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Dorktales Storytime Podcast

Think Fractured Fairy Tales meets Big Bang Theory and the History Detectives! Dorktales Storytime, hosted by Jonathan Cormur, is a podcast featuring slightly wacky and very geeky retellings of classic fairy tales with important life lessons and untold stories about the hidden heroes of history—yesterday’s geeks, nerds and dorks who are today’s must-know visionaries, great minds, dream makers, achievers, and inventors who made history in ways you’d never imagine!


  • Bear-Weather Friends

    May 19 2022

    Two traveling dudes mindlessly meander down a path when they awaken ferocious O, a ginormous growling bear, from his peaceful slumber! Will these best bro buddies help each other to safety when the bear barrels towards them in full bluster? Or will one have to learn a righteous lesson about who he can truly count on when things get tough?PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is our reimagining of the Aesop fable, “The Two Travelers and a Bear.” The theme of this story is “What is a true frie...more

  • Eugenie Clark, Hidden Hero of History!

    May 05 2022

    A story of diving, discovery, and the Shark Lady! Fascinated by marine life as a child, Eugenie Clark grew to become a leading ichthyologist and changed the way scientists study ocean life. Throughout her career, she conducted 72 submersible dives, led more than 200 field expeditions, and pioneered the practice of underwater research through scuba diving. She cared deeply for sharks, swimming among them (and riding on the back of a 50-foot whale shark) in order to understand their behaviors. She...more

  • A Fowl First Impression

    Apr 21 2022

    Harumph! Why is a new neighbor making Mr. Redge’s quills stand on end? Maybe his outlook will change after hearing the story of the pompous peacock who struts his fine feathers while prejudging the friendly crane. Will he connect with the crane’s advice to stay open minded, or will he stand firm with his first fowl impression? PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is our reimagining of the fable, “The Peacock and the Crane.” Seeing past the surface is the lesson of this story. Sometimes we t...more

  • Ida Lewis, Hidden Hero of History

    Apr 07 2022

    A seafaring tale of daring do in a long dress and petticoats! At the young age of 15, Ida Lewis helped her father with his lighthouse keeper’s duties on Lime Rock. She grew to become the small island’s sole keeper responsible for protecting and guiding ships to safe harbor. Throughout her life, Ida fearlessly rowed her small skiff out in rough storms and icy waters to rescue people (and a sheep). She became famous after saving two drowning soldiers in a snowstorm and was named, “the bravest woma...more

  • Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Science Experiment?!

    Mar 24 2022

    “Question everything!” That’s Rapunzel’s motto. The princess from Mythdom breaks all fairy tale stereotypes when she tells the story that her time in the tower was for scientific innovation and experimentation. Her patented, three-step, hair strengthening system could win her a STEM scholarship! Can she shimmy down the tower’s trellis and make her way through the peat bog path to get to the science fair in time? PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS:This is our reimagining of the fairy tale “Rapun...more

  • Pura Belpré, Hidden Hero of History

    Mar 10 2022

    A tale of storytelling magic and handmade puppets from the Bronx to the Lower East Side! Pura Belpré was the very first Puerto Rican librarian hired by the New York Public Library. She was an advocate for Spanish-speaking communities and was responsible for introducing bilingual story hours, authoring children’s stories in Spanish, and releasing the first book of translated Puerto Rican folktales in the U.S. Ms. Belpré was a visionary whose literary programs kept new generations connected to the...more

  • A Hedgehog’s Home Run

    Feb 24 2022

    It’s the Folktale Forest’s annual Diamond Pitch Pennant! Mr. Redge is upset that his team, the Woodland Wonders, lost their first game. He’s sure that he alone is the reason his team is known as the understory underdogs. It takes the tale of one parched yet patient hedgehog with a brilliant idea to prove to him that his one, two, three strikes you’re out experience is why he’s the team’s M.A.C (Most Awesome Critter)! PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS:This is our reimagining of the fable “The C...more

  • Encore: George Washington Carver, Hidden Hero of History!

