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Curl Up with a Story

Hear some of the best storytellers from around the world spin tales for you.

by Kids Listen

    Curl Up with a Story

    Jun 14 2021

  • Story Spectacular / Double Feature: Lawrence the Lighthouse/Dive In

    CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor: We have two Sea-Worthy tales for you today inspired by my home state of Maine. First, we will hear the silly sea saga about a Lighthouse named Lawrence who's afraid of the OCEAN!!! Then we will tag along with Scamp the Lobster and explore the Undersea Festival. It is SHORE to be a lot of fin... I mean FUN!!!  - - - - Listen to Story Spectacular Songs on Spotify!   Story Spectacular is written and h...more

  • Stories for Wonderful Children / Winella Solves Techall

     Winella meets the creator of the bank-robbing robot and solves the case to the general satisfaction of everyone.(Note: 100th episode story smorgasmbord is coming up soon! Use the listener survey at to send in your story requests and ideas. Survey ends June 28th, 2021.)

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / Thief and Saint

    Thief and Saint is a story about Chet and Amos, two ne'er-do-wells in the wild west. Listen along and learn that your attitude towards those around you can make all the difference, and it's never too late to change your ways. Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on our feed!!If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe...more

  • Ahway Island / 185. Fire Truck Tour: a soothing story and meditation for kids

    Frankie the Firetruck is excited to see the kindergartners visit him, but he notices some of the kids are afraid. What will frankie do to help? The post 185. Fire Truck Tour: a soothing story and meditation for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / A Princess Learns that a Promise is a Promise in this Classic Grimms' Fairytale-Storytelling Podcast for Kids'The Frog Prince:E141

    When a princess makes a promise to a frog after he retrieves her beloved golden ball from a deep well, she later regrets her promise, but her father, the king, insists that she must keep her word.  A fun fairytale that teaches little ones the importance keeping your promises.  (duration-12 minutes)  An episode from Journey with Story If your little listener wants to ask a question or share a drawing inspired by one of our episodes, please connect with us on Instagram@journeywithstory    Or at ww...more

  • Best Whatever Ever! Stories for Kids / Summer is Cancelled! PART 2

    Will Detective Darlene Dewhardy, Aidan the Superhero and Herman Horrendous save summer? Only if they can work together. After a mysterious snow storm on the last day of school in June, Principal Maloney declares that summer is officially cancelled. Now it’s up to Detective Darlene Dewhardy and arch-enemies Aidan the Kid Superhero and Herman Horrendous the Kid Supervillain to get to the bottom of the mystery and save summer. THIS IS PART TWO OF TWO-PART STORY. TheBestWhateverEver.comThank you for...more

  • Story Pirates / Popsicle Sweater/The New Species (feat. Raúl Esparza)

    In their 100th episode, the Story Pirates attend a show by famous octopus magician Octavious the Great (Raúl Esparza). Featuring two new stories: “Popsicle Sweater,” a blissed out tune about popsicle outerwear, written by Izzy, a 6 year old from Nevada, and “The New Species,” about a detective with a bad attitude on the hunt for a local monster, written by 9 year old from Texas named Shaan.For more from the Story Pirates, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podca...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! Grit

    This week's Free story comes from Martin and Sylvia: More Adventures! It's called Grit Martin is excited about giving his friend Sasha a special gift — he wants to make her a microscope. When he is faced with the actual mechanics of how to make a base and an eyepiece and a lens out of the materials he has — he nearly gives up. But then Daddy tells him that the most important thing any builder or inventor must have is grit: sticking with it, especially when things are difficult. Martin hears him ...more

  • Book Club for Kids / Old Yeller

    Pets play such an important part in our lives and the loss of an animal creates a hole in our hearts. The Newbery Honor award winning classic Old Yeller by Fred Gipson does the same thing. We hear from a trio of fifth graders from Lafayette Elementary School in Washington, DC who talk about their own pets. Actor and dancer Michael McKinley is celebrity reader. Dog expert Mia Cobb from Australia joins us. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Circle Round / Encore: The Goat in the Garden

    In this favorite episode from the archives, Ray Magliozzi (Car Talk) plays a stubborn goat who inadvertently reminds us that true heroes comes in all shapes and sizes. This episode was originally released on January 23, 2018.

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / An Australian Adventure: Part 2

    Part 2 of 2. Lauren, the Reading Bug, and the Spelling Bee are back in Australia, searching for a strange and elusive animal - and you can join them on this exciting adventure, too!  Explore the books in the Reading Bug's book bag at

  • Tales from the Moosiverse / No More Chocolate

    Montgomery the Moose and friends deal with the fallout of erasing chocolate from history. While the group's friendship is strained, Montgomery finds himself needing to trust the very thing that caused the problem in the first place.   Support us on Patreon!   Buy Tales from the Moosiverse merchandise through our Teepublic store. Your order helps cover the production costs of these episodes!   Subscribe to the Moosiverse newsletter at for storytelling tips, news, events, and...more

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / What if all of What If World had a potluck?

