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Cool Facts About Animals

This is a podcast by and for kids giving you the coolest facts about the coolest animals. We research our episodes carefully, distilling the information into manageable segments, focusing on the things that really make these animals unusual. Thanks for listening!


  • All About Cooking: Dinosaurs

    Mar 21 2023

    Every once in a while, Jaguar prevails and we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming for an All About Cooking episode. This is one of those times. In this episode, Jaguar prepares Dinosaur with the essence of Turkish bay leaf. He also teaches us some pretty incredible science. Kids, DO NOT try this at home!! We’ll be back soon with a four truths and a lie about bugs! Thanks for listening! *The full episode didn't upload the first time. If you're having trouble, please redownload t...more

  • Rebroadcast: The Schmidt Sting Pain Index with Dr. Justin Schmidt

    Feb 28 2023

    We've had some sickness in our house that has interfered with our podcast schedule. (Don't worry, we're all ok!) So this month we're reaching into our archives to replay an episode you may have missed the first time. This is one of our favorite episodes, and one of our most popular. It's an interview with Dr. Justin Schmidt who has been stung by over 100 different insects and created a scale of how much each one hurts. He tells us about what it feels like to get stung by a bullet ant (OUCH!) ver...more

  • Axolotls - plus interview with Dr. S. Randal Voss

    Jan 31 2023

    Axolotls are territorial, regenerative, and maybe hold the secret to eternal youth. Oh, and they're suuuuper cute. In this episode, we share 10 cool facts about axolotls, then we share our interview with Dr. S. Randal Voss. Dr. Voss is one of the leading experts on axolotls, and he shares all sorts of facts about what makes them unique, why they are critically endangered in the wild, and how kids can help protect them.  Find out more about Dr. Voss's lab here: If you want ...more

  • T-Rex v. Ankylosaurus

    Dec 28 2022

    In this episode, one of the most fearsome predators of all time and a living tank go head-to-head. Yes, the T-Rex and the Ankylosaur battle! Before these two face off, we learn key facts to better predict who will take the crown. Which was faster? Which was smarter? Which was best equipped to survive? We gave a few different battle scenarios. What do you think would have happened? Send us an email at with your answers, and we will send you a bookmark. We also want...more

  • Domestic Cats

    Nov 28 2022

    If you are a regular listener of our show, you know that we LOVE cats – we even have three! In this episode, we learn all about domestic cats – how smart they are,  how much they sleep, how well they communicate, some strange jobs they’ve had, and of course, how cute they are! Thanks to our Patreon sponsors, Maelynn, Coralynn and Atesh! If you’d like to help financially support us – and get a shout out on our show – head here. Also, with the holidays coming up, now is a good time to show your CF...more

  • Jaguar's ABCs

    Nov 28 2022

    In this bonus mini episode, Corduroy tries to teach Jaguar the ABCs... but it doesn't go quite according to plan. 

  • Rats! With Special Guest Professor Monica Green

    Oct 25 2022

    In this episode, we dive into the world of rats. Sure, they can crawl up sewer pipes into your toilet and may have been at least partly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Europeans. But - they're also really smart, feel regret, and can show emotion with their ears.  This is a special episode. In our first half, we share cool rat facts. And in the second half, we interview Professor Monica Green, who studies plague. We learned so much from her about plague, how it was spread, and e...more

  • Rats and Plague with Prof. Monica Green (extended cut)

    Oct 24 2022

    In this episode, we include many of the facts from our interview with Professor Green that we couldn't fit in our Rat episode. We do go into some detail about the plague and its continued existence, so please use discretion in whether you feel comfortable listening to this episode.  Don't miss our rat episode that accompanies this episode, which includes additional facts about rats and also includes lots of interesting information from Professor Green.

  • Interview with National Geographic Author Julie Beer

    Oct 16 2022

    In this episode, we speak with National Geographic author about all sorts of cool animals facts. We talk about why pandas are black and white, why t-rexes have short arms, and some of her favorite animal myths to debunk. Julie is the author of almost 50 books, including a number of Weird But True books, and her new book - Why? Animals.  Thank you to Paul and Evelyn for being our Patreon sponsors. If you'd like to support us financially, you can do so here:

  • Rebroadcast - Mega Plastic Episode with Dr. Jenna Jambeck

    Oct 13 2022

    Today we are rebroadcasting our mega plastic episode. We’re replaying this episode now because we just found out that one of the people we interviewed for this episode, Dr. Jenna Jambeck, was named as one of the 25 MacArthur Genius Grant recipients for 2022. This is a really big honor! We have a lot planned in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for an episode with Weird But True author Julie Beer about all sorts of animal trivia. And then – our episode about rats. As part of that episode, we’ll spea...more

  • Jaguar and Corduroy and Jaguar Present: Laughtown Game Olympics

    Sep 24 2022

    In this special episode, Jaguar and Teddy play some games. You'll never guess who wins!  Thanks to our Patreon sponsors, Magdalena, Kellan, and George! If you'd like to be our Patreon sponsor, you can do so here:

  • Cool Facts About Animals Visits the Redwoods!

    Aug 31 2022

    It was a long time coming, but we finally made it to the Redwoods! We got to learn all about this amazing habitat and see the forest in person, as well as meet with two California State Park rangers, Marnin Robbins and Kyle Buchanan. In our discussions with them, we learn about the unusual way Redwood trees reproduce, the animals that live there, solve a Redwoods mystery, discover how to keep the habitat safe, and lots more. Thanks to our Patreon sponsors for making this episode possible! If you...more

  • Bonus: Interview with National Geographic Author and Wildlife Vet Dr. Gabby Wild

    Aug 20 2022

    In this bonus episode, the Cool Facts About Animals Crew gets the chance to speak with National Geographic author and wildlife vet Dr. Gabby Wild. We speak about her new book, How to Speak Animal, and learn a lot about the different ways animals communicate. Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell us how to tell our cat Fuzzy to stop bullying our other cats. Alphas gonna alpha. We think you’ll enjoy learning all sorts of fun animal communication facts, including how crickets can tell us the temperature...more

  • Episode Swap! Newsy Pooloozi's Plastic Trees and Animal Poo

    Aug 03 2022

    It’s an episode swap! Today we’re sharing an animal-themed newsy podcast from our Kids Listen pals Newsy Pooloozi! You’ll hear stories about animals, plastic trees, and, well, poo. We think you’ll enjoy it. If you do, be sure to check out their podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Don’t forget about our Patreon sponsor meetup on Saturday, August 13 at 10 am pacific! We hope you can join us.

  • Sled Dogs: Cool Facts About Animals and The Past and the Curious Mashup

    Jul 31 2022

    In this special episode, Cool Facts About Animals and the Past and the Curious team up to learn all about sled dogs! We learn ten cool facts about sled dogs while also learning the history of two very special sled dogs who saved the town of Nome, Alaska.  Don't forget out meetup on August 13 at 10 am Pacific for Patreon sponsors! Become a sponsor here: Also, we have merch! Want a tshirt? An All About Cooking Apron? Find it here:

  • Honeybees

    Jun 30 2022

    In this episode, we learn all about honeybees! Learn about the waggle dance, how furry bees are, and other fun facts about these amazing and important pollinators. We are having another Patreon meetup! Patreon sponsors at any level (beginning at $1) are invited to join us for a Zoom on August 13 at 10 am pacific/1 pm eastern. Zoom details will be available on our Patreon page. Our kid challenge this episode is to build a home for mason bees. Here’s ...more

  • Happy World Jaguar Day!

    Jun 11 2022

    Not to be confused with International Jaguar Day, we celebrate World Jaguar Day with Jaguar, his best friend Lunch the spider monkey burrito, and the rest of the crew.  Not a lot of learning in this one, but lots of giggles. 

  • VERSUS! Anaconda v. Salt Water Crocodile

    May 16 2022

    Two kings of reptiles meet in our mock meetup ... anaconda versus crocodile (versus Jaguar). First, learn cool facts about the anaconda and salt water crocodile, and then let us know if you agree with our crowned winner(s).  Thanks to our Patreon sponsors James and Millie! If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor (and start getting our newsletter!) head over here: To answer our creature quiz, riddle or to let us know about your kid power challenge, ...more

  • Arctic Animals with Dr. Maarten Loonen

    Apr 10 2022

    During our research of the arctic fox, we discovered Dr. Maarten Loonen, a biologist who studies in the Arctic Circle. We learned so many cool things that we hadn't known about before, not just about the arctic fox but about other animals, too. Like the amazing journey of the arctic tern, and how to tell whether Rudolph is a boy or a girl reindeer.  We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed speaking to Dr. Loonen. 

