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Mary Farfisa Episode Ten: 'Novice Dancer on the Streams of Time'

from  Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater

Apr 18, 2021


NOVICE DANCER ON THE STREAMS OF TIME – Part Two of ‘The Marvelous Music Box of Moxo Boxo.’ Mary and her companions must journey back in Time to stop the Big Nothing. It’s up to Whichway and D.J. Tyme to get them there! A children's radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Cara Alboucq as Mary Farfisa. Also starring Isaac Andrews, Nancy Andrews, Leslie Baker, Jim Cheff, James Hasapis, Katie King, Hunter E. Redday, April Stalder and Tim Stokes. ©2017 Jim Cheff, All Rights Reserved...more

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