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    Jun 22 2018

  • A Trip with Teddy: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids - Ahway Island

    Takoda the teddy bear is going for a train ride.  But first, he has to take the escalator to the second floor. The post A Trip with Teddy: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids appeared first on Ahway Island.

  • Ep 43 SONG - A Summer Song - "Wild Mountain Thyme"

    Episode 43 is a song! It is a welcome to summer song because today, my friends, summer officially begins here in the United States. This is also the beginning of Season 5 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. I’ve been making this podcast for 2 years now, and I’m so glad that I started it. I love my listeners so much and I have new stories coming your way in the month of July. The next one has Jemi in it! If you don’t know who Jemi is, look no further than the website! Jemi...more

  • Pizza vs Tacos

    It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of difficult decisions in one of our toughest match-ups ever. In one corner, it's cheesy, shareable, savory-sauced pizza. And in the other, it's spicy, portable tacos deliciosos. What are you having? Vote for your favorite here: Smash Boom Best is sponsored today by Audible ( and KiwiCo (

  • Dance

    Who’s the real expert, and who the liar, liar Pants on Fire? Visit our website, to listen to the show and take L.I.S.A.’s weekly trivia quiz. And follow us on Facebook! Also visit the home of Gen-Z Media,, to hear all of our shows.

  • Burger Night and the No No Bug

    Martin and Sylvia's family is excited about a new offering by a local farm: Burger Night!  They'll have hamburgers and veggie burgers and mushroom burgers, and music. The only problem is that Sylvia doesn't want to go.  She doesn't like burgers, she won't know anyone, and she doesn't like the kind of music they will be playing!  Daddy asks her if she has ever heard of a No No Bug.  Daddy tells her the secret of the No No Bug and then the biggest secret of all - No No Bug's favorite food ... is ...more

  • EP33: Six Minutes of En Francais

    Holiday’s powers grow, but Cyrus makes a decision that might put the family in jeopardy. Six Minutes is produced by Gen-Z Media in partnership with PRX. For more great Gen-Z shows visit

  • Introducing Young Ben Franklin

    We're on vacation this week, but check out our new show coming out July 4th! Young Ben Franklin is historical fiction about 14-year-old Ben Franklin, and it’s for kids 8 and up. Subscribe in your favorite podcast or check it out on

  • Ep 23: Mindless Meditation

    Breathe deep, close your eyes, empty your mind… and LOOK OUT, BEHIND YOU!!

  • 053: Amazing Kids Do Amazing Things

    Kids can do amazing things. And if you need proof of that, look no further than this episode of The Show About Science! First up is kid inventor Allie Weber, the host of the YouTube channel Tech-nic-Allie Speaking. After that is the story of Sophia Spencer, who inspired the hashtag #BugsR4Girls and co-authored a research paper for Annals of the Entomological Society of America. Finally, Nate chats with Olivia Van Ledtje (better known as LivBit), who hosts The Kidlit Show on Pinna and is an Ambas...more

  • Episode 70 - Milo Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze

    Can a book be funny and deal with one of the toughest topics around? "Milo: Sticky Notes & Brain Freeze" is writer and illustrator Alan Silberberg's tale of 7th grade angst and dealing with the loss of a parent. Seventh graders from Eliot-Hine Middle School in Washington, D.C. discuss the book and ask questions of author Silberberg. Actor Joshua Malina ("West Wing," "Scandal," the "West Wing Weekly" podcast) is our celebrity reader. Kitty Felde is host.

  • Good Stuff Sports #17 – Kids Obstacle Challenge

    I got a chance to speak to Molly Stinson from Kids Obstacle Challenge. It was awesome. We talked about what Kids Obstacle Challenge is and how much fun kids have participating and getting ultra muddy. She also assured me that it wouldn’t be too difficult for a fella like me (out of shape dad-type). Give it a listen and if you’re in the Bay Area you can sign up using discount code GOODSTUFF15 for their upcoming event on September 15 and 16. Use this code for each registration and rece...more

  • 'The Perfect Partnership' | Feat. Joshua Johnson and Sam Sanders

    Being a good partner is all about give and take. But in today’s story, Sam Sanders (NPR) and Joshua Johnson (WAMU) co-star in a Ghanaian story about one man who's far more interested in the taking.

  • Chop: The science of cooking, pt. 3

    Our knives are drawn and ready to mince and dice our way through the science of chopping. In this episode we'll find out what happens to that carrot you're chopping on a molecular level (spoiler alert: the knife never actually touches it!). We also visit a knifemaker's studio and talk to Splendid Table host Francis Lam to get his chopping tips. This is the third in a five part series on the science of cooking, made in collaboration with America's Test Kitchen Kids. For more recipes and informati...more

  • Bonus: Author Visit: Jack Challoner, Science Expert

    Science Expert, Jack Challoner joins Lauren and the Reading Bug to talk about his books, Maker Lab Outdoors and Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects.  As an extra bonus, you can join in the science fun and help the Reading Bug with two great projects, straight from the pages of Jack's books! Don't miss out on this super cool author visit.