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    Explore Your Curiosity

    Sep 18 2019

  • KiDNuZ / 09.16.2019

    Good morning and welcome to KidNuz. I’m Tori. Today is Monday, September 16th, 2019 and we begin with … A tantalizing mystery in the English countryside: Where oh where is a solid gold toilet? Over the weekend, an18-karat, fully functioning commode disappeared from the boyhood home of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The home is actually a palace, and it was only the second day that the residence was open for an art exhibit. Visitors were allowed to book 3 minute ‘appointments’ with th...more

  • Wow in the World / Back-To-School: Recess 101

    How in the world does recess make us smarter? Where in the world do kids enjoy the most of it? Join Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas on an expedition to better understand the science of taking a break! It's the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the World of RECESS! Originally aired 8/24/17.

  • Science is Fun E / rollercoasters, energy and how they work

    Private finally returns from her trip to Disney, prepares for the sixth grade and wonders how all the Roller-coasters she rode on work.

  • Ear Snacks / Ear Snacks: Lullabies (Pajamas Part One)

    This month on Ear Snacks, we're talking about Pajamas and everything that comes with them. Rest, snuggles and coziness - and lullabies! Our awesome music pals Lucy Kalantari, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Christopher Tin, Tatiana DeMaria, Kaitlin McGaw share the sweet, soft and special songs they sing to their loved ones - and yours! This is a great episode for helping little ones in calming their bodies down and getting ready for rest.

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / How Are Noodles Made?

    This week, we answer a question from 4-year-old Hugo in Burlington, Vt. Hugo wants to know how noodles are made. But he's about to get more than he bargained for! For this episode we visit a restaurant called M.Y. China, in San Francisco, CA to watch executive chef Tony Wu hand-pull 16,000 noodles in 2 minutes. The restaurant's owner, chef Martin Yan of the PBS show Yan Can Cook narrates the action. And to give us some historical context, Jen Lin-Liu, author of On the Noodle Road: From Beijin...more

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / The Secret Senses of Plants [ENCORE]

    Tumble will return with all new episodes starting October 5! Until then, listen to one of our favorite episodes. "Do plants feel pain?" Jude's question leads us to stunning discoveries about what plants feel, what theyhear, and even what they talk about! Biologist Heidi Appel reveals how scientists learned about plants' inner lives, and tell sus the story of how she discovered "listening" plants. You'll never look at plants the same way again. We rely on listener support to keep making the sh...more

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Special Episode Otzi and Tumble!

    We’re sharing this special episode with our friends from Tumble, A Science Podcast for Kids. First you’ll hear Mick’s telling of the discovery and disagreement about Otzi the Iceman. Then we turn it over to Lindsay and Marshall from Tumble for a story they produced called Underground Astronauts. Enjoy!

  • Go With Nugget for Kids / Welcome to Go With Nugget for Kids: A Travel Podcast for Kids

    Imagine being able to meet kids from all around the world and find out what it’s like to grow up where they live? Join us, your hosts, Ranjana Wingender Armstrong and Veronique Langlois Kinsey, as we travel the world and learn about different cultures and countries. In each episode, you’ll get to meet amazing kids as they take us on a tour of their home and share why they love where they live. We’ll discover fun things they like to do, what their schools are like and even what’s their favorite t...more

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / The secrets of the spectacular spacesuit

    Never explore the final frontier without your trusty, white, puffy space suit! But why is it puffy and white? And why do astronauts need them? Turns out space is super dangerous and these suits can save your life. We’ll give you a tour of all the features of NASA’s iconic EMU suit and explain why it looks like a squishy marshmallow. Plus, we’ll interview an engineer working on the next generation of space suits and hear a funky new space jam by singer Jamie Lidell. Add in a mystery sound, a Mo...more

  • So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers’ podcast for families making change! / Call to Action: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT

    Young activists share their idea about making butterflies to symbolize the 15,000 children in detention centers in the US. What does it mean to be an activist? Kaia and Lily will tell you in this episode. Find out what inspired them and hear their interview with CultureStrike artist/activist Kat Evasco. Learn how your family can be involved in The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful movement at This episode features the song, “Until You’re Free” from the new...more

  • Short & Curly / Is it ever okay to be a cannibal?

    Molly, Carl and Matt become lost at sea, they've run out of food and they lack basic survival skills. So, would it be okay for them to eat each other if they get really really really hungry? Maybe don't listen to this episode while you're eating!

  • The Show About Science / 068: “Do House-Elves Clean Your Brain While You Sleep?” with Ken Paller

    "Do House-Elves Clean Your Brain While You Sleep?" That's the title of an exciting new article featured in Frontiers for Young Minds by Ken Paller. Ken is a professor at Northwestern University where he designs experiments that can provide insights into memory and our conscious experiences. On this episode, he visits The Show About Science Studios to talk about his article, cognitive neuroscience, memory, and how sleep affects our brains.

  • Surgery ABCs / Why do I feel sad sometimes?

    In this episode we talk about why we feel different emotions and why it's important to talk about those feelings. We also meet a doctor who can help us if we are having a hard time understanding different feelings.