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Explore Your Curiosity

These shows help curious kids discover, answer questions, and occasionally get grossed out!

by Kids Listen

    Explore Your Curiosity

    Jul 24 2021

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / Tumble Presents: Yoga Kids Adventure

    Tumble Media has a new podcast, Yoga Kids Adventure! Lindsay and Marshall share why we decided to make a yoga podcast for kids, and how to use the show! Then, try out our first episode. It's a trip to the beach!  With Yoga Kid Adventures, you can do yoga from anywhere! All you need is your ears, your imagination, and a safe place to move. In today’s adventure, we’ll salute the sun, splash in the waves, and spot some ocean animals. Get ready to stretch your imagination and your body. You can...more

  • Little News Ears / - Chooki & Pleep - Science & Sports - The Kentucky Derby Winner, Drugged? Fairy Circles

    It's May 13, 2021. Chooki and Pleep 'kidify' science and sports headlines about fairy circles in Australia, the winner of the Kentucky Derby and doping, dinosaurs who might have carried rocks in their bellies, San Diego's quirkiest sport, and figuring out what to call a group of black holes.

  • Wow in the World / Camp WeWow Shark Week Day 5

    It's the last day of Shark Week here at Camp WeWow! Today, we're featuring your camper call-ins around the Camp WeWow campfire! We'll see you back next week with brand new crafts, activties, experiments and more! But until then, head to to catch up on this week's activities and to print your Shark Week Badge! Then, share what you discovered with us at!

  • Mystery Recipe / Week Seven, Episode Three: Rise and Brine

    We're using our brains to brine in today's Pressing Questions segment. After that it's time for some galactic coop adventures in our Wildcard!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • KidNuz / 07.22.2021

    Opening Ceremonies, Tropical Wrong-Turn, Soccer Stunner, Space Peppers, Bucks Win, Fashion-forward Feline, and Shohei the Money!

  • The Genius Generation / Victoria Ren

    When Victoria was 13 years old she had an epiphany at a speech and debate summer camp where her peer mentor, Ashna supercharged her learning experience. When Victoria and Ashna realized how powerful peer-to-peer mentorship could be they knew they wanted to spread that power to others. The result is the organization STEM & Buds ( that uses the capacity of mentorship to foster a love of science in young people.

  • Nature Narratives / Space: The Solar Flare and The Aurora part 1

    This is the adventure of plasma on the surface of the sun as it gets raised up by the Sun's magnetic fields.  The coronal loops and solar prominences are always shifting, and, occasionally, explode as a solar flare spraying out ionized gas and plasma particles.  And, directly in the particles' path... a small blue planet.  This is not the end of the story...

  • Newsy Jacuzzi / "Quick Dip" of world news plus guest episode

    So we're slimming down for summer this July, but since the news doesn't stop we're giving you a "quick dip" of world news, followed by a guest episode from the Cool Facts About Animals podcast (Mega Plastic episode)!

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / What causes wildfires?

    A fire can be super useful or cozy or even magical. But it can also be dangerous -- and in the case of wildfires, if they burn long and hot enough, they can destroy ecosystems and send lots of harmful smoke into the air. In this episode, we're going to find out why wildfires are getting bigger and why wildfire season is lasting longer now. We'll learn how the tribes who've lived in what is now called Northern California managed the forests and kept fire in check for thousands of yea...more

  • You Must Know Everything / 108. Alone!

    Rasa goes solo. Jeremy shares a vexing question about plants. In between, they discuss "What Whales and Infants Know" by Kim Cornwall.

  • Bedtime History / Boudica

    Learn about the Celtic queen, Boudicca, who fought valiantly for her people's freedom against the Roman Empire.👉 Subscribe to get our free e-book! 📚📖 Full Text @📺 YouTube👍 Facebook | Instagram🇲🇽 Spanish | "Déjame contarte la Historia"Support the show (

  • The Children's Hour / Penguins

    The Kids Crew is joined by Charles Bergman who is a writer, photographer, and speaker and longtime professor at Pacific Lutheran University. He also wrote Every Penguin in the World: A Quest to See Them All. We learn about different species of penguins, their habits, and more interesting facts! Chinstrap penguin photo by Derek Oyen Not only does Mr. Bergman share his penguin interactions, but our crew also share their love of the penguins at the Albuquerque BioPark’s Penguin Exhibit where...more

  • Curious Kid Podcast / Curious About Medicine

    In episode 146, we get curious about medicine for Bella, Millie, Rory, and Grace of Auckland, New Zealand.  We learn what medications do, how medications are taken, and we learn about the most important discovery in the history of medicine.  Send Us An E-mail - curiouskidpodcast@gmail.comLeave Us A Voicemail - 856-425-2324Support Us On Patreon - Curious Kid Podcast Merchandise - Us On Facebook - https://www.facebo...more

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / What's the Cleverest Thing A Hippo Can Do?

