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    Nov 15 2019

  • Story Spectacular Fall and Thanksgiving Collection / Nutty the Squirrel (Bedtime)

    Nutty is very busy collecting acorns and stacking them inside his tree house for the winter season. Things are going well for Nutty until someone comes along and shakes things up. Story Spectacular is written and hosted by children’s book author Angela Ferrari. To learn more about the show and to purchase original children’s books go to You can also purchase “What Do You See?”, “An Extraordinary Book”, “Digger’s Daily Routine”, “The Shape Escape”, and “Lawrence the L...more

  • Journey with Story - A Storytelling Podcast for Kids / Teach your Kids to Speak the Truth with this Classic Fairytale - Storytelling Podcast for Kids - The Emperor's New Clothes:E58

    In this classic fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen, two tricksters tell a vain emperor that they can weave him the most beautiful suit of clothes that will be invisible to fools and those who are unfit for their jobs. When the suit is finished and the Emperor parades through the town to show off his "invisible" suit, it is a little child who has the courage to speak up and tell the truth. A perfect tale to spark discussions on the importance of overcoming fear and vanity to speak the truth. ...more

  • The Music Box / Find Your Rhythm!

    Rhythm patterns coming at you again this week -- and this time we'll try putting different rhythms on top of each other to make a BIG pattern! We'll use the length of your hair to play with rhythms — what?? This is the second of three episodes about rhythm; this episode is aimed at 2nd and 3rd grade, but anyone can play. Additional information, including lesson plans and suggestions for extending the learning, available at This episode was recorded in part at Hazelwood Elem...more

  • KiDNuZ / 11.14.2019

    Good morning and welcome to KidNuz. I’m Tori. Today is Thursday, November 14th, 2019 and we begin with…. … An incredible case of lost and found in a forest. A tiny, silvery creature with the head of a mouse and the body of a deer has been spotted for the first time in a generation. It’s called the silver-backed Chevrotain and is native to South Vietnam. Local villagers found the odd-looking animal first and convinced zookeepers to come out and see for themselves. And that they did, with cameras...more

  • Pants on Fire / Sleep

    Who’s the real expert, and who the liar, liar Pants on Fire? Pants On Fire is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

  • Story Pirates / Cucumbers 4 Life/The Family of Cows

    The Story Pirates throw a pool party on a new water planet, revealing a multiplicity of surprises. Featuring two new stories: “Cucumbers 4 Life,” a country song about vegetables and heavy metal, by Imogen, a 9 year old from the UK, and “The Family of Cows,” a shape-shifting saga on the farm, by an 8 year old from Mississippi named Lydian.

  • Buttons & Figs / WWW - Cow and Crow

    Cow and Crow think their names should rhyme, which gets them all confused about how to pronounce words ending in O.W.! Listen in on a phone conversation between Cow and Crow and see if you can figure out what they are talking about! Each Wacky Wordplay Wednesday (WWW)episode will feature a wordplay game you can play - with your family, friends, classmates or on your own. Each Wednesday this fall, join us for a wordplay ball. WWW episodes are brought to you by Buttons & Figs, a podcast for ki...more

  • Sparkle Stories Podcast / "The Junkyard Feast: A Story of Thanksgiving" from Junkyard Tales

    This week's Free Story comes from the "Junkyard Tales" original audio story collection. It's called "The Junkyard Feast: A Story of Thanksgiving." It is time for the annual Junkyard Feast. In this autumn celebration, the Junkyard animals cook special dishes in gratitude for all they have given each other throughout the year. All of the Junkyard animals enjoy this feast except one: Sergeant. He is always away for this special event, celebrating Thanksgiving with the Junkyard Warden and his fami...more

  • Six Minutes / EP180: Six Minutes to Find a Life Saver

    With Cyrus badly hurt, Monica and James search desperately for someone who can save him. Become a Six Minutes Superfan today! Get episodes a week early, ad free, and scripts for every episode. Show your support for the show by signing up at Patreon. Six Minutes is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

  • Noodle Loaf / Poppin' Bubs

    PLEASE VOTE NOODLE LOAF for BEST KIDS & FAMILY PODCAST here before Nov.18th: I came in the door, I said it before, I never let the mic noodlize me no more and neither should you.  Special guest Alex Rappaport is on the show with a fun song about pollinators.  Plus Instrument and Bone expert Conrad helps us tell one from the other.  It is fun and good! Instrument or Bone (Music Appreciation / General Knowledge) ✪ Pollinator's Serenade (Echo Song / Pitch M...more

  • Book Club for Kids / Bonus Episode: Favorite Books from Grosse Point, Michigan

    Readers from Michigan recommend their favorite books...and many of them are Book Club for Kids episodes. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Brains On! Science podcast for kids / Ask-A-Scientist: Bird Bonanza!

    In this special episode, we've asked two rock star ornithologists to answer a flock of listener questions about birds. Drew Lanham and Corina Newsome talk flying, feathers, eggs, poop and how we humans can help birds. Plus: we test their ears with the Mystery Sound and their obscure bird knowledge with a game called Real Birds or Just Words. And many, many thanks to The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for providing the bird sounds you hear in this episode. This episode is ...more

  • Circle Round / Sir Luck and Mister Riches feat. Michael Ian Black and David Wain

    Comedian/kids' author Michael Ian Black (I'm Worried, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-Bop) and actor/director David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer, Stella) star in this supernatural story from Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic.

  • Good Stuff Kids / Episode #228 – Pointed Man Band

    Ooooh yeah. I loved talking to Dan Elliott from Pointed Man Band about his music and specifically the brand new record ‘Amongst the Tall Trees’. You’ve got to hear the song ‘Go!’. It’s awesome. A blast of energy and fun that will make you want to get outside and play. It’s just an appetizer too. The whole album is awesome. Enjoy this convo with Dan!

  • Unspookable / Episode 17: Witches Part 1

    Do witches really exist? If so, what does it mean to be a witch? And are witches inherently good or bad? The answers to these questions have changed over time and you might be surprised to find out some of the answers. Give a listen to part one of a very special two part episode of Unspookable. Host: Elise ParisianWritten by: Ellenor Riley-ConditCreated, Produced, Edited by: Nate DuFortMusic Direction and Composition: Jesse Case by: Natalie Khuen http://natali...more

  • Reading Bug Adventures - Original Stories with Music for Kids / A Thanksgiving Adventure: Part 1

    Part 1 of 2. What are you thankful for? Lauren and the Reading Bug are thankful for an all-new adventure and for a reunion with their good friend Spelling Bee! Join them as they travel back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with a village of Pilgrims and the native people living nearby. When the magic book bag goes astray, we'll get an adventure we didn't expect - and an opportunity to celebrate our differences! Explore the books in the Reading Bug's magic book bag at