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All of the latest episodes from Kids Listen members. If something cool came out in the last week, it's right here!

by Kids Listen

    Brand new

    Jul 24 2021

  • Kids Short Stories / Oliver Transforms Into A Panda Part 1

    One day, Oliver was in his basement and found an old wooden box. There was a magical suit that would put him into a crazy adventure as a Panda.

  • Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater / Mary Farfisa Episode Seventeen: 'Time Out!'

    TIME OUT! - The perky Mary Farfisa and the petulant Jayne Sarrah! are forced to endure each other's company in this interstellar tale of mistaken identity. A children's radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Cara Alboucq, Leslie Baker, Jim Cheff, Emma Bax and Katie King. ©2017 Jim Cheff, All Rights Reserved.

  • The Ten News / BONUS: Olympic Opening Ceremony

    In this special bonus episode correspondent Kenny Curtis shares the historic nature of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. ✨ Hear about the journey of the Olympic torch. Do you know any of the past honorees that have lit the cauldron to kick off the games? 🔥📧 Help us make the show the best it can be! Fill out our listener survey and be entered for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.📝 Sign up for The Ten News-letter!📸 Join us on Instagram🌍 Visit our website for a list of sources used for this ep...more

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / My Three Witches

    Today's episode is about a little girl named Beanie who dreamed of being a witch. Beanie tries to help and learn from three local witches, but it doesn't always go so well. Tune in to find out if Beanie ever gets to become a witch.Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on our feed!!If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe...more

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / Tumble Presents: Yoga Kids Adventure

    Tumble Media has a new podcast, Yoga Kids Adventure! Lindsay and Marshall share why we decided to make a yoga podcast for kids, and how to use the show! Then, try out our first episode. It's a trip to the beach!  With Yoga Kid Adventures, you can do yoga from anywhere! All you need is your ears, your imagination, and a safe place to move. In today’s adventure, we’ll salute the sun, splash in the waves, and spot some ocean animals. Get ready to stretch your imagination and your body. You can...more

  • Little News Ears / - Chooki & Pleep - Science & Sports - The Kentucky Derby Winner, Drugged? Fairy Circles

    It's May 13, 2021. Chooki and Pleep 'kidify' science and sports headlines about fairy circles in Australia, the winner of the Kentucky Derby and doping, dinosaurs who might have carried rocks in their bellies, San Diego's quirkiest sport, and figuring out what to call a group of black holes.

  • The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel / S3 EP310: The End (Remix 2021)

    Welcome to the 2021 re-release of Mars Patel! Starting on June 28th, 2021, all three seasons will be available for FREE for the first time! To celebrate, we are also re-releasing the entire series in binaural immersive audio. So find a nice set of headphones, settle in, and enjoy the experience of Mars Patel in surround sound! In this thrilling series finale, Mars and his friends finally learn the shocking truth and face a choice that will affect the fate of Earth. Follow the show on Faceboo...more

  • Ahway Island / 194. Stumble and Grace: a kid’s mindful story and guided relaxation

    Ballet Bunny meets some new friends. Although she stutters sometimes she wows them with her graceful dancing. The post 194. Stumble and Grace: a kid’s mindful story and guided relaxation appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Kid Friendly History Fun Facts Podcast / History Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 203 - Kepler, The Cousin Of Earth

    Facts About !  Credits:  Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos  Voice: Jimmy Murray  "Minima","Path of Goblin","Winner Winner!"  Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Facts from  Wikipedia Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

  • Kid Friendly Geography Fun Facts Podcast / Geography Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 135 - Hyderabad

    Facts about ! Credits:  Executive Producer:  Chris Krimitsos  Voice: Jimmy Murray  "Call to Adventure","Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Facts from Wikipedia Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

  • Kid Friendly Joke Of The Day / Kid Friendly Joke of the Day - Episode 496 - Food 2021

    Jokes About !  Credits:  Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos  Writer and Voice: Jimmy Murray  "Vivacity, "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 --- Support this podcast:

  • Kid Friendly Animal Fun Facts / Animal Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 420 - Canadian Sled Dog

    Facts About ! Credits:  Executive Producer:  Chris Krimitsos  Voice, Editor, and Post-Producer: Jimmy Murray  "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Facts from  Wikipedia Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

  • Kid Friendly Dinosaur Fun Facts Podcast / Dinosaur Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 207 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyles The Lost World

    Facts About !  Credits:  Executive Producer:  Chris Krimitsos  Voice: Jimmy Murray  "Upbeat Forever", "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Facts from  Wikipedia Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

  • Who Smarted? / Why does soda pop make you burp?

