby mountains.   We packed up all of our gear, woke up super early to beat the traffic, and embarked on a 3-hour drive to the closest ski resort. Eva and Sophia were so excited to experience their first snow of the season, but...more

  • DB 170: Focus On This ONE WORD To Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

    Dec 30 2019

    This episode is being published on December 30, 2019 -- so 2019 is about to be a wrap and we are on to 2020.   This episode is about the ONE WORD that will be a central theme for Eva (and our entire family) in 2020. Be sure to listen to this episode to find out how if you make this ONE WORD the focus of your energy in 2020, it will surely be your best year yet.   And you can apply this word to your family life, to your school life, and to your work life for the adult Big Dreamers. Listen to the ...more

  • DB 169: How to Make The Impossible, Possible!

    Dec 23 2019

    Eva recently came home from school excited to invite a man named Colin O’Brady on the Dream Big podcast.  When we asked her why she wanted Colin to come on the podcast, she explained that her incredible teacher Ms Angel shared with the class that Colin and his team are currently attempting to row across Drake Passage - from the southern tip of South America to Antarctica.   This has never been done before, which is no surprise given that Drake Passage is the most dreaded bit of ocean on the glob...more

  • DB 168: Make Your Bed! How This “Little Thing” Can Lead To BIG Wins

    Dec 16 2019

    This week, Eva shares an incredibly valuable lesson from Admiral William McRaven’s commencement speech delivered at the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.  Admiral McRaven’s message was so powerful that it went viral -- amassing tens of millions of views - and even inspiring a bestselling book entitled Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World.    Admiral McRaven’s entire address is only 20 minutes and is well worth watching in its entirety, as he shares th...more

  • DB 167: Living With A Navy Seal. Now That's Uncomfortable!

    Dec 09 2019

    We are always on the lookout for fun and unique stories to illustrate important life lessons.  And recently we stumbled across a video online of Jesse Itzler sharing his experience inviting a Navy Seal to live with his family for 31 days and following his every command.   Now, here’s the catch. Jesse did this voluntarily. And the man he invited is none other than David Goggins -- who many regard as the world’s toughest man. David is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL train...more

  • DB 166: Win The Morning, Win The Day!

    Dec 02 2019

    It is hard to believe we are at Episode 166 of the Dream Big Podcast, including countless interviews with so many of the world’s top performers.   While each guest has a unique journey -- from NBA Legend Kobe Bryant to astronaut Chris Hadfiled to actress Evanna Lynch -- Eva has started to notice common patterns of behavior which she has applied to her own life.  One such pattern is that so many of our guests have a morning routine or ritual. Essentially, the 1st hour of their day is very much th...more

  • DB 165: Legendary Composer James Newton Howard On His Creative Process & Always Improving

    Nov 25 2019

    It is a true honor to have one of Hollywood’s most prolific and accomplished composers on the Dream Big Podcast this week.   James Newton Howard has composed music for over 120 films, including the Academy Award-nominated scores for Defiance, Michael Clayton, The Village, The Fugitive, The Prince of Tides, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Academy Award-nominated songs for Junior and One Fine Day.  Our Big Dreamers can learn so much from Eva’s interview with James. For instance, James famously w...more

  • DB 164: How To Deal With Cyberbullies

    Nov 18 2019

    In recent months, 3 different Big Dreamers from around the world wrote to Eva about how to deal with people who say mean things about them online.   Jenny from Long Island who recently started a YouTube channel, and is upset that commenters in her channel make fun of the way she dresses. Charlie from Dublin, Ireland who is thinking about starting a podcast but is self-conscious about his lisp and thinks that haters will poke fun at his voice.   And Tim from Sydney, Australia who started a blog a...more

  • DB 163: Lori Harder On Overcoming Bullying And Finding Bliss

    Nov 11 2019

    We always look for guests with inspiring life stories -- those who overcame struggles that would have caused most to quit but instead chose to transform their lives to achieve their Big Dreams.   Lori Harder is the epitome of the ideal guest. In her discussion with Eva, Lori shares an emotional story of being bullied as a child because of her weight. Rather than let the bullies destroy her life, Lori embodied the idea that “the greatest revenge is success” and transformed her body (and life) thr...more

  • DB 162: Where Does Confidence Come From? Here’s The Secret!

    Nov 04 2019

    In this episode, Eva answers a question from Jane who lives in Boise, Idaho.  Jane wrote: “Eva, -- where do you get your confidence from? I’ve been a long time listener of the podcast -- and I’m amazed that you feel confident enough to have one-on-one conversations with Kobe Bryant, Evanna Lynch, General Stanly McRystal, astronaut Chris Hadfield and so many other amazing people who have accomplished so much in their life.    I have been really struggling with my self-confidence I am super shy an...more

  • DB 161: Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton On His Big Dream To Ride The World’s Biggest Waves

    Oct 28 2019

    It is not very often that Eva interviews a guest who has had multiple full-length documentary movies made about them.  Usually to do her research, Eva has to find numerous videos on Youtube and read articles authored by the guest to adequately prepare for an interview.  With this week’s guest -- Laird Hamilton -- our family watched the movie: Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton -- and we immediately knew that Laird was a Big Dreamer who we would love to have on the podcast.   We were thr...more

  • DB 160: 3-Year Anniversary Of The Dream Big Podcast & Why Everything Is Figureoutable!

    Oct 21 2019

    It is simply amazing that it has been 3 years since we launched the Dream Big Podcast.   Our very first show, Episode #1 was published on October 19, 2016. Whether you have been part of Eva’s journey since 2016, or have just recently learned about the podcast -- we wanted to thank each and every one of you Big Dreamers for listening to the podcast, for supporting the show, and for being Eva’s inspiration to continue to record new episodes each and every week.  We are proud to say that Eva has no...more

  • DB 159: Michelle Poler On Facing Her 100 Greatest Fears & Why You Should Too!

    Oct 14 2019

    Born and raised in Caracas-Venezuela, Michelle Poler is a creative and passionate social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, fear-facer, and branding strategist.   Michelle was not always a fear-facer. In fact, as a child and young adult, Michelle avoided all her fears and did everything in her power to never step foot outside of her comfort zone.   In this podcast episode, Michelle shares how an assignment she received in graduate school changed her life forever. Indeed, Michelle has become so passi...more

  • DB 158: How I Got Elected To Student Council - My Top 3 Secrets!

    Oct 07 2019

    Towards the tail end of summer, Eva told Alex and I that she wanted to run for student council representative for her class.  Only 2 students are selected per classroom (and last year over 10 had run!), so she asked if we had any tips on how to persuade her classmates to vote for her.    We came up with a 3-part strategy, and we’re happy to share that she was elected so the strategy worked! In this episode, Eva shares her top 3 secrets on (1) what she in the weeks before the election (likely the...more

  • DB 157: Neil Pasricha On The Secret To Happiness & How To Be Awesome

    Sep 30 2019

    Eva typically works super hard to secure guests for the podcast.  We research guests, film personalized invite videos, diligently follow-up -- but every so often we hit the lottery and the opportunity for Eva to interview an amazing guest falls right in our laps.   In this case, we received an email introduction from Humble The Poet (guest in Episode 146) connecting us with his friend Neil Parishca. In addition to being Humble’s friend, Neil also happens to be the New York Times bestselling auth...more

  • DB 156: The Time I Didn't Take "NO" For An Answer

    Sep 23 2019

    Last December, we were invited by our dear friends Jackie and Chris to spend the weekend at their cabin in Lake Arrowhead.  The highlight of the weekend for Eva was riding her own go-kart for the very first time. There is a go-kart track in Lake Arrowhead Village, and Eva had just barely made the height requirement and was permitted to ride on her own.   We were graciously invited again to join Jackie and Chirs this summer, so right away Eva asked if we could ride go-karts again. When we arrived...more

  • DB 155: My 1st Dodgers Game & What Made It So Special!

