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Curl Up with a Story

Hear some of the best storytellers from around the world spin tales for you.

by Kids Listen

    Curl Up with a Story

    May 20 2022

  • Girl Tales / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Chapter 2

    Here’s the first chapter from the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum published in 1900. In this chapter, Dorothy lands in Oz where she meets some munchkins and learns her house has landed on the Wicked Witch of the East!Want to hear the rest of the chapters? Grownups can head to our Patreon and join Team Dorothy or above. We’ll be posting a new chapter every Friday.This content is a little different from our regular stories! We recommend reading before listening&nbs...more

  • Koko Sleep - Kids Bedtime Stories & Meditations / Jupiter Twins: The Sleeping Dragon 🐉💤

    In tonight’s bedtime story, we meet up with twins, Lily and Jake Jupiter, as they set off on another magical adventure. Our tale starts when the twins find an intriguing book hidden in the school’s storage vault...Abbe, as always, will start tonight's episode with a quick introduction to help your little ones get cosy before she begins reading the relaxing bedtime story, written especially for children accompanied by calming sleep music. This magical mix will help your kids sleep tight, all thro...more

  • Short Stories for Kids: The Magical Podcast of Story Telling / Amelia and Jacob get Super Powers from a Meteor! 🌠🦸🦸🏻‍♀️💥

    Amelia and Jacob get Super Powers from a Meteor! Written by AlexPurchase our book complete with 38 of our stories and packed with illustrations! up to our Premium channel and be a Super Fan of Short Stories for Kids! Here you will receive a Friday Bonus Episode every week! Plus o...more

  • Book Club for Kids / A Conversation with Dana Middleton

    Writer Dana Middleton has some advice about finishing a novel or story. She also looks back at the beginning of her writing career.

  • Best Whatever Ever! Stories for Kids / Ultimate Frenemies: Pirates Vs. Ninjas! A Mash-Up Story

    Once upon a time pirates and ninjas were friends. They teamed up to fight zombie swarms and alien invasions and saved the world together thousands of times! But then the great FALLING OUT happened and they became SWORN ENEMIES! But when a pirate girl and a ninja boy find themselves stranded together on a deserted island, they must put aside their ninja kicks and pirate stomps and work together in order to survive! TheBestWhateverEver.comIn the intro we mentioned the following past episodes: Ice ...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / "Part One: Family Orchard" from the Martin & Sylvia's Family Tree of Stories collection

    This week's Free story comes from the Martin & Sylvia's Family Tree of Stories collection. It's called "Part One: Family Orchard."   Sylvia is nervous about her first ever dance recital. Martin needs a theme for a scrapbook project. When Gramma, Nanni and Poppi come to visit, Martin is inspired to record stories about big events from everyone's childhood.   If you want more than one story a day, and you’re not yet a subscriber, now you can try it out for free.  We always offer a free trial so yo...more

  • Circle Round / Misery Loves Company feat. Hrishikesh Hirway, Joshua Malina & Samin Nosrat

    Samin Nosrat (Salt Fat Acid Heat, Home Cooking), Hrishikesh Hirway (Home Cooking, Song Exploder), and Josh Malina (The West Wing, Chutzpod) star in this Ukrainian and Polish tale about what happens when misery loves company so much, it actually comes to life.

  • Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids / Bernice Gets Ready For Bed 🐻

    In our latest Bernice story, Bernice is getting ready for bed. After dinner Bernice does her homework and then starts her bedtime routine and Papa Bear has a story to help her get ready for bed. Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark❤️👂📖💡 Send us your story ideas and if we use your idea in a story we will give you a shoutout on the show! 💡Support Us👉 If you are enjoying the podcast and would like to show your support, visit our support page at:⭐⭐⭐⭐ Leave a r...more

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / A Bollywood Adventure: Part 2

    Part 2 of 2. Have you ever wanted to star in a Bollywood movie? No, not Hollywood. Bollywood! With a 'B.' Well, now is your chance. Join Lauren and the Reading Bug in India as they get ready for lights, camera and action on the set of a musical Bollywood production. Explore the books in the Reading Bug's book bag at

  • Ahway Island / 606: Hat Adventure: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine

    When Britney and Alma Raincoat walk to Grammy's house in the rain and wind, Halima Hat has an adventure of her own. The post 606: Hat Adventure: a relaxation and story for your nap time routine appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / Guilds & Goblins 13: What if there was a giant space chicken?

    The G&G crew is back! This time, Mr. Eric is acting as GM and Zizi is playing a new character, Turtock the Turtle Timekeeper! Will our adventurers finally meet the mysterious Underlows? Or will they be distracted by a giant space chicken? Join our Patreon for Ad-Free stories, a Shout-Out on the show, a better chance of having your question answered, and more! Our producer, Miss Lynn, has a pair of live concerts coming up: Saturday, May 21st, in Knoxville, TN, and Tues...more

  • Story Spectacular / The Crime Fighting Critter Club

    CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor: guest Rob Griffiths is here to lend his voice and tell an exciting story about a Crime-Fighting Critter Club! What sorts of courageous critter adventures do you think our heroes will go on tonight? If you love this courageous critter tale, you will also love listening to Bedtime FM’s Story Time. It’s a story podcast for kids featuring storytellers from around the world hosted by today’s gues...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / Super Grover Flies High: a full episode of Goodnight, World! from Sesame Street and Headspace Studios