    Who invented soda pop? Why was Coca-Cola, Pepsi & Dr. Pepper originally sold as medicine? How do they get the bubbles in soda pop? For free home activities sign-up at www.WhoSmarted.comSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • Wow in the World / Camp WeWow Shark Week Day 5

    It's the last day of Shark Week here at Camp WeWow! Today, we're featuring your camper call-ins around the Camp WeWow campfire! We'll see you back next week with brand new crafts, activties, experiments and more! But until then, head to to catch up on this week's activities and to print your Shark Week Badge! Then, share what you discovered with us at!

  • Story Spectacular / Double Feature: Angie Had a Little Llama / Play Ball Llama

    CLICK HERE for promotions & discounts from today’s sponsor: Tonight we will listen to two Llamariffic tales. Our first story we will meet my pet Llama who loves to tag around everywhere I go, even to unexpected places. I wonder where Llama will go tonight? For our second feature, we will hear about a llama’s spectacular day at the baseball game. Do you think llama will catch a baseball? - - - - Listen to Story Spectacular Songs on Spotify!   Story Spectacular...more

  • Mystery Recipe / Week Seven, Episode Three: Rise and Brine

    We're using our brains to brine in today's Pressing Questions segment. After that it's time for some galactic coop adventures in our Wildcard!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • Kids Pod / Olympian & Basketball Legend Lauren Jackson (Kids Pod Rewind)

    *This is a Kids Pod Rewind episode where we listen to a past interview from the Kids Pod archives.* Welcome to Kids Pod, a podcast where kids get to ask adults the questions they really want to know. Nothing is too rude to ask. You send in the questions and our adults will give kids the answers they want to hear. Lauren Jackson is one of greatest basketball players ever. She has played in Australia, Russia, Spain, China and the US including winning two WNBA titles. She has also played basketball...more

  • Smash Boom Best / Season 4 Trailer

    This August 5th, Smash Boom Best is back!  We’re staging some very controversial debates this season, including Skateboards vs. Bikes, Godzilla vs. King Kong, Horses vs. Dolphins, and Minecraft vs. Lego!We’re also planning a live, virtual, Halloween-themed debate this October. It’s going to have sneak attacks... costumes... and interactive voting, so YOU’LL get to be the judge! We’ll be releasing tickets for this spooktacular event in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, download a...more

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / Discover Why the Burro Lives with Man in this Fun Mexican Folktale-Storytelling Podcast for Kids-Why the Burro Lives with the Man:E147

    A Mexican folktale about a donkey called Benito, who discovers there is a price to pay when he leaves his mesa home and goes to live with the man in order to be safe from mountain lion.  (duration 10 minutes) An episode from Journey with Story, a storytelling podcast for kids. If your little listener wants to ask a question or share a drawing inspired by one of our episodes, please connect with us on Instagram@journeywithstory    Or at  We love hearing from our listeners! ...more

  • Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids / Cat City - Ch. 10 & 11 😺

    This week we are sharing Chapter 10 and 11 of Cat City. In Chapter 10 Tucker is walking home with his parents and arguing with his mom about Susan’s safety now that she is locked up in a cell. Cynthia, Tucker’s mom, locks Tucker up, for his own good and Tucker can’t believe that this is happening. In Chapter 11 Susan wakes up in her cell and hears voices. Where are they coming from? She realizes that one is Julian and the other is a rat. When she hears what they are saying she can only think abo...more

  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls / Get to Know Lindsey Vonn

    (This episode was originally released 8/2/2020) Today, you'll hear from Lindsey Vonn who narrated the previous episode about Simone Biles. If you haven't listened to that episode, now is a great time to go back and check it out. Lindsey Vonn is a former alpine ski racer for the United States Ski Team. She’s won Olympic bronze and gold medals, two World Championship gold medals, and four overall World Cup titles. A New York Times bestselling author, she founded the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, which ...more

  • KidNuz / 07.22.2021

    Opening Ceremonies, Tropical Wrong-Turn, Soccer Stunner, Space Peppers, Bucks Win, Fashion-forward Feline, and Shohei the Money!

