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S02E02 Under the Turtle Sun

from  October Jones & Fish with Legs

Nov 28, 2022


Simon and Sarfunkel explore Totally Regular Island while Phiona and Buster attempt a daring escape…  ACTORS:  Simon, Muscular Giraffe - Dexter Lavery-Callender; Sarfunkel - Takeshi Fukushima; Phiona - Pauline Pestre; Buster Fly - Tyson Fraleigh; Bees - Zoë Bujold; Narrator - Elisabeth Nyveen. Created by Dexter Lavery-Callender, Elisabeth Nyveen, and Zoë Bujold. Written and edited by Dexter Lavery-Callender and Elisabeth Nyveen. Music by Alexander Cruz. Visit our website at

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