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    Meet Cool People

    May 23 2018

  • Episode #130 – Marky Monday

    Enter Marky Monday’s world! It’s full of important things like chickens, superheroes, and dairy. Yes dairy! It was great to get to know Marky Monday and hear about the work that he’s done. He’s got a live show that can’t be missed. Be sure to check out his website for tour dates. Your kids will love it! Stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode to hear ‘Chick Chick Chicken’ which my kids totally love as well as ‘Superheroes’. Be sure t...more

  • DB 086: Comic Book Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick On Creating Marvelous Stories

    Kelly Sue DeConnick has been credited with drawing female readers back to comic books. She is the writer of many popular comic-book series starring female characters, including most famously the Marvel imprint Captain Marvel.. She writes passionately, both on and off the page, about feminism, female representation, and the need for more female comic-book creators. For our show notes, visit

  • Somefin Smells Fishy In Here! (How Fish Oil Makes Us Smarter) Part 2

    After discovering on last week's episode that fish oil contains offishoily fintastic benefits for our brains, Guy Raz and Mindy decide to take the plunge on a wild aquatic adventure to experience HOW in the world fish oil is made! Join us, as Guy and Mindy explore the latest Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the World of squeezing the smarts out of sardines!

  • Episode 7: Toca Boca

    Children's app superstars, Toca Boca chat with the App Fairy about play, their deep underlying philosophies for developing excellent apps for kids, and how to use cut paper to design an app.