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    Curl Up with a Story

    Nov 17 2018

  • Story Spectacular / 84: Nutty the Squirrel (Bedtime)

    Nutty is very busy collecting acorns and stacking them inside his tree house for the winter season. Things are going well for Nutty until someone comes along and shakes things up. Story Spectacular is written and hosted by children’s book author Angela Ferrari. To learn more about the show and to purchase original children’s books go to You can also purchase “What Do You See?”, “An Extraordinary Book”, “Digger’s Daily Routine”, “The Shape Escape”, and “Lawrence the L...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / Fairy Feasts

    Fairies, much like people, need to get to know each other. They must be able to work together to meet the everyday challenges of the natural world, such as storms, temperature changes, and changes brought by people. And how do they become acquainted? Through feasting! So when there’s a sudden change in the backyard of twin brothers Russell and Randolph, the stonewall gnomes, brook nymphs, and oak tree elves must assemble a “feast” — a special and very potent fairy gathering.   This story is a...more

  • Book Club for Kids / Bonus Episode Australia

    This week, we’re talking to kids in Australia, asking them their favorite books. We caught up with two of them on a tram – the same tram where the royal couple Prince Harry and his new bride Meghan took to a beach in south Melbourne. We have pictures on our website.

  • Circle Round / 'The Unjust Justice' | feat. Jackie Tohn

    Jackie Tohn (G.L.O.W.) stars as a clever grocer who teaches a dishonest judge the importance of being fair and trustworthy. Our *NEWEST* coloring book is available as a thank-you gift to donors. Support Circle Round today and help us keep the stories coming! More at

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / Bonus: A Circus Adventure: Full Story, Parts 1 & 2

    Parts 1 & 2 combined into a full story. The Reading Bug has been working on a special talent and we're off to visit P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth to see other talented performers - acrobats, elephants, daredevils and more! But things get exciting when someone develops a case of stage fright. The show must go on, but how can it when the star performer won't perform? Join Lauren and the Reading Bug on this high flying adventure and maybe you'll find yourself performing in the circus, too! E...more

  • Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages! / The Narrow Bridge

    This story is about two VERY stubborn goats as they battle it out to see who gets to cross a VERY narrow bridge first. Who will it be?? You'll have to listen to find out!!If you'd like to support our podcast, you can visit and make a pledge. AND don't forget that you can vote for us for Best Kids and Family podcast in the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards! You can go to and that will take you to the right page.Thank you!!!!

  • Ahway Island / A Curious Cave: a bedtime story and guided meditation for kids

    Daisy the beagle leads her friends to the curious cave in the forest, unaware that some kids are following.  Will Daisy and the other dogs be able to keep the dragon undiscovered? The post A Curious Cave: a bedtime story and guided meditation for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / 100. What if up was down and down was up?

    Mr. Eric is joined by Jonathan Messinger, host of The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, for What If World’s 100th episode special. Things will get out of this world! At least, they would if only Bee-Bop the Robot can help Chentle Cheetah make a spaceship.Lessons include: Accepting failure and trying again gets you one step closer to success; even very intelligent people (and robots) can be wrong sometimes.Head over to our Imaginarium to get a head start on the holidays! What if World shirts, mug...more

  • Story Time — Children's bedtime stories for kids. Storytime anytime. / Forest School 🌲🌲🌲 written by Hannah Erikson

    Written by Hannah Erikson and narrated by Kellie Colleen as Luna, with Chanel Tsang as Aunt Kao and Rob Griffiths as Geo Luna and Geo have had enough of their strict boarding school, so they decide to escape into the forest behind their Aunt’s house. They already knew the forest was a magical place, but then they find the treehouse… just sitting there, like it was waiting for them to move in! 🌲🌲🌲But who built the treehouse? Who was here before them? And are they really as alone as they think?...more

  • Peace Out — Relaxation and mindfulness stories for kids / Neptune Namaste

    We’re heading to Neptune today! Today we are focused on standing strong and standing up for ourselves, all while learning a little about the planet Neptune! There are three different relaxation exercises in this story that you can do at home or in the classroom. This season we’re heading out to space, and with that, we are introducing a new feature: SafeSPACE. If your child would like to share where/who/what their safe, happy, or calm space is, please send in a recording of them, picture, or mes...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / Little Hedgehog Cleans Up

    My first PICTURE BOOK, Little Fox Can't Wait to Dream, is AVAILABLE NOW! Find it here: or you can visit my website! *LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL OFFER* Order the book now and you are eligible to receive a big, FREE, personalized signed sticker to put in the front of your book - just like I signed it! After you order the book, email me at and tell me 1)The names for the sticker(s) - you can get one stick...more

  • Story Pirates / Bonus: Calling All Mapmakers! Submit Your Ideas For The Next Story Pirates Book!

    We're looking for ideas from kids for our next book with Random House, including kid-drawn maps of a fictional world! Parents go to to submit your child’s story today. And stay tuned for announcements about our next season!

  • Girl Tales / The Princess Musicians of Maple Street by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

    Kitty’s band with her friends Turtle, Birdie, and Rabbit are practicing for Battle of the Bands at their school but when her grandpa moves in, they lose their rehearsal space! Practicing at the abandoned house on Maple Street is their only option to win but there’s a chance the house might be haunted. What will they do? by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk Adapted from Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm Starring: Chad Chenail, Rebecca Cunningham, Polina Ionina, Gulshan Mia, Rebeca Rad, and...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / Ep 45 SONG: Halloween Songs!

    Happy Halloween! Now I have a few songs for you! Are you ready to sing? Great for car time, bed time, bath time, or anytime you need a little song to sing for Halloween.  Out in the night, there’s an eerie weary soundDown from the darkness and rising from the groundWitches and goblins are gathering aroundFor it’s Halloween! I learned the next song I am going to share with you from one of my first graders at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. Her name is Sophia. Isn’t it funny when you teach somethin...more

  • Podikins Presents... Children's Stories and Family Activities for Kids, age 0-99! / TEASER: Story Chef 3

    Take a listen to the ingredients James and Andrew need to use to cook up a brand new story! All of these ingredients were submitted by listeners!  If you have an ingredient you would like included on a future Story Chef episode, send in a voice memo to !   If you're not sure how, check out our FAQ page. You can also get in touch through our Facebook page!   We can't wait for you to hear the full story...COMING SOON! Podikins is created by James Nicholson and Andrew Whitfield.  ...more

  • The Imaginary Accomplishments Podcast / 7 - Return to Super Audio Sunshine

    Marvy, Finch, and the gang return to the resort planet Super Audio Sunshine. This podcast uses these sounds from Crowd sounds thanks to: blaukreuz / Football Leipzig vs Magdeburg > Chance CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Rocket sounds thanks to: primeval_polypod / Rocket Launch / CC BY 3.0 Small crowd talking thanks to: JohnsonBrandEditing / Small Crowd pre-concert talking party bar walla talking / https://www.f...more

  • The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast / S3E9: Responsibili-what?

    Each of us has a wonderfully unique part to play in making the world go 'round. It's our individual jobs to do the best that we can with what we've been given! Nerlin, Katy Elizabeth, and the gang are excited about the float they made for the big parade in Hooglafair, but their plans stall out when someone neglects to do their job. Tye the T-Rex offers some roundabout wisdom about responsibility, and real kids offer their voices about what it means to be responsible, have chores, etc. This seaso...more