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Curl Up with a Story

Hear some of the best storytellers from around the world spin tales for you.

by Kids Listen

    Curl Up with a Story

    Sep 21 2021

  • Ahway Island / 535. Tree Party: a soothing story and meditation for children

    Simon Cicada plans a tree party for his old friends and ends up inviting a new friend as well. The post 535. Tree Party: a soothing story and meditation for children appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / What if you could watch What If World on TV? (w/ Sloan)

    Tune in to the Tuna-Clock News with hosts Tuna the Invisible Dog and our friend Sloan! With hordes of What-If creatures coming to life, Sloan might have all the news she can handle. Lessons include: Making up stories without enough information can be hurtful to others (and get you in trouble!) Join our Patreon for Ad-Free stories, a Shout-Out on the show, bonus audio, a better chance of having your question answered, and more! Great merch available at the Imaginarium! Fea...more

  • Peace Out Podcast / Turtle Talk

    Kemp’s Ridley Turtles are the smallest sea turtles on earth. Learn more about these incredible creatures as we move, breathe, and learn a new mindfulness activity! We also talk about ahimsa (not harming living creatures) and about making kind choices every day.   Follow Peace Out on your favourite podcast app so you don’t miss an episode! Get updates on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as our Peace Out Podcast Mailing List.   Today’s Themes Scientific (curriculum connections): Kemp’s...more

  • Story Spectacular / Quil's Postcards The Planetarium

      CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor: We have a new batch of postcards from Quil, our outer-space pen-pal from the planet Quark. Quil went on a field trip with his class to the Planetarium!!! Things are going quite smoothly until Quil discovers that his pet meteor-monkey had unexpectedly tagged along too!!! Will Quil be able to keep Mira the mischievous monkey out of sight? What else do you think Quil will discover at the Planetarium...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / Oakley and the Long Fog

    So many of us are in the middle of a long fog right now, and it can be hard to deal with the uncertainty of it. Oakley, the chipmunk in this story, encounters his first long fog and learns to find the magic in it. I hope you enjoy this one! This story comes from a collaboration with David of Sparkle Stories, and you will hear both of our voices. You can find many more stories from Sparkle Stories by visiting and listen to the conversation that led to the d...more

  • Stories for Wonderful Children / Growing Oelder - Flighty Friends

     Flush with her successful acquisition of fairy dust, Winella is ready to tackle the next item on her leaf list: a gryphon feather. There's only one problem, though; gryphons may no longer exist!Listening note: This story and the rest of the series will make the most sense after listening to the Guardian of the Seed stories, as well as one of the Rebecca Recheetah stories:Winella, Guardian of the SeedTrouble Comes to Kandie LandA Place to PlantA Time to SowRebecca Recheetah Tracks a Shadow ...more

  • Girl Tales / Little Lina (Rebroadcast)

    We’re gearing up for Season 4! In the meantime, listen to the GT team’s favorites!Lina wants to compete in this year’s big sailing contest but her Mama doesn’t think she’s healthy enough or big enough. So, Lina decides to go on her own adventure. Follow Lina as she soars on the wings of a seagull, dives down deep into the ocean, and finds her way back home to her Mama. Written by Kimberly BelflowerStarring: Amber Dickerson, Erin Hanraty, Jared Loftin, & Amanda RodheProducer: Chad ChenailE...more

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / Home Sweet Horn

    Today's story is inspired by a classic Aesop's fable. Sprat the Gnat finds a fantastic new home. But when the word gets out how great his new spot is, it quickly becomes very crowded.Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on our feed!!If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe and give us a five star review on iTunes, head ...more

  • Short Stories for Kids: The Magical Podcast of Story Telling / Brooklyn and Amelia have a Magical Summer Adventure on Kokoland! 🦄🥥🌴🏰

    Brooklyn and Amelia have a Magical Summer Adventure on Kokoland!Written by Alex Check out our merch store where you can get some really cool STFK merch like T-shirts, mugs and stickers! 15 percent off Code: m7e4h9Merch Store: can follow us on Instagram and if you draw a picture of your favourite story and tag us. We will post it up on our feed!If you would like the chance to be featured in a story, send your ideas on an Apple Review!

  • Best Whatever Ever! Stories for Kids / Lily Is Out of Ideas!

    What happens when you run out of ideas? Lily is about to find out. She LOVES art. She draws, paints and sculpts all the time. But one day, while painting a mural of a beautiful beach scene, she suddenly runs out of ideas! Her head feels empty and she’s convinced it will never fill back up with creativity again. But with the help of her dad, she just might find a new spark of inspiration. BestWhatever@gmail.comThank you for listening! Please share, subscribe and leave us a...more

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / Which of These Two Daughters is Fit to Marry the Chief? Storytelling Podcast for Kids-Chief Five Heads:E155

    A Native American folktale about two sisters who both want to marry the Chief, but the Chief disguises himself to test the sisters' character and so they younger sister's kindness and humility win the day.  A great story to teach children the meaning of Pride Comes Before A Fall!  (duration 14 minutes)  An episode from storytelling podcast, Journey with Story. Virtual Book Launch Day - for Kathleen's latest picture book.  Be sure and join the fun on Instagram@journeywithstory You can order your ...more

  • Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids / The Golden Beetle

    The Golden Beetle is a Chinese tale about a family that has been having a hard time. They hope that things will get better but they are very, very hungry and Ming-li, the son, is not having any luck finding work. One day a priest comes to their house to reward them for their faith and persistence. He gives Mrs. Wang a golden beetle and tells her what she needs to do. He tells her not to sell it and it will fill their stomachs for as long as they live. How can this be true? Mrs. Wang can’t wait t...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / A Map of the Year from At Home with Martin & Sylvia

