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Curl Up with a Story

Hear some of the best storytellers from around the world spin tales for you.

by Kids Listen

    Curl Up with a Story

    Apr 02 2020

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / "Cat and Skunk Tricks" from Junkyard Tales: All Together Now

    This week's Free Story comes from the "Junkyard Tales: All Together Now" original audio story collection. It's called "Cat and Skunk Tricks." When Ben joins in a traditional day of "tricks" played between the neighborhood skunks and cats, he doesn't realize that the biggest trick of all is about to be played on him. Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we share a free story from one of our original story series! For many many many more stories like this one, visit the Sparkle website: w...more

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / A Fable to Remind Us We All Need One Another - Storytelling Podcast for Kids - Little Great Lion:Bonus Episode

     When Little Great Lion boasts he is ready to join in the hunt all on his own, his father, Great Lion, takes him on a walk across the African plains to show him how we are all interconnected and need each other to find our inner greatness.  An original fable written by Kathleen.  (Duration 9 minutes -plus 3 minutes for links to related activity guides) A special bonus episode from Journey with Story - a storytelling podcast for kids.

  • Book Club for Kids / Angie Thomas Shares Her Playlist

    Ever wonder what a writer uses for inspiration? Angie Thomas tells us what gets her fingers flying over the keyboard.

  • Story Spectacular / April Fools Day All Jokes Spectacular 2020

    Today we will celebrate April Fools Day by telling jokes, playing pranks, singing a song and even hearing some foolish "fake" facts. There will be lots of fun friends stopping by, including real-life listeners just like you. It's sure to be the best April Fools Day ever!!! NO FOOLIN' Story Spectacular April Fools Day Activity. Go to to download the printable activity page "Digger's Pop-Up Card". Then follow the directions to make your very own silly pop-up...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / Ep. 50 April Fools Episode feature Roxie!

    Well, it looks like Roxie, April’s dog, and podcasting sidekick, is taking over the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast because, no really, April’s daughters have accidentally turned her into a gnome! But no worries, Roxie has all sorts of brilliant songs and, uh, interesting stories to share. What happens next is anybody’s guess but Roxie's having a blast because she's a dog and dogs are awesome. 

  • Circle Round / The Search For Rain feat. Amory Sivertson

    Have you ever teamed up with other people to get something done?  We’re all keeping our distance from other people, to help everyone stay healthy and safe. But just because we’re keeping a physical distance, it doesn’t mean we have to be separated. Even if we’re not in the same room, or the same building, we can still find ways to join up with others, and accomplish things that we can’t do on our own!  In the story we’re about to hear, we’ll meet some people who really need to work toge...more

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / Reading Bug Adventures: Sing with Us!

    To introduce Season 5, we're having a singing and dancing party, because singing and dancing with you makes us smile! In this episode, we've included some of your favorite songs to help us get ready for the all-new adventures in Season 5! Download all our original music for free through April 30, 2020 at

  • Tales from the Moosiverse / The Secret Origin of Unpredictable Horse, Pt. 2

    The story you've been waiting for... the continuation of the origin of Unpredictable Horse!Subscribe to the Moosiverse newsletter at for storytelling tips, news, events, and more! Send your stories by email, audio or video to; we'll post some on and play snippets in future episodes.Writer/narrator: Ian JacksonTeam Moosiverse: Angel, Sam, Matthew & Emily JacksonAudio Engineering: Trevor Whitaker Black - trevorwhitakerblack.comMusic: Easy Stroll b...more

  • Ahway Island / Checking In: a relaxation and story for your naptime routine

    Danny the dump truck feels a little down. Dory has an idea. Maybe checking in to the maintenance garage will help him feel better. The post Checking In: a relaxation and story for your naptime routine appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / 158. What if everyone wore the same color clothes?

