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Explore Your Curiosity

These shows help curious kids discover, answer questions, and occasionally get grossed out!

by Kids Listen

    Explore Your Curiosity

    Jan 21 2020

  • Ear Snacks / Alphabet Rockers (Best Kids Music from the 62nd Grammy Awards)

    Kaitlin, Tommy, and an incredible team of young artist/activists invite us to a live session in New York City to relate how the Alphabet Rockers make music to make change, as is crystal clear in their second Grammy-nominated album “The Love” Thanks to Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Soulati Shepherd, Kali de Jesus,Lillian Ellis, Maya Fleming, Tommy T3Po Shepherd, and Malik a.k.a. Mahawam for joining us and sharing their music and ideas with your family. If you’re in the LA area for Grammy weekend, check o...more

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / Do Animals Get Married?

    Do animals get married? Do they fall in love and have friends? Do they laugh when they're happy and cry when they're sad? When you talk to your pets, can they understand you? Why can't they speak to us? And do animals know what kind of animal they are? Alyssa Arre of the Comparative Cognition Lab at Yale tackles these interesting questions.

  • KiDNuZ / 01.17.2020

    Good morning… welcome to KidNuz. I’m Tori. It’s Friday Jan 17, 2020. And we begin with.. The new manager of the Mets getting the boot in record setting time. Carlos Beltran signed on with New York just last November, but he’s already out of job for getting caught up in what is arguably the biggest cheating scandal in baseball history. Mr. Beltran used to play for the Astros – the team that used video equipment to steal signs from opposing catchers – and he’s now the third manager to...more

  • Short & Curly / BONUS — Pets, pests and farm animals, why do we value them differently?

    Short & Curly listeners Harry, Max and Hugo live on farm surrounded by all kinds of animals: pets, livestock, and also pests like feral pigs. Some animals they love, some animals they hate, and some are just another member of the herd. Why do we value some animals differently from others? Come with us as we get a tour of their farm. And a warning, this episode deals with the death of animals.

  • Wow in the World / Duck Duck Poop! - A Tale Of Symbiosis

    It's time for the regional library Story Slam Potluck & Pajama Party, and the gang's all here! First up, it's Mindy, with a non-fiction story involving a duck, a copycat plant, and some scientifically magical POOP? What could these three things possibly have in common? Join Mindy and Guy Raz for the scoop on Duck Duck Poop, and a tale spinning of symbiosis! Originally aired February 4, 2019.

  • Science is Fun E / 39 Can Animals Talk and Languages

    Private wonders how animals communicate and how different Languages began.

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / Tumble Presents: But Why?

    Tumble is on winter break! In the meantime, enjoy this episode from our friends at But Why?: A Podcast for Curious Kids. We know that our listeners are some of the most curious kids on the planet, so you’re sure to love it. If you enjoy this episode, check out over 100 more episodes by subscribing to But Why? wherever you get your podcasts. Tumble will be back with all new episodes on February 7. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!

  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids / S7E1: The Green Machine

    We’re baaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!! Season 7 kicks off with a little tension among the explorers, and a whole lot of spookiness coming from the Shakespeare! Also, contain your excitement, but we're starting up a monthly newsletter! It'll contain book recommendations, podcast recommendations, puzzles, jokes, news and more! Sign up here.We always love sounds, art and jokes sent to And don't forget about Griffin's Sound Club! Send yours! You can also, of course, call our voice mail:...more

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / Aliens and UFOs: Making Sense of Myths, pt. 4

    In the final episode of our series about myths and legends, we’re launching our imaginations into outer space! Monster expert Emily Zarka tells us about her favorite alien and why aliens fascinate so many people. In the Hoax Hunters season finale, Marc and Sanden bring us a UFO spoof. Plus, scientists give us the lowdown on the real quest for extraterrestrial life — we haven’t found any... yet. And, planets and moons compete for the title of ‘most likely to have life’. A new moment of um keeps...more

  • Go With Nugget for Kids / New York for Kids: 10 Things Kids Love About NYC During the Holidays

    Happy Holidays from New York City! 🎄🗽 In this Go With Nugget for Kids episode, we’re going to hear about 10 things that local NYC kids love to do during the holidays. We’ll explore some of the city’s most famous sights, like the Rockefeller tree, and what you’ll see at the city’s amazing holiday train shows. We’ll even make the most of the cold winter weather and enjoy some ice skating and sledding. This episode will definitely get you into the holiday spirit. Welcome to Christmas in New York ...more

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Episode 38 Store Windows and Old Underwear

    L. Frank Baum, an author of a classic book (which became a classic movie) was also partially responsible for our love of fancy holiday shop windows. Also, Meriwether Lewis gives his pal William Clark a re-gift he probably could've done without.

  • So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers’ podcast for families making change! / Call to Action: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT

    Young activists share their idea about making butterflies to symbolize the 15,000 children in detention centers in the US. What does it mean to be an activist? Kaia and Lily will tell you in this episode. Find out what inspired them and hear their interview with CultureStrike artist/activist Kat Evasco. Learn how your family can be involved in The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful movement at This episode features the song, “Until You’re Free” from the new...more

  • The Show About Science / 068: “Do House-Elves Clean Your Brain While You Sleep?” with Ken Paller

    "Do House-Elves Clean Your Brain While You Sleep?" That's the title of an exciting new article featured in Frontiers for Young Minds by Ken Paller. Ken is a professor at Northwestern University where he designs experiments that can provide insights into memory and our conscious experiences. On this episode, he visits The Show About Science Studios to talk about his article, cognitive neuroscience, memory, and how sleep affects our brains.

  • Surgery ABCs / Why do I feel sad sometimes?

    In this episode we talk about why we feel different emotions and why it's important to talk about those feelings. We also meet a doctor who can help us if we are having a hard time understanding different feelings.