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by Kids Listen

    Brand new

    Aug 14 2022

  • Lingokids: Stories for Kids / Storytime: Cowy is Not Ready for Sleepover

    Cowy is invited to a sleepover but all of a sudden she gets nervous and worried. Can her friends help her feel better? Join Lisa, Billy and Elliot who are here to make sure Cowy is ready for her sleepover. Parents, we have plenty of activities, games, and songs that will teach your little one all about collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication in the Lingokids app! 💙

  • Jack To The Future / Episode 6: The Future of Deep Space Communications

    The Future of Deep Space Communications 📡🛰  This week, 9 year old Jack interviews Ed Chester, a systems engineer at Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station.  The pair talk about how satellites work, what deep space communication might look like in the future, whether we could live on other planets and what meeting Tim Peake was like! Satellites, the internet in space, lasers, time travel, ice moons, natural phenomenon, sols, alien life forms and beyond - they talk about it all!  Liste...more

  • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids / Why do we feel pain?

    Why do we feel pain when we get hurt? What is pain? Why do we cry when we get hurt? Why do we say ow or ouch? We’re learning about how pain works with Joshua Pate. He’s a physical therapist and author of a forthcoming children’s book series about pain. Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slide | Transcript Pain happens when your body sends signals to your brain that something is wrong. And your brain sends signals to your body to feel pain! Pain is protective–it lets us know to stop do...more

  • Kids Short Stories / Bailey, Reed and Mimi Discover Magic Dinosaur Bones | Part 1

    Ad-Free Subscription to HEYMRJIM Podcasts—> Join the HEYMRJIM Family <— Schedule Your Birthday Shout Out..—> Birthday Shout Out <— Your Next Step In Becoming A Spy..—> The Spy Starter Pack <— Listen to Kids Animal StoriesSpotify - Apple Podcasts - Listen to our new Spyology Squad PodcastApple Podcasts:

  • Short Stories for Kids / Graham and The Underground City of The Red Pandas 🐼🐶

    Graham and The Underground City of The Red Pandas Written by Simon Chadwick For listeners of the show, Little Passports is offering new customers 20% off when you go to Claim your SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLAR CREDIT now at Indeed dot com slash SHORTSTORIES. Join up to our Premium channel and be a Super Fan of Short Stories for Kids! Here you will receive a Friday Bonus Episode every week! Plus our entire back catalogue of stories ad free! Also Premium Only Shout Outs just...more

  • Kid Friendly Joke Of The Day / School

    School --- Support this podcast:

  • Ahway Island / 273. Clean Dragon: a mindful kids’ story

    Our dragon is a muddy mess! How will it get clean? The post 273. Clean Dragon: a mindful kids’ story appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / Winnie the Pooh, Kanga and Roo

    Today's episode comes to you from the hundred acre wood. This time Pooh, Rabbit, and Piglet have some new neighbors and devise a clever plan to get rid of them. Of course it all goes wrong and everyone ends up being great friends.Draw us a picture of what you think any of the characters in this story look like, and then tag us in it on instagram @storiespodcast! We'd love to see your artwork and share it on our feed!!If you would like to support Stories Podcast, you can subscribe ...more

  • Story Spectacular / Double Feature: Little Red Riding Scooter / Jack & Jill (Bedtime)

    CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor:'s a special sleepy-time tale double feature. Tonight we will listen to two transportation tales. In our first feature story, we will meet Little Red, who loves to ride her scooter all the way to Grammie’s house. I wonder if Grammie will be home today or perhaps an unexpected guest will be waiting for Little Red...For our second story, we will hear about Jack and Jill. These two little childre...more

  • Little News Ears / Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Episode 5 - Men Who Sew

    Cherry Bird Cow Marathon - Continued - It's December 22nd, 2020. Cherry, Bird, and Cow teach us all about the death of Frank Carney, the death of Chuck Yeager, how sewing is getting popular with men, how a 2nd Grade science experiment went into space, and how Bob Dylan sold his entire music catalog for $300 million dollars.

  • Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids / The Weird Witch of the Willow-Herb P.2 🧹🪄

    The Weird With of the Willow-Herb is a two part story. In the second part of our story the boy, Kit, has gone to see King Hurlyburly to find something to do to show that he is brave but he ends up stopping a war. When Kit hears about Princess Winsome being stuck in the enchanted forest and decides this is the thing he can do to show everyone how brave he is. Kit heads off into the enchanted forest looking for Princess Winsome. Will he be able to rescue her?Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark❤️👂📖H...more

  • KidNuz / 08.11.2022

    Teen Hero, $7 Million Card, Arrivederci Domino’s, Presidential Vote, and Sky High Light Show!

  • Smash Boom Best / Sundaes vs. Nachos

    Looking to spice up your life with a dreamy, creamy debate? Then we’ve got you covered… with nachos vs. sundaes! Writer, comedian, and nacho lover Linnea Frye gets salty with comedian, writer, and sundae queen Nikki Bailey in this tasty tussle! Which treat will take it all?! Sublime sundaes, or noshable nachos!? Crunch your way over to and vote to tell us who YOU think won! This episode was sponsored by: – To save $15 on your child’s first class

  • Story Pirates / The Dangerous Plumbers/The Bike That Is a Car

    The Story Pirates create an extremely popular underground car wash. Featuring two new stories: “The Dangerous Plumbers,” a harrowing tale about who NOT to hire to fix a clog, written by Julian, an 8 year old from New York, and “The Bike That Is a Car,” a story about the greatest transportation invention of all time, written by a 6 year old from Toronto named Aliyah. For more from the Story Pirates, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • The Big Fib / E218: Word Play

    Can you figure out who's lying about word play?For more great Gen-Z podcasts, visit, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

  • The Kit Bull Story / EPISODE #23 The Unpleasant Birthday Gift- Part 2

    Nestor is full of frustration and feeling insecure when he discovers the “gift” his dad has in store for him.  Kit sympathizes with her friend and comes up with a little plan, but Nestor knows his dad and is not fully convinced! Visit to learn about our mission, vision, cast and crew.Follow Kit Bull on Instagram @kitbullstoryAnd on Facebook Kitbull StoryPlease join our campaign and help us with your donations here:

  • The Genius Generation / Tavish Sharma

    After witnessing a mismatch in food bank donations — massive lines at one, and barely any supply at others — Tavish Sharma created Solve Hunger ( His app aims to address food shortages and rally communities around their local food banks, and it’s already recruited over 60 food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens.

  • Dorktales Storytime Podcast / Tuning-in to Newsy Pooloozi!

    Mr. Redge wonders where he’ll get his daily dose of adventure while Jonathan takes a storytelling break to spend time planting and tending his garden. All it takes is turning on their magical radio to tune-in to Newsy Pooloozi, the Common Sense Media news podcast pick for curious kids (and hedgehogs). In this episode, mother-daughter duo, Lyndee and Leela, talk about the hopes for earth-saving plastic trees and the surprising benefits of zoo poo!Find more Newsy Pooloozi news stories: https://www...more

  • The Ten News / Treat Your-shelf to these Summer Reads 📖

    Ten News Road Trip Remix: 📖 The team is headed to their local library and listening to our interview with E. Lockart, Author of the graphic novel, Whistle, along the way. 🤔 In need of some good summer reads? 📚 We've got you covered with our top book recommendations, including Skyfall trilogy and the Keeper of the Lost Cities books by best-selling author Shannon Messenger. 🎧 Which reminds us, let's listen to our interview with Shannon on our way to the beach!✔️ Sign up for the Ten News Newsle...more

  • The Music Box / Behind the Music: I'm a Producer!

    What IS a producer anyway? How many hats do they wear? How does a producer help a music track come to life? Find out the answers to all your questions on this episode of The Music Box! We’re going behind the music with producer Antonio Garder, AKA Yons! Additional lessons and resources at This episode is recommended for grades 6-8 and 9-12, but younger students can join in fun with some guidance.

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / Discover the Perils of Blaming Others in this Fun Folktale-Storytelling Podcast for Kids-The Tale of the Linani Beast:Encore Episode

    Enjoy this encore episode 99, The Tale of the Linani Beast - a wise tale that teaches us to beware of blaming others for our mistakes. If you would like to enjoy our weekly coloring sheets and other perks, subscribe to our patreon page here If your little listener wants to ask us a question or send us a drawing inspired by one of our episodes, send it to us at instagram@journeywithstory.  Or you can contact us at  We love to hear from our listeners. If you enjoy our pod...more