S02E01: Meanwhile, Back on the Blimp (T.R. Island pt. 1)

from  October Jones & Fish with Legs

Nov 21, 2022


We're back, baby! Things are looking pretty grim. Team Villain has already captured two of the four Elemental Creatures needed to summon Mamamorbus! While Fish tries to get a wounded October to safety, Team Villain crash-lands on Totally Regular Island…  ACTORS:  Skullatron, Simon, Muscular Giraffe - Dexter Lavery-Callender; Buster Fly - Tyson Fraleigh;  Sarfunkel - Takeshi Fukushima; Phiona - Pauline Pestre; Fish with Legs, Bees - Zoë Bujold; October Jones - Erin Dunlop; Narrator - Elisabet...more

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