    Sep 16 2019

    This is Alex, Eva’s dad, writing.  Last month, I took Eva on a daddy-daughter date to Dodger stadium.   Eva had been asking to go to a Dodgers game for some time now -- and I finally got the tickets and put it on the calendar.  I turned out to be an incredible evening -- filled with memories that she and I will never forget. I always knew that Eva was a powerful young lady -- so I guess it should not have been a surprise that minutes after telling me it would be amazing to come home with a foul ...more

  • DB 154: What To Do When One Of Your Heroes Dies.... R.I.P. Sean Stephenson

    Sep 09 2019

    In this week’s episode, Eva shares her feelings about the recent passing of Sean Stephensen.  This is the first time Eva has ever talked about death on the podcast, and as you know, the podcast is typically upbeat.  But Sean was a guest on the podcast and someone our whole family considered to be a hero. While those who loved Sean were devastated to learn this tragic news, Eva does have an uplifting message about how Sean’s legacy can and will live on.   She also shares practical advice on how t...more

  • DB 153: Master This One Skill And Never Be Boring Again!

    Sep 02 2019

    A few weeks ago, we took Eva to her first marketing event, put on by ClickFunnels which is the marketing software we use in our businesses.   During the event, the CEO of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson shared the power of storytelling. Specifically, Russell explained that emotional stories are the key component to drive people to make buying decisions.   And of course, stories can be persuasive in non-business contexts as well. Students who learn to tell persuasive stories can influence classmates...more

  • DB 152: Back To School Challenge - Choose Positive Friends!

    Aug 26 2019

    This episode is being published around the time that most of our younger Big Dreamers are back to school after summer vacation.   To start the school year off right, Eva thought it would be fun to do a Back To School challenge. Typically, in the first month of school, students tend to gravitate towards the groups of classmates that they will spend the majority of their time with throughout the school year.   Eva challenges all of the students listening to choose friends with positive attitudes a...more

  • DB 151: Luck is for Leprechauns and You Are Not Green!

    Aug 19 2019

    The title of this episode is Luck is for Leprechauns and you are not green.   It’s a famous quote from one of the most motivational people on the planet - Eric Thomas.  We can say that with confidence because his Youtube videos gets tens of millions of views -- and they are all about how you can find your purpose and then turn your dreams into reality.    As you can probably tell from the quote -- Eric does not believe that you should wait around and hope your dreams come true. Eric is all about...more

  • DB 150: Felecia Hatcher on Popsicles, Entrepreneurship & Being A Champion For Change

    Aug 12 2019

    Today we welcome Felecia Hatcher -- who had literally the coolest job ever -- as “Chief Popsicle” of Feverish Ice Cream - a company she founded.   For the past decade, Felecia has dedicated her life to inspiring a new generation of leaders and creating diverse tech/startup ecosystems. An author and globally sought after speaker, Felecia has been honored at the White House on two occasions for the impact of her entrepreneurship and the social impact of her work.  You’ll fall in love with Felecia’...more

  • DB 149: The Most Important Conversation You'll Ever Have

    Aug 05 2019

    Recently, we became familiar with the work of David Goggins, bestselling author of Can’t Hurt Me.  David had an incredibly tough childhood --and was going down a very dangerous path in life. Ultimately he defied all odds, became an active Navy SEAL and then later a world class ultra athlete and world record holder.   Now, unfortunately, we can’t recommend the book for our younger Big Dreamers as it certainly not intended for kids -- but for our adult Big Dreamers -- we highly encourage you to ch...more

  • DB 148: The Amazing Michael Hirsch On How Loveworks Inspires Students to Be Leaders & Dream Big

    Jul 29 2019

    This week, we are so excited to introduce you to the amazing Michael Hirsch and the incredible organization he runs in Oklahoma called Loveworks. We know that Michael is amazing and Loveworks is incredible because we actually flew to Oklahoma a few months ago to meet Michael and visit the summer leadership camp that was in session at Loveworks, which coincidentally is also called Dream Big.   Michael had discovered the Dream Big Podcast, and was kind enough to invite Eva to be the keynote speake...more

  • DB 147: Why Your Values Are Way More Important Than Money, Fame, or Power!

    Jul 22 2019

    We are super proud of all of Eva’s accomplishments with the Dream Big podcast, the work she is putting into creating the Academy which will launch later this year, and how she continues to  push outside of her comfort zone (most recently by delivering a Keynote at the Love Works Summer Leadership camp in Oklahoma). But we always emphasize that it is her values and character that are way more important than any fame, money, or accolades she can earn through the Podcast (and wherever her Big Dream...more

  • DB 146: Humble The Poet On Why To Focus On The Rainbow (And Not The Pot Of Gold)

    Jul 15 2019

    Kanwer Singh aka Humble The Poet is a toronto-bred mc/spoken word artist with an aura that embodies the diversity and resiliency of one of the world’s most unique cities.  With tattoos, beard, head wrap and a silly smile, Humble commands attention. He stimulates audiences with ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and go against the grain, with dynamic live sets that shake conventions and minds at the same time.  Humble's first book Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life is a best-selle...more

  • DB 145: The Water Bottle Agreement - Let It Go So You Can Grow!

    Jul 08 2019

    If you are a long-time listener, you know that Eva has a little sister named Sophia.   Sophia recently turned 4. She brings so much joy into our lives with her hilarious personality -- but she can be a handful at times (to say the least).  Especially when she gets tired, and manages to stay up past her bedtime. Eva was on the receiving end of a sucker punch to the face a few weeks ago on an evening that Sophia was up too late, and Eva was understandably upset at Sophia for hitting her.    Usuall...more

  • DB 144: Cal Newport On The Power Of Focus And Digital Minimalism

    Jul 01 2019

    Cal Newport is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to researching cutting­ edge technology, he also writes about the impact of these innovations on society. Newport is the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, Digital Minimalism, which argues that we should be much more selective about the technologies we adopt in our personal lives, and Deep Work, which argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the modern workplace.  Social media i...more

  • DB 143: Facing My Fears: My School Talent Show and My 1st Keynote!

    Jun 24 2019

    In this episode, Eva shares two recent experiences:  performing a complicated rap at her school talent show, and delivering a 20 minutes keynote in front of a live audience.   Many people assume that as the host of the podcast, Eva is super confident and has no fear of public speaking. But the podcast is recorded at our home with a microphone.   Eva does many episodes in her pajamas! Performing and speaking in front of a live audience is a completely different skill set -- and Eva had to push wa...more

  • DB 142: Elena Favilli on Empowering Rebel Girls One Good Night Story at a Time

    Jun 17 2019

    Elena Favilli is an Italian writer and serial entrepreneur. She’s the co-creator of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series, which has broken records on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter for literary publications.  Eva’s wonderfully generous Aunt Ilene backed the Kickstarter campaign and gave the Rebel Girls series to Eva, who absolutely adores the books, artwork, and the amazing women featured in the books. We were beyond thrilled when Elena agreed to be a guest on the show, and share ...more

  • DB 141: Stop & Smell The Roses: The Joshua Bell Rush Hour Experiment

    Jun 10 2019

    What do you think would happen if one of the world’s best violinists – Joshua Bell -- performed in a busy Washington DC metro station during rush hour? Here’s the catch --- no announcement was made.  There was no promotion. Instead, Joshua Bell played incognito in a baseball cap and lay out his violin case to collect donations – as street musicians often do.  In this episode, Eva asks you to guess how many of the 1097 people who passed by stopped to listen, reveals the shocking results of the ex...more

  • DB 140: Kyle Maynard On The “No Excuses” Mentality & Living Without Limits

    Jun 03 2019

    Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics.  Kyle shares his “No Excuses” mentality and the deeply emotional and rewarding experience of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/140

  • DB 139: Treat Your Body Like A Million Dollar Racehorse

    May 27 2019

    You’ve probably heard Eva share on previous episodes how much she loves horses.   Horses are beautiful animals and we’re lucky enough to have a stable about 20 minutes from our house.    Eva occasionally take group classes and one of the things she has noticed is just how well horse owners take care of their horses, especially the horses that are participating in competition.  What if we started to treat our bodies like a million dollar racehorse? In this episode, Eva shares why it is so importa...more

  • DB 138 - Evanna Lynch on Harry Potter, Veganism, Animal Rights, And So Much More!