  • The Big Fib / Spy, Robot—Chapter 2: The Agency

    This week on the Big Fib, we learn about LISA’s movie idea, meet the robots who work at the Kundschafter Agency, discover a secret message, and find out what “Coldstone” is actually a codename for. The Big Fib is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z podcasts visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

  • African Folktales: Traditional Bedtime Stories for the Modern Kid / The Palm and the Poui

    Join the African Folktales email club: and find out when season two will start!Hey family and friends, what's the word? My name is Aunti Oni, and I’m Ms. JoJo’s favorite Aunti. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite stories while Ms. JoJo is on vacation exploring in her Magic Jeep! Are you using your imagination? I hope so! Because you will need it for this story. Do trees talk? If so, what are they talking about?Aunti Oni Story Village:

  • Story Pirates / Bad Art Werewolf/The Bear Claw (feat. Satya Bhabha, Michael Longoria, Nicolas Dromard, Dominic Nolfi, and Quinn Van Antwerp)

    The Story Pirates meet a famous film director (Satya Bhabha) who is making a stunt-filled underwater action movie. Featuring two new stories: “Bad Art Werewolf,” a doo-wop tune featuring four former stars of Broadway’s Jersey Boys, about a dad with strong opinions on art, written by Ruba, a 10 year old from New York, and “The Bear Claw,” a story about a baker who meets the real life bear inspiration for their favorite pastry, written by two brothers from the UK, Milo, age 9, and Theo, age 7.For ...more

  • The Genius Generation / Victoria Ren

    When Victoria was 13 years old she had an epiphany at a speech and debate summer camp where her peer mentor, Ashna supercharged her learning experience. When Victoria and Ashna realized how powerful peer-to-peer mentorship could be they knew they wanted to spread that power to others. The result is the organization STEM & Buds ( that uses the capacity of mentorship to foster a love of science in young people.

  • Ooh You're In Trouble / Arena Sneak-In

    Have you ever gone against your gut and given into peer pressure? Hear what happens when four sisters decide to sneak into an empty hockey rink without anyone noticing. Ooh You’re In Trouble is a proud member of TRAX from PRX. Listen to the entire series. Love the show? Tell your friends about us. Rate and review the podcast. This is the season 2 finale of Ooh You’re In Trouble. Want more episodes? Let us know by leaving a review!

  • Dorktales Storytime Podcast / Cookie Cobbler Caper

    Christmas cookie baking and storytelling in July?! It's always a good time for a merry tale about a worried shoemaker who awakens one morning to find his luck has finally changed! How did a perfectly pair of stitched shoes magically appear on his workbench? When he and his wife hide in the cupboard to find the answer, they catch a glimpse of the clever cobblers: two tiny elves who are going through hard times too! Grateful for their new-found fortune, the duo devises a plan to create a holi...more

  • Nature Narratives / Space: The Solar Flare and The Aurora part 1

    This is the adventure of plasma on the surface of the sun as it gets raised up by the Sun's magnetic fields.  The coronal loops and solar prominences are always shifting, and, occasionally, explode as a solar flare spraying out ionized gas and plasma particles.  And, directly in the particles' path... a small blue planet.  This is not the end of the story...

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! "A Hunting Morning"

    This week's Free story comes from the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! Collection It's called A Hunting Morning Laura is visiting the Browns next door and Martin and Sylvia are invited over for buttered popovers. Mr and Mrs. Brown then decide to set up a 'popover treasure hunt' for the three children where they need to use their noses to find them. When the hunt begins, however, they are surprised to find they are not the only ones doing the hunting! Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we share...more