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An 8-year-old girl hosts this show for kids to go behind the scenes of some of their favorite places, to be entertained, and to get inspired! It's a wacky, wild, fun time!


  • All Things Madison, Ep.36, Women’s History Month Replay, the VP and Mrs. Chisolm

    Mar 19 2022

    A couple of weeks into Women's History Month, we couldn't let the month go by without honoring two of the most powerful women in politics. Tune in for a fascinating education on VP Harris and Mrs. Shirley Chisolm as you hear about their humble beginnings to their rise to stardom. 

  • All Things Madison, Ep. 35, Meet Fellow Kids Listen Podcaster Leela Prickitt

    Mar 01 2022

    Happy Valentine's Month and belated Valentine's Day...yeah, we're a little late but better late than never! Ha! This week Madison interviews a friend from the phenomenal kids podcasting organization, Kids' Listen, Leela Prickitt who has her own podcast called Newsy Pooloozi. Join in on the conversation to learn all about life as a kid podcaster.  And to learn more about our products feel free to check our merch out at Thanks! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 34, 2021 Year End Review

    Jan 23 2022

    Madison takes her time in pondering the start of a new year - 2022. She wants to wish everyone a wonderful start!  Get ready to experience Madison's content in a whole new way. We bringing out new skits, segments, and shows. Tell us what you think. If you support what we are doing we kindly ask that you share it with your closest friends and let them know to check us out. Go to  Happy New Year! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 33, Sing 2: a Movie Review for Christmas

    Dec 25 2021

    Sing 2 just opened in theaters this week and we have all the good stuff on this movie...without too many spoilers! Check out Madison and her father's take on the movie competing with Spider-Man!  And go to our partner Mercari for all of your needs on hot deals for clothes, shoes, and more! Use our promo code to get up to $30 off your first purchase: And for her stuff too! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 32: A Conversation with the Man Who Fixes Time.

    Dec 20 2021

    This week Madison visits a clock gallery and meets Mr. Jae Martin, who shares his knowledge and some really cool facts about different types of clocks. And go to our partner Mercari for all of your needs on hot deals for clothes, shoes, and more! Use our promo code to get up to $30 off your first purchase: And for her stuff too! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 31: Women In STEM Making It Fun

    Nov 24 2021

    This week Madison learns that STEM is fun! She interviews her first mother-daughter duo Mrs. Mary O'Neill and Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neill Harris, both of whom have made careers in science and math. Follow along for exploration in science and math that you just may find delightfully intriguing.  And go to our partner Mercari for all of your needs on hot deals for clothes, shoes, and more! Use our promo code to get up to $30 off your first purchase: And f...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 30: Interview with Jazzy Made

    Oct 27 2021

    This week Madison interview visual artist Jazzy Made. Jazzy has a unique expressive style and loves to share her work. You can learn more about her work at To register for Jazzy's upcoming workshop ESPECIALLY for the ATM family, go to: Be sure to enter the special and order your journal for the workshop right away. Seats are limited to first come first serve!  And for All Things Madison products and accessories kindly go to w...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 29: Kids Listen Collaborative Back to School Edition

    Sep 02 2021

    This episode is eight mini-episodes rolled into one as we collaborated with some of our friends with Kids Listen. You'll hear some of the coolest kids' podcasts around, so tune in for the show!   And go to our partner Mercari for all of your needs on hot deals for clothes, shoes, and more! Use our promo code to get up to $30 off your first purchase: And for her stuff too!   

  • All Things Madison, Episode 28: Back to School, Pandemic Edition, 2021

    Aug 13 2021

    It's back to school time again but this year is a little different so we decided to write a poem about it. Enjoy! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 27: Finding Success with 6 Year Old Child Actor Khalil Johnson

    Aug 12 2021

    Meet 6-year-old acting sensation Khalil Johnson who stars on the television show Delilah, on the OWN network. Madison has a chat with Khalil about what life is like under the bright lights of Hollywood, his favorite holidays, and what he has cooking up...literally, with his own YouTube channel, Khalil's Korner, where he loves to cook.  Not only is Khalil a kid on a mission but he's also an inspiration to all those others who lack the motivation to do anything interesting during the lull of the o...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 26: The Meat Shower with Kid's Listen's Mick Sullivan

    Jul 05 2021

    Have you ever heard of the Kentucky meat shower? Yes, it's a real thing and it really happened and our guest this week wrote a book about it. This week's guest, Mick Sullivan, is an author, kid's podcaster, musician, and co-chair of the very popular Kids Listen organization and app. Mr. Sullivan shares what it's like to work at an art museum as well as create cool podcasts.  Also, we have just released our Summer Reading List! Join other readers from around the globe who will work to read as man...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 25: AAPI Heritage Month, Fay Darmawi explains the importance of Asian culture in entertainment

