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Starter Episodes

In this playlist each podcast chooses the episode they think is best for you to listen to first. Start here!

by Kids Listen

    Starter Episodes: Volume 1

    Jul 31 2018

  • Newsy Pooloozi: Newsy gets a new name! Plus “batsman” is out and new spider app

    Goodbye Newsy Jacuzzi, hello Newsy Pooloozi! We tell you why, plus the game of cricket also gets a name change, the UK spends millions on carbon suckers and a new spider app helps arachnophobia.

  • Kids Poetry Club: Pie Club

    This week, Queenie and Chicken sign up Little Dazzy Donuts as their first member of Pie Club to raise funds for the new community garden. However, they'll need more than one subscriber! So, they seek help from the Sage Advice Hour on the local radio station in the hope that Sage can work out how to get their phones ringing. Along the way, Little Dazzy Donuts keeps everyone entertained by playing three poems sent in for the current competition by Sanaskriti, Selvalakshmi and Vasuprada.We love hea...more

  • Stories for Wonderful Children: Akuro and the 1000th Crane (Kids Listen Activity Podcast)

     Akuro is a boy who longs for friends, but struggles with shyness. When he learns of the Japanese legend of 1,000  origami cranes, he believes that he has found a way to fulfill that wish. This episode is a co-production with the Kids Listen Activity Podcast. Activity guide can be found here: Origami instructional videos can be found on the Stories for Wonderful Children YouTube channel:

  • Super hearing or super sight?

    Would your rather have super hearing, but not be able to see or have super sight, but not be able to hear?  Share what you talked about with us @hellofamilypodcast. - • We want you to be on the podcast, call and leave a message: (253) 234-4462‬‪ • Give us a review & share our podcast with other families!

  • Six Minutes: EP1 Six Minutes Begins

    The Anders family goes on a whale watching trip and finds something miraculous floating in the water. Follow the mystery all year long..six minutes at a time. Become a Six Minutes Superfan today! Get episodes a week early, ad free, and scripts for every episode. Show your support for the show by signing up at Patreon. Six Minutes is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit or follow us o...more

  • Episode 1: The Storm

    Episode 1: The Storm Part 1 Twelve-year-old twins Alexa and Beni Ventura are sucked into a timestorm where they meet their distant cousin Lt. Horacio Méndez. Produced by Cocotazo Media Creator & writer: Dania Ramos Audio engineer & composer: Michael Aquino LT. HORACIO MÉNDEZ: Louis Vetter CAPTAIN: Joseph Langham RAMIRO VENTURA: Walter F. Rodriguez BENI VENTURA: Claudio Venancio ALEXA VENTURA: Leilany Figueroa CLARA VENTURA: Jennica Carmona Full episode credits available at

  • The Dastardly Deeds of Professor Nasty - Episode 1

    PROFESSOR NASTY The Professor breaks out of Little Rikers Daycare. Meanwhile, Special Agent Clarissa Sparrow of the FBI (the Fun Building Institute) is given one last case to solve before retirement – find the Mayors stolen doll.

  • Story Shed / Isabella Umbrella

    Episode one of Story Shed - a new storytelling podcast for children of all ages. This episode features Isabella Umbrella, a rhyming story about a girl who has an unusual habit of carrying an umbrella everywhere she goes. Following the story we are joined by two little helpers to answer some questions and discuss the key events and themes (a perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to do the same with their little ones) We hope you enjoy!

  • What if Word / What if cows could make money from mooing and sinking into the deep sea and...

    What If World has its first crush! Well, its moon does anyway. Get ready to meet the Moon Cow Crooners and hear Mr. Eric’s first quasi-Australian accent. Just remember, What If World’s accents are all just a little bit different from What Is World’s ;)Lessons include: we should own up to our mistakes rather than make silly excuses; picking on someone is not a good way to show you careOut Art Contest Ends June 15thAt least one work will be chosen to inspire a What If Story at the end of June. Wit...more

  • Tumble / The Call of the Antarctic Dinosaur with Julia Clarke

    Dinosaurs didn’t roar. What?! Paleontologist Julia Clarke has been uncovering clues to how dinosaurs sounded, in ancient bird fossils from Antarctica. She shares the story of her groundbreaking fossil find that revealed the surprising sounds of the dinosaur world! Come on an expedition to Antarctica and into Julia’s lab on her quest for discovery. Now is the time to send us your science questions! Record your name, age, and your question. Tell us what you think the answer is, and how scientists ...more

  • Story Spectacular / The Shape Escape

    Welcome to Shape Valley. You will meet a mighty octagon, a brave square, and a tiny triangle. All is well until a big meany circle escapes and wreaks havoc on the Valley. Who will save the day? Digger the Dog will also stop by and tell us some jokes about shapes.

  • Noodle Loaf / Zagga Zy Xylophone

    We've got company! New friends join the Noodle Loaf choir and a special guest singer sings a silly echo song by Peter Alsop.  Echo Song (Rabbit On My Shoulder) ✪ Trivia ✪ If You're Happy And You Know It ✪ Jam Along ✪ If you like the show, do us a solid by subscribing and leaving a review on iTunes.  It helps other families find us and makes us smile :) 

  • Little Stories for Tiny People / Little Hedgehog Goes to School

    Little Hedgehog Goes to School is a perfect back-to-school story for your tiny people! Listen as Little Hedgehog finds out what really happens at school on her very first day. Also, I have TWO special guests today and they are my very own, very giggly, tiny people. Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast so you never miss an episode! And please show your support by leaving a rating/review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Those reviews really help the show reach more fa...more

  • Cool Facts About Animals / Tokay Gecko

    Even if you aren't a big reptile fan, you should check out this episode on tokay geckos. Besides being adorable, they can also lick their eyelids, climb vertically up walls, eat their dead skin, watch their decapitated tail flap around, and more! Please don't forget to rate us, review us and subscribe! Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check out our website: https://coolfactsaboutanimalspodcast.wordpress.c...more

  • Circle Round / Stella and the Dragon

    Kathryn Hahn ("Bad Moms Christmas") stars in this Romanian folktale about a clever mother and her quest to outwit a powerful dragon. Download a coloring page for this episode here:

  • Book Power for Kids / Hilo: The Great Big Boom

    Who flies, has energy beams and ice breath? It’s Hilo, the boy who crashed to Earth! Leilani, age 9, reviews Hilo: The Great Big Boom by Judd Winick.   For questions or to suggest a book for us to review email us at .   Our website is, or visit us on Facebook: and Twitter @bookpower4kids   We are proud members of Kids Listen. For more quality children's podcas...more

  • Book Club for Kids / The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

    We asked our Book Club for Kids summer intern, University of California Irvine student, Trianna Eichinger to pick her favorite episode. Trianna says she loves basketball, but not poetry, but these kids' discussion of "The Crossover" may have changed her mind. Kwame Alexander talks about poetry and our celebrity reader is a professional basketball player, LA Laker Tarik Black. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Ahway Island / Toy Box Cinderella

    Alyssa the Doll feels a bit lonely when the others dolls leave her out of their fun.  Will anyone notice how special she is at the toy's party? The post Toy Box Cinderella: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Aaron's World / Episode 07 - Cryolophosaurus

    Aaron searches Antartica for Cryolophosaurus fossils and answers a question from Hannah. View full episode show notes at