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    Jump into an Adventure

    Jan 24 2019

  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids / BeeBop Tales: Firebreather

    It's out of the snake into the frying pan, as the old saying goes. Also, contain your excitement, but we're starting up a monthly newsletter! It'll contain book recommendations, podcast recommendations, puzzles, jokes, news and more! Sign up here.We always love sounds, art and jokes sent to And don't forget about Griffin's Sound Club! Send yours! You can also, of course, call our voice mail: 773-683-3166. If you have a second, and can rate or review the show in iTunes, w...more

  • Just Us Weirdos / Issue 16: The Secret Origins of Baninja

    Issue 16: The Secret Origins of Baninja Listen Now! You name a kid Hiro, and have certain expectations. But five generations of the Kuromoto family pass before the foreshadowing pays off. Follow the origin story from great great grandfather Kuromoto Hiro in Japan, to his daughter Youko and her journey to America, to her son Genesis and his adventures becoming the most powerful businessperson he can, to his daughter Andrea the adventuring food podcaster -- and finally to Kirby. And the sec...more

  • The Purple Rocket Podcast / Life Episode 18: Pep the Peppermint Fairy

    Santa has two groups of helpers at the North Pole, the Gruff Elves who build the toys and the Peppermint Fairies who make the treats for the stockings. Once their work is done, Santa takes their creations and makes his Christmas deliveries. But this year, one of the Peppermint Fairies finds himself in Santa's bag. When Santa becomes weary from the journey, it's up to little Pep to step in and use his magic to save Christmas.

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / Bonus: A Royal Adventure: Full Story, Parts 1, 2 & 3

    Parts 1, 2 & 3 combined into a full story. Our last story of season 2 begins with a legendary trip to the magical kingdom of Camelot! Hop into the Reading Bug's book bag for a trip back in time to become part of the Camelot legend, with King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table and much, much more. But beware, dangerous trolls and serpents lurk around every corner. Explore the books in the Reading Bug's magic book bag at

  • Eleanor Amplified / The Road Trip Edition, Vol. 3

    Tired of thumbing through episodes like a palooka? For your time-saving convenience, we present the entire third season of Eleanor Amplified! You’re welcome.

  • The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel / More Season 3 Updates, and New Show!

    As continued thanks to Mars Patel fans waiting for season three, we’re giving you a sneak-peak of a new show, Becoming Mother Nature. It launches September 14th, so if you enjoy what you hear, please search Becoming Mother Nature in your podcast app, and head over to subscribe. The show will release every Friday, and when you subscribe, you’ll never miss an episode when it becomes available. Did you know Mars Patel is part of an amazing community of family-friendly shows? Visit http://bestrobot...more

  • The World Of Buddy Pegs Children's Podcast / Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself - Children's Podcast - Part 2

    Part 2. The exciting conclusion of this 2 part episode, and the conclusion of The World of Buddy Pegs Season 1! After Watson, Wrigley, and Schmiddy disappear into the secret tunnel below Buddy Pegs, they emerge in Schmiddy's secret workshop. Watson calls a 'sticking around meeting' because he has another hair brain idea for a new gadget to be added to his bike, a Super Bike Booster (SBB).  Schmiddy gets right to work building it! The next day, the Buddy Pegs crew finds out that one of the local ...more

  • Mick Munter Monster Hunter / Seeking the Abominable Snowman

    This week Mick and Bigfoot head to the Himalayas where they seek out the legendary Abominable Snowman, which is basically Bigfoots second cousin or something. Right? Come along for the adventure, and send the guys your suggestions of what to investigate next at