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Explore Your Curiosity

These shows help curious kids discover, answer questions, and occasionally get grossed out!

by Kids Listen

    Explore Your Curiosity

    Sep 25 2020

  • Wow in the World / Tinkerclass (Week 3 Day 5): Reflect & Share

    It's day 5 of TINKERCLASS--the reflect and share phase. Today we share your reflections from this week's project inspired from the episode, Good Habitat Keeping!

  • KidNuz / 09.24.2020

    Black Widow Sting, Space Junk, Electric Roads, Time 100, Goodbye Gas Guzzlers and Phone a Former Prez!

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / Behind the scenes: See how we make the show

    A listener asked how making  Brains On is different during the pandemic. So with this episode we're giving you a peek into how we're making the show while staying safe. Spoiler alert: we're doing it all from our homes! What's the best way to record crystal clear sound at home? (Hint: Lots of soft surfaces!) How do we make sound effects? How do we get all the animals, humans and machines in our homes to keep it down while we tape? Plus: We asked our co-hosts to share what it was...more

  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids / The Fuzzy Apocalypse

    Hi! This is a very, very, very special episode for us. Today we’ll be reading the first chapter of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: The Fuzzy Apocalypse. That’s the first book in the new Finn Caspian series! We’re also giving away stickers to anyone who buys the book. You can find links to the book at I hope you like it!

  • Time For Lunch / Spatulae!

    What is the most essential kitchen tool? What do you call a vampire who owns a restaurant? Was there ever such a person as John Spaduala? This week on Time For Lunch, Hannah and Harry are flipping out over a very useful tool: the spatula! Abe Shaw, from Eating Tools shares some of his expertise and we learn how to make pancakes. Plus, as always, this episode is packed full of fun facts and lots of jokes.If you’d like to hear your voice on the show, ask a grownup to help you record yourself using...more

  • Mystery Recipe / Mystery Recipe Presents: 'The Walk-In'

    Mystery Recipe grown ups: this episode is for you! Though we think your young chefs will enjoy it too. Today Molly is here to talk to America's Test Kitchen Executive Editor Elle Simone Scott about her new podcast, The Walk-In! The Walk-In considers the realities of "making it" in the culinary industry, with the unheard stories of the food world's difference makers. On this episode, 16-year-old Rahanna Bisseret Martínez steps into the Walk-In. We hope you enjoy! Grown ups: yo...more

  • Curious Kid Podcast / Curious About Books

    In episode 103, we get curious about books for James of Kent, United Kingdom.  We learn about the first book ever printed and the largest book in the world.  We also learn what the word bibliosmia means, and you might think it's a bit strange.  Join us to learn more about books.Send Us An E-mail - curiouskidpodcast@gmail.comLeave Us A Voicemail - 856-425-2324Support Us On Patreon - Curious Kid Podcast Merchandise -

  • Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids / Glass

    Learn about the history of glass and glass-making.Support the show (

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / The Poop Collector

    If someone asked you to collect your poop every day for a year, would you say yes? That’s what microbiologist Lawrence David did, after watching a movie about a man who said yes to everything. Accepting the challenge led to a year of very stinky international adventures, turning Lawrence into the James Bond of poo. And, he loved every minute of it. Join us for the incredible story of a secretive project about the human microbiome. This is the first episode of Season 6, and we’re so glad to be b...more

  • Short & Curly / Bringing back extinct animals. What could go wrong?

    So many birds, mammals and insects which once existed on Earth are now gone forever — extinct, kaput! This got Carl thinking, what if forever wasn't really forever? Should we try and bring some of these creatures back, especially if it was humans who caused them to become extinct in the first place?

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

    Why do dogs have whiskers? Why are dogs' eyesight black and white? Why do dogs have so many babies? Why do dogs have tails and we don't? Why are dogs thumbs so high on their paw? Why don't dogs sweat? Why do dogs roll in the grass? Why aren't dogs and cats friends? Veterinarian and dog scientist Jessica Hekman has answers. Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slides | Transcript | Coloring Page | Dog Breed Quiz | Answer Key

  • Hello Family / 78: What subject do you like to read about?

    What subject do you like to read about? Tell us what you talked about @hellofamilypodcast. Book Recommendation: Click here to see the books we talked about. We want you to be on the podcast, call and leave a message: (253) 234-4462‬‪. Give us a review & share our podcast with other families! For printable tools that equip your family in cultivating loving and lasting relationships visit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podca...more

  • The Show About Science / 083: Supernovas with Sarafina Nance

    Sarafina Nance is an American astrophysicist and science communicator who is a PhD student in the Department of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley. She joins Nate on this episode of The Show About Science to talk about supernovas. Learn more about Sarafina at: Get more episodes of The Show About Science at:

  • Little News Ears / LNE - Kiki's Kidlines 6-30-2020 - Israel Shuts Down a Christian TV Station

    It's June 30, 2020. Kiki 'kidifies' headlines about Iran and Trump, Broadway, Bill de Blasio defunding the NYCPD, Israel, and Covid-19 medical bills.

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Episode 47 Leonardo!

    Leonardo da Vinci had some wins and some losses, but his impact was enormous. He kinda sorta finished a painting of a lady named Lisa that wound up in the King of France's bathroom. Centuries later a man named Vincenzo Peruggia stole it and hid it next to his underwear. This episode also features the triumphant return of Dr. Awkward

  • Nature Just Got Real! / Ep #16 - Interview with Lori Taylor, Author of the Holly Wild Series!

    Did you ever want to write and Illustrate your own book?This week, I interview Lori Tayor, Artist, Author, and Illustrator of the Holly Wild Series, a fictional series set in various Michigan parks and outdoor adventure areas. Even though it's a fictional series, the places where Holly and her friends have their outdoor adventures are all real places right here in Michigan. I haven't been to some of them, so now I can't wait to check them out! If you haven't read this series, Summer is a great t...more

  • Ear Snacks / Little Bitta Joy

    You know what we did at our house this week? We had a dance party. We turned on some of our favorite music and we jumped around our house, all together. And we smiled. So this week on Ear Snacks we want to play some moments and music from the show that might bring a smile to your face. Today is different than yesterday. And tomorrow is going to be different than today. But we wanted to let you know that we're here today, and we know you are too.

  • Science is Fun E / The Man who Invented Modern Electricity and Fractals

    Our world would be a lot different today if it wasn't for the man who invented modern electricity, Nikola Tesla and the Art of Math, Fractals

  • Go With Nugget for Kids / India for Kids: Learn about Tigers and the Royal Heritage of Mysore

    In this episode of Go With Nugget for Kids, we are heading to the city of Mysore (Mysuru), India. 🇮🇳 We’re meeting 11-year-old Ahan, who takes us on a tour of the royal heritage of his hometown and the incredible Indian wildlife found in southern India. We’ll hear about beautiful palaces, the important tiger conservation, and how a leopard broke into the local zoo! We’ll also learn about the Dussehra festival, monsoon season and delicious Indian food.  Loved this episode? Please subscribe and ...more

  • So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers’ podcast for families making change! / Call to Action: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT

    Young activists share their idea about making butterflies to symbolize the 15,000 children in detention centers in the US. What does it mean to be an activist? Kaia and Lily will tell you in this episode. Find out what inspired them and hear their interview with CultureStrike artist/activist Kat Evasco. Learn how your family can be involved in The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful movement at This episode features the song, “Until You’re Free” from the new...more

  • Surgery ABCs / Why do I feel sad sometimes?

    In this episode we talk about why we feel different emotions and why it's important to talk about those feelings. We also meet a doctor who can help us if we are having a hard time understanding different feelings.