  • Arctic Fox

    Mar 28 2022

    Ready to learn about the pint-sized, fluffy-tailed arctic fox? Yes, the arctic fox is adorable. But it’s also tough. It's highly evolved to withstand the -50 degree temps of the arctic circle. We’ll learn about these traits and more facts that make these animals so cool in this episode. Thanks to our $10 Patreon sponsor Tessa for the suggestion! If you’d like to support us financially, check out our Patreon page here: You can show your Cool Facts Abo...more

  • Introducing Mashups by Kids Listen

    Mar 20 2022

    Hello listeners! We know you've heard us talk about Kids Listen before. Well, we're excited to announce that they're putting out a new podcast series called Mashups. And we're in the first episode! The podcast "mashes up" two different podcasts. We were mashed with Ms. Lynn of the Good Words podcast. We talk about our podcasts, play a game together, and share some bloopers at the end.  Here's the first episode:

  • Four Truths and a Lie

    Feb 28 2022

    We’re very excited about this episode of Cool Facts About Animals. We’re breaking format to present “Four Truths and a Lie.” Four of these sea animals are real. One is not. Can you figure out which one is the lie? Thank you to our Patreon sponsors! If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor, head here: We’ve also created a Cool Facts About Animals merchandise store! You can buy a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or canvas bag. Jaguar has also added an All About C...more

  • Coyotes

    Jan 28 2022

    In this episode, we learn about the trickster coyote. At the end of this episode, you’ll know their defense mechanisms, how dangerous they really are to humans, and what’s so cool about their noses. We’ll also learn a Native American story about coyotes. Plus, find out all about Latin from Jaguar. Thanks to our Patreon sponsors for your support! We are using the funds to travel to the Redwoods to learn more about different animals and speak with experts. If you’d like to support us financially, ...more

  • Vaquita

    Jan 02 2022

    In this episode, we learn about one of the most endangered animals in the world, the vaquita. Vaquitas are the smallest existing porpoise and there are only about 10 o them left. We learn about the vaquita, the reason why they are in such danger, and how to help. We meet with two vaquita experts – Dr. Barbara Taylor and conservationist Jonathan White – to help us better understand the plight of the vaquita. Be sure to check your feed for our stand-alone interviews with them too. Thanks to listen...more

  • Vaquita: Bonus interview with Dr. Barbara Taylor

    Jan 02 2022

    In this companion episode to our vaquita episode we speak with scientist Dr. Barbara Taylor. She tells us even more interesting facts about the vaquita than we could fit into our vaquita episode. She also tells us about a real life polar bear encounter! Spoiler: she survived. Be sure to check out our interview with conservationist Jonathan White and our vaquita episode too!

  • Vaquita: Bonus interview with Jonathan White

    Jan 02 2022

    In this companion episode to our vaquita episode, we speak with conservationist Jonathan White. He tells us about his own vaquita spotting, how dangerous it is out there on the Gulf of California, and we discuss why saving the vaquita matters. Also check out our interview with Dr. Barbara Taylor and our vaquita episode!

  • Jaguar Presents: All About Cooking (Vegetarian Version)

    Nov 14 2021

    Unfortunately for Jaguar, the cassowary escaped. So this all about cooking is all vegetarian. 

  • Cassowary

    Nov 08 2021

    You guessed it listeners! This episode is about the Australian flightless bird the cassowary. Learn about why this bird has been termed the world’s deadliest bird, what that horn thing is all about, and just how big they get. If you think you know the answer to our creature quiz or riddle, or if you did our kid challenge, let us know! Send us an email at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod and we will send you a bookmark. Patreon sponsors! We are having a Zoom meet up ...more

  • Goblin Shark - Halloween Episode!

    Oct 20 2021

    We’re featuring a creepy, Halloween-worthy animal in this bonus episode! The Goblin shark gets its name because it really does look like a goblin. Learn more about its impressive mouth gape, lightning fast jaw speed, and more. We mentioned the videos of the goblin shark eating – there are links to both videos in this informative article. One of our kid challenges this episode is to try to find plastic-free candy wr...more

  • Bonus: One Word Story

    Oct 12 2021

    It's taken a bit longer than we wanted to get our next episode out. We found this goofy recording on my phone from the summer and thought you might enjoy. See you soon with our next episode!

  • Piranha

    Sep 12 2021

    Piranhas get a bad rap. They’re thought of as vicious, human killing machines. While piranhas do have some impressive teeth and an even more impressive bite force, they’re really not quite as dangerous as they’re made out to be. In this episode, we do some piranha myth busting and learn more about this impressive creature. Thank you to RACC for our audio equipment. We really think you can tell the difference! We’re so glad to be able to share some clearer audio with you. Thank you also to Andrew...more

  • Rhinoceros Viper

    Aug 29 2021

    On this episode, we learn all about the venomous (not poisonous) rhinoceros viper. Learn about its cool retractable fangs, the not one but TWO types of venom it has, and take a listen to Jaguar's new evolution music.  Thank you to the Regional Arts & Culture Council for our awesome new podcasting equipment! We are excited to give you better and better audio as we learn the tricks of our new equipment.  Thank you also to Nora for being our Patreon sponsor! If you would like to be a Patreon sponso...more

  • Episode Swap! Newsy Jacuzzi

    Aug 09 2021

    Hello listeners! We are doing an episode swap with Newsy Jacuzzi! We think you’ll love this podcast, another kid-grownup collaboration. They help find some of the coolest news stories from all across the world and share them with their listeners. There are often stories about animals, the environment, and other things that I know our listeners care about. We hope you like this episode, which has news stories about hangry fruit flies, air purification, and lots more. If you like Newsy Jacuzzi, ad...more

  • Ants and Other Bugs with Dr. Mark Moffett

    Aug 05 2021

    Have you ever watched ants hurry busily along and wonder what they're doing? Dr. Moffett did, and decided to turn that interest into ants and other bugs into a career. In this episode, we learn about ants - from the kind in your backyard to the kind that can eat people, how Dr. Moffett almost got trampled by elephants, hit by blowdarts, and other adventures. We also are joined by his wife Melissa, who tells us about their travels and more.  Thanks to Andrew Barkan of Ear Snacks for our theme son...more

  • Animal Facts from Our Listeners

    Jul 25 2021

    We asked, you answered! In this episode, we hear facts about sea slugs, lions, zombie caterpillars, wild horses, and lots more. And of course, Jaguar evolves to become even more powerful. Thanks to Ari, August, Cristian, Gracelyn, Lucy, Oliver, Sally, Tristan, Quinn, Harry, Iris, and Theo for their facts! Be sure to check out the Kids Listen podcast Best Day Yet for positivity, affirmations, and animal explorations. You can find the podcast here: Thanks to Andre...more

  • How Kids Can Stop Plastic Pollution

    Jul 04 2021

    Our plastic episode is here! In this episode, we learn about how much plastic is in the ocean, why that’s a problem for animals, how it all got there, and, most importantly, how you can help. We talked to so many experts to make this episode. Thank you to: Senator Jeff Merkley Dr. Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia Christopher Joyce, NPR Rachel Giles, Chelsea Rochman’s lab Shaye DiPasquale, Terracycle David Clark, Amcor Thank you also to our fabulous editor, Eric Klein. If you need editing hel...more

  • Jaguar Presents: All About Cooking Meow Meow

    Jun 11 2021

    This is Jaguar meow meow! Learn how to cook endangered meat with just a flame thrower, trebuchet and elbow grease in this best ever episode! 

  • Hippo/Hippopotamus

    Jun 06 2021

    In this episode we learn all about lake cow bacon, otherwise known as the hippopotamus! You’ll learn about poop-flinging, built-in sunscreen, mouth gape, how huge they are, and more. Thanks for listening! If you would like to support us on Patreon, please head here: We have fun benefits like shout-outs and outtakes (including a funny one on poop today). Here’s our website.