    May 20 2019

    This week’s episode is truly special.  Eva gets excited for all of her interviews, but the truth is that she is usually not very familiar with our typical guest’s career when we start the process of preparing for an interview.  Eva is curious by nature, so she becomes more and more interested in the guest as we do our research. But in this instance, Eva actually requested that we reach out to Evanna Lynch, one of her favorite actresses from the Harry Potter films, to see if she would be our gues...more

  • DB 137: How Humans Are Like Power Plants! A POWERful episode :)

    May 13 2019

    One of the most motivational mentors in the world right now is Brendon Burchard.   Recently, we stumbled across a video of Brendon comparing people to power plants.  Brendon explained that when a power plant is first built - it alone does not have any energy.   The power plant takes energy from a source -- whether that’s the sun or wind, and then transforms the energy into a usable energy that can be sent to your home.  In other words, the power plant does not have energy -- it generates energy....more

  • DBP 136: Champion Climber Sasha DiGiulian On Reaching New Heights In Life And For Female Athletes

    May 06 2019

    Sasha DiGiulian first began climbing at 6 years old, in 1998.  She has won the World Championships for Female Overall, and has placed Silver in the Bouldering World Championships, as well as Bronze in the Duel. Sasha has been the undefeated panAmerican Champion 2004 to the present, and she is a three-time US National Champion.    In this episode, Eva focuses on the mindset required to successfully ascend steep cliffs -- and how Sasha has worked on both her body and mind to become a champion clim...more

  • DB 135: Your Life Is A Gift! Be Grateful For It :)

    Apr 29 2019

    Have you ever opened a gift either for your birthday or a holiday, and discovered that what was inside the box was not something you wanted?   Let’s say your Grandma gave you a sweater in a color that you are not a fan of -- and you really don’t need any more sweaters any way. Now, if you tell your Grandma:  “This is the worst present I have ever received. I hate the color. I don’t even need a sweater. Take it back.” How excited do you think Grandma will be to give you more gifts?    Now contras...more

  • DB 134: Natalie Jill, Fitness Expert, On Leveling Up With Energy To Achieve Your Big Dreams

    Apr 22 2019

    Imagine you are destined to be a fitness sensation and even have a degree in health sciences, but instead you choose a career in a multinational corporate environment where you struggle to find inspiration and the drive to go on!  You finally reach that point tagged ‘rock bottom’ and things have nowhere to go but uphill. That’s the story of Natalie Jill, the uber-successful sports nutritionist and fitness trainer. Her story is amazingly inspiring and so is her journey to the top tier of fitness ...more

  • DB 133: MUST versus SHOULD, and why real decisions require a MUST

    Apr 15 2019

    Eva shares with what it means to make a decision in your life.   A real decision that you will follow through and actually take action on.  It all comes down to whether what you are deciding is a Must or a Should. Eva shares a fun example from her own life of when she decided that she MUST win a trivia game about her favorite series, Harry Potter.   And she also shares how she applies the same principle of Must versus Should when making decisions about her Big Dream of inspiring millions of kids...more

  • DB 132: Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Expert, On Vision Boards And Positive Energy.

    Apr 08 2019

    Marie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author, Creator of Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing and Inner Diamond Meditation Programs. She is also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon "The Secret”.  In addition to all these accolades, she also happens to be a dear, long-time friend to my mom and our family. It was a true honor to have Marie as a guest to share her wisdom with our audience. For our show notes, visit...more

  • DB 131: What Brushing Your Teeth Can Teach You About Achieving Your Big Dreams

    Apr 01 2019

    If you are a long time listener of the podcast, you know that Eva loves to find analogies from every day life to teach lessons about what it takes to achieve your big dreams.   In episode 90, she even found a way to explain how the journey is similar to the Bean Boozled Challenge. And recently, we’ve done a number of episodes comparing the process of pursuing your dreams to the Chinese Bamboo Tree, Circus Elephants, Eagles and even Lobsters.   We like to use these analogies and stories because i...more

  • DB 130: Kechi Okwuchi, America’s Got Talent Finalist, On Why Big Dreamers Must Know Thyself

    Mar 25 2019

    Kechi Okwuchi is a singer and motivational speaker. She was one of the two survivors in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash on December 10, 2005 that claimed 107 lives, 60 of which were her schoolmates.  Kechi spent the next seven months in the hospital with a majority of that time in intensive care and has endured more than 100 surgeries. She credits her faith, family, friends, and singing for keeping her going.  We first learned about Kechi’s story when she auditioned on America’s Got Tale...more

  • DB 129: Why You Need Mentors And Eva’s Best Secrets On How To Find Them!

    Mar 18 2019

    One of the skills that will be most important in achieving your big dreams is learning to seek guidance from those who have already found success. Think about it... The most successful people in any field have dedicated years, if not decades, towards their journey. Can you imagine all of the lessons they were learning along that path? Many of those were painful lessons from mistakes that could have been avoided. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can find mentors who can help you avoid those same pitfal...more

  • DB 128: Here’s Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Big Dreams

    Mar 11 2019

    Since this is the Dream Big Podcast, we know that all of you listening have BIG DREAMS.  Many listeners have taken the time to write us emails to share their Big Dreams. Johnny, an 8 year old boy from Texas, wrote in and shared his dream of one day being an astronaut like Chris Hadfield who was our guest in Episode 30.   Lisa from Rhode Island emailed us about her dream to be a professional dancer and actress like Ruby Rose Turner from Episode 128. And Sharon from Los Angeles told us about how s...more

  • DB 127: Why You MUST Practice Gratitude Daily (& Two Of Eva’s Favorite Strategies)

    Mar 04 2019

    Gratitude is an important theme on this podcast.   In Episode 8, Eva even did an entire episode on 5 reasons to be grateful. In that episode, we shared many startling statistics about very difficult circumstances that so many of our fellow humans across the world find themselves living in.   For instance 785 million people go to bed hungry. Over 100 million are homeless. Tens of millions are living in war torn regions. Over 2.5 billion do not have access to clean water and sanitation. And over 6...more

  • DB 126: Famous Failures (Jordan, Disney, Lincoln, Rowling) Who Thankfully Did Not Give Up!

    Feb 25 2019

    One theme that Eva talks about all the time on the Podcast is that on your road to achieving your big dreams -- you will experience setbacks, obstacles, and even failures.  But Big Dreamers who are truly passionate about their dreams do not give up. Instead, Big Dreamers treat failures as a learning experience on the difficult journey towards achieving their dreams.   Today, Eva shares some examples of famous people (Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Abe Lincoln and others!) who all exper...more

  • DB 125: The Elephant & The Rope - Why Big Dreamers Must Never Give Up!

    Feb 18 2019

    Breaking free from barriers or limitations set by others is a common theme on the Dream Big Podcast.   In this episode, Eva and her sister Sophia share the story of a majestic elephant at a circus who can easily break free of the rope tied to her leg.  But because the elephant was conditioned from a young age to believe that the rope was strong enough to hold her in place, the elephant does not bother to even try to break free.  Eva then applies the lesson of this story to her own life and share...more

  • DB 124: The Chicken & The Eagle Story -- Why You Should Choose Friends Who Are Also Big Dreamers!

    Feb 11 2019

    We have spent a lot of energy sharing our thoughts on how you achieve your Big Dreams -- but in looking at our past episodes we realized that we have focused almost exclusively on the individual’s journey.    These topics -- such as developing self-belief, persistence, and hard work -- are all vital to achieving your Big Dreams. But we realized we had not adequately addressed the importance of your peer group, specifically making sure you surround yourself with other Big Dreamers rather than Deb...more

  • DB 123: You must fall before you can fly! Just ask an Eagle :)

    Feb 04 2019

    There is an incredible speaker named Myron Golden who teaches about the Law Of Advancement.  The idea behind this law is that you must always go down before you can go up. It might sound backwards but think about it for a second.  For a seed to turn into a tree -- it must first go into the ground before it can sprout. Before skyscrapers are built -- construction workers have to dig deep into the ground to lay the proper foundation to support the skyscraper that will be erected above the ground. ...more

  • DB 122: The Chinese Bamboo Tree Story And What It Means For Your Big Dreams!

    Jan 28 2019

    One of the lessons we keep on learning from all our incredible guests -- from Kobe Bryant, to General Stanley McCrystal, to Melissa Hartwig - and pretty much every guest we’ve had on the podcast -- is that they all worked super hard over many, many, many years to achieve their Big Dreams.   Each person goes through a long, challenging journey and overcomes countless obstacles to turn their dreams into reality -- it certainly does not magically happen overnight. Today, we are super excited becaus...more

  • DB 121: How Big Dreamers Are Just Like LOBSTERS!

    Jan 21 2019

    In today’s episode, Eva shares a powerful life lesson taught to us by Lobsters.   Yes, LOBSTERS. You never know who is going to be your mentor on the Dream Big Podcast.  Haha. So you are probably wondering at this point -- Lobsters? What in the world can Lobsters teach us about life?   Don’t worry -- I would be wondering the same thing myself -- but then our family came across a video of a Rabbi - Dr. Abraham Twerski -- who shared such a beautiful and powerful story about Lobsters that we just h...more

  • DB 120: I’m not nervous…. I’m EXCITED. Thank you Simon Sinek for the tip!

    Jan 14 2019

    We were lucky enough to have Simon Sinek on the Dream Big Podcast in Episode 91. He was one of Eva’s favorite guests evers so definitely check out that episode if you haven’t at DreamBigPodcast.com/91.  We recently came across a video of him speaking entitled “How To Never Be Nervous Again.” That is a pretty bold promise -- so of course we had to watch the video (and it is not surprise the video has gone viral with millions of views).   In this episode, Eva describes the amazing story Simon shar...more

  • DB 119: Chris Colfer, Golden Globe Winning Actor & Author of Land Of Stories On Creativity & Courage

    Jan 07 2019

    Chris Colfer rose to fame as a Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as "Kurt Hummel"" on Glee.  But to Eva, Chris is the author of one of her favorite book series -- The Land Of Stories. Eva has devoured all of the books in the series, so she was beyond thrilled when Chris agreed to come on the podcast.  And as you’ll hear, he was super nice, gracious with his time, and has tons of amazing advice for you Big Dreamers! And later that same evening, we saw that Chris was on the Tonigh...more

  • DB 118: The Rocks, Pebbles and Sand Story, & How It Can Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

    Dec 31 2018

    This episode is being published on December 31, 2018.   The last day of the year, and tomorrow rings in a New Year, 2019.   And maybe when you are reading this it is already 2019 -- so wishing all you Big Dreamers a Happy New Year.   Now if you are like Eva (and all members of our family!) -- you want to make 2019 your best year ever. And we’ve got good news for you.  Today Eva shares the secret on how to make 2019 your best, and all you need to be able to do in distinguish between Rocks, Pebble...more

  • DB 117: Ruby Rose Turner, Star of “Coop And Cami Ask The World” On Shining Your Light On The World

    Dec 24 2018

    Ruby Rose Turner is an actress, dancer, singer and model who began her professional career at the age of 7 as a dancer on an episode of Univision Miami's longest running hit TV show, "Sabado Gigante."  Currently, Ruby stars in the Disney Channel series "Coop And Cami Ask The World,” in which she plays the title role of Cameron “Cami” Wrather. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/117

  • DB 116: The Secret Is… It All Starts With Belief!

    Dec 17 2018

    One of the most remarkable stories that illustrates the power of belief is Roger Bannister’s feat of running a sub 4-minute mile.   Before May 6, 1954, no human had ever recorded a mile in under 4 minutes. Roger Bannister broke this barrier, and since that time thousands of athletes have done so. When Roger Bannister accomplished this feat -- it then became possible in the minds of all other aspiring mile runners. In today’s episode, Eva shares this story that all kids (and adults) should hear -...more

  • DB 115: Jocko Willink, Retired Navy Seal Officer, On Why Discipline Equals Freedom

    Dec 10 2018

    Jocko is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer. He was a Navy SEAL for 20 years, and was the commander of SEAL Team Three, Task Unit Bruiser, the most highly decorated Special Operations Unit of the Iraq War. Now, Jocko teaches leadership, strategy, tactics, fitness, and jiu-jitsu to people all over the world.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/115

  • DB 114: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life!

    Dec 03 2018

    This episode tells the story of how Eva went from one of worst servers on her Volleyball team to one of the best.  And the best part is that it did not take her all season to experience this incredible turnaround. It happened within a few weeks, and it came down to FOCUS.   Specifically, what she was focusing on when she stepped up to the line to serve. Hear the story and learn from this important life lesson at DreamBigPodcast.com/114

  • DB 113: Radha Agrawal, Daybreaker founder, On Positive Energy And Building Community

    Nov 26 2018

    Radha is the co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the early morning dance and wellness move-ment that currently holds events in 25 cities and over a dozen college campuses around the world with a community of almost half a million people. Her new book BELONG answers the questions, "how the heck do I find my people?" and "How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?" For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/113

  • DB 112: The Untold Story Of Why I Launched The Dream Big Podcast

    Nov 19 2018

    It’s not every day you meet a 9-year-old who has her own podcast.  So people are naturally curious when they find out that Eva has a podcast and ask a lot of questions.  What is the podcast about? What do you like about podcasting? When did you start your podcast? But invariably the question that friends, family and our listeners are most eager to hear Eva’s answer to is WHY?  Why did Eva decide to start her own podcast?  Eva has told bits and pieces of the story before on other interviews and i...more

  • DB 111: Elora Hardy & The Magical Bamboo Houses She Builds In Bali

    Nov 12 2018

    When we watched Elora Hardy’s TED Talk and saw photos of the magical bamboo houses that she was building in Bali, Eva immediately said that we need to invite Elora on the podcast.  We encourage everyone to watch the TED Talk because the phrase “you have to see it to believe it” definitely applies to Elora’s work. We were honored to have her on the podcast and hope to be able to visit Bali to meet Elora and see her mesmerizing bamboo homes in person.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com...more

  • DB 110: Is it really impossible? Ask “What If?” Before You Decide.

    Nov 05 2018

    Eva shares a very important two-word question that she challenges our Big Dreamers to always ask before deciding whether something is impossible:  What If? Eva shares some fun examples of when she asked the question What If?  You’ll learn what she discovered by asking the question, as well as what would have happened if she did not ask the question.   For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/110

  • DB 109: Mia Sinclair Jenness, Star Of Disney’s Hit Show Fancy Nancy, On Why We Should All “Add A Little Fancy” To Our Lives

    Oct 29 2018

    Mia Sinclair Jenness is the voice of Nancy in Disney’s hit show Fancy Nancy based on the New York Times bestselling book series that most kids know and love!  I know I do! Thank you Mia for coming on the Podcast and for singing a few lines of the sublime -- that’s a fancy word for amazing - theme song. We loved having you on the show!  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/109

  • DB 108: The Secret Is… Falling In Love With The Journey!

    Oct 22 2018

    We all want to reach our goals as fast as possible.  But when you have a BIG dream, the reality is that it can take a lot of time to get to where you want to be…  If you were able to achieve the result you wanted overnight – then it means that your dream was not very big to begin with!   In this episode, Eva shares why it is so important to understand that big dreams by their nature will typically take years if not decades to turn into reality, and therefore why it is so important to fall in lov...more

  • DB 107: Joe De Sena Returns With His Family To Inspire Us All To Be Spartans!

