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Episode S13 - Sherlock Holmes:The Red Headed League - April Fools 2021

from  Book Power for Kids!

Mar 31, 2021


Sherlock Holmes: The Red-Headed League #AprilFools 2021reviewed by Lani, age 12, Chaska, age 13 and Mirabel, age 8Welcome to another April Fools episode of Book Power for Vets! Wait what?Chaska, Lani and Mirabel team up to review a classic mystery, but everything is not as it seems.Can the Power kids solve the mystery of who re-wrote the script?Mad love to our MadLibs contributors:Megan, Jay, Vance, Otis, Clyde, Becky, Chloe, Wyatt, Angela and Eleanor from St. Louis, MissouriEmerson, Griff and...more

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