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African Folktales: Traditional Bedtime Stories for the Modern Kid

African Folktales is a collective of diverse story traditions originating in Africa, originally passed down through generations by word of mouth. These traditional tales told with a new twist, are not only entertaining but serve to teach a lesson as well. Sometimes of a moral value and other times of survival.


  • Two Feasts for Anansi

    Apr 15 2021

    Today our magic jeep visits a greedy spider who can't make a decision! Anansi the spider can’t decide which feast he wants to attend? Anansi tries his best to attend both feasts at the same time. Will this plan work? Or should he just stick to having one meal? Plus, what are the consequences from Anansi's choices?

  • Why The Cheetahs Cheeks Are Stained

    Apr 08 2021

    Today our magic jeep is cruising to a grassy field to watch a hunter sleep under a tree! Long ago a wicked and lazy hunter was sitting under a tree. He was thinking that it was too difficult to hunt in the hot weather and look for prey in the bushes. Did the hunter get what he wanted? Or did his lazy ways get in the way. Plus, how does this all impact our friend the Cheetah!

  • The Sky God's Well

    Apr 01 2021

    Today our magic jeep is cruising through a forest! We follow a frog who seems nice and innocent. It is said that once in the old days, the frog was teased by other animals of the forest because she had no tail. She was deeply embarrassed, so she went to the sky god to see if a tail could be given to her. Will it work out? Listen and find out!

  • Anansi the Oldest of Animals

    Mar 25 2021

    Today our magic jeep takes us to a forest where there was a big fight about who was the oldest animal. Once upon a time the animals of the fields and the forest had a great argument about which of them was the oldest and deserved the most respect. Can you guess which animal is the most respected and oldest in the group? Listen and find out!

  • Don't Shake Hands With Everybody

    Mar 18 2021

    Today we are bubbling our way to Frogs farm! We see how a kind act went too far. Find out how one frog got so excited to say thank you to everyone that it backfired. Is it better to sometimes work smarter than harder?

  • A House in the Sky

    Mar 11 2021

    Once upon a time there lived a poor man named Abby. He was clever and often made jokes at rich people and even at the Chief. One day the Chief wanted Abby to build him a house in the sky. Is it even possible to build a house in the sky? Will Abby be able to do it? Or will Abby find a way to trick the Chief and not have to do the work?

  • Clever Jackal Gets Away

    Mar 04 2021

    Today our magic jeep takes us to a land with a very clever and smart Jackal. One day when the Jackal was moving through the land he came across a great Lion! The Jackal was scared for his life, he thought the Lion might eat him. So our clever and smart Jackal devised a plan to trick the Lion. Will it work? Listen and find out!

  • The Man Who Never Lied

    Feb 25 2021

    Once upon a time there lived a wise man by the name of Moe. He never lied. All the people in the land, even the ones who lived hundreds of miles away, knew about him. One day, the Queen of the land was determined to trick Moe and make him lie. Will it work? Will Moe lie? Listen and find out!

  • The Magic Pot

    Feb 18 2021

    A long time ago there lived an old woman who had the best chicken soup in the market. People would come from all over the land to try this incredible soup. One person that enjoyed it more than the rest was a small boy who came up with a plan to get even more soup to eat. Will his plan work? Or will trying to get more to eat hurt everyone else who wants to enjoy the delicious soup.

  • Dinner of the Lion

    Feb 11 2021

    In the Seven Hills we find a strong and hungry lion who would eat one animal a day for his dinner. One of the animals, a very smart hare, did not want to become the lion's dinner! The hare plans to play a trick on the strong and hungry lion so he doesn't get eaten. Will the plan work? Listen to hear if the hare will escape becoming dinner.Produced by ABF Creative Inc.

  • The Happy Man

    Feb 04 2021

    Once there was a King who had everything you would want in the world. However, he still wasn’t happy. Food, music, treasure he had it all, but it just wasn’t enough. So the King created a plan to find the happiest man in the land and take all of his joy. Will the plan work? Will the King be happy? Or will he just stay sad?Produced by ABF Creative Inc.