    Feb 10 2022

    In honor of Black History Month, we share an encore of our most popular Hidden Hero of History episode about George Washington Carver: It’s a story of perseverance and the power of plants! Despite the barriers thrust upon him, George Washington Carver overcame society’s challenges to ultimately become one of the nation’s leading botanists and agricultural inventors. Did you know he discovered over 300 uses for the peanut? Carver used his celebrity to speak on racial harmony, hoping to leave the ...more

  • Mr. Wolf’s Penumbra

    Jan 27 2022

    After worrying that the forest creatures don't respect him, Mr. Wolf exits his cave at sunset and is surprised by his new fearsome and formidable shadow. Feeling large and in charge for the first time, he struts about declaring he’s now the forest’s fiercest foe! It takes the setting sun and one small sparrow to break his illusion, and help him realize he’s already admired for being his authentic ol’ softy self.PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is our retelling of the fable “The Wol...more

  • Innovative Architects, Hidden Heroes of History

    Jan 13 2022

    Two stories of trailblazing triumphs! Helen Liu Fong and Norma Merrick Sklarek broke new ground in building design to become two of the most innovative architects of the 20th Century. Talent and a never-give-up attitude were their blueprints for overcoming gender and racial discrimination in their professions, and served as the building blocks for their distinguished careers. Their lifetime of extraordinary accomplishments lives on in their architectural works, many considered cultural icons to ...more

  • Encore: The Emperor’s New Quills

    Jan 06 2022

    Listener Favorites’ Encore! Is the fancy fabric for the emperor’s new clothes really invisible to those who are not worthy? Or is this a case of double-dealing dupery by two wily weavers? As the emperor struts his stylish self through the streets of his kingdom, it will take one forthright boy to blurt out the naked truth.PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is a retelling of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and the lessons learned are that everyone makes mistakes, even an emperor, who admits hi...more

  • Season 3 Announcement!

    Dec 30 2021

    Hey fellow story lovers! This is Jonathan Cormur tumbling into your pod feed to let you know that Season 3 of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast will begin on January 13th. And just like our friends at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, we’ll be unlocking new fairytales, fables and untold hero stories that will surprise you! Prepare for unexpected special guests! Find geeky twists and turns around every tale! Come with me and Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog, into OUR world of pure imagination. Follow our po...more

  • A Cratchit Christmas from Girl Tales

    Dec 20 2021

    Life in the Folktale Forest is merry and bright! Jonathan made a glorious holiday feast—including his pop-in-the-oven crescent rolls and his Aunt Mary Ann’s famous sugar cookie recipe—so he and Mr. Redge can grab a plate, gather by the crackling fire, and settle in to hear some Christmas cheer. Join the holiday happiness as they listen to “A Cratchit Christmas” from the Girl Tales Podcast!  Girl Tales has reimagined Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in this charming story about how Belinda Crat...more

  • Jolly Holly Hedgehog

    Dec 09 2021

    Pull up a log, gather ‘round the campfire with your cocoa and get ready for the Jolly Holly Day Spectacular! Jolly Holly has been passed down through generations of Folktale Forest hedgehogs—a day for sharing the year’s joyful moments, and the experiences that make hearts sing. Mr. Redge hosts this reason-for-the-season celebration filled with happy hedgehog traditions, podfriend guest appearances, and the debut of a hit holiday song by famous bird crooners, the Branch Sisters!SHARE YOUR JOLLY H...more

  • The Little Redge Hen

    Nov 22 2021

    Who’s on board to help Little Redge Hen sow some seeds, harvest the wheat, and grind it in to flour? “NOT I,” say the unbelievably unconcerned cow, the overly obstinate ostrich, and the sourly stubborn sheep, who are focused on their own selfish ways. Will the barnyard besties finally step up, or will Hen’s freshly baked bread fill them with the smell of regret?PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This is a retelling of “The Little Red Hen” where you’ll find fun examples of alliterative word pai...more

  • Six Triple Eight, Hidden Heroes of History

    Nov 11 2021

    A story of an extraordinary mission of mail and morale! Overcoming the prejudice of her time, Lieutenant Colonel Charity Adams became the first Black woman to command her own battalion in World War II. Known as the “Six Triple Eight,” she and 855 Black female soldiers were assigned to take up a lost cause - sending 17 million warehoused letters and packages to the soldiers who were longing to hear from their loved ones. Though challenged with troops constantly on the move, thousands of common na...more

