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    Oct 22 2018

  • Good Stuff Kids / Episode #159 – Catherine McCord (Creator of

    Catherine McCord, the creator of Weelicious, joined me to talk about cooking and nutrition for kids. Catherine is all about taking the stress out of making food for our kids. She’s done the hard work of preparing the recipes and they are tasty! All you need to do is follow along. Weelicious is an magical and thorough resource full of easy recipes that your kids will love and that you will love to make! Check out both of her weelicious cookbooks as well as the meal subscription service, One...more

  • Dream Big Podcast / DB 108: The Secret Is… Falling In Love With The Journey!

    We all want to reach our goals as fast as possible.  But when you have a BIG dream, the reality is that it can take a lot of time to get to where you want to be…  If you were able to achieve the result you wanted overnight – then it means that your dream was not very big to begin with!   In this episode, Eva shares why it is so important to understand that big dreams by their nature will typically take years if not decades to turn into reality, and therefore why it is so important to fall in lov...more

  • Highlights Hangout / Heroes and Sanya’s Hope For Children

    October is State of the Kid month at Highlights, and Juanita and Tim are looking up to the kids who called in to answer our big question: Which people do you look up to and why? Also, the Hangout shines a bright “highlight” on Sanya Pirani and her nonprofit, Sanya’s Hope for Children. Call 888-5-HANGOUT to record YOUR jokes, songs, and tongue twisters! Or you can answer our next big question: What do YOU do to make a difference in the world? You just might hear your brilliant, ...more

  • Ahway Island / The Bubbly Car Wash: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids

    Colin the car is dirty and goes to the car wash. He sees other dirty cars in line and wonders what they'll look like clean. The post The Bubbly Car Wash: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Six Minutes / EP68: Six Minutes of Mission: Regain Badger’s Brain

    Holiday and Birdie execute a bold plan to bring back Badger’s memory. Six Minutes is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

  • Kid Friendly Joke Of The Day / Kid Friendly Joke of the Day - Episode 126 - Frankenstein

    Jokes About Frankenstein!      Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray   "Vivacity, "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Kid Friendly Animal Fun Facts / Animal Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 92 - Flying Snakes

    Facts About Flying Snakes!      Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray   "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Kid Friendly Dinosaur Fun Facts Podcast / Dinosaur Fun Fact of the Day - Episode 13 - Liopleurodon

    Facts About Liopleurodon!      Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray   "Upbeat Forever", "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Kid Friendly Geography Fun Facts Podcast / Geography Fact of the Day - Episode 57 - India

    Facts About India!      Credits: Executive Producer: Chris Krimitsos Voice: Jimmy Murray   "Call to Adventure", "Winner Winner!" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Noodle Loaf / Pillowcase Pants

    Ever wonder what it sounds like when a tiny dog knocks on a door and asks for candy? Finding out has never been easier thanks to today's edition of Name That Sound.  Plus! Let your inner and outer children be inspired by Saint Saens' Danse Macabre as you paint an imaginary bubble from the inside.  Also!!! An echo song about the joy of making your own costume.   Name That Sound (Listening Skills) ✪ I Made a Costume (Echo Song/Pitch Matching) ✪ Bubble Painting (Creative Movement) ✪ SURVEY:  https:...more

  • Five Minutes With Dad Kids Podcast and Parenting Podcast Starring Two Awesome Kids (and Their Dad, too...) / 138: Having Fun at Home

    In this episode of the Five Minutes With Dad podcast, Pavlos, Angela, and Nick talk about how they have fun at home. Resource of the Week: Silly Jokes for Silly Kids, a children's joke book for kids aged 5-12. Here's our affiliate link to pick one up on Amazon. Check it out: This episode is brought to you by Audible where you can get the best audiobooks sent straight to your phone. If you are new to audible and go through...more

  • What If World - Stories for Kids / 98 - What if unicorns lived in Halloween bushes?

    Mr. Eric is joined by young listener named Sloan who will help him tell a totally improvised Halloween special! Can Sloan the Little Unicorn find JFKat after he is scared out of their spooky house by an unapologetic Skeleton Ghost?Lessons include: It’s important to express even the less popular feelings, like guilt and fear; it’s easy to forgive others when you’re able to see from their perspective.This week’s episode is part of the Kids Listen Halloween Sweeps! Take minute to check out the fun ...more

  • Girl Tales / The Princess Musicians of Maple Street by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

    Kitty’s band with her friends Turtle, Birdie, and Rabbit are practicing for Battle of the Bands at their school but when her grandpa moves in, they lose their rehearsal space! Practicing at the abandoned house on Maple Street is their only option to win but there’s a chance the house might be haunted. What will they do? by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk Adapted from Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm Starring: Chad Chenail, Rebecca Cunningham, Polina Ionina, Gulshan Mia, Rebeca Rad, and...more

  • Wow in the World / EAR YE! EAR YE! How The Shape Of Our Ears Affects The Way We Hear!

    Get ready and prepare those two fleshy little sea shells on the side of your head for the science of sound! That's right, we're talking ear science! Join Guy and Mindy as they explore the who, what, when, where, why, how, and Wow in the World of auditory awesomeness! (originally aired June 11th)

  • Story Spectacular / 79: Wanda the Witch

    You're invited to an enchanting Halloween bash with Wanda the Witch and her silly cat Jinx. Wanda can't wait to impress all of her guests with her magic dance shoes. But oh no! Wanda's shoes won't stop dancing!!! Who will save the day? Digger the Dog will also stop by and tell us some funny Halloween jokes. It's gonna be a "SPOOK-Tacular" Time!!! Story Spectacular is written and hosted by children’s book author Angela Ferrari. To learn more about the show and to purchase original children’s book...more

  • Peace Out — Relaxation and mindfulness stories for kids / Solid/Liquid/Gas

    Check out Chanel’s yoga teacher training fundraiser and get a special Peace Out story with personalized greeting! This season we’re heading out to space, and with that, we are introducing a new feature: SafeSPACE. If your child would like to share where/who/what their safe, happy, or calm space is, please send in a recording of them, picture, or message to or on our Facebook page @bedtimefm or Twitter @peaceoutpodcast. ...more

  • Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and bedtime stories for kids / Zebra and Donkey's Halloween

    My first PICTURE BOOK, Little Fox Can't Wait to Dream, will be on sale November 4th! Take a moment to sign up for the email list at to be the first to hear about the book's release! And take a look at my social media pages to stay informed, too. Happy Halloween, friends! I'm here to share a VERY SILLY Halloween story, featuring mistaken identities, bad jokes, and a sweet friendship. ENJOY! Many other members of Kids Listen are releasing Halloween episodes...more

  • April Eight Songs & Stories / Ep 45 SONG: Halloween Songs!

    Happy Halloween! Now I have a few songs for you! Are you ready to sing? Great for car time, bed time, bath time, or anytime you need a little song to sing for Halloween.  Out in the night, there’s an eerie weary soundDown from the darkness and rising from the groundWitches and goblins are gathering aroundFor it’s Halloween! I learned the next song I am going to share with you from one of my first graders at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. Her name is Sophia. Isn’t it funny when you teach somethin...more

  • Earth Rangers / Bonus: Bring Back the Wild

    Earth Ranger Emma is back! It’s been a busy summer here at Earth Rangers, but boy was it worth it! We have very exciting news for you about our BRAND NEW Bring Back the Wild project animals. (Spoiler alert: they are ADORABLE) Plus: Hear from other Earth Rangers

  • Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages! / The Brilliant Firefly: Revolt, Finale Part 1

    Part one of the exciting finale of The Brilliant Firefly: Revolt! Part two will be released VERY soon!If you'd like to support our podcast, you can visit and make a pledge. OR you can support one or both of this week's sponsors: HelloFresh and Omigo! When you support our sponsors, you're helping us continue to create new content for you and your family to enjoy! Thank you!Here are the offer details:HelloFresh: Go to and enter code storiespodcas...more