    Petey the Party Planner Pirate puts on a potluck party, and there are a few surprises in store… also, a lot of candy casseroles. Then the world gets taken over, obviously. Lessons include: It’s okay to ask for help sometimes; setting a good example can feel pretty great even if it doesn’t always inspire others to do the same. This episode is sponsored by Bobby Wonder, a podcast for kids from the Emmy Award winning team. Join the fun, expand your imagination, and learn how to talk to ducks! Learn...more

  • Girl Tales / The Story of Circe feat. Stephanie March

    Circe is banished to live alone on an island and she … loves it! But who are all of these tourists and sailors making pit stops on her island? Circe turns them all into animals. Is being alone all it’s cracked up to be? Written and Produced by Tessa FlanneryPerformed by Stephanie March and Rebecca CunninghamExecutive Produced by Rebecca CunninghamStephanie March is currently starring in “House on Fire” on Lifetime/ A&E networks as a part of their Broad Focus progr...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / "A Lullaby Episode Because April Eight is Feeling Sleepy"

    Hello, my friends! April Eight has a little lullaby for you because she's so sleepy, she thought you might be too. It's a special song to say goodnight. "We stayed up late, we sang songs, it was great, and we told our stories to the stars..."  April has been writing songs and stories and sharing them with you for five years. It's Your Turn! Make a contribution to the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast and help to keep it up and running. You can Buy April a cup of Coffee or Contribute Here Today...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / Little Hedgehog and the Tunnel

    I am at work on a new BOOK featuring LITTLE HEDGEHOG! I'm also at work on some new merch (including a FATHER'S DAY MUG featuring Mr. Hedgehog!). Please sign up for my email list on my website,, to be the first to know when they are available! Little Hedgehog and Bebe discover a tunnel in Little Hedgehog's bedroom. Where does it lead? Will there be a mushroom throat lozenge factory at the other end? You'll just have to listen to find out. ENJOY! If you love this s...more

  • What Will She Do Next? / Sammie Vance - #GivingTuesdaySpark: Ladies Who Lead

    On today’s episode, we follow the journey of #GivingTuesdaySpark leader Sammie Vance, an organizer looking to eliminate loneliness through friendship and recycling. For more information on Sammie Vance: & Narrated by Gabrielle MirabellaMusic & Production by Ernie BirdKeep our show running by becoming a Sustaining Member!, donate at our website:

  • Ill-Advised Stories / The Adventure's of Sparkie and Spazoid Portal's World: Chapter 19

    Here it is! The final chapter. The final countdown, The big finish. If you start listening here you'll be completely confused, but luckily you can listen to And Away We Go and all the other chapters from the Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid at They're on a mission to save the human race and find us a new home but first they have to get off this planet. You can buy the book right here and read and laugh alongSupport the show (

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Sneak Listen to Season 3

    Been waiting for more Grimm fairy tales? Here's a sneak listen of Season 3 of the Pinna Original podcast, Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest available exclusively on Pinna. Pinna is the all-in-one app where you can stream kids' podcasts, music and audiobooks. Find Pinna in your App Store and try for free before subscribing.We love hearing from Grimmers! Email us at to tell us what you think of the show!

  • Peace Out Podcast / Peace Out Live Event! (April 11, 2021)

    Missed the event? For upcoming events and podcast updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our online home is Join our monthly mailing list for Peace Out Podcast news and mindfulness activities!  Like what you hear? Become a Peace Out Patron to get access to perks like personalized birthday messages and live Family Yoga Hour with Chanel!   Join us on National Pet Day for a live Peace Out relaxation story all about our favourite pets! We’ll play fun mindful...more

  • Story Time / Bunny Magic 🐰 written by Nicole Esquino

    Written and narrated by Nicole Esquino Fiona’s Friday is filled with magical surprises. She’s nervous and excited, but she knows today is going to be an interesting day. 🐰🐇 This story is appropriate for children aged 5+ To see this story, and others written by Nicole, visit her website. Why not listen to more of Story Time from Bedtime FM Drop us an email to, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter Please support Story Time and all the great episodes we create by donating

  • Story On: adventures in storytelling for kids / Beware the Flowers of the Forest - Fairy Tales

    Laura talks about what makes a fairy tale...a fairy tale. Then, she shares her story "Beware the Flowers of the Forest." Farmer Wyatt and his horse Ivy are traveling an unfamiliar road when they find themselves drawn into a nearby forest with the most incredible flowers. When Wyatt bends down to smell the beautiful blossoms, he is instantly spellbound and doomed to spend the rest of his days stuck in the horrible paradise. Being immune to the spell, Ivy sets off to find the evil sorcer...more

  • Star Stories with InnerStar Kids™ / (Ep 15) Gratitude: Monkey Thanks His Tree (re-issue)

    Visit our website for yoga poses and craft materials to go with this story! Turtle's Worry Buster Challenge is available now!! Only $27 to give your child the tools they need to feel safe and calm when worry strikes! Our Story “The vibration of gratitude attracts more positive things into your life.” In today's story, Monkey practiced his Inner Star Power of Gratitude when his favorite tree disappeared!  He realized that he wanted his tree to know how much he loved and appreciated it. As Mon...more