    Oct 15 2018

    We’ve had a ton of amazing guests on the Dream Big Podcast.   So when we started to talk about inviting a previous guest back on – there was no shortage of choices.   But there was one guest that came immediately to Eva’s mind when we asked her who she wanted to talk to again… JOE DE SENA.   Joe is the founder of Spartan, a brand that he and his team have grown to become the world’s leading obstacle racing company with over 170 events in 25+ countries and 1 million-plus global participants. For ...more

  • DB 106: How To Say “I’m Sorry” When You Royally Mess Up

    Oct 08 2018

    We’re all human and mess up sometimes.  And occasionally, even the best of us royally mess up and really hurt the feelings of someone we love.  In this episode, Eva shares a 3-step process which we believe is the best way to say “I’m Sorry” in such a situation.   For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/106

  • DB 105: Iron Cowboy James Lawrence On The 50-50-50 & The Power Of Self Belief

    Oct 01 2018

    Iron Cowboy James Lawrence completed 50 Ironman distance triathlons, in 50 days, in each of the 50 United States -- The 50-50-50.  A single Ironman is an incredible accomplishment -- as it consists of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break.   So you can see why everyone told James he was absolutely out of his mind to think he could do an Ironman 50 days in a row, especially with the travel r...more

  • DB 104: The Secret Is To…. SHOW UP!

    Sep 24 2018

    Eva shares a very powerful secret with our Big Dreamers, and we have to give credit to author Rachel Hollis for this one!   To give you the full backstory, my husband and I were listening to Russell Brunson’s podcast Marketing Secrets, and Russell was discussing this inspirational Facebook Post that Rachel Hollis had posted after delivering a keynote to a stadium packed crowd in the UK.    For those of you are not familiar with Rachel, she is a super successful author and podcaster and influenc...more

  • DB 103: Kobe Bryant, Lakers Legend, On Curiosity, Teamwork, The Punies, And His Big Dream For The Future!

    Sep 17 2018

    Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players to ever live.  He played 20 years for the Los Angeles Lakers, and led his team to 5 NBA championships.   This interview focuses on what Kobe has been doing since his retirement, including his new family friendly podcast “The Punies by Kobe Bryant.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/103

  • DB 102: Why The Word "Hate" Is A Dream Killing Monster!

    Sep 10 2018

    We’ve noticed that the word “hate” gets thrown around way too often, especially by kids.  I hate homework. I hate school. I hate doing my chores. I hate veggies. I hate traffic (ok, maybe I’ve been guilty of saying that too often).  Is the word “hate” is overused in your household? If so, be sure your kiddos listen to this powerful episode where Eva shares the devastating impact that the word “hate” can have on your life. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/102

  • DB 101: 3 Powerful Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts

    Sep 03 2018

    Today, Eva answers a question from Tom in Seattle.   Tom writes: Eva, I hope you can help me with something.   I play baseball. I’ve been playing for a few years now, and it is my favorite sport.  Like in any sport, you have good days and you have bad days. Sometimes, I will play really well, and I’ll get a few big hits, score some runs, and even help my team win.   Other times, it feels like I can’t hit the ball. I’ll strike out or hit the ball right to the infielder for an easy out. Here’s the...more

  • DB 100: Episode 100! Top 5 (Surprising) Lessons Learned From The 1st 100 Episodes

    Aug 27 2018

    We did it!  100 Episodes of the Dream Big Podcast.   Nearly two years of publishing weekly episodes.   It has been a remarkable journey and we thank you all for being part of it.   Rather than do a normal interview or solo episode, Eva wanted to recap the top 5 lessons she has learned from the first 100 episodes.  What’s so incredible about these 5 lessons is that we could not have predicted any of them when we first launched the show. But that is the way life works!  You live, and you learn! Fo...more

  • DB 099: What Should You Do When You Get Angry (And What You Should Never Do!)

    Aug 20 2018

    This episode covers a topic that is rarely discussed on the podcast, and that is anger.   We often talk about the importance of having a positive attitude, but sometimes -- especially when something that is unfair has happened -- we are human and get angry.   But what you do (or do not do) when you get angry is the focus of this episode. Eva shares a classic story to illustrate her point -- that it is best to control your temper and make sure you are calm rather than responding in anger.   We th...more

  • DB 098: Zig Ziglar’s Timeless Quote: You Don't Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great

    Aug 13 2018

    In this week’s episode, Eva answers a question from a Big Dreamer who is interested in starting her own podcast.  Jenny from Long Island has been waiting for 2 years to launch her podcast because she is trying to get everything perfect before she publishes her 1st episode.  Eva shares a great Zig Ziglar quote -- “You Don't Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great” -- and encourages Jenny to get started now. There is a great lesson for all Big Dreamers, young and old, who are ...more

  • DB 097: Worst Case Scenario Thinking: A “Backwards” Strategy To Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Aug 06 2018

    We are big proponents of having a positive attitude here at the Dream Big Podcast.   So I think that most of our Big Dreamers will be surprised that this week’s episode is about engaging in Worst Case Scenario thinking.   This “backwards” strategy is very powerful, and will be a good lesson for kids and adults that the “worse case scenario” is often not that terrible after all.   And when you compare the “worse case scenario” with the benefits that you’ll experience if the outcome turns out posi...more

  • DB 096: Hollywood Mega-Producer Devon Franklin On How To Stay In Your Own Movie

    Jul 30 2018

    DeVon Franklin is a New York Times bestselling author, spiritual success coach, and the CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a production company in conjunction with 20th Century Fox. He is the producer of the box office hit Miracles from Heaven and the most recent release, THE STAR, for Sony Pictures Animation.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/96

  • DB 095: How To Go With The Flow! This Skill Will Change Your Life Forever

    Jul 23 2018

    We all have difficulty managing our expectations and learning to go with the flow when things don’t go as planned.  But this is especially challenging for kids. In this episode, Eva shares 3 real-life examples of situations her expectations were not met, and offers her advice on what to do in those frustrating situations.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/95

  • DB 094: Paleontologist Dr. Kenneth Lacovara On Hunting For Dinosaurs And Discovering Dreadnoughtus

    Jul 16 2018

    Dr. Kenneth Lacovara has unearthed some of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk our planet, including the super-massive Dreadnoughtus, which at 65 tons weighs more than seven T. rex.  We’re sure that Eva’s discussion with Dr. Lacovara about hunting for Dinosaurs will be fascinating to all our Big Dreamers -- young and old! For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/94

  • DB 093: What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Rut! Eva Shares Her 3-Step Process

    Jul 09 2018

    Eva shares what it means to be stuck in a rut --  we literally did get stuck in a rut when we were in Mexico and she shares that story.   Eva then shares her 3-step process on what to do when you are in that situation to start moving towards your Big Dreams again, and ends the episode with a fun rhyme.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/93

  • DB 092: Haters Gonna Hate. How I Deal With Insulting Podcast Reviews!

    Jul 02 2018

    In this solo episode, Eva shares how she deals with the occasional negative review of her podcast.   Haters can destroy your Big Dreams if you are not careful, so this one is such an important and honest episode.    For our show notes and fun rhyme, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/92

  • DB 091: Simon Sinek On The Importance Of Starting With Why!

    Jun 25 2018

    Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist, and we were thrilled he agreed to come on the Dream Big Podcast -- as we have been great admirers of his work for years.   If you haven’t read “Start With Why” -- we consider it a must-read and offer our highest recommendation. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/91

  • DB 090: How Achieving Your Big Dreams Is Like Playing The Bean Boozled Game

    Jun 18 2018

    In this solo episode, Eva shares an analogy about how chasing your Big Dreams is a lot like playing the Bean Boozled game.  It’s a super fun episode and an analogy that will definitely resonate with anyone who has ever done the Bean Boozled challenge.    For our show notes and fun rhyme, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/90

  • DB 089: What To Do When A Friend Lies To You

    Jun 11 2018

    In this solo episode, Eva answers an audience question about what to do when you think that someone you care about is lying to you.   You can’t control the action of others but you can control how you react -- and that makes all the difference. For our show notes and fun rhyme, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/89

  • DB 088: Alex Banayan On Unlocking The “Third Door” To Achieve Your Big Dreams

    Jun 04 2018

    Alex Banayan hacked The Price Is Right the day before his freshman year final exams, won a sailboat, sold it, and used the prize money to fund his quest to learn from the world’s most successful people.  He shares what he has learned in his new book “The Third Door” which you can pick up at ThirdDoorBook.com. Alex has been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and Business Insider’s “Most Powerful People Under 30.”  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/88