    This week's Free story comes from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia Collection It's called A Map of the Year It is the first week of school and in Martin and Sylvia's house, which means transforming the dining room table into the homeschool work table. Everybody is excited about new books, new materials and, indeed, new subjects to learn. This year, Martin is nervous that he will not learn the same things as his friend Sasha who attends the neighborhood school. Momma and Daddy suggest they make l...more

  • Book Club for Kids / Bonus Sherri L. Smith

    Where do ideas come from? Writer Sherri L. Smith shares some of the things that inspired her writing. She also has some advice for young writers. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Circle Round / The Red Velvet Purse feat. Elisa Donovan

    Elisa Donovan (Clueless, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) plays a judge who puts honesty on trial in this tale with Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian, and Romanian roots.

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / STORY: Mookie and the Magic Egg

    “'What do you think it is? It’s getting so big!' Mookie asked Larken as they sat in the basement, staring at the egg." Welcome to Episode 59, "Mookie and the Magic Egg". A gentle, magical tale for innocent ears. Perfect for bedtime, snack-time, dinner-time, car-time, anytime you need a sweet, funny, entertaining tale told. April Eight, Waldorf teacher and "world-class" storyteller, shares her original fairytales to delight and enchant the whole family.   

  • Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest / Official Trailer

    Hear the Official Trailer for Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest!

  • Tales from the Moosiverse / The Choice Ringo Made

    The season finale! Will chocolate be restored? What will happen in New York City? And how many mice are there anyway? Stay tuned after the story to find out what's coming up BEFORE Season Five!   Join our Storylab writing programs on Outschool.   Support us on Patreon!   Buy Tales from the Moosiverse merchandise through our Teepublic store. Your order helps cover the production costs of these episodes!   Subscribe to the Moosiverse newsletter at for storytelling tips, news...more

  • Story Time / Nora and the Narwhals written by Jess Judd

    Written by Jess Judd and narrated by Kellie Colleen This story was written for our wonderful patron Nora: Hi! My name is Nora and I live in Kansas in the United States. My favorite story is Forest School. I love listening to your stories in the car and on the way to school. Can I request a story about a girl named Nora who goes on an adventure to the arctic and meets a narwhal pod. Thanks! This story is full of wonderful facts about Narwhals and about our environment. Why not listen to more of S...more

  • Story Pirates / The Perfect Horse/Fishing Fish That Fish Humans (feat. Gabrielle Dennis and Allan K. Washington)

    In part two of our season finale, an undersea queen (Gabrielle Dennis) reveals her secrets. Featuring two new stories: “The Perfect Horse,” an R&B ballad about a kid (Allan K. Washington) with an equestrian dream, written by Milie, a 12 year old from Rhode Island, and “Fishing Fish That Fish Humans,” the bizarre origin story of planet H-Tray, where humans live underwater and fish live on land, written by Australian siblings Caitlin and Jack.For more from the Story Pirates, visit storypirates...more

  • Star Stories with InnerStar Kids™ / (Ep 16) Trusting Yourself: Unicorn Finds Her Light

    Today we’re going to listen to Unicorn practice her Inner Star Power of Trusting Herself.  Today’s story is called “Unicorn Finds her Light” We all have a special light shining inside of us- even you!  And that light can help us figure things out, solve problems, and see more clearly.  Sometimes, when we’re scared or confused it can be hard to find our light but it's always there, just waiting for us to remember it!  Want More? You can find us on Facebook at: InnerStar Kids™ Or on our we...more

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / Bonus: A Horse Adventure: Full Story, Parts 1 & 2

    Parts 1 & 2 combined into a full story. Join Lauren, the Reading Bug, and the Spelling Bee on an amazing horse-riding adventure! But where (and when?) will your adventure be? Horses of all shapes and sizes are featured throughout history, but there's only one "horse capital of the world" - and that's in Kentucky! Once there, though, get ready for a horse adventure that's truly unexpected. Explore the books in the Reading Bug's book bag at

  • What Will She Do Next? / Maria Grace Postiglione - #GivingTuesdaySpark: Ladies Who Lead

    On today’s episode, we follow the journey of #GivingTuesdaySpark Youth leader Maria Grace Postiglione, a Youth Activist promoting safe driving awareness and discouraging distracted driving. For more information on Maria Grace Postiglione: Instagram: @mariagracepostiglione Facebook: Maria Grace Postiglione Twitter: @mariagracepost Website: Social Media Links: @thinkfirstsavelives

  • Ill-Advised Stories / The Adventure's of Sparkie and Spazoid Portal's World: Chapter 19

    Here it is! The final chapter. The final countdown, The big finish. If you start listening here you'll be completely confused, but luckily you can listen to And Away We Go and all the other chapters from the Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid at They're on a mission to save the human race and find us a new home but first they have to get off this planet. You can buy the book right here and read and laugh alongSupport the show (

  • Story On: adventures in storytelling for kids / Beware the Flowers of the Forest - Fairy Tales

    Laura talks about what makes a fairy tale...a fairy tale. Then, she shares her story "Beware the Flowers of the Forest." Farmer Wyatt and his horse Ivy are traveling an unfamiliar road when they find themselves drawn into a nearby forest with the most incredible flowers. When Wyatt bends down to smell the beautiful blossoms, he is instantly spellbound and doomed to spend the rest of his days stuck in the horrible paradise. Being immune to the spell, Ivy sets off to find the evil sorcer...more