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Brand new

All of the latest episodes from Kids Listen members. If something cool came out in the last week, it's right here!

by Kids Listen

    Brand new

    Feb 05 2023

  • Curious Kid Podcast / Curious About Lighthouses

    In episode 227, we get curious about lighthouses for Maxwell and Cyrus of Washington State, and Kai of Australia.  We learn why we need lighthouses, how lighthouses work, and why all lighthouses look different.  Join us as we shine a light on these very important structures.  Visit the Curious Kid Podcast Website - Send Us An E-mail - curiouskidpodcast@gmail.comLeave Us A Voicemail - 856-425-2324Support Us On Patreon -

  • Stories for Wonderful Children / Edvard, the Strangely Nice Dragon

     Everyone knows that dragons are mean, hungry, and cruel, and mostly, everyone is right. One dragon, though, by the name of Edvard, much prefers being nice. But how can something as ridiculous as a friendly dragon make it in the world?Get in touch with the show:Show website: https://storiesforwonderfulchildren.comInstagram:

  • Kids Short Stories: a Bedtime Show By Mr Jim / The Book of Portals | Part 1

    Mr Jim’s Puzzle Is Now AvailableYes, Mr Jim made a mystery puzzle where its up to you to solve who the mystery animal is! Each Puzzle includes a 54 piece jigsaw puzzle, a Mr Jim audio story, and the mystery animal toy from Schleich®.—> Puzzables <— Ad-Free HEYMRJIM Podcasts—> Join the HEYMRJIM Family <— Schedule Your Birthday Shout Out..—> Birthday Shout Out <— Listen to HEYMRJIM Podcasts Kids Short StoriesKids Animal StoriesSpyology Squad Sign Up For Kid Shout Out’s and ...more

  • Lingokids: Stories for Kids / Storytime: Click Click Oops | Part 1

    This is Part One of our 2-part series dedicated to Online safety and screen time. #SaferInternetDay.In this episode, Elliot saw something he shouldn't have seen online. He doesn't know what it was and whether he should tell his friends about it, but Lisa, Cowy and Billy are here to help. Listen to find out what made Elliot feel uncomfortable and how he can learn to talk about it with his friends.  Parents, we have plenty of activities, games, and songs that will teach your little one ...more

  • Little News Ears / News for Kids at - Precious Presents...Award Shows!

    It's February 4, 2023. Precious teaches us about Award Shows!  Emma Donoghue's 'Room,' Angela Bassett wins at the Golden Globes, Peter Pan and Wendy with Alexander Molony and Yara Shahidi. We also learn about the history of The Golden Globes, The Oscars, and The Tonys.

  • Little Kids, Big Hearts / Let's Talk Siblings

    There’s a good chance that a sibling relationship will last longer than most other relationships in life. Many times, siblings can help children to define what they value and look for in other relationships. Siblings can also help each other to develop self-regulation and emotional understanding as they grow up together. All relationships will have some conflict, and this can promote growth ... but it can be tough, especially when you live together, or even share a bunk bed!In this episode, Todd...more

  • KidNuz / 02.03.2023

    Demon Dog, Cheating Coach Canned, Winter Walk to School Day, Sleeping Under the Stars, Pandemic’s Academic Imp act and a 5,000-year-old Tavern! 

  • Ahway Island / 315. Five Little Fish: a children’s story and meditation

    Five little fish explore the sea, just outside their colorful coral home. What will they find? The post 315. Five Little Fish: a children’s story and meditation appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / The Hidden Histories of Plant Science

    A Black botanist is on a mission to discover the hidden stories of Black plant scientists throughout history. Shawn Abrahams shares how Black people are responsible for vanilla cupcakes, and the microscopes you use in science class! Plus, hear how Shawn started their own journey to becoming a botanist and historian, with the help of Wikipedia. Hear more stories from Black scientists featured on Tumble! Check out our blog post for a list of episodes. Learn more about how Shawn became a botanist o...more

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / Beefsteak the Hero Dog

    Today's episode is inspired by a true story from 1908 France. There are an alarming amount of people falling into the river in Paris, luckily they have Beefsteak the Newfie hero dog to help retrieve people from the water. Follow along to solve the mystery of why so many people are falling into the river.Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on...more

  • Who Smarted? / Why are there usually animals in Bedtime Stories?

    What makes a Story... a Bedtime Story? When did people start telling Bedtime Stories to help kids fall asleep? What were the first Bedtime Stories?Check out our SMARTYQUIZ email about this episode! If you're not getting our free SMARTYQUIZ email, you are really missing out on the fun & locking in the learning with our research-backed gamification. It's our gift to you, 3 times a week! Sign up here.For free home activities sign-up at www.WhoSmarted.comTo find our friends at Koko Sleep ...more

  • Story Spectacular / Double Feature: Piggy Went to Market/Three Little Chicks (Bedtime)

    CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor: we will listen to two spectacular stories all about culinary delights. Our first tale we will tag along with little piggy and go to the market. What sorts of treats will our friend find? For our second story, we will meet three little chicks who decide to bake some sweets and make them into little treat houses. But a big bad big wants to eat the houses before everyone gets a chance to have a...more

  • What's new today / Epi 90: How to be a part of the Great Backyard Bird Count (part 2)

    In part 1 of this series (Epi 89), we discussed what the Great Backyard Bird Count was all about. In this episode, we answer questions on how to participate in it. There are lots of curious questions about birds too, that we have tried to answer in this episode.One of the three organisations that puts together the GBBC is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The Project Leader of GBBC - Becca Rodomsky Bish joins us in this episode to chat about birds and this event. Also on this episode are 3 curious...more