  • Sleepy Hallow’s Eve - A Halloween Tale

    Oct 28 2021

    Hello boils, ghouls, and non-corporeal entities! Our SCARE-rator is here to tell you a spooky tale that will send shivers up your quivers and make your teeth chatter with delight! It’s party time at Katrina’s house and Ichabod Crane is having the time of his life. Jealous of his fun, Brom Bones gathers the guests to tell the chilling tale of the Headless Horseman, because he knows it will make sweet, but superstitious, Ichabod shriek and head for home. And when he does, poor Ichabod encounters s...more

  • Ángela Peralta, Hidden Hero of History

    Oct 14 2021

    ¡La historia del ruiseñor mexicano! Beloved for her remarkable Bel Canto singing style, Ángela Peralta became known the world over as “The Mexican Nightingale.” She made her debut at the young age of 15, rising in demand to appear at leading opera houses throughout Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Egypt and the United States. Beyond singing, Ms. Peralta also wrote and composed her own music and boldly started her own opera company. Like the audiences who loved her, we stand up and cheer “¡B...more

  • The Princess and the Pincushion

    Sep 30 2021

    The lonely Prince is fed up with the Queen and her court! Their snobby standards are keeping him from finding someone who cares about connection over social status. Enter Wilhemina, the rain-soaked and mud-covered girl who makes a mess of a first impression, but ultimately proves that true friendship is more than a popularity contest.  PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS:This episode’s themes include disrespect for others and their possessions, ignoring others feelings, and verbal bullying. Find...more

  • Evelyn Cheesman, Hidden Hero of History

    Sep 16 2021

    A tale that leads to an extinct volcano’s summit! Evelyn Cheesman’s deep love of the natural world led her to becoming the first woman curator at the London Zoo and leading entomologist for the Natural History Museum. From 1923 to 1953, she traveled to remote locations on solo-expeditions (unheard of for a woman at the time) where she observed, collected and catalogued previously undiscovered insects, reptiles, amphibians, and plants—over 70,000 of them! Scientists are still identifying new spec...more

  • The Goldiquills Effect

    Sep 02 2021

    Rushing out to attend the annual Honey Harvest Hullabaloo, the three bears absentmindedly leave their home in haste and end up with an uninvited guest! Goldiquills—a discourteous and disrespectful golden-quilled hedgehog—feels entitled to slurp, smartphone, and sleep her way through their things. Can she widen her eyes (and heart) to her bullying ways when the bear family returns and growls her from her snoring slumber?PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This episode’s themes include disrespect...more

  • Duke Kahanamoku, Hidden Hero of History

    Aug 19 2021

    A story of sportsmanship, record breaking feats and the Spirit of Aloha! Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku is the father of modern surfing, known for catching big waves and globally popularizing the sport. But the Big Kahuna's legendary status went beyond his surfing talents -- he won six Olympic medals for swimming, acted in 30 films, served 13 terms as Honolulu's Sheriff and orchestrated a heroic ocean rescue that forever changed the lifeguard profession. Most importantly, “The Duke” taught u...more

  • Newsy Pooloozi Vacation!

    Aug 05 2021

    Mr.Redge and Jonathan are off on their jam-packed-awesome-times-very-cool summer adventure, so they’ve asked their friends to fill in with their own unique kind of storytelling: It’s Lyndee and Leela, the mother-daughter duo at Newsy Pooloozi! They’re here to share their love of stories and wild, wacky news about science, technology, art, culture, politics, and more. In this Newsy  Pooloozi (formerly known as Newsy Jacuzzi) episode drop, you’ll hear about Maldives’ floating city to combat rising...more

  • Cookie Cobbler Caper

    Jul 22 2021

    Christmas cookie baking and storytelling in July?! It's always a good time for a merry tale about a worried shoemaker who awakens one morning to find his luck has finally changed! How did a perfectly pair of stitched shoes magically appear on his workbench? When he and his wife hide in the cupboard to find the answer, they catch a glimpse of the clever cobblers: two tiny elves who are going through hard times too! Grateful for their new-found fortune, the duo devises a plan to create a holi...more

  • Brave Aviators, Hidden Heroes of History!

    Jul 08 2021

    Welcome to Brave Aviator Airlines, where stories take flight! Unbuckle your curiosity as we take off on an adventure through time to meet four pioneers of aviation: Bessie Coleman, Hazel Ying Lee, Maggie Gee and Mae Jemison. From flying circuses and Avenger Field to the space shuttle Endeavor, these women broke through racial and gender barriers to reach new heights of acceptance in the field of aviation and beyond! Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktale...more

  • The Great Acorn Incident

    Jun 24 2021

    When an acorn strikes a blow onto Henny Penny’s head, she mistakenly fears the worst - that the whole sky is falling! As she waddles off to warn the farmyard, her fine-feathered friends join in the cautioning crusade. Will Henny ultimately lead them afoul? Or will her heightened sense for true danger save her bird buddies from a fiendish fox?PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This episode talks about anxiety, the feelings that can lead to worry, uncertainty and fear. The story also defines the...more

  • Ruth Asawa, Hidden Hero of History!

    Jun 10 2021

    A story of artistic triumph and long-lasting legacies! Ruth Asawa is one of California's most beloved sculptors and was an influential advocate for arts education. She persisted through extreme prejudice and the injustice of Japanese internment camps to become a master at her craft. Today, her remarkable work lives on—from installations in famous museums, to monuments in city parks, to The Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts! Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" e...more

  • Merry Band of Bremen

    May 27 2021

    Once rejected and cast aside, a group of farm and forest animals come together and dream of becoming a busking band of musicians. While on their journey to the town square, they encounter a loathsome lot of thieves celebrating their haul of stolen loot. The group conducts a clever a cappella plan that frightens off the ne'er do wells, turning the Townspeople into their most devoted fans forever!PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS:This episode teaches that everyone has value, no one should b...more

  • Maria Tallchief, Hidden Hero of History!

    May 13 2021

    A head-twirling tale of fairies, firebirds and en pointe feats! Maria Tallchief is a trailblazing dancer who leapt into fame to become America’s first Prima Ballerina. Her technical precision and unique style of dance—full of energy, speed and passion—put American ballet on the map. Early in her career, she was told to change her last name, but Ms. Tallchief refused to hide her Native American heritage and Osage roots. Her successful dance career and worldwide adoration proved the naysayers wron...more

  • The Lion and the Hedgehog

    Apr 29 2021

    The strong and stubborn King of the Jungle gets in an entangled predicament when he pauses while on his favorite Savana prowl. Will his snarling, thrashing and roaring release him from his hopeless bind? Or will it take a mighty nibble from one tiny, sweet creature to free the feisty feline? Acts of kindness, empathy, and a clever idea are the answer to the lion’s plight!PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: This episode teaches lessons about empathy, kindness and trust.Find more information and ...more

  • Hedy Lamarr, Hidden Hero of History!

    Apr 15 2021

    The Dorktales Broadcasting System presents a Tinseltown tale of scientific experiments and world-changing inventions! Who knew that Hollywood’s famous film star in the 1930’s was one of the most brilliant minds of her time? Adored by the public as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Hedy Lamarr’s real talent was technological innovation and invention—from light up dog collars to aircraft wing design! But her most extraordinary achievement was the frequency-hopping technology she developed i...more

  • Redge’s Spring Awakening

    Apr 01 2021

    Winter is over and the renewal of spring is here! Jonathan hosts a vernal equinox celebration for all the characters in his stories, but Mr. Redge gasps at the guest list because only the villains have RSVPed! Should he really judge these scoundrels by their stories? Party on with Redge as he discovers that they’ve pledged to stop their dastardly deeds and change their wicked ways. Can the Witch, Rumpelstiltskin, and Big Bad Wolf awaken him to golden truths that will blow him away?LESSONS LEARNE...more

  • Merlin Tuttle, Hidden Hero of History!

    Mar 18 2021

    A story of bat caves, field notes and righting a wrong reputation! Merlin Tuttle has spent his career studying bats and proving why they are an incredibly vital part of the ecosystem. His research, books, lectures and National Geographic style photography have led to the knowledge that bats are not spooky but spectacular! Meet the hero who showed the world that the some of the smallest creatures are making the biggest contributions—the real “batman” and champion protector of nature’s delightful,...more

  • Three Billy Goats Buff

    Mar 04 2021

    Three goat siblings set off on a quest to reach the hill that has the healthiest snacks when they butt heads with a very hangry troll. Are they fit for the challenge? Will it take their brains or brawn to beat the troll and get across the bridge? Clever tricks and a flying troll will leave you rolling in clover!For parents, teachers and homeschoolers: This episode teaches that having a healthy body is important but true strength comes from using your brain.Find more information about Three Billy...more

  • Wilma Rudolph, Hidden Hero of History!

    Feb 18 2021

    An Olympian tale with a golden outcome! Told as a child she’d never walk again to becoming the first American woman to win three gold medals in the 1960 Olympics—Wilma Rudolph was a champion on and off the track. She used her popularity as the “fastest woman in the world” to become a world-record-breaking voice for civil justice and women’s rights. Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast where you’ll discover more hidden heroes in scien...more

  • The Wind, the Sun and the Porcu-PUN

    Feb 04 2021

    Uh oh! Our heavenly celestial superintendent (AKA the sun) has challenged the wind in a friendly wager to prove who’s best. Can two powerful forces of nature have a peaceful match or will their breezy competition cause an epic flare up? Button up, it’s going to be a blustery ride!For parents, teachers and homeschoolers: This episode is a lesson in PUNS and teaches that power and strength can come from being kind and gentle. For more information about this retelling of “Aesop’s Fable: The Wind an...more

  • George Washington Carver, Hidden Hero of History!

    Jan 21 2021

    A story of perseverance and the power of plants! Despite the barriers thrust upon him, George Washington Carver overcame society’s challenges to ultimately become one of the nation’s leading botanists and agricultural inventors. Did you know he discovered over 300 uses for the peanut? Carver used his celebrity to speak on racial harmony, hoping to leave the world a better place.Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast where you’ll discov...more

  • Strudel and Gretel

    Jan 07 2021

    “Nibble, nibble little mouse! Who is nibbling on my house?!” Is the cute little cottage in the woods Hansel and Gretel’s sweet new sanctuary, or are there more sinister plans awaiting them within? Only their wits and cleverness will guide them to a delicious ending.For more information about this retelling of “Hansel and Gretel” go to: Visit the Dorktales Storytime Podcast WebsiteBefore you go, please hit the subscribe button, so future episodes wil...more

  • The Hee Haw Dilemma

    Dec 21 2020

    On a bright sunny day, a man and his son head into town to sell their donkey in the market. Easy-peasy, right? So how did they end up a panting, sweating mess by the time they make it to the town square? Something stinks…and it’s not just the havoc their hee-hawing arrival creates.NEW EPISODES of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast will resume in January 2021. For more information about this retelling of “The Man, the Boy and the Donkey” go to: Visit the D...more

  • Beanstalk

    Dec 10 2020

    Meet Jack. Is he daft or the dealmaker of the century when he sells his cow, Milky White, for beans? His mother thinks he’s out of his mind until those beans lead to a bonanza - bags of gold, the goose that lays the golden eggs, and the golden harp! Find out how Jack fools the ogre over and over again so his mom can have a lovely cottage with all the modern conveniences…an outhouse, outdoor patio and jacuzzi.For more information about this episode and some of our book recommendations for “Jack a...more

  • Tenzing Norgay, Hidden Hero of History!

    Nov 25 2020

    A story of adventure and record-breaking feats! Tenzing Norgay, a true pioneer of mountaineering, carved out new paths for future explorers by climbing up the road less traveled. Tenzing was the Sherpa guide responsible for getting Edmund Hillary to the final ascent of Mount Everest. They became the first recorded pair to reach the highest point on earth.Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast where you’ll discover more hidden heroes in...more

  • Ready, Set...SLOW!