    What is the cleverest thing hippos can do? This week we’re answering seven quirky questions about animals! Why do elephants like peanuts? Why do cows put their tongues up their noses? Has anyone ever ridden a tiger? How do woodpeckers cling to trees? Why is some bird poop black and some is white? Why do people make animals like sharks and bears sound way scarier than they are? Answers from Keenan Stears of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Christine Scales of Billings Farm & Museu...more

  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids / BeeBop recommends

    Check out Six Minutes now at, or whatever podcast app you love!

  • Time For Lunch / Compost!

    This week on Time For Lunch, Hannah and Harry are getting down and dirty in the smell, but essential world of composting. We hear from Jayne Merner Senecal of Earthcare Farm who is an expert on turning kitchen scraps into gardening gold. The show’s new intern, shares her experience from middle school acting as the cafeteria compost monitor. Plus, we’ve got jokes, music, and a whole heap of fun facts. If you’d like to hear your voice on the show, ask a grownup to help you record yourself using th...more

  • Jack To The Future / Episode 9- The Future of Play

    Jack's been talking to two local businesses for this episode, After Alice Ltd and Master Builders based in Hertford, Hertfordshire. After Alice is an online toy and gift shop which was developed by the owner, Martine, in response to shops pigeonholing boys' and girls' toys. Jack, Martine and her daughter (aka. Big Alice) talk about their experiences of the unfair gender divide in many toy aisles. Master Builders run Lego parties and workshops in the local area and Darren, the owner, shares Jack'...more

  • Sweet Potato Music / Episode 3: Music & Feelings

    Join Leah, Jordan, Tim and the rest of the gang exploring how music helps us feel our feelings, change our mood and work through hard moments. Some of our listeners share their favorite songs and they make them feeling. The U-Tubers work through a hard moment at band practice but end up working it out musically. We learn a new song and get deep with Reggie Watts at the end as he jams out on HIS feelings. Be sure to support Sweet Potato Music at There are lots o...more

  • Ear Snacks / Jams, Pickles & Jelly Beans

    We talk to Andrew’s mom about making blueberry jam, Amy Dickens from Salt + Sage Catering about keeping foods separate and pickling turnips. Plus, we count all the jelly beans in Polly’s giant jar of jelly beans and reveal the four closest guessers!What are *you* up to with jars this summer? We want to see your jar projects! If you need some ideas, check out these fun links - and share them with us on on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.Thanks to Anika, Aarys, Rala, and Liv (who made the a...more

  • All Things Madison podcast / All Things Madison, Episode 26: The Meat Shower with Kid's Listen's Mick Sullivan

    Have you ever heard of the Kentucky meat shower? Yes, it's a real thing and it really happened and our guest this week wrote a book about it. This week's guest, Mick Sullivan, is an author, kid's podcaster, musician, and co-chair of the very popular Kids Listen organization and app. Mr. Sullivan shares what it's like to work at an art museum as well as create cool podcasts.  Also, we have just released our Summer Reading List! Join other readers from around the globe who will work to read as ma...more

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Bonus Episode! Knox Says Yes

    Henry Knox is a name not many people know, but he was a pretty amazing bookseller turned soldier during the Revolutionary War. Released in honor of July 4th - but you can listen anywhere and anytime - still a good story about in interesting moment!

  • Mini Magic : A Witchcraft Podcast for Kids / 18: Questions & Answers

    Our very first all Q&A episode. This episode is exactly what it sounds like. You asked, I answer. We go through questions from listeners about a huge range of topics, like--Why don't we ever see boy witches? Are there pets that are considered witchy? Can witches fix things like in Harry Potter? Can humans understand animals? Join us for real life questions from real life kids, answered by a real life witch.  Remember you can always submit a question to be answered on the podcast by goin...more

  • At Your Level - for kids by kids / Cats Vs. Dogs

    What questions would you ask a vet? Or maybe you'd be more interested in playing some cats vs dogs games?  Are you a dog person or a cat person? It's another 'name that tune' episode, cat & dog style, and the main focus is fun!   Cover Art: Hank  of Power Dog Adventures 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱   Guests: Dr. Mahoney  of Highland Animal Hospital 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕   Michelle of Catitude Podcast on the Pet Life Radio network 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈   Phoebe & Hank...more

  • The Show About Science / 087: The Search in the Stars with Wael Farah

    Wael Farah is a research scientist at the SETI Institute, where he searches the stars for alien life. The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), where Wael conducts his research, is located at the Hat Creek Observatory in Northern California. The ATA is a collection of 42 relatively small dishes (antennas) that are designed to work together for SETI searches. In this episode of The Show About Science, Nate talks to Wael about how the Allen Telescope Array works, fast radio bursts, SETI, and what might lu...more

  • Short & Curly / BITE — Selling unwanted presents

    Ever opened a present and thought, “I will never use this”. So why not just sell it and buy something you do like? Today’s BITE: Is it okay to sell a present someone gave you? Thanks to Indi for this excellent question.