  • 3 Fish in a Pond

    Oct 01 2020

    Three fish called Plan Ahead, Think Fast and Wait and See are swimming happily in a pond when they overhear two fishermen discussing plans to catch fish tomorrow. Plan Ahead takes immediate action and swims away from this danger zone. The other two fish decide not to take immediate action and get caught in the fishmen’s net the next day. Wait and See learn a lesson about how important it is to plan ahead or think fast on your feet. Story told by Oni Lasana @

  • The Rabbit and The Turtle

    Sep 24 2020

    Slow and steady Turtle is tired of hearing Jack Rabbit brag about how he is the fastest animal in the animal kingdom and challenges Jack the Rabbit to a race. When the race begins, Jack the Rabbit zips on ahead leaving Slow and Steady Turtle in the dust. He gains such a lead on Slow and Steady Turtle that he stops to take a nap leading to an unexpected result of the race! Let’s just say that Jack the Rabbit learned an important lesson about boasting.Story told by Oni Lasana @ https://onilasana.c...more

  • Why Do Spiders Live on The Ceiling?

    Sep 17 2020

    King Lion wants to find out who is the smartest and most clever animal in the animal kingdom. Anansi the spider boasts loudly of his own wisdom but is challenged by a mockingbird because, unlike birds, he cannot fly. Anansi takes up the challenge, builds himself wings and takes off into the sky as the animals watch him go. However, Anansi quickly learns a lesson on boasting when he tries to fly with an eagle and gets too close to the Sun. Story told by Oni Lasana @

  • Mr. Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom

    Jul 23 2020

    Mr. Ananse, a mean and greedy man, collects all of the wisdom in the world and does not want to share it. Instead, he decides to keep it in a pot around his neck. One day Mr. Ananse decides to hide the pot on top of the tallest tree in the forest. However, he struggles to climb up the tree with the heavy pot.  His son watches him struggle, and then suggests that he put the pot on his back. Mr. Ananse listens to his son and quickly realizes that he is not the only one with wisdom. Download our ex...more

  • The Lion and the Drum

    Jul 13 2020

    The Lion discovers a magical world as he chases the fruit from the palm tree into a deep hole.  There he finds Zebra eating all of his fruit. Zebra apologizes and agrees to give the Lion a drum, in exchange for the food. The drum provides Lion with so much food that he is able to share it with his friends. However, one day the drum breaks. Lion returns to Zebra, and lies to him in order to receive a larger drum. Little does he know that you can’t fool Zebra. Rather than receive more food from th...more

  • Bobo and the Turtle

    Jul 02 2020

    Bobo, the spider prepares a meal and just as he is about to eat, he is interrupted by an unexpected guest. Bobo invites the turtle to join him, but then sends him off to wash his hands - not once, but twice. By the time the turtle returned, all the food was gone. When the tables get turned, Bobo also misses out on the turtle’s lovely meal.   Activity plans for this and all episodes available @ ABFC.coProduced by ABF Creative.

  • The Value of a Person

    Jun 23 2020

    Several body parts present their argument as to why they should be the leader of the body. When one of the body parts leave, they realize how important each body part is and how essential everyone is to the overall performance of the human body.  Download our exciting activity plans for each episode @ http://abfc.coProduced by ABF Creative Inc.

  • Respect Your Community

    Jun 23 2020

    This folktale is about how the chipmunk received his stripes. Despite living in the jungle with his community, he opted to live in the trees to avoid paying taxes like everyone else. His community feels sorry for him and so collects money for him.  However, in the end, Mr. Chipmunk runs off with the money and is banned by his community. Download our exciting activity plans for each episode @ http://abfc.coProduced by ABF Creative Inc.

  • Choosing the Right Friends

    Jun 23 2020

    The shark and monkey become good friends. Monkey begins to share his fruit from the tree with the shark. When the shark wants to return the favor, Monkey agrees to visit his family in the ocean. The monkey quickly realizes he is in trouble, but cleverly escapes.Download our exciting activity plans for each episode @ http://abfc.coProduced by ABF Creative Inc.

  • Welcome to African Folktales!

    May 29 2020

    Children of color have few characters to whom they can relate within podcasts. As a result, many culturally rich stories and perspectives go unexplored. African Folktales, brings those unique perspectives to the forefront while grappling with challenges that most children face.