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by Kids Listen

    Brand new

    May 28 2023

  • Kids Short Stories: a Bedtime Show By Mr Jim / The Giants

    Parents! Listen to this podcast, audiobooks and more on Storybutton, without your kids needing to use a screened device or your phone. Listen with no fees or subscriptions.—> Order Storybutton Today <— Sign Up For Kid Shout Out’s and Story Submission’shttps://heymrjim.com/story-submissions Schedule Your Birthday Shout Out.—> Birthday Shout Out <—Fun Activities To Do At Home After Listeninghttps://heymrjim.com/activities-for-kidsAbout Mr. Jim: Hi! I'm Jim Jacob, a South Carolina ba...more

  • Lingokids: Stories for Kids / Elliot Tries Sports. Part 1

    He's lovable. He's large. He's adventurous. He’s Elliot the panda! 🐼Find out all there is to know about your favorite panda in this four-part mini-series: Elliot Tries Sports. In Part One, Elliot discovers that sports don’t come naturally to everybody. While Lisa excels at soccer, Elliot finds himself outside his comfort zone. What will he do? Follow along as Elliot learns about perseverance and achieving goals through hard work. Will he overcome his fears and find a place to shi...more

  • Tumble Science Podcast for Kids / What Do Dogs Think?

    “Do dogs think and feel the way we do?” We all know dogs can’t talk. That’s why scientists have to come up with creative ways of asking our canine companions what’s going on in their minds. We’ll find out why dog cognition scientist Zachary Silver put on a play for dogs - which inspired us to create Tumble’s very first dog radio theater production! Just call us “The Tumble Dog Players.” It will all make sense by the end of the episode. This is the final episode of Tumble’s 8th season! But stay s...more

  • Ahway Island / 339. Ronald’s Turn: an original short story for kids

    The bridge project is almost done. Today is Ronald's turn to shine. The roller gets to put the finishing touches on the bridge! The post 339. Ronald’s Turn: an original short story for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages / The Best Summer Ever

    Today's story comes to us from our friend Rebecca Cunningham of the Girl Tales podcast. Ginnie and her brother Ambrose were all ready for what they were convinced would be the best summer ever. Unfortunately their parents had different plans, follow along to find out how they end up unexpectedly still having the best summer ever.Check out Stories RPG our new show where we play games like Starsworn with all your Max Goodname friends, and Gigacity Guardians featuring the brilliant firefly! https:/...more

  • Who Smarted? / Are Capybaras just giant Guinea Pigs?

    Are Capybaras the largest rodents? How big do Capybaras grow? Are Capybaras friendly? Have you started your FREE TRIAL of Who Smarted?+ for AD FREE listening, an EXTRA episode every week & bonus content? Sign up right in the Apple app, or directly with us.Get official Who Smarted? Merch: tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies and more, at Who Smarted?For more information about our other projects, check out Atomic Entertainment.Looking for a custom podcast or video series for your company or brand? Check...more

  • Story Spectacular / Double Feature: 3 Otters in a Tub/ Row Boat Otter (Bedtime)

    CLICK HERE for promotions and discounts from today’s sponsor: http://storyspectacular.com/partnersIt's a special Sleepy-Time Tale Double Feature. Tonight we will listen to two otter tales. Our first story is about three little otters who don’t want to take a bath. Maybe mama otter can convince her little ones that bath time is wonderful...For our second story, we will hear about a little otter who loves the water. Where will she travel to next in her magical rowboat?----Listen to Story Spect...more

  • The Past and The Curious: A History Podcast for Kids and Families / Episode 79 Stars Fell

    Maria Mitchell was the first American to discover a new comet, which brought her great fame, but her career in the 1800s as a professor at Vassar College left her greatest legacy. In the next century, Ann Hodges was not looking to get involved in objects from space, but one of them crashed into her house anyway. The Past and The Curious is an Airwave Media Podcast

  • Koko Sleep - Kids Bedtime Stories & Meditations / Munchy The Raccoon's Lazy Afternoon 🍔🦝 Bedtime Story For Children

    In tonight's story we meet a mischievous little raccoon called Munchy. He’s very friendly and loves to visit a street called Strawberry Avenue. He is a popular visitor, who is often handed treats when he stops by. As Munchy moves from house to house, his belly gets bigger and bigger, and he gets up to even more shenanigans than usual. Abbe, as always, will start tonight's episode with a quick introduction to help your little ones get cosy before she begins reading the relaxing bedtime story, wri...more

  • Sleep Tight Stories - Bedtime Stories for Kids / Papa Bear Has a Bad Chest Cold 🐻

    It's a beautiful Spring day, and Bernice is excited to share how wonderful it is outside with Papa Bear. But when she gets home she finds out that Papa Bear does not feel well. Will she be able to help him feel better? Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark❤️👂📖--💡 Send us your story ideas and if we use your idea in a story we will give you a shoutout on the show! 💡-Support Us👉 If you are enjoying the podcast and would like to show your support, visit our support page at: https://sleeptightsto...more

  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls / Get to Know Fea

    Fea is a all-women Chicana punk rock band from San Antonio, Texas. They brought us the story of another band that's reimagining punk rock, the Linda Lindas. Listen to learn what it's like to be in a band playing this fiery music genre. This podcast is a production of Rebel Girls. It’s based on the book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This episode was produced and directed by Haley Dapkus, with sound editing by John Marshall Media. Script editing by Abby Sher. The executive producers w...more

  • KidNuz / 05.25.2023

    Remembering Tina, Seven In Seven, Netflix No No, Wooly Competition, Mist Makeover & Mushroom Miracle!

  • Story Pirates / Taste the Turf

    Today’s new story, written by 9 year old Silas from Pennsylvania, is about following your dreams. Even if your dream is to be a hamster that plays college football. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices