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At Your Level

Kid host Ari Kelly wants to hang out with your kids in this podcast. This light-hearted show is made up of fun segments like 'biZaRrE ASMR' where kids guess a mystery sound, 'Bad Dad' which features some terrible jokes that are so bad you'll laugh (we promise), 'Riddle Me This' (you can guess what that is) and 'Nerd Out' where he dives just a tiny bit deeper into the episode topic. He'd love for you (or your kids) to be on the show -- visit to find out how!


  • Episode 8:

    Oct 28 2020

    What do you think this Halloween is going to look like? Witch ever way you slice it, this episode will try to answer that question - in the interview, the Nerd Out, even the ASMR is related to it. We’ve loaded it up with gourd puns and trom-bone bits. You’ll be laughing ’til you’re coffin.

  • Episode 7: Pandemic Birthdays

    Oct 01 2020

    In this episode, Ari gets some fun pandemic birthday party ideas from listeners. He also 'nerds out' to discover some interesting tidbits about birthday celebrations. A new ASMR is revealed and some riddles and bad-dad jokes make it in.

  • Episode 6: Engineering

    Aug 27 2020

    Meet 13/14 year olds Sanchitha, Radha and Mihika and hear about their app in the Technovation challenge. Nerd out with 7 year old Idan as he joins Ari to learn more about engineering.

  • Episode 5: Boys vs Girls

    Jul 29 2020

    In this episode, my favorite podcaster and total inspiration, Mr. Eric of What If World answers a bunch of my questions. My good friend Lily cohosts and spoiler alert, all my guests and I think boys and girls are equal.

  • Episode 4: Music

    Jun 26 2020

    Is Cavatelli a musician or a food? Have you heard any good viola jokes lately? In this episode, the BSO’s bass trombone player James Markey and his kids Eleanor (15), Jamie (12), Thomas (8) and William (5) share their love of music.

  • Episode 3: Pets

    May 24 2020

    What’s the weirdest pet you can think of? Can your pets do any cool tricks? In this episode, Ari talks to 10 year old Evan, 13 year old Lizzie, 10 year old Roland and 4 year old Belle about their pets.

  • Episode 2: Superheroes

    May 03 2020

    This is a new podcast for kids by kids. Young guests come online with host Ari Kelly to discuss the episode's topic. In this case, it is superheroes. Visit to play along.

  • Episode 1: COVID-19

    Apr 07 2020

    This is a new podcast for kids by kids. Four guests come online with host Ari Kelly to discuss the episode's topic. Since the outbreak happened and the schools closed right before the first recording, we made a last minute change to the subject that's on everyone's mind. Hear what kids have to say about COVID-19.

  • Preview

    Mar 13 2020

    Ari Kelly, your ten year old host, engages kids in an inclusive podcast that's At Your Level (if you're a kid, that is). Visit to record yourself on the big mic and join the show.