    Author and illustrator Niki Smith helps Mr. Eric tell a story where a Purple & Green striped horse has to save her school and friend from Ragged the Dragon.Lessons include: Wearing different colors helps us express ourselves; no one is “supposed” to be mean or nice, but we can always choose to treat other people well.Check out Niki Smith’s “The Deep and Dark Blue”! You can get your copy at Bookshop to support your local bookstore, or on Amazon.What If World exists thanks to our Patrons. Get ...more

  • Girl Tales / The Princess Musicians of Maple Street by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk & Interview! (Rebroadcast)

    Kitty’s band with her friends, Turtle, Birdie, and Rabbit are practicing for Battle of the Bands at their school but when her grandpa moves in, they lose their rehearsal space! Practicing at the abandoned house on Maple Street is their only option to win but there’s a chance the house might be haunted. What will they do? by Amy Gijsbers van WijkAdapted from Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm Starring: Chad Chenail, Rebecca Cunningham, Polina Ionina, Gulshan Mia, Rad Pereira...more

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / The Bee's Sting

    Billy the bee is having a very hard time defending his hive's honey, until Mother Nature gives him a stinger! Now he can defend the honey really well. Maybe too well...If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iTunes, head to and pledge to make a monthly donation, check out our merch at, or just tell your friends about us! Thank you!!

  • JoJo Gnome's Story Podcast / #21 - JoJo Gnome And Home School

    When JoJo Gnome finds himself having to stay at home because everyone is self-isolating. Grandpa Gnome and Aunty Molly set up a home school for him. It turns out to be better fun than JoJo thought it would be.   JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast is filled with stories for ages 3-6.   Check out the activities page for podcast 21 at

  • Peace Out / Time to Pause: Friday

    It’s the end of the week so it’s time to relaaax! Today we’re going to do a top to toes relaxation exercise. Mindfulness Activity: We are focusing on relaxing our bodies today but it’s also important to keep active and moving. If you can’t get outside to play in the fresh air and sunshine, you can still play some fun movement games in the house. Here are a few ideas (just be careful of the things and people around you):Walk up and down the stairs 5 times (try doing this in different ways: slow m...more

  • Story Pirates / Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey/Betsy’s Grand Slam

    The Story Pirates have a garage sale, and something very important gets sold by mistake. Featuring two new stories: “Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey,” a song about the joys and perils of portable trampolines, written by Bridget, a 9 year old from New York, and “Betsy’s Grand Slam,” the story of a star baseball player who needs to learn one final rule, by an 8 year old from Texas named Paul.

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / The Bedtime Socks

    This story is perfect for BEDTIME. It's a little bit shorter, not a WHOLE LOT happens, and it is somewhat proven to deepen sleep (based on measurements using the sleep monitoring machine I just happen to store in my studio at all times). If you LOVE this story, please SHARE IT with all raccoons you come across on during late night walks in the woods, all deer wearing roller skates (you will have to shout because they move real quick, people), and YOUR FRIENDS. Many listeners around the world ha...more

  • Story Time / Robyn Goes Flying! written by Elaine Binns

    Written by Elaine Binns and narrated by Nicole Esquino Robyn loves playing hide and seek with her brother and sister. But this game turns out to be a different kind of adventure. 👧🐦 This story is appropriate for children aged 5+ Share this story with your friends Why not listen to more of Story Time from Bedtime FM Drop us an email to, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter Please support Bedtime FM and all the great shows we create by donating

  • Ill-Advised Stories / Saint Larry's Day

    A leprechaun trap seemed like a good idea, right up until Fiona meet Larry who was on his way back to Ireland.  Support the show (

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Introducing Hero Hotel

    In this adventure comedy, Chet Zebrowski works at his Grandma Zee’s hotel for superheroes. When trash monsters, glam-rock singers, and static-electric villains invade the hotel – all while the heroes are on vacation and unwilling to lift a finger – it’s up to Chet and his super-powered cat Boomer to save the day. But will catering to the needs of these demanding supers push Chet too far?Based on the graphic novel by Yehudi Mercado. Limited release wherever you listen to your podcasts and exclusi...more

  • Podikins Presents... Children's Stories and Family Activities for Kids, age 0-99! / TEASER: Story Chef 3

    Take a listen to the ingredients James and Andrew need to use to cook up a brand new story! All of these ingredients were submitted by listeners!  If you have an ingredient you would like included on a future Story Chef episode, send in a voice memo to !   If you're not sure how, check out our FAQ page. You can also get in touch through our Facebook page!   We can't wait for you to hear the full story...COMING SOON! Podikins is created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield.  ...more

  • FABList :: audio fables for modern families / Pear Blossom Act 3

    The conclusion of our serialized story - be sure to start with Act One! Just when it seems things couldn't get any worse, Ewha's mysterious helpers return to help her and her family. Happiness is all around us; by focusing on others, Ewha brought goodness and joy to her own life.