  • Ask Dr. Universe / Episode 9: Handedness, Weighing Planets, Worms

    Welcome back, young scientists. Have you ever wondered why most people are right-handed? How we learned to weigh a whole planet? How worms help the soil?  Join Dr. Universe and Washington State University researchers as we investigate these great kid questions. Submit a question of your own at

  • Nature Just Got Real! / Happy Earth Day 2021-part 2 S2, Ep #3.2

    Happy Earth Day to you...and here is part 2!Happy Earth Day 2021, Planeteers! Since I had so much to talk about, I decided to split this episode into 2 parts, and this is part 2.In this second part, we are going to talk to Tracey Ritchie, who is the Director of Education at tells us all about WHAT Earth Day is, WHEN it started, WHY it started, and WHO started it. (Hint: it's ALMOST as old as me. But not quite...)She gives us some great ideas about what kids and families can...more

  • That's Totally Normal! / Sexually-transmitted infections and HPV

    This may seem like a weird topic to end the season on, but it’s actually not. After discussing so many aspects of puberty throughout this podcast, this is just one more that provides real and relevant information. As a developing young person, you deserve to know what may lie ahead and also understand ways that you can protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted infections and HPV. Trust me, you’ve got this.

  • Tai Asks Why / Is it possible to predict the future?

    These are anxious times, and Tai just wants to know… what’s going to happen? He can’t look into a crystal ball, but there are actually people who spend their lives predicting the future. With their help, he looks towards the great unknown. In this episode Tai speaks to: Rose Eveleth, the creator of Flash Forward Presents, a podcast network that demystifies the future, with shows like Flash Forward and Advice For And From The Future Tim Chartier, Professor of Mathematics at Davidson College. H...more

  • Millennial Santa / Santa, what's one thing you'll do differently next Christmas? (Ivy from Boise)

    Here's today's question from Ivy in Boise..."Santa, you’ve been delivering presents on Christmas Eve for a long time. I’m sure each year things are a little different. What’s one thing you’ll do differently next Christmas?”Would you like to ask Santa a question? Visit our website at to record a message or send us an email through Santa Mail. Be sure to get permission first! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Hello Family / 100: What makes you awesome?

    What makes you awesome? Tell us what you talked about @hellofamilypodcast. Check out Survival for Kids! We want you to be on the podcast, call and leave a message: (253) 234-4462‬‪. Give us a review & share our podcast with other families! For printable tools that equip your family in cultivating loving and lasting relationships visit

  • french with elise / Le Pigeon

    This episode is about pigeons in Paris, poop, a funny French invention and a strange superstition. Eclectic and fun! If your family wants to learn more, find out which sounds animals make for the French and review some vocabulary, download the activity packet here. To receive more info, tips and tricks about learning French with your kids in an engaging way email me at Connect with the French with Elise community on Instagram here!

  • 7 in 7 An Educational Podcast for Kids / The Pokemon Episode (Extended Cut)

    This is a special extended cut of our previously aired Episode 7. It's twice as long as the previously aired episode and comes in at around 22 minutes.  Only hit play if you really love Pokemon and don't mind listening to us go off on tangents about them. Cheers! In today’s episode, 6-year-old Nathaniel is the host and asks his dad some Pokemon questions: What is Pokemon? What is Pokemon Go? What is a Pokemon trainer? What is a Pokemon Gym? How does a Pokemon win a battle? H...more

  • Science is Fun E / The Man who Invented Modern Electricity and Fractals

    Our world would be a lot different today if it wasn't for the man who invented modern electricity, Nikola Tesla and the Art of Math, Fractals

  • Go With Nugget for Kids / India for Kids: Learn about Tigers and the Royal Heritage of Mysore

    In this episode of Go With Nugget for Kids, we are heading to the city of Mysore (Mysuru), India. 🇮🇳 We’re meeting 11-year-old Ahan, who takes us on a tour of the royal heritage of his hometown and the incredible Indian wildlife found in southern India. We’ll hear about beautiful palaces, the important tiger conservation, and how a leopard broke into the local zoo! We’ll also learn about the Dussehra festival, monsoon season and delicious Indian food.  Loved this episode? Please subscribe and ...more

  • So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers’ podcast for families making change! / Call to Action: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT

    Young activists share their idea about making butterflies to symbolize the 15,000 children in detention centers in the US. What does it mean to be an activist? Kaia and Lily will tell you in this episode. Find out what inspired them and hear their interview with CultureStrike artist/activist Kat Evasco. Learn how your family can be involved in The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful movement at This episode features the song, “Until You’re Free” from the new...more