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    May 31 2017

  • New Things

    In episode 46, Chloe gets to talk with Mindy Thomas of Kidsplace Live and NPR's first family podcast, Wow in the World! She talks about going to see Jeff Kinney, author of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and plays a clip of their press conference meeting.

  • Originator

    Librarian Carissa Christner and the App Fairy interview Rex Ishibashi of Originator about the fantastic series of "Endless" apps.

  • Twinkle

    I talked to Twinkle a few weeks ago and she was so generous to share the story of how she came to the idea of Twinkle Time and Friends. Her pre-Twinkle career is pretty incredible too. She is a complete “Do it yourself-er” from songwriting to the development of the stage show. Twinkle also makes a real effort to ensure that all of her music and shows are bilingual. It’s clear that her live show would be a magnet for young kids. She is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to fi...more

  • Episode 8: Brad Fitch

    This is an interview with Brad Fitch, president and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation

  • The 7 Most Important Life Lessons I Learned When I Was 7

    In today’s episode, Eva is on her own and shares the 7 most important she learned as a 7-year-old (she just turned 8!). For our customizable “Gratitude Is The Best Attitude” download and show notes, visit