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Explore Your Curiosity

These shows help curious kids discover, answer questions, and occasionally get grossed out!

by Kids Listen

    Explore Your Curiosity

    Sep 21 2021

  • Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families / Easter Island

    Learn about Easter Island, its discovery, and the history of people who lived there along with the giant carved heads, the moai. Donate here so with 6 more donors we can reach our goal of an additional bonus episode!📖 Full Text @📺 YouTube👍 Facebook | Instagram🇲🇽 Spanish | "Déjame contarte la Historia" Get 10% off BetterHelp by clicking the link below! the show (

  • KidNuz / 09.20.2021

    Snug Sequoia, Amateur Splashdown, Big Cat COVID, Celebrating Sand, Confused Cows, Shrinking Dutch and Miley’s Honesty! 

  • Wow in the World / Is There Life on Venus? (Encore - 9/20/21)

    Sci-Fi Drive-in movie night has Guy Raz and Mindy dreaming about life on other planets. And it just so happens that a team of researchers may (or may not) have discovered evidence of life on...VENUS? Join Mindy, Guy Raz, and Reggie as they head out to their favorite solar system spotting site on Earth, and explore this potential breakthrough discovery. It’s the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and Wow in the World of life on other planets! (Originally aired 11/16/20)See Privacy Policy at https:/...more

  • The Children's Hour / Kids Online

    Kids are online so much of their lives these days, so we wanted to learn more about internet safety and security. With us on this episode of The Children’s Hour is award winning novelist and technologist Cory Doctorow. The Kids Crew learn about privacy and how to keep theirs when going online. Learn more tips for kids to stay safe online! Then we meet the producers and creators of The Rez, a podcast series out of the United Kingdom with a goal to make kindness a habit for children. Meet &...more

  • Curious Kid Podcast / Curious About Slime

    In episode 155, we get curious about slime for Maria of Royal Oak, Michigan and for Jaz of Manila, The Philippines.  Is slime a solid or liquid?  How do you make slime?  Why is slime cold? Slime is one of Olivia's favorite things in the whole wide world, and it is also so interesting to learn about.  Visit the Curious Kid Podcast Website - Send Us An E-mail - curiouskidpodcast@gmail.comLeave Us A Voicemail - 856-425-2324Support Us On Patreon -

  • Little News Ears / News for Kids at - Numtium!

    News for Kids at - Meet Noopur! Her upcoming show will always have a song about the news!'s new season has begun! Check it out! Noopur's show focuses on politics, art, and more. And there will always be a song....

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / The Worst Sounds in the World

    What are the worst sounds in the world? Lots of noises that can send your hands rushing to cover your ears, but only a select can be the most horrible! Fortunately, one brave acoustic scientist named Trevor Cox decided to find out, by asking hundreds of thousands of people to rank the worst of the worst sound. It was one of the first online sound experiments - and the result was a lot of fun! Note: This episode features sound effects, and if you’re sensitive to sounds, you may want to skip it. H...more

  • Short & Curly / Are some pranks just not okay?

    Have you ever pranked your brother or sister by freezing their bowl of cereal and milk the night before and then serving them a solid, icy breakfast? Or have you replaced salt in the saltshaker with sugar? Or put big, heavy rocks in a friend's school bag when they're not looking? Pranks can be can hilarious and entertaining, but can it sometimes be just plain wrong and mean to prank someone? Brains Trust – Lyneham Primary School: Oliver, Lanna, Toby, Riley, Elly

  • Newsy Jacuzzi / Kid News This Week: India’s festive season, “fan-plastic” food wrap, tennis wonder, Ig Nobel prizes

    India’s four-month festival season begins with Ganpati, new “fan-plastic” biodegradable food wrap, Emma Raducanu wows the world and Ig Nobel prizes make us laugh!

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / Take a deep breath: How does breathing work?

    Breathing is a really cool thing. We breathe automatically without thinking about it, but we can also control our breath and play with it. We'll learn how our lungs work and why our bodies need this air in the first place. We'll also hear from a singer and a free diver about how they've trained their breath to do remarkable things -- and how you can too! And we'll talk to a doctor about how deep breathing can help you feel less stressed and she'll teach us an exercise you can...more

  • You Must Know Everything / 111. Average!

    Jeremy gets into groups. Rasa asks a vexing question about salt water. In between, they discuss "One of Us" by Joyce Sidman.

