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Dr. Shaun & The Leprechaun Police PART 1 (A St. Patrick's Day Story)

from  Best Whatever Ever! Stories for Kids

Mar 11, 2021


PART 1 OF A 2-PART SPECIAL ST. PATRICK’S DAY STORY.  After inventing a rainbow-making machine, an 8 year-old boy genius named “Dr.” Shaun uses it to create a ton of rainbows. And he decides to take all the gold from the pots he finds at the end of them. But when Agent Shamus, a grumpy Leprechaun policeman, shows up, Dr. Shaun finds himself in trouble with the Leprechaun law. Good thing Dr. Shaun’s sister gives him the ultimate good luck charm: a four-leaf clover! But will that be enough to keep ...more

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