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Mary Farfisa Episode Eight: 'Blase Koolkatt'

from  Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater

Mar 20, 2021


BLASÉ KOOLKATT – Mary Farfisa’s friend, Blasé Koolkatt, is a beatnik cat-girl from the Moon. Can she keep her cool when Mommy-O demands that she clean her room? Blasé flies to Outer Space, on her rocket-powered guitar, to ask three constellations – the Star Owl, the Celestial Snake, and Hobo Tom – what she should do. A children's radio series written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Katie King as Blasé Koolkatt, Cat Black, Jim Cheff, James Hasapis, Anna Shockey, April Stalder, and Sir Tim St...more

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