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Launch Your Imagination

Music, adventure, storytelling, these shows bring it all together to get you looking at the world differently.

by Kids Listen

    Launch Your Imagination

    Nov 26 2020

  • Noodle Loaf / Sustainable Beats

    You don't get to clean up if you don't make a mess.  So go make a mess and then sing along with our clean up echo song.  PLUS we'll use our ears to name sounds and our mouths to make rhymes.  It's a full face work out you don't want to miss. Name That Sound (Aural Awareness) ✪ Cleaning So Clean (Echo Song / Pitch Matching) ✪ Rhyme Time (Phonological Awareness) ✪ ✪✪✪ FAMILIES BELONG - the new board book from Dan Saks available from Penguin Random House ✪✪✪ WAYS T...more

  • Stoopkid Stories / The Magical TumbleWEAVE

    SEASON 3! LET'S GO!!!!Hey Stoopkids! We made it to Season 3. Can you believe it?In this episode, the girls are hanging out and learning a new skill. How to braid hair! But you will never guess what happens. This story brings a whole new meaning to Black Girl MAGIC!Did you hear that Stoopkid Stories has a website now! Go check it out at!Thank you to the sponsor, Andrews Technology Group for the website.Remember, Stoopkid Stories is now on PATREON! So for "patr...more

  • Pinna Original: Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Introducing Dream Breachers

    Evan Rickert has always had vivid dreams but the one he has on the eve of his 12th birthday‚ÄĒin which his parents give him a dog named Luna‚ÄĒfeels especially real. So when he wakes up and realizes it was just a dream, disappointment sets in. But not for long. Because...wait...what‚Äôs that barking? Set in the world of dreams and middle-school‚ÄĒtwo places where it feels like anything can happen‚ÄĒDream Breachers is a high stakes adventure about the highs and lows of having all your dreams come true.Hear...more

  • Ear Snacks / Ear Snacks for Parents: Anti-Racist Parenting with Alphabet Rockers' Kaitlin McGaw & Tommy Shepherd

    It’s been a while, but as we said in our last episode -- we’re still here. We miss you all. As parents and people in this world, we are thinking a lot about the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustice. As makers of some of the sounds and ideas that go into your kids’ ears, we feel a special connection to your family and a responsibility to address this topic -- anti-racism --  thoughtfully with you and your children on Ear Snacks. Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd of Alphabet Rockers gen...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / Ep 53: SONG: "The Witchy Sing-Along Song"

    Roxie tells a not-really-a-story story about her Halloween past. Of course, like any good witch, the Which Witch likes Halloween so much she wrote a whole song about it ‚Äď ‚ÄúThe Witchy Sing-Along Song‚ÄĚ! Find April Eight at -¬† And join the April Eight Patreon for lessons and songs, bonus stories, excerpts from April's YA novel, and more - ¬†

  • The Story Seeds Podcast / Bonus Q&A: Betsy Bird Interviews Jason Reynolds

    Listen along as The Story Seeds Podcast host Betsy Bird chats with the National Ambassador for Young People‚Äôs Literature, Jason Reynolds (author of Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, a Remix of the National Book Award-winning book by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.) They talk about what it was like working with 12 year old Irthan in Episode 10¬† ‚ÄúA Worm‚Äôs Worth‚ÄĚ and growing his story seed about a worm that turns into a human on a full moon‚Äôs night.¬†Jason also talks to Betsy about how he got his start as a...more

  • Nik Lettuce Clubhouse / Weekly worms of Joy: 29/03/20

    Nik Lettuce and Flo the Crow are back with weekly fun and happy stories!