    Nov 12 2020

    And they’re off! While the spectators shout, “Forget it! You’re not built to beat the hare,” Tortoise is determined to never give up and never surrender! Will Tortoise’s slow and steady pace ultimately win the hearts and minds of the forest creatures forever?For more information about this episode and some of our book recommendations for “The Tortoise and the Hare” retellings go to: Visit the Dorktales Storytime Podcast WebsiteThis episode has been a Jo...more

  • The Boy Who Cried Hedgewolf!

    Oct 29 2020

    Beware of the horrifying hedgewolf! Or maybe beware the bored shepherd boy with too much time on his hands. What devilish prank does he perpetrate, not once, not twice, but three times on the terrified townspeople? And what happens to the far-fetched fibber when he finally tells the truth? For more information about this episode and some of our book recommendations for “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” retellings go to: Visit the Dorktales Storytime Pod...more

  • Louis Armstrong, Hidden Hero of History

    Oct 15 2020

    A tale of Mississippi river boats, parasol parades and breaking racial barriers! A man that built a music legacy and a legacy beyond music—Louis Armstrong transformed jazz music and became the beloved “Ambassador Satch” who performed all over the world! So much of his life was about a deep passion for music and using it to bring people together. Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast where you’ll discover more hidden heroes in science,...more

  • The Emperor's New Quills

    Oct 01 2020

    Is the fancy fabric for the emperor’s new clothes really invisible to those who are not worthy? Or is this a case of double-dealing dupery by two wily weavers? As the emperor struts his stylish self through the streets of his kingdom, it will take one forthright boy to blurt out the naked truth.For more information about this episode and some of our book recommendations for “Emperor’s New Clothes” retellings go to: Visit the Dorktales Storytime...more

  • The Prickly Duckling

    Sep 17 2020

    After the quacks and croaks of laughter from his siblings and bullying bullfrog, the poor little duckling waddles off through the marshes to find someone who will accept and love him. What about the gaggle of goslings? Or the brood of chicks? “No one understands me! I’ll never fit in,” he cries until he bumps into the best version of himself.Find more information about this episode and some “Ugly Duckling” retelling book recommendations: the Dork...more

  • Mary Golda Ross, Hidden Hero of History!

    Sep 03 2020

    The true tale of a woman who reached for the stars! Mary Golda Ross was one of the first women to rise in the ranks of engineering and one of the first Native Americans in the field. Her work in the early days of spaceflight was very important and is still to this day.Join us for future "Hidden Heroes of History" episodes of the Dorktales Storytime Podcast where you’ll discover more hidden heroes in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and human rights who changed the world. Jo...more

  • What are Dorktales?

    Aug 13 2020

    Welcome to the Dorktales Storytime Podcast. I’m Jonathan Cormur, a voice actor who, from a very young age, loved reading, watching cartoons, telling stories and making up character voices. I still do! Now with this podcast, I get to share those stories with you! I have two kinds of original tales to tell…Dorktales and Hidden Heroes of History.Hey classic cartoon lovers! Do you remember the fractured fairy tales that were a part of the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle show? Well, that’s what Do...more

  • Three Little...Hogs?!!

    Aug 13 2020

    The Three Little…HOGS? Who’s heard of that? According to Mr. Redge, our Dorktales sidekick, it’s a classic tale from the fairy tale cannon! Come hear our storyteller recount the story of hedgehogs Porky, Percy and Peregrin, and their ultimate triumph over the dastardly wolf using a glue pot, rapier and a wheel barrow. According to Percy, “It’s epic, man!”This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Karen Simpson Gardiner and performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound ...more

  • RumpleTaleSpin

    Aug 13 2020

    “Rump, who?” asks Mr. Redge as Jonathan spins the tall tale of Daphne, the Miller’s daughter, who must spin thread into gold for a greedy king. It’s an epic yarn involving a magical lawn gnome, a clever guessing game and a Wizard of Oz ending!This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thompson and performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Studio Circle Recordings. Find more retelling book recommendations of the R...more

  • Little Red

    Aug 13 2020

    La, la, la, la-la! Have you heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood? You know, the one about the sweet, innocent little girl in the beautiful red cloak who out foxes the big bad wolf? Well forget that one and think ninja granny with a stealthy rescue plan and fierce tranquilizer dart skills.This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Karen Simpson Gardiner and performed by Jonathan Cormur. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Studio Circle R...more