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Seasonally themed episodes to help you get in the spirit of whatever the current spirit is! What is Kids Listen Sweeps? We take a common theme and present it in our diverse podcasts from several different angles. Think of it as the most enjoyable unit study you’ve ever heard.

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    Schools (almost) out for summer!

    Jun 01 2018

  • What If World: 77 - What if parents went to school and kids went to work and my doll Rosa came alive and danced with Fair Elise?

    Mr. Eric teams up with Rhea Pechter of Little Stories for Tiny People this week. Fair Elise and Pixacato are fed up with work and school, respectively. Good thing it’s Freaky Friday! Can Fair Elise survive a day in ballet school? Can Pixacato solve the mystery of the missing robot brains? Did Alabaster Zero also get Freaky Friday’d, or does the grizzled cop just really love ballet?Lessons include: both work and school take a special kind of endurance, we should respect each other’s efforts; pare...more

  • Tumble: The Sleep Camp Experiment

    You’ve never heard of a summer camp like this before. It’s a science camp, but the campers ARE the science! Imagine playing volleyball with electrode helmets, going to bed attached to sleep machines, and having scientists study popsicles made of your spit (“spitsicles”). We talk to the scientist who started Sleep Camp, a study that’s been going on for over 30 years. Join us as we learn what Sleep Camp has taught us about why sleep is so important for kids and teens. Our question from JoJo is, “W...more

  • The Past and The Curious: Ep. 21 Journeys Horatio and Bud John Ledyard and more

    The history podcast for kids and adults joins the Kids Listen Sweeps party and tells two stories about two great adventures. Melinda Beck tells the tale of Horatio Jackson and the first drive across the country (and his dog Bud), while Will Oldham/Bonnie Prince Billy shares the story of John Ledyard - who would've made it around the globe if it wasn't for that touchy queen, Catherine the Great. Also features quiz time and a performance of "Long Journey Home" by Mick Sullivan. Stories written b...more

  • Story Spectactular: 21: Lawrence the Lighthouse

    The bay is a hustling bustling place. Everyone loves to play in the water. Everyone but Lawrence that is. Lawrence is a Lighthouse who is afraid of the ocean. He never wants to leave his lookout perch. Until one day Lawrence falls into the water! Find out what silly shenanigans are in store for Lawrence the Lighthouse. Then Tilde the Tortoise is back to tell us some fun facts about lighthouses.

  • Shabam! BONUS - School's Out! But This Episode Will Make You Love Homework

    So, schools out and summer is here and no doubt there are a lot of listeners who are excited that they’re not sitting in a classroom or doing homework. Well, Shabam! is here to explain why doing homework and going to school is a luxury. Before 1938, if you were a kid who didn't have super wealthy parents, you’d probably be working…all day. Shabam will take you back less than a hundred years so you can appreciate last month.

  • Noodle Loaf: Some Sun Summertime

    When was the last time you clapped the rhythm of ice cream flavors?  Has it been awhile?  Well the long wait is over!  Also, to celebrate the transition from school year into summertime we have a special Echo Song and Name That Sound to get your music brain beach ready.   Clap It Back ✪ Echo Song (School's Out Soon) ✪ Name That Sound ✪  More singing, more smiling and more iTunes reviews pls :)  ALSO! Add your voice to the Noodle Loaf choir.  The echo song and instructions are here.  Plus! You ca...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Schools Out for Little Hedgehog: A Story for Kids

    LITTLE HEDGEHOG T-SHIRTS are now available! OMG. Big people, don’t worry - I speak in code about this in the actual episode. I’m fairly certain your tiny people will not know the words ‘merchandise’ and ‘protagonist’. If they do, I am super impressed! Go to the new ‘Shop’ tab at or you can head over to my threadless store at to choose from two adorable designs. Little Hedgehog is BACK for a school’s out episode...more

  • ImagiNate: Episode 12 - Traitor

    Nate has lost his old good friends and his new fake ones. All on his onsies and wondering how he got here, he sits in class listening to his boring history teacher drone on about the American Revolutionary War and Nate's imagination fuses with the lesson to create a war time hideout where he'll wrestle with reality. Literally.

  • Good Stuff Kids: Episode #131 – Mick Sullivan (The Past and The Curious) / Steve Denyes Returns!

    Get the scoop behind the podcast with the greatest name and it’s creator, Mick Sullivan! Mick produces the outstanding The Past and The Curious podcast which is all about history and is designed for kids. We talked about music, the podcast, and Louisville among other subjects. Be sure to check out Mick’s podcast and our other friends at Follow the Hashtag #kidslistensummer to see what all of your favorite family friendly shows are up to! It was great to catch up with ...more

  • Girl Tales: Beauty and Bea by Kathleen Coombs

    Bea is an aspiring young botanist, whose studies get sidetracked when she’s voted “Prettiest Girl in School”. Her new friends are all about looks, but when a magical new student joins her class, Bea is forced to rethink just how important her looks might be. Find out what happens as the Science Fair approaches in this month’s episode of Girl Tales! Beauty and Bea by Kathleen Coombs – Starring Gina DeMay, Tessa Flannery, Alex Mesaros, and Maria Ortiz-Marquez – Directed and Hoste...more

  • Be Calm on Ahway Island: The Forest's Secret

    Alice and Anora decide to explore the edge of the forest where they discover an old sign!  What does it say?

  • Cool Facts About Animals: (Bonus Episode) Schools of Fish

    We are bringing you this bonus episode as part of the #kidslistensweeps for #schoolsalmostout! In keeping with the school theme, we are talking about schools of fish. You'll learn about the difference between a shoal and a school, how schools form, why they do, and, the age-old question - are fish in schools smarter?  Check out the other participating Kids Listen participants here - you'll find some of our very favorite podcasts on here, and we can't wait to check out how they handled the theme!...more

  • Buttons & Figs: #28 - Summer at Imagination Inn

    School's almost out, summer's almost here, let's sail away in our sieve to the land of....oh no, I think we're lost! Quick, IMAGINE a place - a castle, a cabin, a resort or an inn! Wait, no worries, no fear, Nancy Willard is here and William Blake's Inn is just beyond that bend. On this episode Nancy Willard inspires us to let our imaginations soar, Buttons & Figs kids imagine places for summer fun, and we'll share ways for you to have summer reading and listening fun at your library. For mo...more

  • Book Power for Kids: Episode 015 - The Castle of Adventure

    A group of friends, an abandoned castle, a talkative parrot and a spooky mystery! Leilani reviews the classic summer vacation story “The Castle of Adventure” by Enid Blyton.   Check out all of the #kidslistensummer Sweeps episodes at:   For questions or to suggest a book for us to review email us at .   Our website is http://bookpowerforkids.podo...more

  • Book Club for Kids: Episode 68 - The Secret Zoo

    An episode for animal lovers and fantasy fans. Readers from the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library in Broomfield, Colorado discuss Bryan Chick's novel "The Secret Zoo" with host Kitty Felde. Haley Creamer from the Denver Zoo is celebrity reader. It's part of the Kids Listen School's (almost) Out Summer Sweep! 

  • Aaron's World: Bonus 04 - Podcasts for Kids!

    Aaron’s Dad travels to the past to bring kids several recommendations from the future for GREAT podcasts to enjoy while school is out! View full episode show notes at