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Meet Cool People

These shows feature interviews with amazing artists, authors, musicians, scientists and more!

by Kids Listen

    Meet Cool People

    Mar 25 2023

  • The Middle School Mind / 2.12 The Goodbye Episode

    As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After months of deliberation and soul-searching Father and Son publish their last and final episode of The Middle School Mind podcast. After nearly 18 months and over 35+ episodes, on this episode: We say goodbye to our listeners We talk about what's next for Son We hear from some of our past guests Of course we get a little silly And we play one last game So sit back, relax, grab the Kleenex and stick around for our very spec...more

  • Dream Big Podcast / DB 347: Luck Vs Hard Work: Debunking 3 Myths of Luck

    In this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, hosts Sophia Karpman and Olga Karpman explore the topic of luck vs hard work and debunk common myths about luck. They show how hard work can make a big difference in achieving your dreams, not just pure luck.  Sophia shares some fun jokes and stories, including a magical story about a leprechaun and a joke about a lucky duck. They discuss how luck is not the only factor that determines our success or happiness, but working hard and making smart choices c...more

  • Kids Pod / Episode 154: Librarian with Cassie Mackie

    Welcome to Kids Pod, the podcast where kids get to ask adults the questions they really want to know. Nothing is too rude to ask. You send in your questions and our adults will give kids the answers they really want to hear. Aimee Chan is the author of 8 books titled My Grandma Is 100, The Very Hungry Reader, The Happy Mask, Peg Leg Pedicure, Alfie the Guard Dog, My Uncle Lives in Antarctica, Flo Sews and The Race to Pigroot. To purchase books by Aimee Chan, go to On Kids Po...more

  • Activist, You! / Listen to Rainbow Parenting!

    Hello Activist, You! fans! We wanted to let you know about the podcast we've started for grown ups all about queer and gender-affirming parenting! Rainbow Parenting is a brand new podcast from the creators of Queer Kid Stuff! It’s a show for anyone who wants to raise the littles in their lives in a queer and gender-affirming way featuring interviews with queer, trans, and ally leaders, educators, and creators. You can catch up on Rainbow Parenting wherever you get your podcasts. Season 2 starts ...more

  • Wow in the World / WeWow Earth Week Day 5: Happy Earth Day, Earthlings!

    Happy Earth Day! Today, we're mapping out our instruction manuals for how to take care of the Earth! What's on yours?! Grownups, send us photos and videos at! Want to listen to more episodes of Flip and Mozi's Guide to How to be an Earthling? Listen now wherever you get your podcasts!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • Mic Drop / Mic Drop Introduces: Tai Asks Why - Season 4

    Fifteen-year-old Tai Poole won’t rest until he’s uncovered the mysteries of the universe, one probing question at a time. In Season 4 of his Webby-winning podcast, Tai talks to everyone from NASA scientists to stand-up comedians to his equally curious little brother Kien. If you’ve ever wondered if we can keep eating meat without destroying the planet or if we’re alone in the universe, Tai has you covered. More episodes are available at

  • KidLit RADIO / KidLit RADIO: StoryMakers with Lesa Cline-Ransome and James Ransome

    On the StoryMakers podcast, multi-award-winning author and illustrator duo, Lesa Cline-Ransome and James Ransome offer us a window into a child’s experience of the Great Migration in OVERGROUND RAILROAD, and then introduce us to the characters and history behind the second book in the FINDING LANGSTON TRILOGY, LEAVING LYMON. About OVERGROUND RAILROAD A window into a child’s experience of the Great Migration from the award-winning creators of Before She Was Harriet and Finding Langston. As she cl...more

  • Ooh You're In Trouble / Introducing Milky Way Underground

    As we await word about season 3 of Ooh You’re In Trouble, we’re sharing a story from our friends at The Milky Way Underground - a brand new tween podcast coming to TRAX. What is Milky Way Underground? An immersive fantasy about 2 kids on a journey to find their dad only to find themselves thrust into a strange and mysterious world. Want more Trouble in your life? We do too!! Click this link to tell our network TRAX why you want more episodes of Ooh You’re In Trouble.

  • Good Stuff Kids / Episode #279 – Pierce Freelon

    Pierce Freelon is an inspiration.  He's a musician, politician, and educator.  He has a brand new record called 'Black to the Future' which just came out a couple of weeks ago.  I really enjoyed learning from him and hearing all about his inspiration(s) for making music.  Make sure to listen all the way to the end to hear the song 'Braid My Hair'.   Continue reading Episode #279 – Pierce Freelon on the site.

  • We Got You / Sam's Story

    It’s our season finale! We can’t believe we finally made it here. One question we asked every participant on the show this season was especially important for us. Why? To help you. That question was: What would you tell your younger self? Today we’re hearing the story of our awesome host, Samantha Logan. Let’s hear what she would say. We Got You is a podcast that gives a voice to every kid out there who doesn’t have anyone to go to, with advice straight from teens who've been there before. Does...more