  • DB 087: How To Handle “I’m Not Good Enough” Thoughts

    May 28 2018

    In this solo episode, Eva answers an audience question about what to do when you have moments of self-doubt -- when you start hearing that voice in your head that says “You Are Not Good Enough.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/87

  • DB 086: Comic Book Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick On Creating Marvelous Stories

    May 21 2018

    Kelly Sue DeConnick has been credited with drawing female readers back to comic books. She is the writer of many popular comic-book series starring female characters, including most famously the Marvel imprint Captain Marvel.. She writes passionately, both on and off the page, about feminism, female representation, and the need for more female comic-book creators. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/86

  • DB 085: Cal Fussman, Master Interviewer, On Why The Question Is The Answer

    May 14 2018

    Cal Fussman  is a New York Times bestselling author, world-renowned interviewer, podcast host, keynote speaker and corporate consultant on interviewing and storytelling.  He inspires organizations to take a new look at their business through storytelling, connection and the fundamental idea that Changing your Questions can Change Your Life. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/85

  • DB 084: Oceanographer David Gallo On Our Mysterious & Astonishing Oceans

    May 07 2018

    David Gallo works to push the bounds of oceanic discovery. Active in undersea exploration (sometimes in partnership with legendary Titanic-hunter Robert Ballard), he was one of the first oceanographers to use a combination of manned submersibles and robots to map the ocean world with unprecedented clarity and detail.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/84

  • DB 083: Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse, On Achieving The Ideal Work/Life Balance

    Apr 30 2018

    Ryan Carson is the CEO & Founder of Treehouse, an online technology school that takes people from zero experience to job-ready in as little as six months.  With his tremendously effective work/life balance, Ryan steers the company ship and still makes family time a high priority. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/83

  • DB 082: Jolly Good Fellow Chade-Meng Tan On Finding Inner Peace To Achieve World Peace

    Apr 23 2018

    Chade-Meng Tan is a Google pioneer, award-winning engineer, international bestselling author, thought leader and philanthropist.  He retired from Google as its Jolly Good Fellow at the age of 45. He is currently the Chairman of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and Co-chair of One Billion Acts of Peace, which has been nominated eight times for the Nobel Peace Prize.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/82

  • DB 081: Going Deep With Extreme Cave Diver Jill Heinerth

    Apr 16 2018

    Jill Heinerth is an extreme cave diver who gets to dive deep inside underwater caves, search for never before seen ecosystems inside giant Antarctic icebergs, and explore the magical underwater world.  Jill’s curiosity and passion about our watery planet is the driving force in her life. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/81

  • DB 080: Generation Ziglar Founders James McLamb and Matt Rush On Inspiring The Next Generation Of Leaders

    Apr 09 2018

    James McLamb and Matt Rush are the founders of Generation Ziglar. Their mission is to inspire the next generation to impact future generations. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/80

  • DB 079: Danielle Feinberg, Pixar’s Director of Photography-Lighting, On The Power Of Teamwork And Encouraging Girls To Pursue Math & Science

    Apr 02 2018

    Danielle Feinberg is Pixar’s director of photography-lighting for the Academy Award®- winning features WALL•E, Brave and Coco.  In addition to Danielle’s Pixar work, she works with teenage girls, encouraging them to pursue math and science. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/79

  • DB 078: Erik Weihenmayer, The 1st Blind Person To Summit Mt. Everest, On Living A “No Barriers Life”

    Mar 26 2018

    Erik Weihenmayer lost his vision by the age of 13, but he resisted the idea that blindness would sweep him to the sidelines of life.  He was the first blind person to summit Mt. Everest and has founded a movement inspiring people around the world to lead a “No Barriers Life.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/78

  • DB 077: Cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg On 3 Decades Of Capturing Nature’s Beauty.

    Mar 19 2018

    Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning producer, director and cinematographer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/77

  • DB 076: Siri Lindley, World Champion Triathlon Coach, On Being Coachable & Saving Horses!

    Mar 12 2018

    Siri Lindley is a World Champion Triathlon Coach and Motivational Speaker who dominated the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Rankings, winning 13 World Cup races between 2000-2002 and was the 2001 ITU World Champion. She won the World Cup Series both years by being the #1 ranked triathlete in the world!  Having achieved all of her goals in professional triathlon competition, Siri began coaching in 2003.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/76

  • DB 075: Dr. Jen Trachtenberg On Why Veggies Are Important & Other Health Tips From A Top Pediatrician

    Mar 05 2018

    Dr. Jen Trachtenberg is a nationally renowned parenting expert, board certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/75

  • DB 074: Dr. Kate Stafford On The Ocean’s Magical Underwater Soundscape.

    Feb 26 2018

    Dr. Kate Stafford has worked in marine habitats all over the world, from the tropics to the poles, and is fortunate enough to have seen (and recorded) blue whales in every ocean that they visit.  In this episode, Dr. Kate shares some of her unbelievable recordings underwater in the Arctic where you’ll hear sounds from bearded seals and different whale species.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/74

  • DB 073: Billy Shore On How The No Kid Hungry Campaign Is Ending Child Hunger In America

    Feb 19 2018

    This week, Eva and Olga are proud to welcome Billy Shore to the Dream Big podcast.  Billy is the executive chairman of Share Our Strength, the anti-hunger organization that created the No Kid Hungry campaign.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/73

  • DB 072: Ben Giroux, Comedic Actor/Director, On Laughing While Living Your Dreams

    Feb 12 2018

    Eva and Olga welcome Ben Giroux, comedic actor/director and the creator of the viral music video phenomenon Back To The 90s.   For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/72

  • DB 071: Wes Chapman on Knowing Your Self-Worth And Waking Up Your Inner Hero

    Feb 05 2018

    Wes is the founder of “A Human Project,”  an organization that empowers youth to learn how to create their own self-worth and rise above their circumstances. Listen to Wes’ inspiring journey and top tips on going after dreams even if you don’t have a supportive environment at home.  DreamBigPodcast.com/71

  • DB 070: Kristen Ulmer On Why You Should Embrace Fear Rather Than Avoid It!

    Jan 29 2018

    Kristen Ulmer is a thought leader and fear specialist who radically challenges existing norms around the subject of this deeply misunderstood emotion.  Learn how Kristen embraced fear during her reign as the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world at DreamBigPodcast.com/70

  • DB 069: Jim Kwik On Improving Your Memory (And Life!) With Acronyms

    Jan 22 2018

    Jim Kwik is the founder of Kwik Learning and a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. Listen to Jim share his top tips for memory improvement with Eva and Olga: DreamBigPodcast.com/69

  • DB 068: Mentalist Oz Pearlman Will Blow Your Mind!

    Jan 15 2018

    Mentalist Oz Pearlman was our favorite contestant on America’s Got Talent. And he did not disappoint on the Dream Big Podcast either! Listen to Oz read Olga and Eva’s minds at DreamBigPodcast.com/68

  • DB 067: General Stanley McChrystal On How To Be A Leader

    Jan 08 2018

    It is not everyday that a 3rd grader gets the opportunity to interview a Four-Star General, and we were so honored that General Stanley McChrystal agreed to be a guest on Eva’s show. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/67

  • DB 066: How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

    Jan 01 2018

    Eva shares her 3-step process for making and keeping resolutions in 2018.  Let’s make this coming year our best year ever!  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/66

  • DB 065: 5 Reasons Why I Love The Holiday Season!

    Dec 25 2017

    In this solo episode, Eva reveals the top five reasons why she loves the Holiday Season. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/65

  • DB 064: Neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett on How Emotions Are Made

    Dec 18 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Lisa Feldman Barrett, a University Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University and author of the best-selling book “How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/64

  • DB 063: Mother of 50 Maggie Doyne On Changing The World In A Blink Of The Eye

    Dec 11 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Maggie Doyne, mom to over 50 children and now a founder of a top-rated school in Nepal that serves over 350 students from impoverished backgrounds. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/63

  • DB 062: Practice Makes Progress, Not Perfection

    Dec 07 2017

    In this solo episode, Eva shares a very important lesson about why the common saying “Practice Makes Perfect” is flat-out wrong. Instead we prefer to say “Practice Makes Progress.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/62

  • DB 061: Ultra-Marathoner Charlie Engle On Running The Sahara & Beyond

    Dec 04 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Charlie Engle, one of the most accomplished ultra-marathon runners & adventure sport specialists in the world. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/61

  • DB 060: Endurance Athlete Sophie Radcliffe On Her “One Life, Live It” Philosophy

    Nov 27 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Sophie Radcliffe, endurance athlete, adventurer and blogger. She has run, swam, cycled and climbed her way around the world. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/60

  • DB 059: Inventor Ray Kurzweil Gazes Into The Future

    Nov 20 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, entrepreneur and visionary who has been described as “Edison's rightful heir" by Inc. Magazine. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/59

  • DB 058: Sports Nutritionist Melissa Hartwig On How To Create Lifelong, Healthy Habits

    Nov 13 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Melissa Hartwig, a certified Sports Nutritionist who specializes in helping people change their relationship with food and create lifelong, healthy habits. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/58

  • DB 057: Venture Capitalist Jesse Draper On Laughing Her Way To Success

    Nov 06 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Jesse Draper, a Venture Capitalist who does early stage seed investing in female founded startups. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/57

  • DB 056: Toltec Master Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. On Letting Go and The Mastery Of Self

    Oct 30 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr, a Toltec master of transformation and we are going deep into why it is so important to love yourself unconditionally. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/56

  • DB 055: NFL Agent Ryan Williams On Achieving Your Big Dreams While Staying Grounded

    Oct 23 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Ryan Williams, a premier NFL agent who also happens to be a dear friend of our family.   For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/55

  • DB 054: Adaptive Training Foundation Founder David Vobora On New Beginnings & Finding Purpose

    Oct 16 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome David Vobora, former NFL linebacker and founder of the Adaptive Training Foundation. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/54

  • DB 053: 13-year-old Lokaa Krishna, Happy Hearts Happy World Founder, On Inspiring Change and Spreading Love

    Oct 09 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Lokaa Krishna, our youngest guest ever at only 13-years-old. Don’t let her age fool you! Lokaa has founder her own non-profit helping orphans in India. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/53

  • DB 052: Haben Girma, The First Deafblind Graduate From Harvard Law School, On Why We Should Embrace Our Differences

    Oct 02 2017

    Olga and Eva were delighted to have Haben Girma in the show.   Due to her work advocating for equal opportunities for people with disabilities, President Obama named Haben a White House Champion of Change, and Forbes recognized her in Forbes 30 Under 30.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/52

  • DB 051: The Power Of PLAY - How KaBOOM! Is Changing Communities One Playspace At A Time

    Sep 25 2017

    Amy Levner, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at KaBOOM!, joins Eva and Olga to discuss the importance of play and the vital work KaBOOM! is doing to ensure that every child’s life is filled with balanced and active play. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/51

  • DB 050: Neuroscientist David Eagleman Gets Inside Our Heads

    Sep 18 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome neuroscientist David Eagleman to talk about the power of the brain. David is a TED Speaker, Guggenheim Fellow, New York Times best selling author, and has many more accolades that we can’t fit into this short description. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/50

  • DB 049: Behavior Scientist Peter McGraw On What Makes Things Funny!

    Sep 11 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Peter McGraw, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, founder of the Humor Research Lab (HuRL), and co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/49

  • DB 048: Why Eva believes school TOTALLY ROCKS! Back-To-School Episode :)

    Sep 04 2017

    Eva is back for her first solo episode since Episode 16 on setting SMART goals back in January. This episode is particularly timely for our young Big Dreamers who are starting back at school this month.

  • DB 047: Mel Robbins On The 5-Second Rule That Will Make Your Big Dreams A Reality

    Aug 28 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Mel Robbins, award-winning CNN commentator, best-selling author of 5 Second Rule, and all-around motivational powerhouse. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/47

  • DB 046: Jessica Cox, The World’s 1st Certified Pilot With No Arms, On “Thinking Outside The Shoe”

    Aug 21 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Jessica Cox, the world’s first certified pilot with no arms who teaches our Big Dreamers on what it means to “think outside the shoe.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/46

  • DB 045: Adam Braun, Founder of MissionU & Pencils of Promise, On How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Chang

    Aug 14 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Adam Braun, founder of MissionU & Pencils of Promise, who shares how ordinary people can create extraordinary change. For show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/45

  • DB 044: Jordan Harbinger On The Art Of Charm & How To Make A Great First Impression

    Aug 07 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Jordan Harbinger, entrepreneur, podcast host at “Art of Charm” and world-renowned social dynamics expert. For our customizable “First Impression” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/44

  • DB 043: Vanessa Van Edwards On How To Make New Friends & Feel Confident

    Jul 31 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome best-selling author Vanessa Van Edwards, who shares some great tips on how to make new friends and be more confident when interacting with people.  For our customizable  “Me Too!” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/43

  • DB 042: Professor Brian Greene On Multiverses, Einstein and Home Science Experiments

    Jul 24 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Professor Brian Greene, theoretical physicist at Columbia University and founder of World Science Festival. For our customizable "Science Is Important” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/42

  • DB 041: Melissa Ambrosini On Choosing Love Over Fear & Mastering Your Mean Girl

    Jul 17 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Melissa Ambrosini, best-selling author of Master Your Mean Girl. For our customizable “Choose Love Over Fear” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/41

  • DB 040: Best-Selling Author A.J. Jacobs On Why He Became A Human Guinea Pig (And Why You Should Too!)

    Jul 10 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome A.J. Jacobs, human guinea pig and an all-around nice (and funny) guy. For our customizable “Human Guinea Pig” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/40

  • DB 039: Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin On Training World-Class Athletes And His Fitness Tips For You!

    Jul 03 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Charles Poliquin, also known as the Strength Sensei, who has trained over 800 Olympic Athletes. For our customizable nutrition download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/39

  • DB 038 : Preetha Ji, Meditation Master, On Living In A Beautiful State

    Jun 26 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Preetha Ji, founder of One World Academy and one of the most respected meditation practitioners in the entire world. For our customizable “Meditation” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/38

  • DB 037: Poetic Voice Sekou Andrews On Creating His Own Art and Finding Your Stage Might

    Jun 19 2017

    In this week’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Poetic Voice artist Sekou Andrews, one of the world’s most mesmerizing and powerful speakers. In “Poetic Voice”, Sekou has created a new, refreshing, and cutting-edge speaking category that fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry in a way that is simply unforgettable. He has performed his poetic speeches at leadership conferences, company retreats, and for prominent individuals including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Quincy J...more

  • DB 036 : Philosopher Alexi Panos On Being An Artist of Life & Changing The World in EPIC Ways

    Jun 12 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Alexi Panos, author, entrepreneur, artist and philanthropist. For our customizable “Artist Of Life” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/36

  • DB 035: Minimalist Joshua Fields Milburn On Living A Meaningful Life With Less

    Jun 05 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Joshua Fields Milburn of TheMinimalists.com on living a meaningful life without unnecessary material items. For our customizable “Minimalist Challenge” and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/35

  • DB 034: The 7 Most Important Life Lessons I Learned When I Was 7

    May 29 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva is on her own and shares the 7 most important she learned as a 7-year-old (she just turned 8!). For our customizable “Gratitude Is The Best Attitude” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/34

  • DB 033: Giovanni Pantoja On Alleviate Skid Row & The Value of Mentorship

    May 22 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Giovanni Pantoja, co-founder of Alleviate Skid Row, an organization that works to alleviate the conditions of the homeless community in Los Angeles. For our customizable “Help The Homeless” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/33

  • DB 032: Motivational Speaker Sean Stephenson On Overcoming Obstacles & Building Confidence

    May 15 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Sean Stephenson, a therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker who has inspired millions worldwide with his story. For our customizable “Building Confidence” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/32

  • DB 031: Puppy Place Author Ellen Miles On Her Writing Process and Inspiring Kids To Start Reading One Book At A Time

    May 08 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Ellen Miles, the author of the Puppy Place and Kitty Corner series - two of Eva’s favorites of all time. For our customizable “You’re so DOGgone” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/31

  • DB 030 : Astronaut Chris Hadfield On Achieving The Impossible & Making Burritos In Space

    May 01 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield. For our customizable “Power of Imagination” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/30

  • DB 029: Fun Family Brands CEO Tracy Fredkin On Creating Community & The Power Of To-Do Lists!