  • Cicadas - Brood X

    May 10 2021

    We at Cool Facts About Animals are pretty jealous of our east coast listeners who are about to get visited by TRILLIONS of cicadas! In this episode, we give you all the information you need to know about this amazing insects, which have been waiting for the past 17 years to emerge. Included in that is a zombie fungus disease that makes their butts fall off! You don't want to miss this one.  Thanks to our Patreon sponsors August and Wren! If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor, you can sign up...more

  • Earth Day! Endangered and Comeback Animals

    Apr 22 2021

    Happy Earth Day! In this special bonus episode, we each choose an endangered or extinct animal to learn about, then we choose an animal that’s making a rebound, and share an idea for how you can help to keep animals of the endangered list! In this episode, we learn about: Black rhinoceros White rhinoceros European Jaguar Blackfooted pigeon Tooth-billed pigeon Condor Vaquita American alligator Here’s a great website to learn more about ethical and sustainably-produced seafood: https://thehealt...more

  • Herons

    Apr 12 2021

    In this special double episode, we learn all about herons. First, we are joined by Patreon supporter and friend Meryl to learn all about the third biggest heron, the great blue heron. Then, the usual crew learn more about the second biggest and biggest herons - the white bellied heron and the Goliath heron.  We want to hear from you too! Send us an audio clip with your cool animal fact to and we will include them in an upcoming episode. If you'd like to be a Patre...more

  • Just for Fun: Jaguar & Corduroy Present Laughtown - The Trash Debacle

    Mar 21 2021

    Jaguar wants to cover the world in trash. Can Corduroy stop him?  (No animal facts in this one - this is just for fun!) 

  • Horseshoe Crabs

    Mar 07 2021

    Horseshoe crabs have been around since before the age of dinosaurs! During the time, they've seen a lot of changes in the world. We talk about these living fossils, including why their blood is so valuable, their many eyes and legs, and many other cool facts.  If you think you know the answer to the riddle or creature quiz, or if you do the Kid Power challenge, send us an email at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod and we'll send you a bookmark!  If you'd like to be a...more

  • Dragons with Mr. Eric and Dracomax of What If World

    Feb 14 2021

    Dragons are one of the most amazing animals in the world - but it's hard to get the facts about them when they are so rare. Luckily, we were able to speak with Mr. Eric of What If World and a real live What If World dragon, Dracomax! Dracomax fills us in on all sorts of interesting stuff about dragons, like their favorite jokes, systems of governance, and their deepest, darkest secrets (it involves pudding).  We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this episode.  If you do, be su...more

  • Toads, Alligators and Turtles with Gina Zwicky

    Jan 29 2021

    We have a really cool special episode for you today.  In this one, we interview Gina Zwicky. Gina is a graduate student at the University of New Orleans, where she studies reptile immuno-evolution, and she knows a ton of stuff about toads, frogs, alligators and turtles. In this episode, we learn about snapping turtles' butt-breathing, how to tell an alligator from a crocodile, and why frogs have the coloring they do. We also learn about Gina's frog watch events, and why they're helpful to scienc...more

  • Honey Badger

    Jan 10 2021

    This is one tough animal. Smart, recklessly aggressive, equipped with tough skin, stink bombs and sharp claws - even lions run from the honey badger!  We mentioned a bunch of things in this episode. Here's a link to the Nature documentary: Here's a link to our YouTube channel - you can check out our collaboration with At Your Level and we will post a drawing lesson in the near future:

  • Sea Star Holiday Activity Video!

    Dec 28 2020

    Learn more about sea stars (aka starfish) while playing along with the Cool Facts About Animals and At Your Level podcasts. During this activity-filled video, you'll learn how to draw the crown of thorns sea star, make an origami sea star, and hear a story about a sea star going to the library. You'll also get to see Jaguar interviewed as a sea star - aka Ulysses S. Grant. Plus, dad jokes and some holiday trombone music. Watch it here: 

  • Starfish aka Sea Star

    Dec 24 2020

    Grady, Clara, Teddy and mom Ali sit down to talk about the starfish (or is it a sea star?).  You'll learn that this festive-shaped star can come with many, many more arms than you'd imagine, what important things it's lacking, the strange place its eyes are located, and about its amazing superpower. Here’s a picture of that heron and eel: Here’s a picture of a crown of thorns sea star:

  • Gross Facts About Animals

    Dec 13 2020

    In this episode, the crew shares a whole bunch of really, really gross animal facts. If you do not like being grossed out, DO NOT listen to this episode! Animals include a toad that gives birth by baby toads breaking through the skin on its back, a lizard that shoots blood from its eyes, an animal that feasts on human skin, and a sea cucumber that shoots out its internal organs. We have a lot of show notes today. Here are the promised links, plus a picture of the Surinam toad (beware this pictur...more

  • Opossum

    Nov 26 2020

    In this episode, we get pretty confused talking about opossums v. possums - because they sound the same! We sort it out with the help of Jaguar's helpful poem. We also learn about why they play dead and why it's so confusing, other gross defense mechanisms, and lots of other cool facts.  Our friends at Nature Nerds are going to be putting out an episode on opossums too! Be sure to check it out.  Thanks to Cristian for being our Patreon sponsor! If you'd like to financially support us, check out ...more

  • Episode Swap: Nature Nerds

    Nov 12 2020

    Hi Listeners! We are trying out something new this episode, and swapping an episode with our friend Laine at Nature Nerds, a podcast in the Kids Listen family. We’ve never done this before, but we thought we would try it this time because we really think if you like our show, you’ll also like Nature Nerds. (Our family listened to the whole first season in one day.) In each episode, Laine and her nature assistant learn about a new animal through a mix of exploration and speaking with experts.  Th...more

  • Crows - Halloween Episode!

    Oct 26 2020

    Do you think crows are scary? In this episode, we learn that crows are scary – scary smart! Did you know that crows can solve 8-step puzzles, make and use tools, recognize faces, hold a grudge and even obey traffic lights? In this episode, we learn all about these spooky smart creatures. This episode is part of the Kids Listen Halloween collaboration. I’ll be updating the show notes with a link to all the episodes once it’s published, or head to the Kids Listen app and search for the Halloween P...more

  • Peacocks (Peafowl)

    Oct 05 2020

    On this episode, we talk all about peafowl! New fact for me, only the male peafowl is called a peacock. Who knew! We also give lots of info on the peacock's beautiful tail (or train), its flying ability, and some cool facts about their eggs.  For our kid challenge, we are challenging you to make a bird feeder out of apples, nut or seed butter, and birdseed. Find an example of how to do this here: We also mention the Kids Listen A...more

  • Dragonflies with Dr. Jessica Ware

    Sep 08 2020

    In this episode, we talk to dragonfly and damselfly expert Dr. Jessica Ware about what makes these insects so cool. And there's a lot! Like their eyes, the way they can do math even with their tiny insect brains, how big they used to be (and sometimes still are), how long they've been around for, and even how you can try to find your own new species of dragonflies.  Thanks so much to Dr. Ware for taking the time to speak with us and share her knowledge with everyone! We love hearing from you! Yo...more

  • "The Naughty Crew" Music Video

    Sep 03 2020

    Big news, listeners! Jaguar and Corduroy have made their first music video. Now, I'm not sure about the message, but you know Jaguar. Check it out on YouTube,, and listen to the preview here. 

  • Pink River Dolphins

    Aug 17 2020

    We're back! With an episode about the pink river dolphin/aka Amazon River Dolphin/ aka Boto. In this episode we learn about why they might be their unusual color, how they look different from marine dolphins, interesting myths surrounding them, and lots more.  If you think you know the answer to our creature quiz or our riddle, or if you took part in our Kid Power challenge, send us an email at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod and we will send you a bookmark! If you...more

  • Spider Monkeys, Part II: Interview with Dr. Michelle Rodrigues

    Jul 30 2020

    On this second part to our spider monkey episodes, we have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Michelle Rodrigues, who has Jaguar's dream job - getting up close and personal with spider monkeys. (Although her motivations differ from Jaguar's.) Dr. Rodrigues talks to us about spider monkey sociality, the effect of climate change on spider monkeys, whether they laugh, and - of course - answer Jaguar's question about why they are so delicious.  We always love to hear from you! You can email us at coo...more

  • Bonus: Corduroy's Origin Story

    Jul 14 2020

    It's Corduroy turn to share his origin story! Learn about how he found his corduroys and how he got his name. It involves a very famous person - maybe you can figure out who!  You also hear more about the Amazon Inn Hub & Grub. Be sure to head to to get your gift certificates!

  • Bonus: Jaguar's Origin Story

    Jul 12 2020

    Did you ever wonder how Jaguar became Jaguar? In this bonus episode, Jaguar explains how he became the cat he is today.  Don't forget to check out his enterprise, Amazon Inn Hub & Grub at 

  • Spider Monkeys

    Jun 28 2020

    The day has finally come, listeners. Jaguar learns all about spider monkeys. Now, the question is - will he learn to love them so much that he won't eat them again? Listen to find out, as well as finding out about their amazing tails, their calls, and some pretty gross ways they have of deterring intruders.   Thank you to Emily, our latest Patreon sponsor. If you would like to be a Patreon sponsor, head to our Patreon page here. We have a bunch of ou...more

  • Elephants Pt. 2: Interview with Dr. Josh Plotnik

    Jun 12 2020

    What animal is so big it takes to podcast episodes to cover it? The elephant! In this follow-up to our first elephant podcast, we interview Dr. Josh Plotnik, an elephant expert who studies sociality and empathy. We talk about the smartest thing Dr. Plotnik has ever seen an elephant do, whether elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror, how they show empathy, and more.  Thank you to our Patreon sponsor Georgia! If you'd like to be a Patreon sponsor, head to our website here: https://www.patr...more

  • Elephants (Part I)

    May 26 2020

    We have been wanting to do elephants for SO long. Just recently, we got a slide show presentation from listener Emily that really inspired us to get moving on it! In this episode, we chat about elephants with Grady's friend Finn. We talk about how smart they are, the ways they communicate, how they show empathy, how big they are, how much they poop, and lots more.  Later this week, we will be speaking with Dr. Josh Plotnik, who studies elephants and how they socialize. Stay tuned!  Do you want t...more

  • Blue Tailed Day Geckos with Dr. Travis Hagey

    May 15 2020

    Back at what seems like the dawn of time (i.e., two months ago when the kids were still at school),  Clara was working on a pollinator project for her second grade class.  Clara chose the blue-tailed day gecko. But when she started researching it, she found that there was almost no information out there about them! Luckily, we discovered the Skype a Scientist program, where we were connected to Travis Hagey. Dr. Hagey is an expert on day geckos (though he has not yet studied the blue tailed day ...more

  • Just for Fun: Jaguar and Corduroy Present Laugh Town

    Apr 25 2020

    This one is just for fun, definitely no learning here. Join in Jaguar's adventures as he travels from Transylvania to Washington to the moon to try to track down that rascally Corduroy. 

  • Earth Day Episode! Cool Animal Facts!

    Apr 22 2020

    In this special Earth Day episode, the CFAA gangs bring you lots of cool facts about a whole bunch of different animals, including the brown pelican, purple loosestrife beetle, honey badger, dung beetle, sand cat, a headless frog, and more! Do you want to make a difference this Earth Day? Learn about a new animal and tell someone about it! Including us! Send us an email with an audio recording or a paragraph about your animal to  Thanks for listening, and happy Ea...more

  • Kids Listen Activity Podcast: Extinct Animals!

    Apr 20 2020

    Hey Listeners! Happy Earth Day Week! We are hoping to get out an Earth Episode this week, but in the meantime, we wanted to direct you to the Kids Listen Activity Podcast, where we are rebroadcasting our episode on extinct animals. You can find the Kids Listen Activity Podcast here: After the episode, head to to find a whole bunch of activities we put together associated with this pod...more

  • Tardigrades/Water Bears

    Apr 15 2020

    On this episode, we learn about a truly resilient animal, the tardigrade (aka the cutely-named moss piglet or water bear).  This animal can survive anywhere from the moon to a volcano to your own backyard. In its tun state, it can lie dormant for decades in a sort of zombie state. Very cool.  Thank you to Abby for supporting us on Patreon! If you would like to financially support us, you can do so here: Find Skype a Scientist Live here: https://www.s...more

  • Rebroadcast: Unicorns (April Fools!)

    Apr 01 2020

    In honor of one of our favorite holidays, we are rebroadcasting our April Fools Day episode from last year, starring Mr. Eric of What if World. It's our most popular episode of all time and we hope you enjoy it! 

  • Giant Clams with Dr. Dan Killam

    Mar 28 2020

    On this episode, we take advantage of the amazing Skype a Scientist program and speak with Dr. Dan Killam, an expert on giant clams.  We learned so much about giant clams - including how their eyes work (and that they even had eyes), how big they can get, how they are similar to trees, and lots more.  We had more than we could fit in this episode. If you want to hear more about giant clams and other odds and ends (like what Dr. Killam named his Venus fly trap) head over to our Patreon page. You ...more

  • Introducing the Kids Listen Activity Podcast!

    Mar 18 2020

    Starting this week, Kids Listen member podcasts – like What If World, The Past and the Curious, The Good Words Podcast, Book Club for Kids, Little Bedtime Stories, Tumble Podcast, Timestorm, Be Calm on Ahway Island, Aaron’s World, Best Day Yet, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, Story Spectacular, Unspookable, Curious Kid Podcast and Buttons & Figs – and of course Cool Facts About Animals – will bring you a podcast and an activity based on the episode. Cool Facts About Animals’ episode is up ...more

  • How Kids Can Help Animals – Interview with Allyson Shaw of Nat Geo Kids

    Mar 11 2020

    On this bonus episode of CFAA, we speak with Allyson Shaw, an editor and writer at National Geographic Kids.  In this interview we learn about “comeback critters,” animals that were struggling but are now doing a lot better because of human intervention, as well as animals that still really need our help.  We also talk about the dangers and benefits of plastic, and practical tips to reduce plastic consumption. This episode is FULL of tips on how kids can help protect animals.  We’d love to hear ...more

  • Koalas

    Feb 28 2020

    Hello listeners! On this episode we are learning all about Koalas (not bears).  We learn a number of really gross things that these animals do, despite being so cute, and some other cool facts - like how small the babies are, what their name means and all sorts of interesting things about their hands and feet. We also talk about how you can help koalas suffering from the effects of the bush fires, including by "adopting" a koala through the Australia Koala Foundation:

  • Bonus! Interview with Dr. Jim Sanderson: Andean Cat

    Feb 03 2020

    We have another bonus episode in store for you today! We speak with Dr. Jim Sanderson, a conservationist and Program Manager of Wild Cat Conservation at the Global Wildlife Conservation. We wanted to speak with him about the Andean Cat, because he is one of the very few people to ever see one in nature. While we did learn some cool things about the cat, we also learned a lot about a new field - conservationism.   It was such an honor to get the chance to speak with Dr. Sanderson. This episode is...more

  • Bonus! Strange Animals

    Jan 21 2020

    We were excited to receive a copy of “A Book of Rather Strange Animals” by Caleb Compton. Just like it sounds, the book is a collection of unusual, weird, wacky, and just plain cool animals.  In this episode we talk about a few of the animals in the book: the purple frog; sea bunny; hammerhead worm; and vampire squid.   Want to answer the creature quiz, riddle, or tell us about how you did on the kid challenge? You can reach us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod. ...more

  • Colossal Squid

    Jan 02 2020

    On this episode, we learn all about the colossal squid – an animal that no one has actually seen move around in the ocean.   In this episode you’ll learn about their predators, how they attack prey, how colossal they really are, and the surprising amount they need to eat to stay alive.  Thanks to Fox and Frye for the suggestion! If you know the answer to the creature quiz, or did the kid challenge, let us know! You can reach us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod If...more

  • Bonus: Jaguar and Corduroy Holiday Traditions

    Dec 05 2019

    Learn more about Spider Monkey Burrito Creator Day and Green Overall Day(s) with Jaguar and Corduroy. Things get a little heated, but it ends up with everyone coming together with some holiday songs. (No animal facts in this one, it's just for fun.) 

  • Velociraptor - Dinosaur Terrorist of the Cretaceous!

    Dec 01 2019

    On this episode, we go way back in time to learn about the velociraptor! If your knowledge about the velociraptor comes from the movie Jurassic Park (like Jaguar) then you’ll be surprised to know that most of what you think is true is false! The velociraptor was only about the size of the turkey, and its hunting game was way different than portrayed.  In this episode, you’ll learn more about its dangerous claws, a prehistoric battle, and lots more.  We mentioned two videos in the episode. They a...more

  • Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula Halloween Special

    Oct 31 2019

    You can’t get much spookier than this spider, the largest of all spiders.  It’s legs alone get be up to a foot long, and it’s so hairy and creepy and…. I need to stop.  On this episode, you’ll learn about this tarantula’s defense mechanisms—including its ability to spew barbed hairs at its enemies, the creepy thing female spiders do to their would-be mates, and lots more.  We always love to hear from you! You can reach us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod. If you’...more

  • Orca/Killer Whale

    Oct 19 2019

    In this episode, we talk about new discoveries about orcas (aka killer whales), learn more about how smart they are (learning words!), and Jaguar gets a little jealous. We’ve got lots of links in this one: Here’s the link to Orca v. Great White Shark: Here’s the link to the salmon episode: Here’s a link to the granola bar rec...more

  • Bonus! Exquisite Creatures

    Oct 05 2019

    The Cool Facts About Animals crew got the opportunity to head to Oregon’s science museum (OMSI) to check out the new exhibit, Exquisite Creatures, and interview the artist behind the exhibit, Christopher Marley.  Marley is an Oregon artist who uses animals and insects to create amazing pieces of art.  In this episode you’ll learn why it’s so important to go out and see nature in real life, what kinds of looks you get when you take your pet monitor lizard for a walk, and how you can help to prote...more

  • Whale Shark

    Sep 16 2019

    It's a whale! It's a shark! It's not a whale at all, it's the biggest fish in the sea! It's a whale shark!  On this episode we get way too silly talking about filter feeding, the differences between whales and sharks, and just how big these sharks are. (Hint: super big.) Thanks to Miles for the suggestion, along with previous suggesters Theo and Nadia.  And many thanks to Lilli and Hazel, two of our newest Patreon sponsors! If you would like to help support us take a road trip to visit in person...more

  • Bonus: Fill in the Blanks with Jaguar and Corduroy

    Sep 01 2019

    Just for fun this long weekend, we're doing filling in the blank word games with Jaguar and Corduroy! We'll be back with more cool animal facts in a week or so - stay tuned! Thanks so much to Miles and Toby, our Patreon supporters! If you're interested in supporting us financially, you can check out our Patreon page here:  

  • Sea Pigs

    Aug 27 2019

    Another special summer episode, this time featuring Tristan and Quinn.  Besides being Sea Pig experts, they are also cousins to Grady, Clara, and Teddy.  We learn lots of cool facts about this very strange looking sea creature. If you want to guess what they might look like (no peeking!) send us a picture at, or tweet us at coolanimalspod.  If you already know what they look like, send us another picture instead.  We will send you a bookmark!  We will be getting b...more

  • Tarantula Hawk Wasps with Dr. Justin Schmidt

    Aug 04 2019

    A long, long time ago we got a request from James—who was 5 at the time—to do an episode about tarantula hawk wasps. When we started researching the insect, we kept coming across the name Dr. Justin Schmidt. Grady had already heard of him—you may have too. He invented what’s called the Schmidt Sting Pain Index. The index measures just what it sounds like it would—how painful different insects’ stings are to humans. Dr. Schmidt is also the author of a book called The Sting of the Wild, which we r...more

  • Bonus! Luna Moth

    Jul 18 2019

    In honor of the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon, we are celebrating a moon-themed animal--the Luna Moth! Learn about its fierce defense tactics as a caterpillar, the one important thing its missing as an adult, and a lot of corny moth jokes. Want to support Jaguar's mantis shrimp habit? Er, rather, our trip to Eastern Oregon to learn about some other cool animals from the experts? You can support us on our Patreon page! To answer our Crea...more

  • Versus! Oregon Birds of Prey v. Songbirds

    Jul 04 2019

    On this episode, we travel all the way to… Grady’s elementary school to do a “versus” episode. This past school year, Grady’s third-grade class did a unit on Oregon bird, where each kid in the class chose a different Oregon bird to study. We spoke to nine of these kids to bring you this versus episode! Which type of bird would win in a fashion contest? Which type of bird would win a hotdog eating contest? And which bird reigns superior! Listen to the episode to find out. Many thanks to the kids...more

  • Bald Eagle (Bonus 4th of July episode!)

    Jul 04 2019

    This episode was originally part of the Kids Listen sampler, which you can also find on our feed. But to celebrate the 4th, we are bringing you 5 minutes packed with facts about the United States' national bird. Enjoy! 

  • Golden Poison Dart Frog

    Jun 23 2019

    Happy Summer! On this episode, we are talking about a sunny-colored frog, which happens to be one of the most toxic animals in the world – the golden poison dart frog.  We discuss the difference between venomous and toxic, how many humans one of these tiny frogs can kill with one touch, and their surprisingly social nature.  Plus: can you guess which sound comes from a poison dart frog? (Jaguar does a pretty good imitation!) If you’re interested in getting a pound of trash out of the ocean, and ...more

  • Our listeners speak!

    May 31 2019

    It’s our first ever listener episode! We learn from you listeners lots of cool facts about animals, including king cobras, goats, sand cats, and more—plus answer some questions about frogs and how we decide which animal we choose to talk about. Thanks to our listeners who submitted their audio clips: Nadia, Demaris, Quinn, Grace, Lexi, Ginny, Oliver, Cece, Trace, Aryn, Lilli and Xia. We loved getting to hear and share your voices! We hope we didn’t miss anyone who submitted their fact/question. ...more

  • Bald Eagle + Summer Sampler (Kids Listen Bonus!)

    May 22 2019

    Cool Facts About Animals has teamed up with a bunch of other kids’ podcasts to bring you an hour of high-quality kids audio programming – just in time for the long weekend, or to listen to throughout the summer. All of the shows involved are part of the grassroots kids’ audio advocacy group Kids Listen, and all the shows are available on the Kids Listen App.  You’ll hear 5 minutes from 10 different podcasts, including ours, but also some of our personal other go-to listens like Circle Round, Noo...more

  • Green Bomber Worms

    May 12 2019

    The bomber worm was only discovered about 10 years ago, but it’s not rare. This deep, deep underwater creature has one of the coolest defense mechanisms we've seen yet: releasing bioluminescent bombs to deter predators. We also talk about two other newly-discovered underwater creature: the ruby sea dragon and hoodwinker sunfish. If you’re interested in becoming a Patreon sponsor, and help to fund us to meet with scientists in person to bring you even more cool facts, head on over to our Patreon ...more

  • Extinct Animals - Special Earth Day episode

    Apr 21 2019

      Happy Earth Day, listeners! On this special episode we talk about four cool animals that have been impacted by humans and climate change: the dodo bird, Tasmanian tiger, white lemuroid possum, and Fernandina giant tortoise.  Through hunting, climate change, introduction of non-native species, and more, these animals have been brought to the brink of extinction, and sometimes even have gone extinct. We end this episode with practical ways that you can make a difference for animals and for our e...more

  • Thorny Devil

    Apr 17 2019

    It’s Teddy’s favorite animal, the Thorny Devil! Join us as we learn all about this six-inch mountain dragon. It’s got more defense mechanisms than any other animal we’ve studied (including a fake head – cool!) and has a very interesting way of drinking (foot water anyone?). You can also check out our first ever Cool Facts About Animals video, explaining how capillary action works.  And yes it has to do with Thorny Devils. It's on our newly-minted YouTube channel:  Th...more

  • Unicorns

    Apr 01 2019

    We looked high and low for the information we needed to research our episode on unicorns. But try as we might, we could not find even basic facts like what unicorns eat, what the horn is for, and what their favorite jokes are.  Luckily, Professor Abacus P. Grumbler, resident What If World unicorn expert, was able to answer all our questions.  Special thanks to Prof. Abacus and Mr. Eric for this episode! And special thanks to Xia for the request. And of course, as always, thanks to Andrew of Ear ...more

  • Little Blue Penguin

    Mar 28 2019

    Clara’s class has spoken! This week’s episode is all about the Little Blue Penguin (aka Fairy Penguin). This adorable little dude weighs in at just about two pounds, and stands only about a foot, but it packs a lot of cool stuff into that small size. In this episode, we talk about molting, fledging, diving, vocalization, and lots more. To hear the backstory on how we chose this episode, check out the prior episode: “And the Winner Is,” available here:

  • And the winner is....

