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    Curl Up with a Story

    Aug 24 2019

  • Ill-Advised Stories / A Kayak for My Bed

    Abby's yard isn't as lonely as she thought it was in the summertime. She's on a mission and even a little critter who fell asleep in the wrong place isn't going to keep her from it. Support the show

  • Ahway Island / A Curious Sail: a meditation and story for bedtime

    Today Sandy the sailboat has a curious sail. There are some triangular objects out on the sea. Listen to find out what Sandy has discovered. The post A Curious Sail: a meditation and story for bedtime appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / A Spritely Poem to Enchant and Delight - Storytelling Podcast for Kids - The Fairies E:45

    An enchanting poem by Irish poet, William Allingham, sure to delight the little ones and lull them off to sleep with sweet dreams of the fairy folk.  (duration - 3 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids.  (Abridged version)

  • Book Club for Kids / Bonus Favorite Books Eagan Minnesota

    5th graders from Deerwood Elementary School in Eagan, Minnesota share their favorite books with us. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Story Time — Children's bedtime stories for kids. Storytime anytime. / The Yellow Chequered Spider written by Natalia Shchukina

    Written by Natalia Shchukina and narrated by Nicole Esquino Written by Natalia Shchukina and Illustrated by Olga Baby A lovely rhyme about a friendly spider who forgot to eat his dinner. When suddenly he has some unexpected, yet delightful dinner guests at his inn. 🕷️🥧 You can own this book by purchasing it at Amazon, you'll help out the author and they will love us more and maybe give us more stories to read to you. The Yellow Chequered Spider on Amazon Kindle This story is recommended for ch...more

  • Circle Round / Encore: 'The Unwelcome Guest'

    This week, we're bringing back a listener favorite. Richard Kind ("Inside Out") stars in this Middle Eastern folktale about a clever man who teaches his village a thing or two about the dangers of judging a book by its cover.

  • Girl Tales / Nova’s Lab! Meeting Katherine Johnson

    The follow up to our last Nova’s Lab episode, this time Nova meets the real life NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson! In this episode, Katherine Johnson teaches Nova about orbital mechanics and how she helped land astronauts on the moon. Written and produced by Tessa FlanneryStarring: Tessa Flannery & Lanee’ SandersTo do the experiment at home: Patreon:

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / 133 - What if sabretooth tigers could be ninjas?

    Daisytooth Tiger is the best young ninja in the hideout, until Ninja Girlden shows up! Can they team up to save their teacher, or will their rivalry get the better of them.  Lessons include: Our differences can be our strengths if we embrace them; trading insults hurts everyone involved. Join our Patreon for Ad-Free Episodes released early with higher quality audio. All patrons get a shout out on the show and a much better chance of getting a question answered. Other benefits include bonus stori...more

  • Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages! / Surfin' Transylvania

    Dracula has a hard time in the summer, so he invites his friends for a fun surfing party! But they all want to surf in the daytime... What will he do?If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iTunes, head to and pledge to make a monthly donation, or just tell your friends about us!

  • JoJo Gnome's Story Podcast / #15 Back to school with JoJo Gnome

    A rainbow filled story podcast as school starts back for JoJo Gnome. Find out what happens when JoJo's new friend isn't too happy going to school for the first time. Also a chance for you to join in the story starter and make up your own story.  An ideal listen for ages 3-6 More podcast fun at   Remember to check out our new podcast Jo's 5 minute Creative Corner

  • Story Pirates / CONTEST: Story Pirates + The Secret Life of Pets 2

    Announcing a special contest with our friends from The Secret Life of Pets 2! We’re looking for kid-written stories about what happens when pets are left alone. We'll choose a story to feature on a special bonus episode of the Story Pirates Podcast, and one kid author will get a special visit from the Story Pirates! Not only that, but EVERY story that’s submitted will get a personal, handwritten note of encouragement for its kid author. Grownups, enter today at

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / Bonus: Author Visit: Max Brallier

    Author of the epic Last Kids on Earth series, Max Brallier, joins Lauren and the Reading Bug to talk books, zombies, adventure and more! Max is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty books and games, and The Last Kids on Earth is heading to Netflix as an animated series this fall. Max writes stuff, reads stuff, plays too many videogames, watches too many movies, and eats too many nachos.

