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    Dive into the World of Books

    Mar 20 2018

  • Episode 63 - Click Here: to find out how I survived 7th grade by Denise Vega

    In an era when kids share so much of their lives online, how do you survive middle school? On this special on the road edition of Book Club for Kids from the Colorado Book Festival, a quintet of readers from the Denver area discuss Denise Vega's novel "Click Here: To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade." Our celebrity reader is Colorado education legend Anna Jo Haynes.

  • #25 - We're Going on an Onomatopoeia Hunt

    We're going on an ONOMATOPOEIA hunt! We can't go over it, we can't go under it....I guess we'll have to go through it! On this episode Buttons & Figs is going to sail in our sieve to the land of onomatopoeia words. Hear excerpts of the great Michael Rosen's "Going on a Bear Hunt," learn the meaning and how to spell this crazy word, and hear some Buttons & Figs kids come up with some great onomatopoeia words. Squawk. Squelch. Burp. Play with words at

  • Tiny Potters Discuss Chapter 13 Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    We’re back Tiny Potter fans with an all-new episode about Chapter 13 Nicholas Flamel! Who is this mystery man our favorite Hogwarts students are looking for and when we learn about him what will happen? If you want to talk to your favorite Tiny Potter you can reach us via email owl post – The post Tiny Potters Discuss Chapter 13 Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone appeared first on My podcast website.

  • Episode S4 - Cat and Mouse - #allkindsoflove

    Cat and Mouse are best friends, they do everything together! But when Cat gets a new cookbook she realizes that Mouse could be the most delicious meal in the world! Will love triumph over hunger? Mirabel, age 5, reviews Cat & Mouse - A Delicious Tale by Jiwon Oh. Check out the other great #allkindsoflove episodes at!   For questions or to suggest a book for us to review email us at .   Our website is http://b...more