    Apr 24 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Tracy Fredkin, CEO of Fun Family Brands. Tracy shares her best productivity tips, which inspired us to create customizable To Do List. Learn more at our show notes at DreamBigPodcast.com/29

  • DB 028: Space System Researcher Angelo Vermeulen On Leadership And Our Future In Space

    Apr 17 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Angelo Vermeulen, the crew commander for NASA’s mars mission simulation study. For our customizable “Fun Facts About Mars” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/28

  • DB 027: Spartan Race Founder Joe De Sena On The Growth That Comes From Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Apr 10 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing company with over 170 events in 25+ countries and 1 million-plus global participants. For our customizable “Burpee” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/27

  • DB 026 : Humanitarian Mindie Kniss On Making Your “Impossible” Dreams “Possible”

    Apr 03 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome humanitarian Mindie Kniss, who shares lessons learned from her journey in corporate America to becoming a professional speaker and coach. For our customizable “Heart Meditation” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/26

  • DB 025 : Billionaire Entrepreneur Naveen Jain On Leaving A Legacy And Our Multi-Planetary Future

    Mar 27 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, BlueDot, Viome, Intelius, Talent Wise and InfoSpace.

  • DB 024: One-Handed Pianist Nicholas McCarthy On Fulfilling A Big Dream That Many Thought Was Physically Impossible

    Mar 20 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Nicholas McCarthy, the only one-handed pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music in its 130-year history. For our customizable “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” download and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/24

  • DB 023: Neuroscientist Greg Gage On Our Electric Brains & The “Follow Your Passion” Challenge

    Mar 13 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome neuroscientist and electrical engineer Greg Gage. For our customizable “Follow Your Passion” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/23

  • DB 022: Change Agent Jon Bergmann on Flipped Learning & The Teach Yourself Anything Challenge

    Mar 06 2017

    Eva and Olga welcome Jon Bergmann, one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement. For our customizable “Teach Yourself Anything” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/22

  • DB 021: Guinness Record Holder Sally Kettle On Beating The Odds & The Ignore The Naysayers Challenge

    Feb 27 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Sally Kettle, the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother. For our customizable 7-Day “Trash Cleanup” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/21

  • DB 020: Marine Biologist Simon Berrow On Saving The Environment & The 7-Day Trash Clean-Up Challenge

    Feb 20 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Dr. Simon Berrow, a world renowned marine biologist and lover of Ireland’s natural heritage. For our customizable 7-Day “Trash Cleanup” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/20

  • DB 019: John Lee Dumas On Asking Good Questions & The "Be An Interviewer" Challenge

    Feb 13 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome John Lee Dumas, the founder and host of Entrepreneur On Fire (EOFire). For our customizable “Be An Interviewer” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/19

  • DB 018 : Orly Wahba On The Kindness Boomerang & The 7-Day Kindness Challenge

    Feb 06 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Orly Wahba, Life Vest Inside Founder and author of the Kindness Boomerang. For our customizable 7-Day Kindness challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/18

  • DB 017: Emmy Award Winning Musician Jim Oliver On Healing Music & The Meditation Challenge

    Jan 30 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Emmy award-winning musician Jim Oliver. For our customizable “Meditation” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/17

  • DB 016: How To Set SMART Goals & The Take SMART Action Challenge

    Jan 23 2017

    In this episode, Eva shares with the Big Dreamers how to set goals that you’re more likely to achieve with the SMART goal framework.  She explains how she is using this framework to launch and build the Dream Big Podcast.

  • DB-015: National Geographic Photographer Anand Varma

    Jan 16 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome award-winning photographer Anand Varma. For our customizable “Be A Photographer” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/15

  • DB 014: 5 Reasons To Go To Bed Early & The 7-Day More Sleep Challenge

    Jan 09 2017

    In this episode, Eva shares her struggles with getting to bed early and why it is important. To create your own customizable 7-Day More Sleep Challenge, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/14

  • DB 013: Celebrity Dog Trainer Zak George On Positive Training & The Dog Lover Challenge

    Jan 02 2017

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome celebrity dog trainer and Youtube star Zac George. For our customizable Dog Lover Challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/13

  • DB 012: Ten Questions To Reflect On 2016 And Look Forward To 2017

    Dec 26 2016

    In this episode, Eva offers her answers to 10 questions that reflect on 2016 and look ahead to 2017. To create your own customizable Top 10 New Years Questions sheet, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/12

  • DB 011: Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya On Living Her Dream & 7-Day Gratitude Challenge

    Dec 19 2016

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya - who is living her dream of building school for girls in her hometown village in Kenya. For our customizable download challenging you to 7 days of gratitude, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/11

  • DB 010: 21 Acts of Kindness & The 7-Day Random Act Of Kindness Challenge

    Dec 13 2016

    In this episode, Eva offers 21 unique ideas to perform random acts of kindness. For our customizable 7 Day Random Act of Kindness Challenge, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/10

  • DB 009: Pina De Rosa On How You Can Change The World & The 7-Day “Say Yes” Challenge

    Dec 05 2016

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Pina De Rosa, a TEDx Speaker, award-winning producer, author, and high-performance results coach. She is also the president of www.GratitudeInternational.com. Pina speaks five languages and holds four passports!

  • DB 008: 5 Reasons To Be Grateful & The 7-Day No Complaining Challenge

    Nov 28 2016

    In this episode, Eva shares the importance of gratitude and shares the top 5 reasons she feels blessed. For our customizable 7 Day No Complaining Challenge, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/8

  • DB 007: Hollywood Writers Jonny Umansky And Zach Hyatt On Being Writing Partners And Achieving Success In Hollywood

    Nov 21 2016

    In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Jonny Umansky and Zach Hyatt, best friends from childhood and now successful writing partners in Hollywood. For our customizable download challenging you to create a story with a friend, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/7

  • DB 006: 5 Reasons You Should Read Every Day (Kids Will LOVE #4) & The 7 Day Reading Challenge

    Nov 11 2016

    In this episode, Eva shares how she developed her love of reading, how it has benefited her in all aspects of life, and challenges the Big Dreamers out there to a 7-Day Reading Challenge. Go to DreamBigPodcast.com/6 to claim you free 7-Day Reading challenge download.

  • DB 005: Inspiring Lessons On Life & History With Dan Carlin & The “History Of Your Favorite Thing” Challenge

    Nov 08 2016

    In this episode, Eva and Olga welcome Dan Carlin, who the Huffington Post has called America’s Best History Teacher. He is the host of HardCore History. For our customizable download challenging you to learn the history of your favorite thing, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/5

  • DB 004: 5 Ways To Stay Positive & The 7-Day Positive Mindset Challenge

    Oct 31 2016

    In this episode, Eva shares the power of having a positive mindset and offers her top 5 ways for staying positive. For our customizable download challenging you to keep a positive mindset of 7 days, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/4

  • DB 003: How BLACK Overcame Bullying With A Yo-Yo And Became A World Champion

    Oct 25 2016

    In this episode, Eva and Olga welcome world yo-yo champion BLACK. He shares with the Dream Big community his journey from being bullied at school to becoming the world’s best yo-yo performer.

  • DB 002: Dana Wilde On How To “Train Your Brain” To Achieve Your Dreams

    Oct 25 2016

    In this episode, Eva shares the SMART goal-setting framework and how she has used it to launch and grow the Dream Big Podcast. To create your own customizable SMART goal activity sheet, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/16

  • DB 001: Introduction | What To Expect | Meet your hosts Eva and Olga Karpman

    Oct 19 2016

    In this episode, Eva and Olga explain why they created the Dream Big Podcast, what to expect, and share some fun facts about themselves. Plus, they challenge the Dream Big community to a Dream Big Challenge. Get your custom download at DreamBigPodcast.com/1