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Dr. Shaun & The Leprechaun Police PART 2 (A St. Patrick's Day Story)

from  Best Whatever Ever! Stories for Kids

Mar 16, 2021


PART 2 OF A 2-PART SPECIAL ST. PATRICK’S DAY STORY: 8 year-old boy genius Dr. Shaun has been sentenced to Leprechaun jail… for 800 years! He “accidentally” stole Leprechaun gold and learned the hard way that you don’t ever want to mess with a Leprechaun. But Agent Shamus gives him a chance to redeem himself. If he can help stop a mischievous Leprechaun named Fred from stealing rainbows, Agent Shamus will let Dr. Shaun go… with a warning!  TheBestWhateverEver.comThank you for listening! Please sh...more

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