    Mar 15 2019

    Last week, CFAA went on the road to Clara's 1st grade classroom. Her class has been studying penguins for the past month -- and wow, did they know a lot about them! We asked the students to break into groups for each of the five penguins they studied: rockhopper, little blue, king, chinstrap, and gentoo, and tell us the coolest things about each kind of penguin they could find. Then we all voted on the penguin they most wanted to learn about. Here are the results, which will be featured as our n...more

  • Interview with a Jaguar (Bonus)

    Mar 02 2019

    Ever wonder what makes Jaguar... well Jaguar? We dive deep into the mind behind the feline in this interview. We cover favorite foods, vacation spots, Thanksgiving carols (what?) and more in this bonus episode.  This is a bonus episode put out for our Patreon subscribers. We are sharing it on our regular feed with all our listeners so you can get a taste of some of the bonus footage you can get at the $5 level of support. Thanks to our existing Patreon supporters, and thanks to those considering...more

  • Squirrels

    Feb 27 2019

    In this episode, we speak to squirrel expert Amanda Robin, a PhD student at UCLA. She taught us about the fascinating world of squirrels, including how they decide to store or eat their nuts, what chunking is, and other cool facts about squirrels. THEN we have a "who would win" battle: squirrel v. rattlesnake. Think it's hands-down rattlesnake? Think again.   Thanks as always to Ear Snacks for our theme music.  Send your creature quiz answers to us at or tweet us...more

  • Duck-Billed Platypus

    Feb 09 2019

    It's our most requested episode ever AND our most-answered riddle ever!  You guessed it - it's the platypus.  This is one seriously cool animals you guys. I mean, how many venomous, egg-laying mammals do you know? Not many, right?  We dive into what makes platypuses so usual, discuss their super strange chromosomes, and talk about a recent discovery of a stegosaurs-platypus. Yup, no typos. Special thanks to Samson and Dorothy, long-time listeners with an impressive amount of platypus knowledge! ...more

  • Blue-Ringed Octopus

    Jan 27 2019

    On this episode we are exploring the deadly but adorable blue-ringed octopus. This little guy is only the size of a golf ball, but has enough venom to kill 26 grown men in its saliva. We talk about symbiotic relationships, what its venom does, and, oh, zombie powder.  So many thanks to David, our newest Patreon sponsor! He’s using his own pocket money to help support our show. You can support our show too! For more details, visit We love to hear from...more

  • Porcupines

    Jan 12 2019

    It's our one-year anniversary! We are celebrating with an episode about... porcupines! Okay, it has nothing to do with our anniversary, but still... porcupines!  For this episode, we had a chance to go to the Oregon Zoo and meet with Bree Winchell, program animal staff and overall porcupine expert.  Check out our pics of the animal encounter on our Twitter page ( If you'd like to hear more interviews with experts, please consider supporting us on our Patreon page (...more

  • Gray Whales with Oregon State Parks Ranger Luke Parsons

    Jan 01 2019

    Ahoy, CFA listeners! We took a road trip to the Oregon Coast to meet with Luke Parsons, an interpretive ranger with Oregon State Parks and see the great gray whale migration.  Over 20,000 of these school-bus sized whales pass by the Oregon coast around this time of year. We even got to see one! And we learned lots of cool stuff about them. Want to hear more cool interviews? Support us on Patreon! We have lots of cool perks for supporting us, including shout-outs, outtakes access, and more.  Not ...more

  • Bonus! Interview with Oregon Zoo Expert Travis Koons About Condors!

    Dec 16 2018

    How cool would it be to get a chance to bring a species back from the brink of extinction? Travis Koons of the Oregon Zoo tells us all about it in this bonus interview episode.  We were honored to have been asked to join the crew of the upcoming Oregon Wild podcast for this episode. We will let you know when their first episode launches. We cannot wait.  Thanks again to Oregon Wild, the Oregon Zoo, and Andrew of Ear Snacks for our theme music! 

  • California Condors

    Dec 16 2018

    This bird isn't cool just because its wingspan rivals the length of a grizzly bar on its hind paws. Nope, this bird battled its way back from the brink of extinction - just 22 in the wild to now close to 500 in the wild and in captivity. We talk about what makes this bird so awesome, and the rescue efforts behind it, in this episode. Be sure to also check out our episode right next to this in your feed where we interview Travis Koons of the Oregon Zoo.  THANK YOU to Oregon Wild for bringing us a...more

  • Blue Whale Expert Bruce Mate

    Dec 04 2018

    We were so honored to get a chance to Skype with Dr. Bruce Mate of Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute. He is the expert on marine mammals, including blue whales. We learned so much from him, and had such a good time talking about all things whales - from his ground-breaking research to touching whale poop. (Yes, we go there.) Be sure to listen to this episode along with our stand-alone episode on blue whales.  Thanks to Andrew or Ear Snacks for our theme music! 

  • Blue whales

    Dec 04 2018

    This episode is part of a double episode. Be sure to check out our interview with Dr. Bruce Mate of Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute too!  In this episode, we dive into the big world of blue whales. Not only are they the biggest animal to have ever lived - like EVER - there are so many other cool things about them. We discuss their migration, sounds, diet, and even ear wax. We also add some of our conversation with Dr. Mate into this episode. It's one of our favorites so far - g...more

  • Turkey

    Nov 20 2018

    Want to impress the adults at the Thanksgiving table with lots of cool facts and jokes about turkeys? You're in luck! We cover 12-ish terrific facts about turkeys in this episode (we lose count somewhere in the middle), including interesting info about their super eyesight, strange sleeping habits, and weird poop.  Do you have a cool turkey fact? A joke? A picture? An idea for a future episode? Email us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod.  Thanks as always to Andre...more

  • Orca versus Great White Shark

    Nov 13 2018

    We're doing a bonus episode as we wait for an exciting special guest to return from Russia to talk to us about blue whales. Jaguar and Grady deliver a spooky mystery about underwater giants that kept washing up on shore with one important thing missing - their livers. Who was the culprit and who was the victim? We discuss in an orca versus great white shark showdown! Who do you think will win?  Also, no creature quiz this time. Instead, send up a picture or tell us about or show us your "who wou...more

  • Vampire Bats

    Oct 23 2018

    It's our first Halloween episode! To celebrate this spooky holiday, we are bringing you a rather creepy animal - the vampire bat. Because the mom on this show does not much like vampire bats, the kids on this show try to convince her (i.e., me) that vampire bats are more cool than creepy. Do they succeed? Listen to find out!  This episode is part of the Kids Listen Halloween Sweeps. Make sure you check out some of the other awesome podcasts taking part in this, including The Alien Adventures of ...more

  • Lemurs

    Oct 14 2018

    We tackle two listener requests in this episode - the ring tailed lemur and the aye aye, another type of lemur. Some of the coolest things we talk about in this episode are stink fights (yes, they're a thing), evil omens, and lemur balls.  We also get to interview one of our listeners, and our first kid to be a guest on the show. Thanks to Lochlan for chatting with us! Don't forget to answer our creature quiz or riddle! We will send you a brand new magnet! or twee...more

  • Bonus! 20 Cool Facts About Animals

    Sep 30 2018

    Happy International Podcasting Day! We're celebrating with this bonus episode, where we share 20 super cool facts about animals. You'll learn what big animal is born only the size of a jellybean; in which species males give birth; which animal has 9 brains, and lots more!  Tell us your favorite animal fact and we'll send you a sticker! or @coolanimalspod on Twitter.  Thanks as always to Andrew of Ear Snacks for the theme music!

  • Giraffe

    Sep 24 2018

    Have you ever wondered why a giraffe has those spots? Or why its tongue is purple? Or why it has such a long neck - or hey, how blood gets all the way up to its head? We answer all these questions this episode! Plus, you'll learn one of the grossest facts about animals yet. P.s. it involves pee.  Thanks to Andrew of Ear Snacks for our new theme music! Be sure to check out his podcast, and other favorites over on Kids Listen.  To answer our creature quiz or riddle, or just to say hi, send us an e...more

  • Mountain Lion

    Sep 07 2018

    It's a mountain lion! It's a puma! It's a cougar! No... it's all of them! (But not you, jaguar.) Learn more about this large cat on this silly episode of Cool Facts About Animals. We talk about their sounds, their territories, how to spot one in the wild, and lots more. Check it out here! Don't forget to answer our Creature Quiz or riddle for a chance to get a sticker! Hurry, we're almost out!  Email us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod.  Thanks for listening. And...more

  • Gorilla

    Aug 21 2018

    Gorillas get a pretty bad rap in movies and tv shows. They’re usually shown as being aggressive, violent, and not very intelligent. In fact, gorillas are super smart, communicative, peace-loving creatures. And we share about 98% of our DNA with them! Learn all about these amazing creatures on this episode. Many thanks to Sky, Rinnah and Jon for the awesome suggestion! If you have a suggestion, or would like to take a shot at our Creature Quiz or Riddle, send us an email at coolfactsaboutanimals@...more

  • What Can Kids Do To Protect Animals?