  • Ear Snacks / Treats Mixtape

    We are so excited to share these new tunes with you! Join us for the best day ever in our backyard with words of kindness, barbecue, vaccinated grandma's, lessons on money, friendship, unique and amazing people, bubbles & joy and a sweet look at the night sky. This episode features the following songs: Best Day Ever - SaulPaul Please Excuse Me Thank You - Ziggy Marley (feat. Alanis Morrisette) There’s a Party in My Backyard - DJ Willy Wow The Moon & the Stars & Me - The Bright Side...more

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / Why Do Americans Use The Word ‘Soccer?’

    Kala wants to know why we say soccer in the United States, when the rest of the world calls the game "football." In this episode we hear from people who make their living in the game: professional players, coaches and commentators. Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slide | Transcript “Why is soccer called 'soccer,' instead of being called 'football?'” - Kala, Colchester, Vt. "It's an interesting question because so many people around the world play the game of football," said Dav...more

  • Jack To The Future / Episode 11 - The Future of Food

    After a little break over the Summer, Jack To The Future podcast is back! Talking all things food this time, Jack discusses an article he has read on and delves deeper into the possibilities of food in the future with his guest speaker, Nina Fischer from @NinaFischerNutrition, a nutritional therapist. They talk about a plant based diet- vegetarian and veganism; food waste; growing your own; regenerative farming;  shopping local; a debate about eating insects and much, much mor...more

  • All Things Madison podcast / All Things Madison, Episode 29: Kids Listen Collaborative Back to School Edition

    This episode is eight mini-episodes rolled into one as we collaborated with some of our friends with Kids Listen. You'll hear some of the coolest kids' podcasts around, so tune in for the show!  

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Episode 59: Safety with Books

    The 1939 World's Fair brought a special visitor from England: an original copy of Magna Carta, but with World War II in full swing, America couldn't send it back. So the had to babysit the priceless document, which got more complicated than they expected. ALSO Marie Curie's books will not be safe to touch for another 1500 years, so librarians in Paris have to keep people safe from the documents. Learn about Marie, her discoveries, and plenty more in this episode!

  • At Your Level - for kids by kids / Back To School - The actual episode!

    Are you ready for school? Have you gone back yet? Masks or no masks, ready or not, school is back in session and we're having fun exploring the topic.. join us!  A special thank you to the kids who lent us their voices: Eva, Belle, Jesse, Anya, Warren, Roland, John, Charlie & Dominic. And the wonderful adults: Darren Short of The Kids Poetry Club - (to enter your poem to space) Sandhya Nankani of Literary Safari & Story Seeds Podcast - https://www.literarysafar...more

  • Nature Narratives / Back to School SPECIAL: A Kids Listen Network Collaboration Episode

    A Back to School special with 2 minute segments from different Kids Listen network podcasts.  Get a handful of different perspectives on going back to school this fall.  This is a very fun variety show that you don't want to miss.  Nature Narratives contribute a story about the world's most fascinating creature!

  • Sweet Potato Music / Episode 4 - The Violin

    In this episode we learn about the violin and explore how it's played around the world, it's origins and what it takes to learn this incredible member of the string family! We speak with some young violinists and get their thoughts on what's fun, hard and exciting about taking violin lessons, and get to hear the Sweet Potato Theme song played on violin by Mazz Swift! Elena Moon Park shares her journey on becoming a professional violinist and we hear some of her incredible music that she makes by...more

  • The Genius Generation / Nala Hayden

    Nala is the creator of the non-profit organization MyHairLove. Her mission is teaching younger black children how to care for their natural hair while breaking stigmas and negative stereotypes at the same time. She plans to do this through YouTube, educational “hair kits,” and live workshops with elementary and middle school aged children.

  • The Show About Science / 088: Time Travel with Paul Davies

    Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University where he leads the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science. His research focuses mainly on quantum gravity, the theory of quantum black holes and the nature of time. On this episode of The Show About Science, he joins Nate to talk about the science of time travel. Learn more about Paul Davies and the Beyond Center: Listen to more episodes of The Show About Science:

  • french with elise / La Bise

    Podcast Episode 5 Are you wondering how to faire la bise and greet like a French person? This episode will teach you everything you need to know about the French cheek kisses! If you want to learn more, download the activity packet here! To receive more info, tips and tricks about learning French with your kids in an e...more

  • Mystery Recipe / Season Three Finale: Mystery Recipe Cook Along!

    Today's episode is an interactive cook along for the whole family. Gather your ingredients and equipment, put on your aprons and press play, and we'll walk you through each step of season three's delicious Mystery Recipe! If you love Mystery Recipe and want to help us out, fill out our survey at!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • Time For Lunch / Seaweed!

    This week on Time For Lunch, Hannah and Harry are exploring the deepest fathoms of the ocean, looking for delicious algae to eat...that’s right, this episode is all about seaweed! Suzie Flores of Maine’s Stonington Kelp Company joins the conversation to teach listeners about this yummy, nutritious, ocean snack. Plus, Suzie shares her kids’ favorite kelp recipe and we’ve got jokes, fun facts, and more in store for you.If you’d like to hear your voice on the show, ask a grownup to help you record ...more

  • Ask Dr. Universe / Episode 10: Ice Cream, Berries, Learning Hard Stuff

    Welcome back, young scientists. I’m Dr. Universe and if you’re anything like me you’ve got lots of big questions about our world. On this episode, we’ll investigate great questions from young scientists like, Why does ice cream melt? Why are some berries poisonous? And how do we learn things that are really, really hard?   A big thanks to the scientists at Washington State University and our kid narrator from Regional Theatre of the Palouse. Ask a question at

  • Mini Magic : A Witchcraft Podcast for Kids / 19: Celebrating Lughnasadh

    A sabbat episode of Mini Magic chatting about the August 1st celebration of Lughnasadh (or Lammas). We going to go over the history and mythology, starting in Ancient Ireland with the god Lugh throwing honorary funeral games in celebration of his mother, and then give some suggestions for things kids can do with family or friends to make their Lughnasadh special.  We finish up with a listener question about Wicca. Remember you can always submit a question to be answered on the podcast by g...more

  • That's Totally Normal! / Sexually-transmitted infections and HPV

    This may seem like a weird topic to end the season on, but it’s actually not. After discussing so many aspects of puberty throughout this podcast, this is just one more that provides real and relevant information. As a developing young person, you deserve to know what may lie ahead and also understand ways that you can protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted infections and HPV. Trust me, you’ve got this.

  • Tai Asks Why / Is it possible to predict the future?

    These are anxious times, and Tai just wants to know… what’s going to happen? He can’t look into a crystal ball, but there are actually people who spend their lives predicting the future. With their help, he looks towards the great unknown. In this episode Tai speaks to: Rose Eveleth, the creator of Flash Forward Presents, a podcast network that demystifies the future, with shows like Flash Forward and Advice For And From The Future Tim Chartier, Professor of Mathematics at Davidson College. H...more

  • Millennial Santa / Santa, what's one thing you'll do differently next Christmas? (Ivy from Boise)

    Here's today's question from Ivy in Boise..."Santa, you’ve been delivering presents on Christmas Eve for a long time. I’m sure each year things are a little different. What’s one thing you’ll do differently next Christmas?”Would you like to ask Santa a question? Visit our website at to record a message or send us an email through Santa Mail. Be sure to get permission first! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Hello Family / 100: What makes you awesome?

    What makes you awesome? Tell us what you talked about @hellofamilypodcast. Check out Survival for Kids! We want you to be on the podcast, call and leave a message: (253) 234-4462‬‪. Give us a review & share our podcast with other families! For printable tools that equip your family in cultivating loving and lasting relationships visit

  • 7 in 7 An Educational Podcast for Kids / The Pokemon Episode (Extended Cut)

    This is a special extended cut of our previously aired Episode 7. It's twice as long as the previously aired episode and comes in at around 22 minutes.  Only hit play if you really love Pokemon and don't mind listening to us go off on tangents about them. Cheers! In today’s episode, 6-year-old Nathaniel is the host and asks his dad some Pokemon questions: What is Pokemon? What is Pokemon Go? What is a Pokemon trainer? What is a Pokemon Gym? How does a Pokemon win a battle? H...more

  • Science is Fun E / The Man who Invented Modern Electricity and Fractals

    Our world would be a lot different today if it wasn't for the man who invented modern electricity, Nikola Tesla and the Art of Math, Fractals

  • Go With Nugget for Kids / India for Kids: Learn about Tigers and the Royal Heritage of Mysore

    In this episode of Go With Nugget for Kids, we are heading to the city of Mysore (Mysuru), India. 🇮🇳 We’re meeting 11-year-old Ahan, who takes us on a tour of the royal heritage of his hometown and the incredible Indian wildlife found in southern India. We’ll hear about beautiful palaces, the important tiger conservation, and how a leopard broke into the local zoo! We’ll also learn about the Dussehra festival, monsoon season and delicious Indian food.  Loved this episode? Please subscribe and ...more

  • So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers’ podcast for families making change! / Call to Action: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT

    Young activists share their idea about making butterflies to symbolize the 15,000 children in detention centers in the US. What does it mean to be an activist? Kaia and Lily will tell you in this episode. Find out what inspired them and hear their interview with CultureStrike artist/activist Kat Evasco. Learn how your family can be involved in The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful movement at This episode features the song, “Until You’re Free” from the new...more