    May 14 2021

    It's AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Heritage Month and this week Madison interviews the founder of the SF Urban Film Fest, Mrs. Fay Darmawi. When she's not active in her home city of San Franciso, Fay is busy fighting crime - not the superhero kind but systems designed to make life harder for people of color, and she does this through the medium of storytelling.  Fay's story is an interesting one, from coming to the United States in a mad dash away from her home in Indonesia to playi...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 24, Book Review: The Wish List by Sarah Aronson

    May 06 2021

    Madison reviews a popular book series, The Wish List, by Sarah Aronson about a young Fairy Godmother in training and the obstacles she does not expect along the way.  After interviewing Mrs. Aronson last season, Madison decided to kick off her summer book club with a review of this fabulous book for all girls who love fairy life!  And get ready to join us for some fun over the summer. It all kicks off in just a few short weeks and we plan to read a ton of books all in the name of fun and getting...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 23: Autism Awareness Month, a Chat with Wesley and Tracy Ahearn

    Apr 26 2021

    This week closes out National Autism Month and in an effort to bring awareness to a good cause Madison sits down with a close friend of the family and her autistic son to better understand the challenges people with autism face, the resources available to them, and the opportunities in the world today. For more on autism go to  And to find Madison's apparel and accessories go to 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 22: Raya and The Last Dragon Review

    Apr 07 2021

    In our latest episode, we talk all things Raya! With Disney's recent release of its newest smash hit Raya and The Last Dragon, they have yet again shown the way to fostering a new era of diversity and inclusion in animation. Madison gives her take on what the movie means to her and why you should want to see it.  And we give a special tribute to the families and friends of the Atlanta mass shooting a few days ago with music by our friend @Hokulina. Additionally, we've had an outpouring of love f...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 21: Women's History Month, A Conversation with Disney Filmmakers on the Making of Raya and the Last Dragon

    Mar 15 2021

    Do you know about the myth of the mysterious water dragons? Do you know where their story originates? No? Well, join us this week as we sit down to talk with two of the filmmakers of the latest animation hit from Disney, Raya, and The Last Dragon. Madison interviews voiceover actor Emiko Susilo, who consults the animators through the Southeast Asian Trust on the cultural accuracy of the movie. She is joined by Kaliko Hurley who worked as a production manager for Raya and is also the author of Ar...more

  • ALL THINGS MADISON: Episode 20, Women's History Month; How Shirley Chisholm paved the way for VP Kamala Harris

    Mar 08 2021

    March is Women's History Month. In the spirit of shedding light on black history while embracing women's history, we often see crossover opportunities such as this week's episode. We have a newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris, a graduate of Howard University and a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. But it was Activist Shirley Chisolm who paved the way nearly 50 years earlier as she became the first black and first woman to become a candidate for the President of the United States....more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 19: Black History 365, Black Love with Rudy Dee and Ossie Davis

    Feb 21 2021

    With only a few more days left of Black History Month and Valentine's Day just a few days earlier, this week Madison focuses on the concept of black love. She examines the lives of none other than the couple who wrote the book, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. This show explores how two people fell in love and stayed in love over the course of 50+ years.    And for anyone looking for Madison's apparel and accessories, just go to for more! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 18: Black History 365, Amanda Gorman, America's Poet

    Feb 11 2021

    Did you watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden? If so, do you know who wowed the crowd with her impassioned speech? Or, who stole the opening at Super Bowl 55? It was none other than the hottest young poet to hit the scene in years - Amanda Gorman.  Amanda has shown herself to be a formidable orator with her emergence on the national stage, as she sets the mic on fire with her clever use of metaphor and rhyme. Madison examines Amanda's imagery in this episode as we kick off our nod to Bla...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 17, Life, Death, and Soul: A Review of Disney's Soul

    Feb 01 2021

    Madison kicks off Season Two as she explores the topic of death in a thoughtful review of the Disney-Pixar movie Soul. With the loss of close family members in recent months, Madison has had to navigate her emotions from happy to sad in order to find balance in her life. This review includes questions from friends of the show, children who are eager to get her perspective as well.  You can learn more about her products at or find her on YouTube at

  • It's 2021, Happy New Year!

    Jan 03 2021

    It's a new year with new horizons...let's get ready for great things this year! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 16, A Peanuts Christmas (excerpt from A Charlie Brown Christmas)

    Dec 10 2020

    Join us for the 11th Day of Christmas cheer as Madison reads an excerpt from the Peanuts classic, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." And if you are in need of a gift for a little girl or boy this holiday, be sure to shop for gift ideas! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 15, A Christmas Carol (Short Story)

    Dec 08 2020

    Madison reads the short story, A Christmas Carol, for the holiday season. Be sure to check out her online store at for gift ideas for your little girls for Christmas!   

  • All Things Madison, Episode 14 "The Plastic Problem" with award-winning children's book author Aubre Andrus

    Nov 12 2020

    In this episode award-winning children's book author, Aubre Andrus is asking for our help to save the planet! Check our her new book,        "The Plastic Problem," For more on our stuff head to Thanks! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 13 "Get Ready to Be Spooked" by Author Dale Basye

    Oct 30 2020

    This episode is a Halloween Special where we get to know how Author Dale Basye creates spooky stories that will surely have you on the edge of your seats!  Check him out at and for more on our stuff at Thanks for the support!