    Aug 07 2018

    In this episode, we are so incredibly thrilled to bring you our interview with our local congressperson, Rep. Earl Blumenauer. We talk about salmon, polar bears, sharks, and the adorable panda. We also ask him about what Congress is doing to protect animals and the environment and what they can do better - plus what kids can do to help. Don't miss this important episode. And thank you again to Rep. Blumenauer and his amazing staff for this opportunity! 

  • Salmon

    Aug 07 2018

    Wow, what a packed episode! In this one, you'll learn about spawning, what baby fish are called (hint: not hamburgers), how many miles they can travel, how big they get, and more interesting facts. And you'll get treated to a Native American story about the salmon and that trickster Coyote, as told by Clara.  Plus - STAY TUNED! Tomorrow we will be uploading our conversation with Rep. Blumenauer. He is our local congressman, and such a great advocate for animals and the earth. Thank you again to ...more

  • Sloth

    Jul 30 2018

    This episode comes to you from our camping trip at Fort Stevens at the very top of Oregon. Sloths have a bad reputation for being lazy, but they really aren't. They evolved to be as slow as they are. We learned a lot of cool things about sloths, including how they have a symbiotic relationship with moths, how infrequently they poop, and some of their funny nicknames. Check it out!  We are so excited for our next episode, which will include an interview with our local congressman, Earl Blumenauer...more

  • Barn Owl

    Jul 15 2018

    In our goofiest episode to date, the CFAA crew talks about the barn owl aka ghost owl aka demon owl aka you get the point owl. We talk about how it hunts so well in the dark, what it absolutely won't eat, what it sounds like, and lots more.  Don't forget to answer our creature quiz or riddle at the end of the episode! Send your answers to us at or tweet us at @coolanimalspod. Thanks for listening, reviewing, rating, and contacting us. We love to hear from you!  A...more

  • BONUS! More Mosquito Madness!

    Jul 03 2018

    In this bonus episode of Cool Facts About Animals, we interview Kathryn Olivarius, a professor of history at Stanford University who studies the spread of diseases through mosquitoes, particularly yellow fever in the southern United States in the 1800s. We talk about: what diseases mosquitoes spread the ethics of wiping out mosquito populations the effects of climate change on mosquitoes (hint – it’s not good for us humans, but it’s great for mosquitoes!) and what kids can do to try to dial bac...more

  • Mosquitoes

    Jun 28 2018

    On this episode, we bring you all sorts of cool facts about the deadliest animal on earth- the mosquito. We will be talking about how they spit on you, pee on you, and just generally make you itchy as well.  Stay tuned for another bonus episode on the mosquito coming up later this week, where we interview Kathryn Olivarius, a professor at Stanford, about mosquitoes and the spread of yellow fever.  The CFAA crew is on summer vacation, but we are still bringing you episodes when we can! Hope you a...more

  • Lion

    Jun 12 2018

    On this episode, we tackle a listener request from Grace. The lion has a roar that can be heard for miles, a mane that gives clues to their age, and - most importantly to jaguar - jaguar and lion used to be the same species!  Be sure to answer our creature quiz or our riddle and we will send you a sticker. As always, you can send in your listener requests for what animal you want to learn more about.  We are on summer vacation! We will be doing the podcast throughout the summer, but probably won...more

  • Mantis Shrimp

    Jun 01 2018

    Wow, this is one cool animal - although it has had over 400 million years to evolve to its level of coolness. It has the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom, packs a punch as fierce as a bullet, and can even boil water without even using a stove! It is the mantis shrimp, with many thanks to our listener, Saranya, for this request.  Do you have a request? Want to answer our creature quiz? Take a shot at our riddle? Send us an email at: Tweet us at @coolanimalsp...more

  • Bonus Episode: Schools of Fish

    May 21 2018

    We are bringing you this bonus episode as part of the #kidslistensweeps for #schoolsalmostout! In keeping with the school theme, we are talking about schools of fish. You'll learn about the difference between a shoal and a school, how schools form, why they do, and, the age-old question - are fish in schools smarter?  Check out the other participating Kids Listen participants here - you'll find some of our very favorite podcasts on here, and we can't wait to check out how they handled the theme!...more

  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

    May 18 2018

    On this episode, we learn about a beautiful, venomous creature that lives in the southern United States. The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake can do some cool things, like portion out the amount of venom it needs to kill, retract its fangs, swim, and of course-make that cool rattle sound.  Don't forget to enter our creature quiz, or try to answer our riddle to guess the animal we will feature in our next episode!  Email: Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook:https://ww...more

  • Raccoon

    May 05 2018

    On this episode, we’re taking a listener request from Charlie, all the way out in Australia! The creature he chose doesn’t actually live in Australia, but we’ve had a lot of experience with it here in Oregon. The raccoon is a masked, super-cute but pesky animal that can open coolers (we can attest to that personally!), locks, and even untie knots. They are all quite smart! Thanks for the awesome suggestion, Charlie! If you have an animal request, or want to take your shot at this week’s creature...more

  • North American Bullfrog

    Apr 27 2018

    Did you know that the North American Bullfrog gets its name because its call sounds a lot like a cow? We put your ears to the test with an audio challenge. You'll also learn about frog toes, frog legs, frog eardrums, and lots more on this episode about the invasive North American Bullfrog.  Thanks to Loretta for the suggestion! If you have a suggestion, send it our way at: or Tweet us at @coolanimalspod You can also find us on Facebook at @coolfactsaboutanimals

  • Special Earth Day Animal Episode!

    Apr 21 2018

    Earth Day is April 22! You may not know this, but all of us *love* the earth. It’s where all the animals we love live! In this episode we talk about five different animals (polar bear, Adelie penguin, sea turtle, coral, and monarch butterfly) and how they’re affected by climate change. This made us a little sad, so we also came up with five ways that all of us – even kids! – can make a difference. No creature quiz this time guys, but submit your idea for how you can make a difference – or better...more

  • Red Fox

    Apr 12 2018

    The fox is the most widespread and abundant wild carnivore in the world. On this episode, we’re talking about the red fox, which is like a compass in some important ways. It can also pounce higher and farther than any of us—we tried. Find out more about the red fox on this episode, and thanks to Sangam for the listener request! Here are some links to check out. Here’s the red fox using the magnetic field to hunt: And here’s the red fox with the golf ba...more

  • The Rhino and Its Horn

    Apr 03 2018

    On this episode we are taking about the five species of rhinos, how some are on the brink of extinction, and why. We also talk about poop, because that's what we do best.  Thanks so much to Chaitanya for the suggestion! Follow us on Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook @coolfactsaboutanimals And check out our website:

  • Bearded Dragon

    Mar 26 2018

    So many cool facts about this animal. It can change color for multiple reasons, and on multiple parts of its body, it can change sex based on chromosomes and how hot it is outside, and it makes a great pet too! Check it out here.  Find us on Twitter @coolanimalspod On Facebook @coolfactsaboutanimals And on the web:

  • Bengal Tiger

    Mar 20 2018

    There aren't many tigers left in the world, but most of the ones that remain are Bengals. This beautiful striped animal is a ferocious hunter, excellent camouflager, and tricked by something as simple as a rubber mask. Hear all about this magnificent animal here! Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals  Web:

  • Inland Taipan

    Mar 17 2018

    It's the most venomous snake in the world, but not the most deadly! This reclusive snake can deliver a punch of poison powerful enough to kill 100 men and a quarter of a million mice! Wow! Learn about the reason behind its coloring, its deadly strike, and more on this episode.  Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals Website:

  • Moose

    Mar 10 2018

    This episode we are talking about the elusive moose. (Thanks Aunt Martha for the suggestion!) In this episode we learn surprising facts about how often the moose attacks, when the moose is in prime antler mode, how they make their antlers nice and shiny, and their ability to use their hooves like tools. They're super tall and super cool. Learn more about them here.  Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals Website:

  • Narwhal

    Mar 06 2018

    On this episode, we learn about the unicorn of the sea - also known as the narwhal. The narwhal is probably most known for its distinctive tusk, or tooth, that spirals out from its mouth. That tusk can do all sorts of things, including maybe even being able to sense danger from forming ice floes. Check out the episode, and don't forget to answer our creature quiz to get a Cool Facts About Animals sticker.  Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals Web: coolfactsaboutanimalspodcas...more

  • Flying Fish

    Mar 03 2018

    The flying fish. It's a fish that flies! A fish. That. Files. How cool is that? It's so cool that at least one country has worked its entire calendar around it. Check out the episode to find out which one.  Special thanks to our buddy Finn for suggesting the animal! We will be sending a Cool Facts About Animals sticker his way. If you want one too, let us know!  Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals On the web:

  • Jaguar

    Feb 27 2018

    We get a little silly this episode talking about Jaguar's favorite animal, the jaguar. You'll learn how to spot (no put intended) the differences between a jaguar and a leopard, whether a black panther even exists, and hear once more about animals that like to pee and poop to let other animals know to stay back. Come learn and have fun with us! Don't forget to answer our Creature Quiz for your free cool facts about animals sticker! Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals Websit...more

  • Snowy Owl

    Feb 23 2018

    With it's massive wingspan, beautiful white feathers, and eerie yellow eyes, the snowy owl is a beauty. It's also the star of one of our favorite books, The Christmas Hat.  In this episode we talk about dissecting the equivalent of cat hairballs, imitate owl sounds, and are joined by a very prestigious panel of stuffed owls.  Don't forget to listen to the end to take our creature quiz! Send your answers to Find us on Twitter: @coolanimalspod On Facebook: @coolfact...more

  • Zebra

    Feb 20 2018

    Is the zebra black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? What would you call a zebra crossed with a cow? How long does it take before a baby zebra can run? We'll answer all these questions on this episode!  Don't forget to enter our Creature Quiz and snag your free sticker.  Twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals Website:

  • Red Panda

    Feb 17 2018

    The red panda has adapted in lots of cool ways to cool temperatures. It is also an expert at hanging out in trees, eats a massive amount of food, and puzzled scientists for centuries. Hear more about them here! Thanks to Peace Out podcast for the suggestion! If you have a suggestion, email us at Or send us a tweet at @coolanimalspod And find us on facebook - Website:

  • Brown Bear

    Feb 11 2018

    It's Corduroy's lucky day! Today we are learning all about the massive brown bear. This is a special episode because we actually get to talk to someone (Grandpa!) who has seen a few brown bears in person. We hear about his experiences with them, and then give you some cool facts about them - including how many moths they eat (you won't believe it) and how tiny the cubs are when born (you won't believe that either). We end the podcast with an interview with a volunteer from the Audubon Society ab...more

  • Frogfish

    Feb 09 2018

    The frogfish is a genius at camouflaging. In fact, it's one of the world's best aggressive mimickers. It also uses a trick we've seen before... see if you can guess what! Be sure to listen to the end for our CREATURE QUIZ! Answer the questions correctly and send them to for your chance to win a sticker! And as always - we really appreciate you taking the time to rate, review and subscribe to us on iTunes.  Follow us on Twitter: @coolanimalspod On Facebook: @coolfa...more

  • Snow Leopard

    Feb 07 2018

    On this episode, we talk about the snow leopard, thanks to a suggestion from the Peace Out podcast. The snow leopard is a beautiful, solitary animal that has learned a lot of ways to adapt to the cold. It can also jump way longer than we can—we tried! We also introduce the Creature Quiz. Submit your answers to us at and get a sticker! Links: Peace Out: Snow Leopard Trust: Find us on Twitter

  • Naked Mole Rat

    Feb 05 2018

    What animal never ages, might have the cure to cancer, and acts like an ant despite being a mammal? The naked mole rat! This is one of the coolest animals we've done so far. Check it out! And join us in our celebration of Animal Day on February 10! Post pictures of the animals you see to our Facebook (@coolfactsaboutanimals) or Twitter (@coolanimalspod)feeds. Suggestions for animals? Questions? Comments? Email us at

  • Blue Sharks

    Feb 03 2018

    The blue shark is built like a super skinny airplane, can have an amazing amount of babies at a time, and has booger-like stuff in its pores. What's not cool about that? Thanks to Sawyer for this listener request! We're running low on listener suggestions! Luckily have about 6003 suggestions of our own, but we like yours better! Send them our way! Thanks to all our listeners, and for the lovely reception our podcast has received this past week. If you haven't yet, please rate and review us, and ...more

  • African Wild Dog

    Feb 01 2018

    On this episode of Cool Facts About Animals, we get to our next listener request: the African Wild Dog (thanks Ingram!). These dogs are so neat - they are very social, they vote by doing something super weird, and they sometimes kidnap their pups. Yup, it's a cool one. Thanks for the suggestion, Ingram! If you have a suggestion, email us at Find us on twitter: @coolanimalspod Facebook: @coolfactsaboutanimals And of course, don't forget to rate/subscribe/review us ...more

  • Beaver

    Jan 29 2018

    On this episode of Cool Facts About Animals, the kids and I share lots of cool information about the beaver. Just a few of the things we learned--they have a "mud room" in their "lodge," along with a mini-fridge (nice man cave!), their teeth never stop growing--nor do their bodies, and they can keep water from getting into their ears and noses. There's lots more fun facts about the beaver in this episode. Check it out! Please rate and review us on iTunes. We really appreciate it! You can find us...more

  • Pangolin

    Jan 28 2018

    The pangolin might just be the cutest animal you've never heard of. Some of the many cool things about this animal: its tongue can be as long as a house cat; it can roll itself into a ball so protected even a lion can't get to it; and when the babies come out from their burrows for the first time, they ride on mama's back. Please rate, review and subscribe so others can find us. It really is very important, and only takes a moment. Website: Find us on F...more

  • Tokay Gecko

    Jan 26 2018

    Even if you aren't a big reptile fan, you should check out this episode on tokay geckos. Besides being adorable, they can also lick their eyelids, climb vertically up walls, eat their dead skin, watch their decapitated tail flap around, and more! Please don't forget to rate us, review us and subscribe! Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check out our website: https://coolfactsaboutanimalspodcast.wordpress.c...more

  • Sea Animals that Glow in the Dark

    Jan 23 2018

    We are breaking our usual format today to talk about a whole bunch of animals that all have something in common: bioluminescence. Bioluminescence, besides being very hard to spell, is also very cool. It's basically when animals glow in the dark. Today we are concentrating just on some of the underwater creatures that have this trait, and why they have it - for defense, mating, luring and more. Thanks to our listener Brandon for the request! Thanks for subscribing, rating and reviewing us on iTun...more

  • Mako Sharks

    Jan 20 2018

    On this episode, we dive deep into the world of Mako sharks, thanks to a request from our listener friend Finn. These speedy, toothy animals are not only creepy looking, but also super cool. Unless maybe you're a fisherman who has had one land in your boat! (It's happened!) Do you have an idea for an episode? Email us at Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter:

  • Praying Mantis

    Jan 19 2018

    This week we tackle our first listener request - the praying mantis. Other than, oh I don't know, EATING BIRDS, there are a lot of cool things about this insect. Check out the episode, and if you have a request, let us know! Facebook: Website: We're on Twitter!

  • Golden Snub - Nosed Monkeys

    Jan 17 2018

    In this episode, Grady and Clara share some information about the silver long-nosed giraffe. No wait--golden snub-nosed monkey. These primates live in cold weather, snuggle at night, and are super cute. Plus, a podcast first--we don't talk about poop! Find us on Facebook at @coolfactsaboutanimals Email us questions or suggestions at

  • Assassin Bugs

    Jan 15 2018

    In this episode of Cool Facts About Animals, we are talking about the seriously creepy assassin bug. You won't believe how they kill their prey - or what they eat for breakfast! Subscribe to our feed on iTunes (and rate us!) Follow us on Facebook: And email us with questions, comments, or suggestions!

  • UPDATED Burrowing Owls

    Jan 14 2018

    In this episode, Grady, Clara and Theo talk about burrowing owls. Burrowing owls have lots of cool things about them, but one of the coolest has to do with poop! This episode contains a correction to the first recording. Burrowing owls *are* native to Florida. We apologize for the mistake! Questions, suggestions? Email us at and follow us on Facebook at

  • Galapagos Tortoise

    Jan 13 2018

    This is the second episode of our kid-made podcast "Cool Facts About Animals." This week, we will be discussing the Galapagos Tortoise - a very slow, very heavy, very cool animal. Email us at and follow us on Facebook at

  • Cheetah

    Jan 12 2018

    Animal-lover Grady, age 7, is joined by his 5-year-old sister Clara, 3-year-old brother Theo, and cough cough year-old mother Ali to discuss cool things about animals. A different animal will be featured each week. On this first episode, we will be discussing the mighty cheetah. **Correction - Grady mistakenly said "water beast" instead of water buffalo. Questions/suggestions? Email us and follow us on Facebook at