    BIG PEOPLE, this episode is sponsored by Goodnight, World!, a podcast for kids developed by pediatric sleep and meditation experts at Sesame Street and Headspace Studios! You can find more episodes of Goodnight, World! using THIS LINK ( Each episode of Goodnight, World! takes tiny listeners through an imaginative adventure with beloved characters from Sesame Street, and each episode ends with an extended, sleep-inducing wind-down fill...more

  • Stories for Wonderful Children / Ea and Dak, the Date

     After her encounter with the shapeshifting Caw, Ea is hoping to avoid adventure for an evening and enjoy her date with Shan. But she discovers that when you're queen, sometimes adventure has a way of finding you!Get in touch with the show:Show website: https://storiesforwonderfulchildren.comInstagram: https://tw...more

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / The Dog Who Wasn't Useful (rebroadcast)

    There is a happy farm with happy farmers and happy animals and one sad dog. The dog doesn't feel useful...but he may be surprised. (Spoiler alert: he's useful after all.)Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on our feed!!If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iTunes, check out our merc...more

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / Learn How Lion Learns a Lesson about the Perils of a Broken Promise-Storytelling Podcast for Kids-Jabu and the Lion:E185

    In this traditional Zulu folktale, a lion promises the kind hearted cowherd boy, Jabu, who frees him from a trap, that he will do him no harm after he is free, but later on, the lion changes his mind and tries to break his promise until a clever jackal teaches him a lesson. A great story to teach little ones about the perils of breaking a promise!  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story.  Ages 4-10 (duration 20 minutes) If your little listener wants to ask us a question or send...more

  • Story Pirates / Announcing Season 5!

    The Story Pirates Podcast is back for Season 5! Starting May 26th, listen to new episodes wherever you get your podcasts. Finally! Find out about a virtual party featuring a live reading of a fan-favorite episode and our biggest live show of the year on May 15th in New York City at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Peace Out Podcast / Guest Episode! Cool Facts About Animals

    During our recent Ocean Adventure season, we talked about some very awesome and unique creatures and plants that live in the ocean. One thing that any animal lover (or anyone living on earth) needs to learn more about is how to stop plastic pollution. Plastic pollution not only hurts ocean life, but it hurts the whole earth. So I am sharing my podfriend Cool Facts About Animals, a podcast by kids for kids! This is their episode called “How Kids Can Stop Plastic Pollution.” I love how the kids ta...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / SONG: A Lullaby for a Dragon

    In our last episode, Mookie and his friends watched as a Chromanian Dragon hatched out of her shell. And what could they do with this wee magical creature but rock her to sleep with a baby bottle? ;-)  There's a bit of trouble afoot in Hawthorn Grove, but that's for the next episode! For now, let's sing our dear dragon to sleep with the "Lullaby for a Dragon" that Sander was humming in the last episode. A gentle, magical podcast for innocent ears. Perfect for bedtime, snack, dinner, or car-tim...more

  • Story Time / The Little Boy Who Wouldn't Eat Cheesecake written by Christina Meyers

    Written by Christina Meyers and narrated by Kellie Colleen This story is about a little boy who refused to eat cheesecake. His father tries to convince him, and he learns the importance of trying new foods. Did you enjoy this story? Why not take a look at some of our other children‘s bedtime stories? Why not listen to more of Story Time from Bedtime FM Drop us an email to, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter Please support Story Time and all the great episodes we create by donat...more

  • What Will She Do Next? / A Short Intermission (ft. Gabrielle Mirabella)

    Support this show for just $3.00 a month at All proceeds go directly towards the artists you hear on this program! 

  • Ill-Advised Stories / The Christmas Case

    It's early on Christmas Morning and the boy detective Doctor Augustus Mayhem and his sister Missy are on another case.  Their jolly client is someone you may know and the crime is beyond belief.  Join us in the city of New York where someone has tried to take revenge on Santa Clause.  Support the show (

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Official Trailer

    Hear the Official Trailer for Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest!

  • Tales from the Moosiverse / The Choice Ringo Made

    The season finale! Will chocolate be restored? What will happen in New York City? And how many mice are there anyway? Stay tuned after the story to find out what's coming up BEFORE Season Five!   Join our Storylab writing programs on Outschool.   Support us on Patreon!   Buy Tales from the Moosiverse merchandise through our Teepublic store. Your order helps cover the production costs of these episodes!   Subscribe to the Moosiverse newsletter at for storytelling tips, news...more

  • Star Stories with InnerStar Kids™ / (Ep 16) Trusting Yourself: Unicorn Finds Her Light

    Today we’re going to listen to Unicorn practice her Inner Star Power of Trusting Herself.  Today’s story is called “Unicorn Finds her Light” We all have a special light shining inside of us- even you!  And that light can help us figure things out, solve problems, and see more clearly.  Sometimes, when we’re scared or confused it can be hard to find our light but it's always there, just waiting for us to remember it!  Want More? You can find us on Facebook at: InnerStar Kids™ Or on our we...more

  • Story On: adventures in storytelling for kids / Beware the Flowers of the Forest - Fairy Tales

    Laura talks about what makes a fairy tale...a fairy tale. Then, she shares her story "Beware the Flowers of the Forest." Farmer Wyatt and his horse Ivy are traveling an unfamiliar road when they find themselves drawn into a nearby forest with the most incredible flowers. When Wyatt bends down to smell the beautiful blossoms, he is instantly spellbound and doomed to spend the rest of his days stuck in the horrible paradise. Being immune to the spell, Ivy sets off to find the evil sorcer...more