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Launch Your Imagination

Music, adventure, storytelling, these shows bring it all together to get you looking at the world differently.

by Kids Listen

    Launch Your Imagination

    Jul 30 2021

  • Ear Snacks / Bubbles

    Pop! Welcome to a very floaty episode of Ear Snacks in which Andrew & Polly (literally) get into bubbles. Come ponder the nature of glistening spheres, learn the science of surface tension and explore the wonders of Bubble Planet at Kidspace Children’s Museum, and wax poetic about the joy of sharing bubbles with our effortlessly effervescent pal, Mista Cookie Jar -- who helps us make a brand new song, “Like a Bubble!"Thanks to Kaya, Kali, Kieran, Vada & Shai (who made some bubble art for...more

  • Like You: Mindfulness for Kids / Encore: Countdown to Mindfulness

    Like You is listener supported. Learn how you can support the show by becoming a patron on Patreon.Please send us a voice memo, drawing, or letter at We play a voice memo from a listener at the beginning of most episodes. If your child wants to be included, record a voice memo on your phone and email it to us. Your child can introduce themself and then say a favorite affirmation, sing a line from a Like You song, say what they like about the show, or share whatever they...more

  • Cuentos Increíbles / El gran mago

    Bruno debe presentar ante sus compañeros de clase el trabajo de su padre. Esto lo avergüenza, porque a diferencia de los papás de sus amigos, el suyo no es doctor y tampoco arquitecto: es un mago. Buscando una solución para su presentación en el colegio, Bruno vivirá una mágica aventura, en la que descubrirá y entenderá lo valioso que es el trabajo de su papá.

  • Dorktales Storytime Podcast / Cookie Cobbler Caper

    Christmas cookie baking and storytelling in July?! It's always a good time for a merry tale about a worried shoemaker who awakens one morning to find his luck has finally changed! How did a perfectly pair of stitched shoes magically appear on his workbench? When he and his wife hide in the cupboard to find the answer, they catch a glimpse of the clever cobblers: two tiny elves who are going through hard times too! Grateful for their new-found fortune, the duo devises a plan to create a holi...more

  • Stoopkid Stories / Melanin Island Pt 2

    Heyyyyyy Stoopkid Crew! Another season finale!Season 4 Episode 8! We made it! Thank you all for listening!Happy birthday to Stoopkids Henry, Eleanor, Tristan, Coco and Greta! I hope that you all had an amazing birthday!Stoop Grownups, if you would like for your child to receive a shoutout on the show or a birthday card in the mail make sure you go to and make a pledge!S/o to Whenver Wherever podcast, and make sure you check out the stories over there too!S...more

  • Noodle Loaf - Music Education Podcast for Kids / Kablamski

    It's getting hot in here, so plant some carrot seeds.  I am getting so hot, I'm gonna plant some carrot seeeeds.  There's a song about planting carrot seeds in this episode and those are not the lyrics.  We don't do parodies.  We do music for kids and that grown ups dig too.  We do music empowerment through play.  We jam out, you jam along. The Echo Song in today's show, A Carrot Seed was inspired by my cousins' farm Soul Fire Farm in Upstate NY.  Their farm s...more

  • The Story Seeds Podcast / Encore Presentation: A Worm's Worth with Jason Reynolds

    This specific episode which we released in June 2020 is featured on CBC Podcast Playlist this week in an episode titled "Feel good stories for when you need them most."  Though it originally aired last summer, we're giving it the good ole' encore treatment—along a  brief update from our host Betsy Bird on some exciting new happenings in the Story Seeds  world (like our summer camp for kids)!About the EpisodeA Worm's Worth: Twelve-year old Brooklynite, Irthan, joins forces with the National Ambas...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / "A Lullaby Episode Because April Eight is Feeling Sleepy"

    Hello, my friends! April Eight has a little lullaby for you because she's so sleepy, she thought you might be too. It's a special song to say goodnight. "We stayed up late, we sang songs, it was great, and we told our stories to the stars..."  April has been writing songs and stories and sharing them with you for five years. It's Your Turn! Make a contribution to the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast and help to keep it up and running. You can Buy April a cup of Coffee or Contribute Here Today...more

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Sneak Listen to Season 3

    Been waiting for more Grimm fairy tales? Here's a sneak listen of Season 3 of the Pinna Original podcast, Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest available exclusively on Pinna. Pinna is the all-in-one app where you can stream kids' podcasts, music and audiobooks. Find Pinna in your App Store and try for free before subscribing.We love hearing from Grimmers! Email us at to tell us what you think of the show!

  • The Plop / How to Weather a Weather Storm

    This week’s episode of The Plop was proudly put together by:Host: Peter “Larry Dobbs” OldringProducers: Peter Oldring, Pat Kelly, Jodie Camilleri, Chris Redman, Max Collins, Dave Shumka and Chris KellyEditor: Max CollinsCreative Advisers for The Plop: Ali Eisner and Ryan McMahon------------------------------------------------------------------------SKETCHES IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE:“Flowers” is written and performed by  Ingrid Hansen & Victor Dolhai from SNAFU Dance“TikTok Dad Rap” is written and ...more

  • Nik Lettuce Clubhouse / Weekly worms of Joy: 29/03/20

    Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow are back with weekly fun and happy stories!