S01E03: The Perks of Being a Hat-Maker (Cape Cap pt. 3)

from  October Jones & Fish with Legs

Oct 19, 2020


October and Fish visit October's parents, the exclusive hat suppliers to the entire Herovian guard... ACTORS: March 14th - Sarah Krnjevic; Manfred - Alexander Cruz; Dragonfly Guard, Sarfunkel - Takeshi Fukushima; Simon - Dexter Lavery-Callender; Cherry Blossom, Bees, Fish with Legs - Zoë Bujold; October - Erin Dunlop; Narrator - Elisabeth Nyveen. Created by Dexter Lavery-Callender, Elisabeth Nyveen, and Zoë Bujold. Written and edited by Dexter Lavery-Callender and Elisabeth Nyveen. Music...more

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