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The REACH Summer Break Special: Life in Zero-G! with Dr. Kjell Lindgren and Niki Lindgren Moran

from  REACH A Space Podcast for Kids

Jun 8, 2021


The school year and this season of REACH may be over, but that doesn't mean we're not still excited to talk about space! This week we bring you the REACH Summer Break Special featuring an amazing conversation with NASA Astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren and a visit from the classiest of moons, Callisto ( Niki Lindgren Moran)  - all on this episode of REACH. Hosts: Brian Holden and Meredith Stepien Written by: Sandy Marshall with Nate DuFort, Joalda Morancy, Meredith Stepien and Brian Holden. Co-Create...more

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