  • Story Spectacular / Sleepy Time Summer Mix Volume III

    Welcome to the Sleepy Time Summer playlist volume III. A mix of relaxing stories perfect for summer break. Happy listening! 1.) The Sandy Sandwich 2.) Cinderella Mozzarella 3.) Rub A Dub Dub 3 Otters in the Tub 4.) The Peculiar Caterpillar 5.) A Little Duckling Story 6.) Sandman's Castle - - - Story Spectacular is written and hosted by children’s book author Angela Ferrari. To learn more about the show and to purchase original children’s books go to: - You can also p...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / Ep 48, "The Lost Fairy Series, Story 3: The Golden Bee"

    Today's tale is a continuation of our stories from Episode 44 and 46 another episode of part the “The Lost Fairy Series". In today's story, the Fairy Prince meets three new helpers who we've met before on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, one of them is quite large! A sweet, funny fairytale story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time.  An excerpt from today's story:  Have you ever flown on the back of a falcon? Well, neither had the fairy prince. Of course, he had...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / Sparkle on Summer Holiday!

    We're taking a wee break for summer!  We'll be back in August.  For now, jump over to the Sparkle website for over 1200 stories. We always have a free trial on offer.  (You can cancel at any time.) .

  • Peace Out — Relaxation and mindfulness stories for kids / Star Stuff

    Wow! This is the last episode of our third season! This entire season we spent time traveling through space! From the moon to Neptune, black holes and constellations, and even seeing the northern lights up close, this season was a blast…off! If you haven’t listened to the first 18 episodes, go back and check them out! And don’t forget to subscribe to Peace Out so that you don’t miss us when we return! Connect with us for podcast updates and other children’s mindfulness, yoga, and other fun thing...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / A Giant Story: Part Two

    Will the platewashers ever get to pursue their dreams? Will Julian ever win the regional cat show?! Find out in part two of A Giant Story! Friends, this is my last episode of Season Six. I will be taking a break for the summer to write new stories for you! But while I am gone, you have over 50 stories to enjoy. If you LOVE this story, please share it with a friend. If you happen to have an Apple device, leave a review in Apple Podcasts! If your tiny person wants to share a story they've writt...more

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Snow White and Rose Red

    The curious tale of two little sisters, two big bears, and one very cranky gnome. On a scale of Grimm, Grimmer, and Grimmest, this episode is Grimm. To hear the rest of Season 2, visit or download the Pinna app from the App Store or Google Play. Season 2, Episodes 2-10 are available exclusively on Pinna, the only audio streaming service custom-made for kids. Learn more at We love hearing from Grimmers! Email us at to tell us what you think of the show!

  • Podikins Presents... Children's Stories and Family Activities for Kids, age 0-99! / TEASER: Story Chef 3

    Take a listen to the ingredients James and Andrew need to use to cook up a brand new story! All of these ingredients were submitted by listeners!  If you have an ingredient you would like included on a future Story Chef episode, send in a voice memo to !   If you're not sure how, check out our FAQ page. You can also get in touch through our Facebook page!   We can't wait for you to hear the full story...COMING SOON! Podikins is created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield.  ...more

  • FABList :: audio fables for modern families / Pear Blossom Act 3

    The conclusion of our serialized story - be sure to start with Act One! Just when it seems things couldn't get any worse, Ewha's mysterious helpers return to help her and her family. Happiness is all around us; by focusing on others, Ewha brought goodness and joy to her own life.

  • The Imaginary Accomplishments Podcast / 7 - Return to Super Audio Sunshine

    Marvy, Finch, and the gang return to the resort planet Super Audio Sunshine. This podcast uses these sounds from Crowd sounds thanks to: blaukreuz / Football Leipzig vs Magdeburg > Chance CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Rocket sounds thanks to: primeval_polypod / Rocket Launch / CC BY 3.0 Small crowd talking thanks to: JohnsonBrandEditing / Small Crowd pre-concert talking party bar walla talking / https://www.f...more

  • The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast / S3E9: Responsibili-what?

    Each of us has a wonderfully unique part to play in making the world go 'round. It's our individual jobs to do the best that we can with what we've been given! Nerlin, Katy Elizabeth, and the gang are excited about the float they made for the big parade in Hooglafair, but their plans stall out when someone neglects to do their job. Tye the T-Rex offers some roundabout wisdom about responsibility, and real kids offer their voices about what it means to be responsible, have chores, etc. This seaso...more