  • All Things Madison, Episode 12, "Cool Puzzles and Books" with Author Eric Berlin

    Sep 24 2020

    In this episode, Madison talks with famed puzzle maker/ author Eric Berlin in how he comes up with his super awesome puzzles, stories, and characters! Find him at and for more on our stuff, check us out at Thanks for the support!

  • All Things Madison, Episode 11, "A Conversation with Christopher B. Pearman"

    Aug 16 2020

    Do you know who Raven-Symone is from Disney's "That's So Raven", "Raven's Home", "The Cheetah Girls", and "The Cosby Show"? Well, meet her father, Christopher B. Pearman, the man behind the scenes who helped to make it all happen! This week Madison interviews Mr. Pearman who has some golden nuggets to share with anyone looking to make it in the dog eat dog world of entertainment. You can contact him on Facebook at ChristopherB or email at   To support Madison or purchas...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 10, Finding Gusto with Kid’s Author Sarah Aronson

    Jun 05 2020

    Award-winning children’s author Sarah Aronson sits down for a chat with Madison on how she became a writer, how she comes up with her stories, and what it means to have “gusto”. To learn more go to And to learn more about Madison’s merchandise go to Your support is appreciated.

  • All Things Madison, Episode 9, The Space X mission with ex-Rocket Scientist Laura Campbell

    May 30 2020

    All the talk is of course about the SpaceX rocket launch into outer space-bound for the interstellar space station, and Madison Lauren gets the scoop from an actual, real-life (former) rocket scientist! Listen in to hear Laura Campbell tell us what all the hype is about, how rocket ships are made and fueled, and how you can become a rocket scientist too!   And to find Madison's clothing and accessories, go to Thanks! 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 8, "My 7th Grade Life in Tights with Children's Author Brooks Benjamin"

    May 22 2020

    In this episode, Madison Lauren interviews author Brooks Benjamin on his newly released book under Random House Kids entitled, "My Seventh Grade Life in Tights." Brooks shares how he arrives at his zany stories, how he comes up with his characters, and offers some insight into kids who are stuck at 'sheltering at home' bored to death! To learn more about his book go to And to check out Madison Lauren's latest in clothing, accessories, and other items go to www.S...more

  • All Things Madison, Episode 7, "Oddly Cool…Strange Science and Weird History with New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Albee"

    May 16 2020

    Madison Lauren interviews New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Albee on her career, her books, how she finds stories, and what kids should do to become writers too. This episode explores ants, bees, poop, the invention of the toilet, and more! To learn more about our guest author go to And to see our latest merchandise or to support us go to

  • All Things Madison, Episode 6, "Sensational Stories about Life and Love with Children's Author Nora Baskin"

    May 07 2020

    In this episode, Madison interviews award-winning children and y/a fiction author Nora Baskin. Mrs. Baskin shares how her career began as a writer, how she crafts her stories, and ways young minds can be productive during boredom, which she says doesn’t exist if you use your imagination. With over 13 titles to choose from, there is bound to be something of interest for every reader. She also offers creative writing classes online for both adults and kids. You can learn more at

  • All Things Madison, Episode 5, "All About Wild Birds with Judy Stoops", part 2

    Apr 29 2020

    7-year-old Madison Lauren is on a quest to enlighten and entertain kids stuck at home, lulled to sleep with boredom, and who just need a break! This is part 2 of her interview with Judy Stoops of Wild Birds Unlimited.  See her store at 

  • All Things Madison, Episode 4, "All About Wild Birds with Judy Stoops", part 1

    Apr 29 2020

    Judy Stoops shares her incredible knowledge of wild birds in this interview. It's a short, fulfilled episode with lots of personality! To learn more go to and for Madison's products.  

  • All Things Madison, Episode 3, "Up Close & Personal with the Puppets at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts"

    Mar 22 2020

    Meet Mr. Dolph Amick, the music director and a puppeteer of the Atlanta Center for the Puppetry Arts. Dolph gives great insight into how young minds can cull their curiosity for the craft. For more information go to  SUBSCRIBE so that you can tune in each week! And check out her store at or

  • All Things Madison, Episode 2, "Meet the Elephants of the African Savanna at Zoo Atlanta"

    Mar 12 2020

    In this episode, we meet zoo keeper Scott Hooper of Zoo Atlanta who tells us about the cool new habitat at the zoo, and the elephants he tends to. To learn more about the exciting new African Savanna habitat visit:  And to order your Madison Lauren tee or new graphic tees go to    

  • All Things Madison, Ep. 1, Intro

    Mar 04 2020

    The best podcast for kids to listen to, where kids can be kids! Welcome to All Things Madison, the podcast designed by a kid for kids, where kids can be kids. In this episode, you will meet the spunky 7-year old with a heart of gold who informs us what the show is all about. Tune in each week at wherever you find your podcast or on YouTube. And be sure to check out her store at or